Chuck Schumer told one giant lie that just came back to bite him

Chuck Schumer is in hot water now.

The top Senate Democrat went too far in his fight to destroy Donald Trump.

And Schumer told one giant lie that just came back to bite him.

The past few months have seen hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens attempt to invade America.

Floods of illegal aliens are pouring over the Southern Border in numbers not seen in over a decade.

The crisis stretched the Border Patrol to the breaking point and the administration is asking Congress to fund 4.5 billion dollars in emergency spending to detain and process illegal aliens caught at the border.

Not only is Chuck Schumer objecting to the request, Schumer claims Trump is “fabricating” the crisis at the Southern border.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer also drew lines in the sand on Mr. Trump’s $4.5 billion emergency spending request to provide better care for illegal immigrants at the border, saying Democrats won’t approve anything until the president agrees to pump more money into nation building in Central America.

He said the migrants fleeing Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are facing tough conditions of violence and poor economies back home, and said the solution is to build their societies.

And he chided Mr. Trump for saying earlier this year that he’ll cut off foreign assistance.

“It’s almost as if the president is intentionally trying to add fuel to the fire, to fabricate a crisis, to have a justification for an emergency declaration he made months ago,” Mr. Schumer said.

By any measure, Chuck Schumer is lying.

The Border Patrol is detaining more illegal aliens for longer periods of time in facilities that were not designed to handle this level of a migrant invasion.

If Schumer and the Democrats are going to make their 2020 messaging that Trump is “fabricating” a crisis on the border, they will doom themselves to defeat.

Few – if any – Americans believe over 100,000 illegal aliens attempting to invade America every month is nothing short of a full-blown crisis.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Chuck Schumer is not a man nor a female! He is excreted from a donkeys behind! He has a five head instead of a fire head! You would think that that huge head of his would have a larger brain but no such luck! Every word out of this idiots mouth is a giant fabricated lie! Time for him to be put out to pasture!

  2. Chuckie Cheese Shstupor should be impeached and prosecuted for his stupidity and ignorance as a crackpot communist politician.

    • yes they already worked with Obama to transfer this country to the Muslims and with Chuck Shummer plant to build and restore all the people in central American then the Muslim OBAMA and the ISLAMIC will invade the world very easily. and they will treated you as slave an will kill America and others not Muslim in mass Murder. That u=is OBAMA plan works with the Islamic Muslim to spread the ideal Islam religious all over the world, you will be slave for them the whole life , tgey are criminal and have no regards for any body. any religious , no freedom only worship Mohamed te criminal.

  3. Schumer is a liar. Welfare fixes nothing. We already were giving these countries welfare… Schumer just wants his piece of it, his slice, the Vig, a portion of Bribery to these countries leaders who keep the money. This constant excuse was tried in Mexico and it would ‘Solve everything’ for Mexicans and trade with Mexico would raise their standards to be like America and yada yada yada….
    None of that happened. 5 Billion, 50, 500 billion, 5 trillion won’t help countries with dictators, fascists, oligarchies and just plain corrupted systems
    as the system doesn’t change… ANNDDD then the money is gone, poof.
    Hey you don’t have to believe me, America has spent over 40 Trillion in the last 50 years and all we got out of it was fat poor people with cell phones, tvs and air conditioning. And rich Democrats like Schumer.

    • Nije Dar.. u are absolutely correct! Corruption is the disease of starving nations… Mexico has been led by corrupt, greedy presidents who enable drugs into the United States .. why? because they get the “mordida” loosely translated “the bite” or kickback … If it wasn’t for wicked corrupt politicians, this world would be a better, more peaceful place.

    • I live in the Vampire State of N.Y..

  4. All of this democratic delusion tactics is related to hillary losing the election. its a no brainer she is a sorest loser of this decade.
    This is historical, this is big….
    All the money that was involved, is now gone.
    Democratic profits are drained, and after 20/20 they’ll be on fumes.

