Chuck Schumer told one giant lie that just came back to bite him

Chuck Schumer is in hot water now.

The top Senate Democrat went too far in his fight to destroy Donald Trump.

And Schumer told one giant lie that just came back to bite him.

The past few months have seen hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens attempt to invade America.

Floods of illegal aliens are pouring over the Southern Border in numbers not seen in over a decade.

The crisis stretched the Border Patrol to the breaking point and the administration is asking Congress to fund 4.5 billion dollars in emergency spending to detain and process illegal aliens caught at the border.

Not only is Chuck Schumer objecting to the request, Schumer claims Trump is “fabricating” the crisis at the Southern border.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Charles E. Schumer also drew lines in the sand on Mr. Trump’s $4.5 billion emergency spending request to provide better care for illegal immigrants at the border, saying Democrats won’t approve anything until the president agrees to pump more money into nation building in Central America.

He said the migrants fleeing Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are facing tough conditions of violence and poor economies back home, and said the solution is to build their societies.

And he chided Mr. Trump for saying earlier this year that he’ll cut off foreign assistance.

“It’s almost as if the president is intentionally trying to add fuel to the fire, to fabricate a crisis, to have a justification for an emergency declaration he made months ago,” Mr. Schumer said.

By any measure, Chuck Schumer is lying.

The Border Patrol is detaining more illegal aliens for longer periods of time in facilities that were not designed to handle this level of a migrant invasion.

If Schumer and the Democrats are going to make their 2020 messaging that Trump is “fabricating” a crisis on the border, they will doom themselves to defeat.

Few – if any – Americans believe over 100,000 illegal aliens attempting to invade America every month is nothing short of a full-blown crisis.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.