Chuck Schumer was stunned when he heard what Trump said about gun control

Chuck Schumer dreams of making Donald Trump a one-term President.

And the Democrat leader in the Senate thought he had the President cornered.

But in the end, Chuck Schumer was stunned when he heard what Trump said about gun control.

No one issue would fracture Donald Trump’s base more than the President supporting new gun control.

Schumer and Nancy Pelosi thought that after the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso the gun-grabbers had President Trump on the ropes.

But he spoke to reporters at his New Jersey golf club and it seems he could be seeing what a disaster that would be.

That would enrage Schumer and Pelosi who want nothing more than to fool President Trump into making a catastrophic mistake that would sink his re-election chances once and for all.

Schumer and Pelosi are lashing out at the President in the media.

Politico reports:

Trump told reporters this weekend he will look “very strongly” at ideas from both Democrats and Republicans but said to remember that “we already have a lot of background checks.” Those remarks followed Trump’s Aug. 7 claim that “we can bring up background checks like we’ve never had before.”

“We’ve seen this movie before: President Trump, feeling public pressure in the immediate aftermath of a horrible shooting, talks about doing something meaningful to address gun violence, but inevitably, he backtracks in response to pressure from the NRA and the hard right,” Schumer said on Monday afternoon. “These retreats from President Trump are not only disappointing but also heartbreaking, particularly for the families of the victims of gun violence.”

Added Pelosi: “I pray that the President will listen to the 90 percent of the American people who support universal background checks.”

Trump supporters overwhelmingly think the President should reject schemes from both parties that would gut the Second Amendment.

No one voted for Trump to see a ceremony in the Rose Garden where a smiling Schumer and Pelosi watch the President sign gun control into law.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I don’t understand Nut Nancy and stupid Schumer. They are blaming the gun and the gun is not the problem. The problem is the criminal. People have been killing people for thousands of years before a gun was even thought of. Anything can be a weapon.
    Here is an example.
    A couple years ago some guy killed 2 people and he didn’t use a gun. He used a pipe wrench. Was the pipe wrench the problem?

  2. I don’t understand why they are blaming the gun and not the person behind it. A gun is an inanimate object. I can lay a gun on my lawn and it won’t jump up on its own and shoot someone.
    Blame the person using the gun not the gun

  3. Chuck Schumer is a liar and the truth doesn’t run through his veins another example of the his agenda for the American citizens.

  4. Guess what Jonathan, civilians CAN NOT own the weapons (I prefer referring to them as Firearms, not weapons) that are used in the military. Military weapons are select-fire, meaning they can fire multiple rounds with one trigger pull. Unlike civilian firearms (so-called ASULT RIFES) which can only fire one round at a time…

    There are very few military stile weapons own be civilians with spicial pemits, the is no such ANIMAL as an ASSULT RIFE in civilian hands!!!

  5. Jeez Kevin, where did you get this idea? Been to a Catholic Church lately? If there is anything that Catholics are not it’s satinist cultists.
    Write me back. Lets have a conversation

  6. Has anyone looked into mass shootings around the world? The numbers are all washed and you could t find the truth if you paid for it.
    The United States just happens to be in a state of fury for about half the population so this is why the mass shootings. You can try and take the gun, we will definitely find other ways to kill each other but you won’t care then, you’ll have screening and the POTUS.

  7. We do not need redundancy in legislation but that is what we have. We need new legislators that have term limits and a polygraph each year to see if they are stealing from us.

  8. For those ill informed we have had universal back ground checks for many many years. Everytime you purchase a firearm legally you must fill out atf form 4473 at which time there is a call in to the universal background office and you are either approved conditionally unapproved or unapproved. If its conditional usually there is a 3 day investigation time to get final answer. Gun Control laws are ment to do 1 thing and thats to disarm the public period. Check the records on the fbi website any anti gun municipality has a HIGHER incident rate of firearms related cases to thoes pro gun areas. So technically if we were to eliminate all gun control laws and allow citizens the right to protect their selves loved ones and personal property then this country would be a much safer place. An armed society is a polite society..

