Chuck Schumer threatened Trump in one disgusting way

Chuck Schumer is barreling toward a collision with Donald Trump.

He is dead set on granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

And he just threatened Trump in one disgusting way.

Trump was supposed to have a meeting today at the White House with Congressional leaders about the government funding which runs out in December.

But Democrats are adamant about including amnesty so-called “DREAMer” illegal aliens in the deal.

Trump’s position is that any immigration reform that does not benefit American workers will be rejected.

So he tweeted out that Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were bargaining in bad faith due to their insistence on amnesty for illegal aliens.

In response, Schumer and Pelosi disrespected Trump by refusing to show up at the White House.

And Schumer fired off a statement blasting Trump as a “destructive force.”

Breitbart reports:

“Schumer said, “As I said, there are serious issues in front of us. We don’t have time to waste. We don’t have games to play. We need to fund the military. We need to protect millions of American pensions, fund scientific research and student loans. We need to rebuild in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and California. And we need to protect the DREAMers. If the president reverses course and decides he wants to be a constructive force, working with both sides to forge a bipartisan deal, we’re happy to meet with him anytime, anywhere, any place.”

He added, “But as long as he remains a destructive force, it would be a waste of everyone’s time to continue working with someone who clearly has no interest in coming to an agreement. We hope the president, in order to avoid this calamity, will change his mind. The President and our Republican friends run the House and Senate. They have a responsibility, a responsibility not to let the government run out of funds. We’re willing to work with them, but they have to do it in a bipartisan way.”

Will Trump stand up to Schumer’s threats to shut down the government over amnesty for illegals?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Very true, especially with the media being a liberal strong arm. The media is supposed to the vanguard of the people, not a political activist group! When the media and the labor unions, both established to protect the people, join with self serving liberal politicians to empower themselves at the expense of the best interests of the people, our freedoms and the strength and security of the U.S. !

  2. If we lose on this and we become a one party country we lose the constitution Is that what the dems want of course They paint themselves as the party which cares for thr poor et al but they don’t . All they care about is their agenda to take over our country

  3. You are correct about Sorros. Those of us that can read and understand more than a paragraph know Sorros is behind voter fraud, Planned abortionhood, Antifa, Clinton Machine, he wants to take the USA down.

  4. Geri seems to be an authority on everything has all the answers but you can tell by what is said there is truly no intelligence there.

  5. True. But here the truth does NOT matter. Sad that the very people who support this administration’s agenda will be hurt by it worse than anyone else. They DON’T want to understand that Dumpf cares very little for the American people. He cares about money. They WILL realize it when it’s too late. Only thing is, we suffer with them. Hopefully, they will get educated and turn before it’s too late but I have little hope of that. Sad.
    In the meantime, I will continue to fight for our country. It’s better than wasting time and energy here. I suggest the same for you.

  6. So Chucky and Nancy refuse to meet with Trump, and it is TRUMP who won’t co-operate?
    The Democrats are all for compromise AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR WAY!
    With them it is “their way or the highway”.

  7. Since Fox has separated itself from its semi-conservative origins by getting rid of a number of commentators that lean conservative, even in the slightest, I haven’t watched them at all. The new breed of Murdoch’s obviously intends to compete directly with CNN and MSNBC and the rest of your coven by starting to try to out-liberalize them. This will probably gain them a lot of advertisers, but lose them viewership. There is absolutely NO need for more liberal propaganda in any form of media.

    By all means, continue to wallow in your swill, but there is NO need for you to drag others down to your level. There are quite enough other entities attempting to do that already.

  8. Reps. aren’t mad or upset. We aren’t going a round trying to ask people What Happened a year later. We aren’t Yelling impeach 45 we aren’t going a round beating up people we don’t agree with. We are showing up for meetings were is Crying Chuck & CAN’T remember what I was talking about Nancy. My GOD all the Dems have not done anything at all but cry. Put on your big people panties and grow up and start to do what we pay you to do for ONCE. We have enough people that get money because they are breathing. DO YOUR JOB!!!

  9. You are not happy or content. Anyone with the slightest bit of insight into human nature can read you like a book. Anger and discontent bleed from your responses to me and anybody else who disagrees with you. I think you need professional help and hope you will one day realize it. There is probably a nice person in there but you will have to get rid of the “junk” to find her. I will not be responding to you anymore (you will be happy to know) because at my age I try to busy myself with things that give me pleasure and where I can be helpful or accomplish good things. Life really is good!

  10. That’s what I am talking about, there is no good information in sarcasm. It just dimishes the person delivering it and makes them appear small, very small. You know perfectly well I meant term limits in Congress. Geri, Geri, Geri, you are sad situation and my hope is that you are not as unhappy as you seem to be. In the large scheme of things all this political stuff is totally unimportant.


