Chuck Schumer stopped dead in his tracks after he got this devastating news

Everything is spiraling out of control for Chuck Schumer.

He never thought it could be this bad.

And Chuck Schumer stopped dead in his tracks after he got this devastating news.

Democrats are panicking as election season starts to heat up ahead of the all-important November Midterms.

Since Joe Biden occupied the Oval Office and Democrats took full control of the federal government, the country has been in a state of non-stop crisis.

The economy is slipping into a recession under the weight of rampant inflation, record high gas prices, and empty store shelves.

Democrats also unleashed a crime tsunami on the country, as the border is a catastrophe and the world is burning under Biden’s weak leadership.

With the country besieged by the disasters unleashed by Democrats, the Party is looking at a brutal Midterm election.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is hitting historical lows and dragging down Democrats across the country.

With only a 50-seat majority from the tie-breaking vote of Kamala Harris, Democrats have no margin for error to hang on to control of the Senate.

Now pollster Gallup just delivered some devastating news to Chuck Schumer about his chances of keeping his job as Senate Majority Leader.

“2022 has the potential to be a wave election for the Republican Party,” Gallup said.

Democrats’ razor-thin Congressional majorities “are facing an extremely unfavorable election environment,” they added.

“Regardless of what issues might drive voter behavior, unless Americans’ opinions of the job [President] Biden is doing and the state of the nation improve over the next five months, the Democratic Party may face a situation similar to 1994 and 2010 when it suffered major losses in its Presidents’ first Midterms but regrouped in time to win the Presidential election two years later,” reported Gallup.

In 1994, the GOP won 54 seats in the House and 8 seats in the Senate.

The Party also took control of the House that year for the first time since 1952.

In 2010, Republicans gained a whopping 63 seats in the House and 7 seats in the Senate.

Now, according to Gallup, Republicans are poised for major gains in the fall.

One of the biggest indicators of a Republican wave is Biden’s collapsing approval rating.

Americans are fed up with his failed leadership, and are looking to take out their frustrations on Congressional Democrats.

“Biden’s current 41% approval rating puts him in the lower tier of all prior Presidents’ job approval ratings taken just before past Midterm elections,” said Gallup.

In 2010 and in 2014, when Democrats were shellacked in Midterm elections, Barack Obama’s approval rating was at 44%.

Biden’s approval rating is 3 points below that with no signs of improvement in sight, as inflation and gas prices continue to rise.

Everything is worse off under Biden and the Democrats than it was under President Trump and the GOP.

After inflicting so much damage on the country, Democrats are poised to get a loud-and-clear message from the American people in November about their massive failures.

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