  9. 90% of Americans want stricter gun laws? I think she needs to actually listen to Americans before spouting these lies. 90% of Americans don’t want stricter gun laws or background checks because they have actual brains to think this through and know that no matter what the th laws say they will not stop these shootings. If they want to stop these shootings they need to stop pushing their violent rhetoric which is encouraging this behaviour. Of course a democrat couldn’t possibly see the truth in that because they would never encourage violence. Yeah, right and if you believe them there is oceanfront property in Arizona. Democrats will never own up to their problems it’s always somebody else’s fault.

  10. The Democrats want open borders knowing that 2% of the illegal immigrants are hard core criminals. Every month more than 100,000 illegals enter this country meaning that 2,000 criminals are now in our streets who shouldn’t be here. These people hate Americans, want to hurt or kill our children and rape our women. That may be okay with the Democrats but it’s not with me or most law abiding legal immigrants and law abiding citizens. With all the troubles that we will have from these illegal immigrants the Democrats like upchuck Schumer want to take away our guns. Has Schumer lost his mind? The next time a legal immigrant or an American is killed by an illegal I think the Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer should be held accountable for not doing their job and helping this President secure our border. Maybe once someone he loves or a family member of his is killed because his policies like the lottery caused their death he will finally “GET IT”.

  11. You know the ones that can mow down 100 people or so within a couple of minutes. The guns that are used by soldiers in combat zones I suppose.

  12. You are correct Ken. We do not need any more “Gun Control” laws because current politicians have swamped us with too many. The Second Amendment is very clear that the government shall issue no legislation to infringe on the citizen’s right to gun ownership, yet liberals have installed just those infringements the Constitution prohibits. We do not need more “Gun Control”, but, instead, “People Control”!

  13. Not dictating to anyone. My opinion is that an ordinary citizen could protect himself with a handgun. Not aware of massive invasion by terrorists into an individual’s home.

  14. I also agree . . . . but folks running for the House or Senate should have to take a mental agility test designed to discover their inbred biases . . . then tattooed on their forehead with the results.

  15. Me neither Jonathan. But the so called assault weapons could be handy if we are faced with several attackers. And it does happen. You choose what is right for you and your family, but don’t dictate to the rest of us. Sometimes home invasions are carried out by several people at once.


  17. The 90% figure of people supporting universal background checks is a lie. The reason is they way the question was posed to those asked basically pushed their answer in that direction. And the demographics of the people polled was primarily democratic regions.
    I was taught in 1972 by a liberal political science professor that you can make a poll or survey result come out any way you want based on demographics and how you phrase the question. He even claimed that the Democratic Party will use that method going forward to skew election results and to sway opinion on issues.

  18. Dan T., Preach it, I agree! Great comment!
    People and society need serious recovery but, leave our right to bear arms alone!

  19. We don’t need anymore gun laws. Some should be taken off the books. Such as having a license to own or carry a firearm. If people stick together and pull some anarchy that nonsense would go away. Is anyone in NY, NJ or other restricted states ready to organize? Constitutional carry should be legal in all states and American territories. Or do people want to keep being infringed? It’s time to return the government back to “we the people “

  20. All staged by the Left against the Right, and the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS> Always Conservative targets, notice, and the dead are REAL!!!

  21. Robert konya, I strongly support our right to bear arms however, old buddy, you have some serious issues. There is too much evidence, mass shootings are real and too many have happened, starting with grief stricken relatives of victims!
    Society has gone crazy and changes need to be made to correct “people” and their warped brains! People kill, guns are for our protection and a tool used by good and unfortunately bad humans. Weapons for people who want to murder are “endless”!

  22. Jonathan Conover, Can’t “imagine” ever needing an assault rifle? Well, does that mean if you had one you would stand and do nothing while criminals or terrorists kill you and your family? You would be long dead before the police had time to get there! All criminals and terrorists want at the moment is your home address! Liberals are so short sighted………….JUST SAYING~

  23. Jobert Ronson, Amen buddy, President Trump is being “guided” by the Constitution and gun laws we have on the books that should be followed. He is not being controlled by the NRA, that is such an old tired accusation from the Dems! They think they will “goad” DJT into bristling anger and push him into turning against the NRA. If the NRA or any other organization had a wrong or bad influence and control over President Trump, I would be the first one to say “whoa back, that is not happening” but, it is just not happening so the Dems can get over themselves! President Trump can out smart them while he is getting his four hours of sleep per night!