  12. Guess you pulled that one out of your sore ass. There is NO STUDY ( except the made up one that republicans paid for) that says the middle class will benefit from this tax plan.

  13. ROFLMAO……even our liberal NBC affiliate studied the tax plan and the average savings for the middle class is 1500 a year in taxes….so how is that shafting? SMH.

  14. Instead of seeking amnesty for the illegals why doesn’t Chucky and Nancy attempt to pass legislation to open our boarders. That seems to be what they want. Other than the fact that the members in Congress understand that idea would NOT set well with the people and to even openly discuss the idea would get many of them voted out of office. And we don’t necessarily need “term limits”. We just need to get people to understand how important their vote in each election really is. We could vote any of these fools out of office if we would simply do our duties as citizens each and every election.
    And we need to insist our legislators pass laws demanding we show proper, legal documentation before we vote.

  15. I’m here – took the day off to listen to the wonderful news ALL DAY. Been smiling and singing too. Did you miss me?

  16. Where in the world did Geri go? She dropped off the radar today or she would be ripping all of us conservatives with her liberal sarcasm and filthy talk. We need TERM LIMITS please!

  17. Money hungry Dems?? The Republican Party just shafted you with the tax bill. I hear the crying and see the tears already. ????????

  18. I’m not pissed. Love what Trump is trying to do. We just need all the money hungry ignorant democrats out of office.

  19. Geri … if I remember that was you from years ago in other website. I’m surprised to see you still around online, spewing all the trash talk. You always looks for a fight with any conservative online. You sound very bitter … as usual.

    By the way, isn’t it exciting to see Trump keep pissing you off? I love every minute that you and many other sore losers are still grinding teeth at him. Why don’t you take your Antifa azz back to your liberal circles, fool!

  20. Well, you had the Koch Brothers. Guess, they and the Waltons have more money than they know what to do with. Nice that Dumpf is trying to give them a great, BIGLY tax cut cause they need more money, right. But you don’t , right. Cause you’re gonna be paying for it . Research that, but not on Fox.

  21. Well, you’d be blind not to notice how “plus size” Dumpf is. Have read somewhere, maybe Breitbart, that he’s gained around 85 lbs. since January. Now THATS quite an accomplishment!

  22. How would you know? Did Dumpf tell you that? And you’d believe him too. ???????? You’d believe him if he told you the sun was shining at night.

  23. Oh, by the way Glo, I have discussed, given sources and explained. All I got back is what I’m giving back now. Discussion is rare or non existent. And it will be the demise of this great country. We’re back over a hundred years ago.

  24. It’s YOUR problem that you don’t know how to read or understand full sentances. As for the unborn – you should have stayed that way.

  25. I know I’ll suffer, but not for long. But I CANT wait for you to reap what you’ve sown! I’ll get the popcorn.

  26. Well, I must say, I’m very impressed with your very eloquent and intellectual statement. You sound like a dog in heat. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear you’ve beaten your wife ( husband? – who knows which way you swing – but probably not well)! Your ability to converse or discuss in decent English is probably limited by your head sticking up your ass. Have a nice day. Oh, and don’t let me see you in MY ER!

  27. Geri, with that comment, you must be starving your brain. It must irritate you millenials, that we have a President that has stopped your obstruction at every turn. He has accomplished more in 8 days, then your messiah attempted in 8 years. Your party has imploded and your governing Media is becoming the laughing stock, with its exposted Perverts that you revere. Have a nice day, while we are having a good 4 Years.


  29. Only towards the ignorant “leader” who’s bringing us to destruction of our great country. He’s sold you a bill of goods which will come back and bite you in the end, so to speak.

  30. You may be a “happy” deplorable but not too long ago we had morals and ethics that guided us to NOT be proud of being called deplorable. Guess that’s the DUMB DUMPF influence!

  31. Interesting. Never heard that. Shame, that that would be the first thought you came up with on a statue that so many veterans memories are of quite a different woman welcoming them back to the home of the free and the brave.

  32. I have already contributed two comments sharing what I think, that is if you can find them among all the other good and otherwise comments. If you don’t find them I will tell you I am a conservative steel magnolia, love my country and am a devout constitutionalist so you basically know how I feel and believe. I don’t know why I am engaging in commenting, I have never been in a conversation with a liberal that remained civil and meaningful and I don’t think that is what this should be about. If only there was a way to, and God help us if we can’t and this nasty mean spiritedness continues. I am frightened for all of us and our country.

  33. This crappie needs to be stopped. They invite crap into the country give them jobs AND WELFARE. Run their A–‘s out and put real Americans to work NO MORE WELFARE!

