Chuck Schumer turned white as a ghost after he got this devastating news

Chuck Schumer’s life running the Senate is a nightmare.

He has to deal with the fallout from the collapsing Biden regime.

And Chuck Schumer turned white as a ghost after he got this devastating news.

Chuck Schumer is in an epic struggle to hang on to control of the Senate.

With 50 Democrat Senators, he has the slimmest majority possible.

Schumer can’t afford to lose a single seat if he wants to keep his job.

But now he has to deal with Joe Biden’s failing regime dragging Democrats down across the country.

Georgia has turned into one the biggest battleground states in America.

The state has trended Blue for years, with Democrats breaking through in contested, narrow victories in 2020.

The Senate race there will be one of the biggest in the country during the Midterm elections.

In 2020, Georgia decided control of the Senate, and this year it could do the same.

Incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock has been a radical leftist in office.

He won a special election in 2020, and is up again this year for a full term.

2022 is shaping up to be a significantly worse political climate for him than his first victory.

He’s being opposed by former University of Georgia and NFL star Herschel Walker.

Walker earned the endorsement of his longtime friend, President Donald Trump.

Democrats had hoped the first-time candidate would stumble on the campaign trail.

But new polling shows how strong the Walker campaign is looking.

Blueprint Polling, a Democrat pollster, released a poll showing Walker ahead of Warnock by a margin of 49% to 45%.

This is the biggest lead any recent poll has given Walker.

And because Blueprint is a Democrat pollster, the results could be biased in favor of Warnock.

After he started out trailing Warnock, polling now shows momentum is on Walker’s side.

But Blueprint’s poll had even worse news for Schumer.

They found that in a hypothetical 2024 Presidential matchup between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Trump led 50% to 36%.

Joe Biden only carried Georgia in the last election by about 13,000 votes.

If Biden is that unpopular in Georgia, it would doom any chances of Warnock winning in the fall.

Biden’s unpopularity would be too much of a drag for Warnock to outrun.

Blueprint attributed Biden’s collapse to “the COVID hangover, inflation in general, and fuel prices seem to be taking their toll.”

Warnock has tied his fate to Joe Biden by voting in lock step with his agenda.

This poll spells doom for Schumer’s chances of holding the Senate.

If Biden is this far underwater in Georgia, then he’s likely tanking in other close battleground states like Arizona and Nevada.

With Biden in a tailspin, Chuck Schumer’s going to have a lot of headaches between now and Election Day.

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