  24. Neither did the assassination of President Kennedy. He is living on a remote Pacific Island with Elvis and Jim Morrison.

  25. Actually, nearly all legitimately sold guns are sold through a licensed dealer who is required to initiate a background check. That includes guns sold or given away through on-line sites. The only exceptions would be individuals who sell their guns to other individuals. That’s generally a rare event. What 90% or any other % of Americans think about background checks is really irrelevant. They are here and we must live with them. Further legislation to require them is simply redundant to existing law. Almost all of the guns used in mass shootings were either stolen or purchased illegally. That won’t be changed by background check law.

  26. As I recall, they used box cutters to commandeer the aircraft. Nobody called for box cutter control legislation. But their weapon of choice was the airplane. Maybe we need airplane control legislation. Background checks for gun purchases are already in place. More legislation to do the same thing is a stupid waste of time and money. But I guess that’s what Congress does best, waste time and money.

  27. Hey, do you call yourself “red man” because you are American? Or because you are embarrassing yourself by posting STUPIDLY IGNORANT tweets? Go away you liberal dumbass!! Aileen is right!!

  28. He isn’t afraid of the NRA. He supports the Constitution and the2nd ame dment which reads …SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!

  29. Remember 9/11 when a group of radical Muslims flew the plane into the World Trade Center and killed over 3,000 innocent American Citizens. Well, the Government of the United States did not blame all Muslims, so why are they blaming all the Law-abiding American citizens that legally own a firearm when a horrible mass shooting that happens in the U.S.

  30. Banning “assault weapons” (a made-up term, by the way) or firearms in general, will work in the US even worse than it has in Australia and New Zealand. Just a few % have been handed over in these places.

  31. Crime is lawyers bread and butter, sick/crazy people are “doctor’s”.
    Sad, for US, that folks don’t /can’t make the connection.

  32. Pinkman,showing your anger towards these good folks,they haven’t gone out of there way to insult you , I did because your special ,you worked hard to master English I bet, Will a Penny rust , sorry,Copper doesn’t rust, I’ll be here like new ,for Copper is tried and true

  33. Nancy: You are right!!! Remember during the last democratic presidential caucus, that party removed GOD from their core beliefs. That made the demcratic party the godless party. Look what they’ve turned into now.

  34. RedMan, if you really are an American Indian, you are convincing others that the early Americans were right to drive you like cattle into the reservations.

  35. MJ, what is wrong with YOU that you have nothing of which to you could use to protect your family and yourself if a druggie breaks into your home?

  36. Greg P., since we know that criminals and insane folk will always manage to get guns if they want to kill others, why should there even be background checks?
    The end game of the Corrupt Ones in government is to eventually take ALL our arms. Background checks will show them exactly who has arms when they come to take those from us.

  37. BJ, correct! If half of the people at the El Paso shootings were carrying, they would have made mincemeat of the shooter.

  38. Charlotte B., Yes, many more. To me, killing babies and wanting to let half of the people in the southern countries migrate to America are the two worst. How many years would go by before we become a third-world nation like the ones they are coming from? This is unfair to our progeny.

  39. Nancy praying? To whom? Her agenda is not in line with Bible principles. I don’t claim to be perfect. We are all sinners, but I have better morals than any commiecrat. Killing babies, queer marriage, legal drugs and many more. Just to name a few.

  40. According to the CDC alcohol killed more than twice as many as guns in 2018 but don’t hear any calls for banning beer, wine or alcohol. So what is THE real reason for gun bans?

  41. Some people just don’t know how to read libtard… it is a specialized study involving the left side of the brain. Pelosi said: “I pray that the President will listen to the 90 percent of the American people who support universal background checks.” She didn’t say 90% of Americans support universal background checks since we all know only about 10% of Americans support it. Of those 10% who support UBC’s she wants Trump to listen to 90% of those fools, because the other 10% are AOC bat$hit cray cray. Nancy is one of those special kind of “christians” who thinks Santa was born to a virgin on Christmas day and the Easter bunny was beaten by some Roman soldiers 2000 years ago.