  34. Don’t forget that honorable and patriotic men, not liberal anti-American women like you, are the veterans who bled and died for your right to say whatever you want, and without consequences, according to your crew! Your lefty liberals, feminists, millennials, and educators are vile and disrespectful of the military MEN, and the policeMEN, who have sworn to protect and uphold the constitution! Of course your black heart and fuzzy head cannot comprehend this!

  35. Uneducated? You write and articulate like a half-wit. I guess that women’s studies degree really made you a mental giant!!! How’s ten of thousands of $ in student loans working for your worthless university scam degree? Wait, you are the medical professional? I guess unborn babies can’t cry when your ilk tears them out of their sociopathic, diseased, and self-actualization wombs!

  36. If Geri and those responding to Geri would please stop with the fighting and filth there probably would be some helpful ideas and information in their brains to share, maybe.

  37. Preach on Mo, I’m right there with you! I have been on my soapbox for years about the liberal teaching going on in our schools and how conservative students are bullied, harassed, and even quieted by liberal professors. It seems as if the first amendment pertains only to the left. It doesn’t feel much like America when a conservative person/student is fearful to voice their opinion. This is just plain wrong!

  38. You liberal broads love to get a rise out of people. It’s called “attention whoring”. Talk tough like all you little lefty types do, but you are cowards and punks hidden behind computer screens, or with your black antifa bandanas hiding your ugly mugs! I imagine you are a real gem to be around! Plus you punks can’t spell or get out a coherent sentence, and you talk like dockworkers. Medical occupation? Yeah right, an animal hospital? Abortion mill? Go cry to that sea gag Hillary Clinton, or your street mammy Michelle Obama!


  40. The President needs to hold on to his agenda, and Bypass as much as possible the Democrats, their agenda has been Obstruction not one Dem has come on Board they are Listening to Chuck and Pelosi 100% to not work with the President, he needs to crush the two of them with the American People, we all know the game they have been and are continuing to play, I see no need for him to back down, let them shut the Government then blame them for not Working with him. Which would be the Truth and Americans know it. We need the American People to attack the Dems for not doing their job, they have not done anything for Americans other then added pain and Suffering, with Illegals taking tonnes of Resources from the American People, Sanctuary City’s and States releasing Criminals back on our Streets, Un-vetted Refugees that Terrorist stated they will and have Infiltrated, They have Blocked, Obstructed, and Resisted everything they can and it has harmed our Progress, as well as the the main issue the Safety of our Country and it’s people.

  41. The DUMBASS democrats think they are making points by not working with the President. They don’t realize how childish and stupid it makes them look. They are saying I can’t get my way so I’ll go hide. What dumbasses they are!

  42. I have been reading her posts, and in typical democrat fashion, she has no argument, so just goes for the insult. The devil has influenced many in this country. I am so thankful that we once again have a president who believes in God. That in itself is half the battle, but we must continue to be vigilant and get rid of these One World Order nutcases who care nothing for our country, and would turn us into a third world country just to satisfy their quest for power and money. God Bless America!

  43. In the above photo, he looks like he is smelling something distasteful. Probably himself or the rest of the dirty Dems.

  44. Chuck Schumer is a self-serving, self-enriching idiot who has no accomplishments to show for his many terms in office. When he served with Hillary, he was so far up her butt, that he would have broken is nose had she stopped short. Now that the Clintons have lost their clout, wonder if he feels the same way. He’s just another phony Pelosi.

  45. Geri is a clueless brain washed fool who is also stupid and they haven`t found a cure for stupid. I assumed there was a brain but I may have been wrong.

  46. Your to stupid to realize that all of those libtard professors that you had in college were indoctrinating you instead of teaching you. You have bought their crap hook, line and sinker, you are now just another sheeple that follows blindly. Old Chuckie Scumbag and Nazi Pelosi count on you sheeple to follow them in their path straight to the New World Order without questioning them. When will you grow up and realize you have been sold down the river already by these Anti-American DemomCraps?

  47. Chuck Shumer is a clueless idiot who just want`s to keep his job and could care less about this country or the people in it he just want`s the illegals to vote for him.HE WOULD THROW HIS MOTHER UNDER THE BUS TO GET A VOTE.

  48. Get the illegals out of this country, then tell everyone on welfare to get those jobs or do without. Welfare is a huge waste of the working man’s tax dollars

  49. If you are a demorat EVERYTHING is allowed to vote, slimy thighs clinton got votes from the dead, incarcerated, illegals and the insane!

  50. Whereas you, as a typical leftist, have defined yourself as a mental giant, ignoring any contrary evidence!

  51. Is that some sort of new spin from you lefist scum? Trumps hands are too small and his ass is too big? This is the sort of attack leftists usually accuse those oon the right of making: to whit, commenting on some real or imagined physical shortcoming of your opponent instead of the things they stand for and attempt to accomplish?