  5. The libs are sickening. Putting votes over Americans security. All lib voters are pathetic, ignorant American hating buffoons

  6. Deport them as fast as you catch them, when you deport them leave this message with them, if you want to live in America come in the right way apply at the American consulate in your country otherwise every time you show up and try to cross the border illegally it will be counted against you,

  7. what needs to be done is have military transport planes separated them as to what country they are from load them in the planes and carry them straight back and dump them

    • That’s an excellent idea. That would save the taxpayers billions of dollars and lower the rising numbers of crimes committed by illegals. Catch and release is a disaster that allows them in to the US to disappear. Immediately loading them up and returning them to their home country would fix that too. Just in case some do get in, cut off all government handouts to illegals. If they have no funds and no housing they will stop coming. Schumer and Pelosi show just how stupid they are every time they deny the border crisis.

      • I agree, but you will have to require something similar to E verify and have them prove citizenship before they can rent and no multiple families.

      • I want the illegals to stop leaving their country. Fight for your own country to take care of your sorry selves.
        I worked With Somalians for years. Turned down company ins. to stay on medical he had 6 kids and said he wouldn’t have a paycheck from having Ins.
        So they had medical,food stamps,and money assistance.
        Myself, I’m on a fixed income and can’t get food stamps. Americans are treated like we are worthless.
        Get the illegals out of our country and we would be so much better again. Land of plenty!

    • Back in the 70’s illegals would work on farms in Southern New Mexico for a season, then turn themselves in to border patrol because they would get placed on a bus in Palomas Mexico and returned to the city or village they came from.

    • Exactly, I’ve been reading that other countries are doing just that now because their fed up with all the illegals there too.

    • From about 5000 feet… right over the Capitol of their country… that way when they ACTUALLY return to THEIR COUNTRY, THEY DO SO WITH SPLAT!!!! IT ALSO MEANS THEY ARE NOT COMING BACK!!

    • The Demonrats are in dire need of a .50 Caliber ENEMA!ALL of them!. It’s the ONLY way to cure their insane hatred of a FREE America! Demonrats are EVIL! It’s the only answer as to what they are about!
      Traitors ALL, they need to be rounded up, processed, indicted for TREASON, and when convicted, dumped into a Hawaiian Volcano tied one to the other. FILM at 11!

      • Not soon enough ! 5 rounds of 22 cal hollow point in the enema format will be far more cost effective and produce the same result. Thus a much greater return on investment. Save the 50 cal for when the SHALE really hits the fan.

        • P.S. You could charge a dollar a round and result in a NEVER ending supply of 22 cal!! The other choice would be to use the profit to buy the needed 50 cal supplies!

    • They should be paying us, since they have wasted so much taxpayer money, attacked the President and have done absolutely nothing for America and it’s citizens.

    • Actually it should be just the opposite, they should either have a pay cut or with holding until they help with the mess were in experiencing with all of these illegal flooding our borders/country.

  8. I wish that someone could/would start a bill or vote to take legal actions to remove Nancy, Schummer, Schiff and the rest of these corrupt Deep State Demonrats. They are the one’s engaged in the big cover up, fake news and attempt to overthrow our POTUS and ruin our country. However, I guess the best recourse is to just vote them all out of office. So sad to see the fake news and corruption happening in our country. Build the wall and protect our citizens. Let’s support our POTUS, Mr. Trump and keep draining the swamp so we can try to make the USA great again. God bless and Pray for the USA, our POTUS and patriotic citizens.

    • Amen. Let it be so! Schumer is a leftist demented Democrat. He lies, then lies again, and continues to lie. That just means he is a leftist demented Democrat in good standing.

      There is a tsunami forming. When election day 2020 arrives, Trump will win in a landslide and all those candidates who affiliate and associate with him will win. Prayer and obedience to vote and participate will bring greater victory than before.

    • John, its all the Democrats have left. They have virtually no one to run against Trump in the next election, so they must produce something…..anything…..that makes it look as though he’s responsible for the “illegal alien invasion”. And if they fail, the Dem’s could be out of power for the next 16 years.

  9. It is incomprehensible that the people of New York could inflict such wastes of space on themselves. I’m talking about Schumer, Gillebrand, Cuomo, DeBlasio and Niglet.

    • Don’t forget about crooked Nadler and dumb AOC, trying to make herself known on a national scale and totally ignoring her district that elected her.