  42. I agree with you 100% and if you read my post carefully I only indulged him this once because I have seen his inane comments on other topics and advised folks to do the same. I don’t entertain people like this unless they have something meaningful to say. Most Lefties don’t come close. You have a great day.

  43. neither one of those two jokes are funny, its just plain scary to think that they might even get to sit in the white house, even if they were janitors it is still a scary thought

  44. Hey, Please do not spend a moment on that “RedMan” and his stinky BS, he is a brain-damaged psycho as he is suffering unstoppable Mental Diarrhea (cannot digest any real facts or statistics, just like almost all Democratic “thinkers”. His Mental Diarrhea is uncurable. And YES, the criminals, illegals get guns without asking anyone’s “permission”. Guns are for people of any color, who are mentally sober and just want to defend themselves and their families from CRIMINALS. CHEERS!!!

  45. Where is your concern for your buds in Chicago? Remember who’s been in control of Chicago and Baltimore! !

  46. Hey, Please do not spend a moment on that “RedMan” and his stinky BS, he is a brain-damaged psycho as he is suffering unstoppable Mental Diarrhea (cannot digest any real facts or statistics, just like almost all Democratic “thinkers”. His Mental Diarrhea is uncurable. And YES, the criminals, illegals get guns without asking anyone’s “permission”. Guns are for people of any color, who are mentally sober and just want to defend themselves and their families from CRIMINALS. CHEERS!!!

  47. it works look at Fl. we have guns everywhere and the only places we have problems at is large cities and most the time involves drugs and in no gun places

  48. Look at Hong Kong now, what are they fighting the govt with, rocks! Venezuela people had their guns taken away, fighting with rocks. Go join them! Read the US Constitution! Reason for 2A.

  49. You mention hunting, how about target practice? How about home security. Better question, how about after they get your big mags, they go after your smaller ones, pretty soon no mags!

  50. If Chuck Schumer has a problem he should run for President.
    Maybe he can be VP to Biden.
    2 jokes are better than 1.

  51. You remind me of the kid whose voice gets louder the further away he gets. Typical tough guy, more like “Yellow man”

  52. BJ they, meaning the people in power from both parties, want to control everything and everyone. I believe that we are responsible for our safety. It’s a good idea to call the police, but a lot can happen before they get there.

  53. i guess you seem to have forgotten how easy it is to reload even a 6 shot revolver, it can be reloaded in 3 to 5 seconds if the shooter knows what he/she is doing, just ask any police officer who will tell you the truth. as far a background checks go they are a waste of time, if a person wants a weapon and has the money to pay for it then someone will sell it to them, that is just a fact of life. so all these feel good laws that violate the Constitution should be tossed out with the garabge, [democ=rats.]

  54. Truer words were never spoken…Most big shootings are in “Gun Free” zones. There the shooter knows no one can shoot at him/her.

  55. sorry buy you are uninformed. The last assault weapons and large magazine ban went for 10 years and was judged by 3 separate studies to have amounted to a statistically insignificant number of deaths. Handguns, sharp instruments and hands and feet result in the bulk of deaths, rifles of all kinds are insignificant, no difference with large capacity magazines since they don’t make up the bulk of killing weapons, 2/3 of all gun deaths are suicides not homicides. In 97 years approximately 1559 deaths or 16+ per year with high of 157 in 2017. Every year the top gun death cities which are run by Democrats and primarily kill minorities with the strictest gun laws in the Country are totally unsuccessful and result in more deaths than mass shooting on a yearly basis. I could go on and on but it is important for people like yourself to go to FBI website and do some research and you will find most of these facts right their. Don’t listen to what you hear in the News most of it is BS.

  56. You are 100% right Jim.Potus will lose votes and will not gain any if he follows through with the demands of the left.Those people will never vote for him no matter what he does.Its a trap to help lose his base by the Dems.Another law won’t make any difference.

  57. I’m a CHL holder. Since I passed a background check shouldn’t I be able to carry anywhere. Since that mean I’m a responsible, sane, citizen with knowledge of handling a gun. This way we would have a virtual police force every where people gather. If enhanced background checks are what is needed, problem solved. No more mass shootings when you don’t know who’s armed????.