  52. Apparently, you liberals have already rewritten recent history. Obama never proposed anything that would have lowered the debt! That is how he DOUBLED the debt during his reign. He and his familiars left office with wheelbarrows full of shovel ready $$$!!!

  53. They never started the process to become LEGAL citizens because they would lose all the “entitlements” that liberals ladle out ONLY to illegal immigrants!

  54. In some circles that statue you refer to is equated with the whore of Babylon mentioned in the last book of the Bible.

  55. You visited the White House! I know how scary it is this year. I was going to say Merry Christmas but I think Happy Halloween says it better. Stay away, dont go back. It’s showing in your mental capacity to think logically. So sorry.

  56. with the rinos they have time for some true americans to start some dimwitrecalls get the easy low hanging fruit and hucky and nancy will die on the vine like the rotten fruit they are

  57. See, I told you Christ told me you’re going to hell. Now wash your mouth out with soap and say three Hail Marys.

  58. Go to the DICKTATOR! That’s where you’re headed. So sad. Poor little right wingers. They’ll get clipped soon.

  59. You and your family are immigrants. There’s a statue in the Hudson River , between NY and NJ. Do you know about her? Do you know what she says? Bet YOUR family immigrants were happy to see her and be welcomed by her. That’s the foundation of this great country. Not the hate and fear that’s going around b

  60. Schuck Fumer, screw ALL ILLEGALS, screw every Democrat, and every RINO.
    Take back the Republic from leftist scum.

  61. No, Geri, Republicans didn’t fail. The Satanic Dark Side presided over by the Emperor George Soros succeeded twice by rigged systems. Barack Obama never qualified to be a US President. He IS a fake. Side with the Devil if you wish. We the People have other plans.

  62. Dumb and Dumber just don’t get it, the made a mess of the country for 8 years, lost the election and still want to run the show. Like old Sy says, “You just can’t fix stupid”.

  63. Schmucky chucky and nutty nan are the “destructive forces” at play here; typically mentally damaged liberals who insist on THEIR WAY, OR NO WAY! They both need to feel the “sharp toe of a size 10” as they are EJECTED from the US Senate. American VOTERS HAVE SAID NO – -no more amnesty and in 1986 we were PROMISED IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! GOP had better unite, OR they will get that same “sharp toe” treatment.

  64. No Geri. He does that every time you leave one of your nauseating posts.
    “Dumpf” is one of His own. You, Nancy and Chuckie belong to Lucifer.

  65. Go ahead Geri and support a communistic totalitarian regime such as has been advocated by Barack Hussein Obama. And by the way, make sure you invite and allow about five or six illegal aliens from Mexico to live in your home with you AT YOUR EXPENSE!

  66. Inherited debt from the Republicans. Those same geniuses who wouldn’t let President Obama have any tax cuts! Why? Oh, cause it would raise the debt! Funny how they don’t seem to mind screwing the middle class now.

  67. Oh, now saw the rest of your sorry little story. Dumpf has NOT given over his his holdings, has donated to charity ONLY through his Foundation and there’s NO proof of exactly where his salary has gone. And IF he donated it, he took a BIGLY deduction on his taxes that no one has seen even though he promised to produce them. I couldn’t give you these answers until I stopped laughing from the pic of Dumpf in his little white shorts stretching unmercifully!

  68. Well actually there are A LOT OF NEW YORKERS who are sick and tired of the DEMONcrat blow that they passed around Woodstock. It more available now. New Slogan!! DEMONcrats are the poster child on why pot makes you stupid. Have a great night now. Don’t inhale!! another lie by a DEMONcrat.

  69. I can’t even read beyond your first sentence. Have you seen the pics of DUMPF playing golf? His big ass in those tight little shorts? That’s hysterical. He can’t even bend down to place the ball on the ground no less play golf well.
    Now PRESIDENT Obama on the other hand, looks athletic and can play a really good game. Look up his scores.


  71. Does,anyone really believe the dems care about the “dreamers… illegals” ? The only thing they care about is getting more votes & staying in power!! If they knew that the dreamers never would be allowed to vote, they would be the first to send them packing!! But by the dreamers being allowed to stay & given handouts by the dems, that will ensure votes for the dems but at the expense of America!!

  72. geri, these illegals have been here for countless years, WHY did they not start the procedure to become LEGAL? Same goes to the parents. They owe me nothing, and I sure don’t owe them anything, the United States CAN NOT afford to support all illegals. Grow up and quit being a dumb ass, you get more ignorant with each post. I’m a very happy DEPLORABLE.