  10. chuck is a disgrace to the human race along with the democrat party nothing is lower than the democrats I hope they lose every seat in the whole govt. come 2020

    • Only reason Dems won back the House in 2018 was due to the endless witch hunt of Russia collusion and obstruction deliberately inflicted on our president for the very purpose of ceasing the GOP to lose. Hopefully, that will all change in 2020.

  11. Just remember to vote, folks. We must get rid of lying politicians who care nothing about this country. Chucky must Go!!!!

  12. “He said the migrants fleeing Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are facing tough conditions of violence and poor economies back home, and said the solution is to build their societies.”

    So slimy Chuck is opposed to spending $5 billion to build a wall and cut this invasion of 100k illegals monthly by at least 90% but he wants us to spend tens of Billions of Dollars to build their societies?!!! Is he kidding?!

    Sorry, Chucky but it is not Our responsibility to help them because they have violence and poor economies in their homeland. I think Chuck and the Dems don’t realize there are many places in this country (Chicago, Baltimore, etc.) with violence and poverty – not to mention over 125k+ homeless Americans living in poverty and violence in Ca. alone!!! Where do they go to apply for Asylum? How do they get Chuck and Nancy’s sympathy and willingness to bend over backward to help them? Isn’t that Nancy’s district, isn’t that directly her responsibility?

    Keep American Tax Dollars in America for Americans!

    Go cry in your corner Chuck no one is listening to your lies and fake crocodile tears. Your compassion only goes as far as how much money you and your ilk can make off of a crisis or how many potential Dem voters can you acquire for your own political power.

    YOU are all disgusting!

    • right on. Giving aid to other countries in the past did not improve them because of greedy corrupt leaders. Arafat kept millions US gave him to help poverty in the 90’s They are still claiming poverty, Iran spent billions on nuclear missiles and used the nuclear capabilities for war. US spent vast sums shipping surplus wheat to india. It rotted on the docks and portions were sold on the black market.

    • I applaud your comment…, obviously you see clearly, willing to bet you’re no liberal …lol.
      Thanks to our Lord Christ Jesus leading our Great President many Americans are now seeing the what likes of Schumer, Pelosi, and The Democratic Party are about..,Bad for us,”We thee People” of this Great Nation., bad for our Country, and come 2020 we need to get “RID OF THEM” at the Ballot Poles… Are VOTES… ++ARE OUR POWER++

    • That is really the norm for most of the Democrats especially the left wing radicals and even a few of the RHINO’s. It’s all about how they can control others and personal agendas/benefit. Makes you wonder how a senator or
      those in congress making $275K-$300K/yr. can go out and buy million dollar estates but want to raise taxes on everyone. Spend tax payer money on these
      unfounded conspiracies, create mass chaos and bash our POTUS. If you do not like olur country, POTUS or patriot americans just go somewhere else and see how far you get!

  13. You have to understand that the liberals justify all actions saying the end results justify the means….so NEVER expect them to admit they lied ….

    • Get these MF-ers out of our country! The left wants to use them to overtutn the electrol college so that only these bastards will call the shots! Trump needs to invoke the insurection act against these foul criminal hideouts they call sanctuary cities! Those disgusting nazis will stop at nothing tl control and ruin pur country!

  14. Chuck the Smuck and Loser Pelosi and all the Dems should come down to Texas and be forced to take a very long and hard look at what the illegals actually are doing to our border. Our schools are over flowing with illegals and some neighborhoods in North Central Texas are just like the filthy towns of Northern Mexico. I’ve seen it first hand in El Paso to the DFW Metroplex. It’s a shame that the government would rather have this country turn into the next Third World country that this nation is now becoming. It is supposed to be the lawmakers job to protect the Americans from shit like what is now ongoing and I’m fed up with it. If you don’t live in a border state, then you need to just keep your mouth shut or stand behind the 4 border states and help them get this problem solved. If you just want to stand back and bitch and bellyache that there isn’t a problem, then you yourself are part of the problem.

