Chuck Schumer turned as white as a ghost when a leading Republican made this stunning prediction

Chuck Schumer is in the fight of his political life to hang on to control of the Senate.

But he just had a monkey wrench thrown into his plans.

And Chuck Schumer turned as white as a ghost when a leading Republican made this stunning prediction.

With the Midterm elections coming up, Chuck Schumer is in a state of total panic.

The country has fallen apart after Democrats took total control of government under Joe Biden.

Biden’s approval rating has collapsed, threatening to drag down Democrats across the country.

Since Schumer has a paper-thin majority in the Senate, he has no margin for error if he wants to keep his job.

Democrats had counted on Hispanic voters giving them the upper hand in key states around the country.

But under President Trump, Hispanics began walking away from the socialist lunacy championed by Schumer and the Democrats.

Ground zero for this Republican shift among Hispanics was Miami, Florida.

Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pushed radical socialism and cozied up to socialist leaders in Latin America.

But many of the Hispanic voters in Miami came to America to escape authoritarian left-wing governments.

Miami’s Republican Mayor Francis Suarez appeared on Fox News to talk about this change among Hispanics.

“There’s a misperception that Hispanic voters across the country only care about one issue, which is immigration, and I think that’s absolutely false,” Suarez said.

“I think Hispanic voters across the country care about the things that everybody cares about. They want prosperity for themselves and for their children, they want low taxes, they want to be safe in their communities,” he continued.

“And I think it’s apparent that the Republican Party is addressing those issues not only at the city level, but certainly at the national level, and it’s resonating,” he added.

Suarez argued that kitchen table issues like inflation and the cost of living are the top concerns for Hispanics.

“I was recently with the Mayors of Austin, Denver, and New York, and they’re seeing a 50% increase in rents across the country,” Suarez remarked.

He called it a “scary situation.”

“People are not earning a return on investment, and they’re losing purchasing power, so money’s literally being taken out of their pocket,” he stated.

“And that is a big issue for Hispanic communities across the country. They feel that government spending is out of control, and they want a smaller government, they want lower taxes, and they want a pro-family agenda,” he concluded.

After seeing President Trump’s massive gains in his city, Suarez has the pulse of the Hispanic community.

And the numbers back him up, with numerous polls showing the GOP leading with Hispanics.

Arizona and Nevada are home to two of the most endangered incumbent Democrat Senators in the country.

Even modest GOP gains with those states’ fast-growing Hispanic populations could flip the seats.

Democrats’ collapse with Hispanic voters will be another problem that keeps Chuck Schumer up at night.

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