  73. Hopefully most of us are intelligent enough to now that the wicked witch of the west and the fool of the east are two people who should not be in public office. With the help of our God we will “drain the swamp”

  74. geri, did you cry your eyes out every time obama went to Hawaii for another vacation, costing the tax payers 4million dollars each trip? How about his trip to Africa, it only cost us 100 million for that one? you whine too much, btw…I’m glad Trump is playing a lot of golf, anything to keep you libs happy.

  75. I’m trying to understand how the negotiators Schumer and Pelosi think
    they can shut the Government down. The do not have a majority in either
    the HOuse or the Senate

  76. If they hadn’t dragged their heels for eight years, we would be thirty trillion dollars in debt instead of a MERE twenty trillion!

  77. Perhaps “Dumpf” is a better golf player that Obama. After all, Obama has no abilities to do much of anything. As to Trump, he has placed his holdings in the hands of his family members AND donated his “salary” to various charities. We can assume that whenever his term expires, he will NOT be walking away with highly inflated bags of money like his liberal predecessors did.

  78. And exactly WHEN in history have the demonrats EVER “compromised” with Republicans, much less the perv’ senator from New York?

  79. Schumer and Pelosi need to get outta there. They’re obstructionists and trouble makers. We can’t move ahead on anything . Our country doesn’t get anywhere when they constantly block things. Vote ’em out. They were hired by Thier constituents and are getting paid for nothing!

  80. Good comments Katie Jones!

    Yes, there are no democrats any longer!
    They went the way of the extinct dodo bird, way back in the mid 60s.
    That is when they ripped off the political platform of the CPUSA!
    Yes, the Communist Party of the USA!
    At first the CPUSA was pissed, but they quickly decided that they could use the help, so much so that they even quit fielding their own candidiates!

    Since then, they just recommmend “VOTE DEMOCRAT”!

    Exactly why I call them what they really are, “COMMIECRATS”!

  81. When you mention “Schumer” and “disgusting” in the same sentence, you really need to be more specific, because Schumer has made a career of acting disgusting. Typical of him and his Democrat pals, their idea of negotiating is for them to establish all the conditions, pass them to the GOP, say “sign here”, and then brag about what great Americans they are, and how in spite of their overwhelming generosity, the Republicans still were only interested in the welfare of “the rich”

  82. Have you ever noticed that Chucky Schummer always looks like he’s in pain…like someone marked his corn cob “For Suppository Use Only?” it is no big surprise that obstruction and general chaos are the leftists’ prime directive when it comes to any conservative initiative in Congress. The Dems are desperate to remain relevant…and to somehow convince their “Gruberized” voters to continue donating to, and voting for, anyone with a “D” after their name. With any luck, all of their efforts will be in vain…and the 2018 elections will sweep a lot of them into retirement.


  84. I remember during the Obama administration they were blaming the Republicans for a government shut down if they were not willing to negotiate. Now the democrats are blaming the Republicans still if there is a government shut down. How can it always be the Republicans fault? After all it is the democrats who are not willing to give an inch in negotiations. They are the ones that are obstructing every single day instead of doing their jobs. The democrats need to be fired in the next elections for their incompetence, lying, colluding with the media and special counsel ways!!!! Where is the special counsel to investigate Mueller and Comey for doing nothing during the Uranium One deal and other crimes. Go to Dick Morris’s website and listen to his latest lunch alert on how Obama did another nuclear giveaway to Russia, called Port Canaveral!

  85. Oh, ILMAO , just too funny! You should be embarrassed IF you really are from NY. No one but a dead comedian has a sad line like that.

  86. Dumpf dosen’t do his job. Has played more golf than Obama did in 8 years. Costing the people a small fortune in security and rolling in the money from using all his own hotels and golf clubs. But no one here seems to care about that.

  87. There’s no negotiating with these freaks. All that CRAP that this schitbird mentioned is a “my way or the highway” deal. They want it all or they will shut it down. Don’t do it Trump. Do you remember what you got the last time you gave them what they wanted? Well, that’s what they are willing to give you this time. Nothing!
    Screw them! We don’t need their BS anyway. Send them home early for the holidays to have town halls with their constituents, if they dare to. Leave DC’s monuments open while they’re gone….Fvch Them!

  88. Heat surgery? You mean heart surgery? Medical field? Stay away from you!! That darkey pediatric nurse who publically advocated for genocide of white male babies was terminated!! Maybe you’ll follow her too! Stick to Jezebel liberal! More your wheelhouse!

  89. I agree totally. Besides that, Schummer has a duty to protect America and he has failed in his duty. Throw him out of the Senate.