  15. Chuckie, the Sewer Rat from NYC, has a problem, like most Demented-Dems, in accepting FACTS and how they apply to normal humans. 😊

  16. I think we should all fund the Angle Moms to descend upon them, their homes in DC , the Whitehouse, and the Capitol Building in their states. Put the pressure on the weak lying bastards! I’m growing to flat out hate the Dem Party, obstructionists to keeping America safe! Don’t understand how any voter could want a million plus aliens a year and know taxpayers will have to pay for them, and new diseades, , crime, murder, rape, vehicle killings, . It’s $300 billion Being spent on their care and everyone that crosses a million dollars in their life span. Aliens sending $350 billion American dollars back to their relatives, most was never taxed from criminal businessmen, and leaves the US economy so it can benefit a foreign country.
    AND the dumb SOBs still say there is no CRISIS!

    • Maybe we should all sponsor a bill (for the president to use his pen and phone to pass) that requires each politician to not do their job to protect America first, have their pay withheld until they do, and to fine them personally at least $1000 a day (since so many of them are filthy rich off their jobs) until they do their jobs. Then in a few weeks, we will see motion – but they would probably get some Obama judge to stop it… We all knew there was a swamp we just had no idea how deep and wide it was. Sad, they are literally Traitors to their Nation!

  17. Fat oily snake has been quiet for awhile letting Pelousy catch hell. Not much would make me happier than this turd getting his “neck” caught in a zipper.

  18. For EVERY politician that states that there is no crisis on the border, it should be made mandatory that they be required to go to the borders from California to McAllen, Texas and see what is true. That being, it is a very serious and destructive crisis.
    For each one who will not go, a fine of $ 10,000,00 and that fine will be donated to the building of the wall. What is behind their motivation to claim there is no crisis? They can’t be just that stupid. Or can they ?

    • No, this is precalculated and started over 20 years ago. The Dems are losing their grip on the African-Am. vote and knew they needed a new crop of mindless sheep who would willingly buy the lie that their lives depend on the Dems. They promise to help them- give them freebies, citizenship, educate, medicate, house, etc them at Taxpayers expense in order to buy their votes. In Ca. in the last election there were three counties that reported 120%, 118%, and 112% of registered voters voting, and in Texas, an investigation has proven there were over 100k illegal votes- See it is already working. That is why suddenly – after the poles close mysterious votes just “show up.” Of course, this is a calculated move. And it is worse, they have since Obama made a point of moving these illegals all over the country especially to key states to change the demographic, redistrict (which is why the Dems so oppose the question of citizenship on the census) and gain millions of votes if they can get them legal. That was the point of voters bill Nancy had a couple of months ago (fortunately did not pass the Senate but all Dems in House voted for it.)
      Think about it folks, the Dems are not just trying to overthrow a legitimate president who got elected despite their cheating, they are trying to take complete control over the entire govt and looking for millions of illegals to be the key to keeping that power.
      It is hard to believe, but when you connect the dots it becomes impossible to deny.

    • What is behind their motivation? Millions from the cartels, along with a few billion more from globalists working to see the country fall. As Tlaib once tried to project, ‘it’s all about the Benjamins’.

    • Some claim they have gone to the border and say, their separating kids from their parents, caging them and killing the kids. you don’t really think that if they saw the truth they would report it. Instead they would make up some lie to try and get rid of Trump.

  19. You know if he and his puppet Pelosi would lower themselves from thei pedistals and take a trip to El Paso and see for themselves that this is not a lie or a made up story. But, when you allow such nasty conditions to happen in your district and don’t do anything about it then why would you want to see what is happening at the border. You live in a gated house and the only reason for that is because we should bring all the illegals to you door and let you provide for them after all you are a millionaire and have lots of money. You people make me sick with this and am so glad I am no longer a democrat, you people are beyond stupid. In fact the only reason you don’t go to the border is because you know what is being said about the situation there is true and you would have to do something then. I think a supeona put out for you both to be made to go to the border is in order but it will never happen, you guys get away with murder and no one does anything about it. A true double standard in the swamp.


    • The jackass is a fitting symbol/mascot for the members of this dumbass segment of our declining society. Having been raised in the Jim Crow segregated Democrat-controlled South, I have observed the dependency of the Jackass party on the ignorance and extreme gullibility of their members. I am continually disappointed by the reluctance of the Democrats to analyse their reasoning and see their wrongheaded thinking and practices.

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