  58. That was from a survey 15 years ago from about 1005 people surved. 50% democrats and 50% Republicans who knew nothing about guns. They were all misled questions. So the 90% of Americans is a complete lie.

  59. Any kind of guns or weapons belong only in the hands of Accountable and responsible people, we already have over 20,000 Gun laws across the US and…? Do you think one more law will change things???? Absolutely NOT..! To start with you are overlooking 2 important factors, you are passing laws only for law abiding taxpayers, Criminals are exempted and there is NO GUN Education in the US, when the democrats imposed the “Politically Correct Garbage” it was a new culture where people can kill or murder the one)s) who don’t agree with them.

  60. Perhaps the 90% figure that Nan was referring to, represents those of us legal concealed carry permit holders who have already been subject to a background check, just like the hundreds of thousands of American that purchased firearms during the Obama administration. Make NO mistake, the framers of our constitution created the second amendment to protect law abiding citizens from the Nancy Pelosis and the Chuck Schumers of the world, and the very idea of surrendering our right to defend ourselves to the very offenders we fear most will become a stark example of where the 90+% support REALLY lies.


  62. Ok here is an idea my son. A Lt. Colonel in the AF last time we visited before he headed to the Pacific when we talked about assault weapons is not the guns but the high capacity magazines. Now I am not a gun owner. Grew up hunting but haven’t owned a gun in 50 years. But what is wrong with better back grounds checks and reducing the size of the high capacity magazine. That would help out if these large magazines we’re made illigral

  63. 90% of the people my A$$ !If someone runs over a large group of people in a cross walk will you idiots tell me you are going to outlaw cars and pass a law to remove autos from our streets.NEXT ! Can you read and understand the 2nd amendment of our Constitution !!

  64. 98% of the white-folks in the world are some of the worst terrorist on the planet. They are lil evil demons in pink skin dat have an agenda to wipe out mankind. They would rather go back into hell before they allow anyone to stop their agenda with the help of guns. hahahhahahahahhahahah

  65. Never trust Schmuck Schumer or Nazi Pelosi. They are con artists who will lead you down a crooked path if you let them. They are quintessential con artists. Stick to your – and our – guns. Taking away our guns will bring about another Venezuela as well as the failed Nazi and Communist debacles.

  66. “RedMan”: Please change your post name. You insult the American Indians of this land by spewing such gross blathering caca from your deriere!

  67. Hey, jack-ass. It was gun worshiping racist white-folks who keep amending the gun rules to fit their gun worshiping so they could go out and do mass shootings like they are doing now, and the law will pat em of their greasy heads, and tell em to play crazy. Dats yo white-folk agenda for racist white-folk gun worshippers. U idiot in denial. hahahahhahahahahah

  68. Guns are not the problem. People and gun control laws are the problem. Let every man and woman be armed and the cowardly criminal shooters will think moe than twice about what they do.

  69. Just where did you get that ideal from? No the killings, not just shooting, will not end. The killings will continue on a daily bases. Killings are done because of drugs, hate, robbery, overdoses of passions in families, between friends, illnesses both physical and mentally and the list goes on. The UK has a horrendous death toll with knives being the weapon of choice in the last two years. When you hear guns cause 50% of suicide, do you not stop to think what caused the other 50%?

  70. Also please note that the Mayors of El Paso and Dayton are Democrats and like most cities over 200,000 population run by Democrats they have the highest gun violence rates in the Country despite some of the strictest gun laws. Additionally, they are racists since most of the people killed because of their failed policies are minorities, the people they say they represent. If they can’t clean up their own cities with gun control how are they going to solve the problem Nationally? They should run pilot programs in the three worst gun violent cities in the Country for 3 years and then tell us how they solved the problem without violating people’s constitutional rights.

  71. Yep, tommy-turd. U gun lickers ruined america wit yo nutty asz inbred brats dat love to shoot up schools, and den play crazy, huh. hahahhahahahahhahahah

  72. Butt, white-folks became a bo “weaver” from hell, and ruined the whole country before it got off the ground wit inbreeding, lying, gun worshiping, racism, and stinking like shampoo. hahahhahahahahhahahah

  73. Well folks like yourself are the principle reason why Trump will get elected in 2020. No intellect, only calling people names and contributing absolutely nothing.
    I have seen your ridiculous posts in the past and you have nothing of value to say. So if you respond to this I wouldn’t waste your time since I will not respond to people like you who simply ramble and are nasty to others and I would advise others to simply ignore you until you go away.