  90. Go for it President Trump! Again we got your 6 and you know what your doing. If he wasn’t right and they (Schumer and Dems) were still getting their fat kick back checks and they had no worries that their evil doings are about to come full circle, they wouldn’t be yelling and raising hell constantly. I don’t know about everyone else but in my short 53 years on this earth, I have learned that 99% of the time the one doing the accusing are indeed the ones doing the crime. And the louder and more stupid they act is only proving they are the corrupt ones with the most to lose! They have ran into a problem though, we as Americans have caught on to their game and WE THE PEOPLE elected our President! One with honesty, integrity, and a true love for his/our country. So keep on screaming and bashing and trying to come up with so way to control us some more haha !!! It’s game over you thieves and we chose a smart man.

  91. “working with both sides to forge a bipartisan deal” Progressive speak for “Do it our way.” “Compromise” – also, “do it our way.” They demand much more than they can get and are willing to “compromise” down to what they wanted in the first place. The Republicans took the House, the Senate, the States and the Presidency away from them by making promises to do what the voters now expect to see them do – and that they’re trying their damnedest not to do. Schumer and the Democrats will shut down the government – despite the things they say need to be funded – because they don’t get the Republicans to do exactly what the Democrats lost the election over. It never occurs to the Democrats that the people coming here illegally are doing it to get away from what the Democrats want to lead this country into. The Democrats are deranged – and they’re fanatics about it. They attack even their own traditions, tearing down statues of Democrat heroes, and somehow want to blame the Republicans for their own history.

  92. Way to go! If we don’t act with straight and tell this democrats to get real or go to hell, they will keep pushing the issue. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. SHUT THE GOVERNMENT AND SHOW THIS EVIL SCHUMER THAT THIS IS OUR TIME. SO GET REAL OR GET LOST AND TAKE YOUR PARTNER PELOSI WITH YOU.

  93. Schumer, you are the destructive force not our wonderful President, Mr. Trump. You are uglier then a picket fence and you will be out when your term is up. I am from NY and you are a disgrace to all of us. Be like a tree and leave.

  94. The Dems & Reps that keep trying to stop President Trump at every turn should not get paid. I can’t get paid if I don’t do my JOB. I’m so tired of D C. Why don’t they get off their FAT ASSES and do their jobs.
    Most of DC don’t work at what WE THE PEOPLE want. They line their pocket’s with kick backs in cash & perks. Were else can you work and give your self a pay raise for not doing your job. Then to blame others for what you are doing by holding up the Government is a crime. Most of these blood sucker’s when they die they will have to be SCREWED into the ground that’s how crooked they are. With President Trump in DC their cash flow is stopping. My God Bill & Hill were broke when they left The White House & now they are almost Billionaires. Pretty good return for your money. WAIT THAT’S OUR MONEY.

  95. Bipartisanship to Democrats is merely to agree with them. You are then bipartisan. Its like free speech, but its only free for Democrats. Shut the damn government down. Stick it in Shumer.

  96. the demoncraps need to wake up in the real world , no on ILLEGALS they need to drop the welfare or drug test them once a month !!

  97. No, Geri. Trump knows that Schumer is just playing politics and will obstruct the budget like everything else. There is no sense in discussing a budget with Schumer when he just wants to lay down an unrelated road block.

  98. Christ said to obey the laws you dumb bastard don’t bring him in this because you have know idea of what the hell your saying

  99. Now that is the exactly what is happening. Just remember, Shumer is primarily or exclusively and obstructionist. He has done nothing to help reform or replace a health system which on an idiot would propose. He will do anything to divert and obstruct. The argument about dreamers has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the budget. It is just to justify obstruction. And we are all playing in his hand by arguing about the validity of illegal immigrants.

  100. Who is it that is playing games? Trump or Schumer and Pelosi? Why would you put amnesty for illegals in a funding bill? So Trump would not sign it, of course. So who exactly is playing games here??

  101. If the Deamoncrats want to keep keep the government open, they need to deal with Trump, if they refuse shut it down, no unnecessary government operations until Congress deals with the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS!!! Until Congress passes tax and welfare reform!

    until Congress passes tax and welfarwe reform!

  102. Was gonna say the same about you. Bet you can’t even find a rock though.pribablyvtoo difficult for those who don’t know how to think for themselves.

  103. YOUR mentally ill, deranged, incompetent, dangerous, morally decrepit, ethically challenged president. NOT MINE. And if I used too many big words for you – go find your own dictionary, if you have one though it seems you can’t read cause you can’t think!

  104. It is clearly apparent that Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats are only playing a game to ensure their re-election and a majority.

    They are absolutely certain to get what they want if the “dreamers” correctly known as alien criminals are given the opportunity to live in the USA and vote for these bottom-dwelling scums.

    They ought to be shot, better hung from the highest tree in DC for colluding with the enemy just to pocket the big monies and connections as politicians.

    These kind of people are the same as the dirt between one’s toes and could never financially survive as most elite without the current power they wield.

    It’s time for term limits and no more career politicians!

    All the way from Guam USA

  105. Geri, the DREAMers are being used by the Democrats as political pawns. President Trump is simply stating that they need to figure that issue out in congress and the Senate not make it part of the budget. When do DREAMers have anything to do with BUDGET? If you say they should then you are the dreamer.

  106. Geri >>>> WISE UP…..they are here ILLEGALLY…..If you do not understand that word, borrow a Dictionary and have someone read it to you.
    We must stop this nonsense and Schumer is doing his best to not stop it and in the very worst place, he knows how to work the system.
    Hopefully OUR PRESIDENT….writer of the Book about deal making, will send Schumer to the showers, him and his friend Pelosi.

  107. If Schumer really had the American citizens interest at heart he would agree with our President. It is time to vote out Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan etc all.

  108. These dinosaurs are starting to fossilize. They are the ASSES of their Party. No respect, no brains, no common sense, just nonsense. Vote these morons out of office. Term limits should be one of the top priorities next year. All of those 80+ year old walking dead zombies should be put out to pasture. No wonder the mascot/logo of their Party is a Jackass!

  109. Geri take your liberal crap and visit an outside crap house and both of you can stay there. You need to go live in the other countries since you want to sell us out to them. We need to take care of our own first and get our country back on track. So stop giving away our country to those who want every thing for free. Why don’t you get a job instead of flapping your liberal give every thing away for free ash checks. WE already have a give away pelosie to deal with.

  110. I hope it makes a difference come voting time… or does THAT even count for anything anymore?! Sometimes I wonder!

  111. they want Trump to change his policies to their communist policies and he will not do it so they play cry baby what idiots they are and we the people are suffering because of the idiot democratic leaders. Where are the Democrats that want America to prosper why don’t they speak up and vote the best for america instead of the party lines what idiots

  112. Schumer is looking for votes. He wants amnesty for the dreamers and would look for a way to provide them expedited citizenship so they can vote Democrat.
    Its time for the President and the Republicans to stand up to Schumer and allow the government shut down. I supported the President because of his stand on the illegals, his pro military position, his American First etc.
    I voted for him and I am sick and tired of the House RINO’s blocking his every move. When the Democrats were in power they voted as a block. I liked McCain until he became senile. He is the perfect example as to why term limits are needed. The other RINOs know who they are and should be replaced.

  113. You are part of the problem. I think there should be a way Pres Trump can his agendas passed without all this stuff. I think voters better look at their canDidates really close. The dems are the ones holding anything good happening. Trump is trying his best, but you can’t blame his for not getting his campaign promises done. IT’S THE DEMOCRATS THAT KEEPING THEM FROM MOVING FORWARD.

  114. When you’ve been insulted and told your opinion doesn’t matter – there’s no point in “sitting down”. You may be stupid, but Chuch is not.

  115. We remember “we the people”! You and the Republican can party make up a lot of “alternative facts”! Good for S mayor Schumer! He has the courage to speak up while the republicans cower and OBEY! Children! Children who are in the only home they have ever known. This is their home, their country! We have educated them and now as they are ready to “give back” you want to throw them out. Then you brag about being so “Christian”. Christ is ashamed of you.

  116. You republicans against, President Trump, are against the people! That’s what you need to think about John MCain, Mitch MCconnell, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker! The People, remember us? We put President Trump in office, remember “By The People, For The People?” I’m almost positive you’ve forgotten that! Democrats need to remember “We The People” also, not illegal aliens! We know that the criminal organization, DNC allowed illegals to vote, that makes you Dummycrats criminals! How stupid can you be? You cheated your butts off, and still managed to lose!

  117. Yes we need to support and pay for all those things AMERICAN, but we can not pay for all that if we give free money to ILLEGAL MOOCHERS who broke into our country. FKU Chuckie this is all on YOU !

  118. the democrats are still throwing their little fits like a spoiled kid. As I have been on several Boards and know it is always better to seat down and meet even if you do not come to an agreement, then you will at least have something to work with at the next meeting.

  119. It’s to bad that “We The People” can’t deport these two idiots. What the hell is the matter with these nut jobs, illegals over Citizens???????

  120. Pelosi,schumer,boxer,brown,waters,clinton,biden,obama,carter,gore,mccain,lewis,soros,gates,sharpton, the list of idiots goes on and on!

  121. Republicans should vote for what they support. If Democrats want to shut the government down to try to get something that the majority doesn’t support, then let them. Republicans should then hang Democrats’ extortion around their necks. Any Republican who caves to the Democrats’ extortion should be removed at the next opportunity. Democratic governments are supposed to enact laws that are supported by the majority, and no other.

  122. It is amazing to me that Chuck and Nancy think President Trump is the problem. Breaking News Chuck and Nancy, you lost the election. Losing elections have consequences. Either support our President or resign. The American People will speak again. Just remember, you have a voice but no power.!