  74. There are over 20,000 gun control laws on the books of you count all the federal, state, county and city laws so why do we need any more. What we need is criminal and mental control. The bleeding heart liberal are the problem with their policies of early release and closing of mental institutions.

  75. Yep, patty-mae. But, no good satanic white-folks worship guns more den God, and they are the ones killing mass amounts of other human, and whining about their white-folk 2nd amend-mess to shoot up schools, and other white-folks. hahahhahahahhahah

  76. President Trump really won’t mess with our 2nd Amendment because he knows that it is very important to the safety of every responsible American to be fully armed in case These evil Democrats get into power but I highly doubt. President Trump is the greatest President of all time.

  77. That’s Right Never give up your Guns, as the right toprotect yourself is your BIRTH RIGHT! Anyone asking Americans togive up their guns should lead by example & make sure they not only give up theirs, but those of their security team too! What’s good for the Goose is also good for the Gander!!!

  78. Hey Chucky and Nasty Nancy,here’s an idea to think over,that is if you still have ant brain matter left.
    Instead of putting more restrictive ,unconstitiutanal laqs on the book,JUST ENFORCE THE ONES ALREADY THERE. Or is that to low on your scale of thought???

  79. Funny now Crazy Chuck is concerned about victims of gun violence? Legal guns aren’t the problem! Look at Angel moms, they are victims whose children were killed by Illegal guns from Illegal Immigrants. I really think These peoplee (Crazy Chuck & Nutty Nancy) create these events to support their own agendas, and anything to remove our President…mean while Not giving a Dam about Americans!!!…..TRUMP 2020……..

  80. Hey, dan-no-man. “If yo family gets shot”, it’ll more then likely be you dat shoot em. white-folks love to kill their whole families. U idiot “hood rat”. hahahhahahahaahahha

  81. Crime Control and Criminal Control should become one of our top priorities. If police chiefs cannot control their cities, fire them and hire a new police chief. If a person commits a violent crime, lock them up and throw away the key. Quit supplying public defenders to criminals. Appoint judges that will crack down on crime and criminals. Crime Control. Criminal Control.

  82. the 2nd ammendment wasn’t added to go hunting , it was to protect use from power hungry politicians

  83. The big problem is Insells.
    We live in a society that celebrates the beautiful and sexy and pins everyone’s value to their appearance.

    As a result we have millions of young men that are marginalized and made to feel worthless because they are not objects of sexuality.
    I guarantee you that if you fix this, most of these shootings if not all will disappear.
    Girls today, even the most sexually undesirable have almost unlimited options. While the guys have virtually none. In the old days before mass media and the internet a girl would get to know a guy that might not be super attractive or awesomely weather and develop a relationship based on less shallow grounds.

  84. Chuck sent me several e-mails on the 2nd amendment and his opinion,per my e-mails is gun ownership and rights are only tied to hunting. He says he believes in the 2nd but ignores requests for reciprocal carry and helping fight the Safe Act the Fredo senior of NY has shoved down law abiding citizens. Chuck wants all guns turned in, except his body guards.

  85. It’s quite understood that the democrook party wants to overturn the second amendment to our constitution as their hidden agenda, Making it easier for them to confiscate our weapons at the mercy of criminals and an oppressive government to turn this country into a Soviet style dictatorship which is their dream.

  86. I support the NRA! But, I never bought a GUN! Many countries have TOUGH Gun Control Laws, but, they never short of people being murdered by guns! Gun doesn’t kills! It is an Angry Heart that kills with a gun! Fists are also weapons that kill! Teach each GUN BUYER to think and evaluate the REASON for buying a GUN…?

  87. Schumer carries a sidearm but doesn’t want the law abiding American citizens to exercise the same constitutional right.

  88. I still don’t comprehend Jewish gun controllers. That starts to enter the realm of oxymoronic.

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