  123. Mark Twain gave the best quote for the wisdom of term limits: “Politicians like diapers need changing often, and for the same reason.”

  124. If the government is shut down, how will those that have been sexually abused or harassed by congress people be paid?

  125. As far as I am concerned–Schumer and Pelosi are a disgrace to our nation. I feel California and New York should kick them out of office–They are a disgrace to the nation and humanity

  126. Schumer should bury his head in a brown paper bag and get a big one for the rest of the lousy lying Democrats to join.

  127. Chuck the Schmuck is a bold faced liar. To the ignorant progressive sheeple, he sounds almost intelligent. But to us, we know that he needs to be shut down instead of the government. But shutting down the government wouldn’t hurt much. In fact, I would love to see it.

  128. When he said, “They have a responsibility, a responsibility not to let the government run out of funds”, I’m wondering how much he figures into the cost of our government’s spending is given to these DREAMers. He’s shooting himself in the foot with that one, because we’re talking about BILLIONS of dollars (OUR money!!) doled out to these freeloaders and anti-American wetbacks. Does he think they actually respect the country they’re sponging off of? No, he doesn’t because he’s a Liberal, which automatically dumbs him down in a bad way.

  129. The Democrats are now communist for they rely on Unions for voting and all the unions are now Communist unions for when Trumpa allowed the Communist Party USA to join the AFL-CIO that infiltrated all the unions. That means the NEA and the TEA are also Communist unions. Look at what they are now doing to our children in Schools – not all but most of them esp. in the Northeast. They are not even teaching their own history to them. If the Confederate war and Union war had not taken place then Blacks would still be Slaves. It took the war to have the Southern Democrats understand that American was not going to have slaves. That war was very important in our history and all those men who fought in it were also important. It is a shame that they are taking down those statues for it is really about their own history. Without that war they would still be slaves however the Democrat South at the time did not like freedom for the Blacks so they prevented them from having their own businesses. We all know about the “Clan” and who started that KKK Clan – the Democrats and they are still trying to control the blacks by PROVIDING EVERYTHING FOR THEM thus keeping them under their thumb today. They don’t see it for they also were prevented in knowing their history that helped build this country not by slavery for that was not building for them, but during the revolutionary war. The person who started Slavery was a black man and he went to court to get that bond servant to stay with him for life. They need to know that history but the Democrats have taken that from them. Wallbuilders. com have gone a lot of research to find out their lost history.
    •A Black Patriot: Wentworth Cheswell
    •Black History Issue 1998
    •Black History Issue 2001
    •Black History Issue 2002
    •Black History Issue 2003
    •Black History Issue 2004
    •Black History Issue 2005
    •Black History Issue 2006
    •Black History Library Page
    •Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why The South Went To War
    •Robert Smalls Honored with Medal
    •The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders
    •The Founding Fathers and Slavery
    •Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: The Search for Truth
    •Tuskegee Airmen

    Look at your lost history and are you being taught this in government school, why not?

  130. This is what Schumer stated – And Schumer fired off a statement blasting Trump as a “destructive force.” I agree with Trump for we have paid for them in this country and it is time for them to take what they learned and help their own countries for they are still Mexican citizens and they do not need to be American citizens. There parents prepared them to go home one day for they wave the Mexican Flag they want us to still take care of them for not all of them went to college, They want us to provide a good life for them with out them working for it not as far as a job, but as far as they will not fight for this country and wave the American Flag during their protests. They are not even remotely American heck they still speak Spanish at home. No wonder their parents do not know how to speak English! If they can’t learn from their children then who can they learn from? They have taught them about their home land to where those children are still Mexican – so let them go home and help their NATION prosper and turn around all this corruption at the top. Run for Office get honest people in government. Look what Haiti has gone through and God has not been happy with them their country because they do not have people who will fight back is being taken over by Thugs. Mexico is not what it use to be however there are still ways to turn this country around if they had decent people willing to fight for it. Send them home and allow them to apply the right way to come here.

  131. Our President must stand hard and strong against “the swamp” and continue to work toward fulfilling campaign promises. If Schumer, Pelosi, and the RINOS cause a Government shutdown in December there will be hadeas to pay at the voting ballots. We the people are finally standing against the things hurting our great Country and working with the POTUS to MAGA. We will not stop, shut up or sit down ever! God bless the USA!

  132. These dems are trying the american people…anti american dems need to get out of america…how many more people have to die because of them

  133. It’s amazing how Schumer, Pelosi, and the Leftist Marxist Democrats care more about law breakers including Hillary and gang (who know the degree of criminality but remain silence), than they do law abiding citizens. The law of the land and Constitution is toilet paper to Schumer and Pelosi.

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