Chuck Schumer said something about voter fraud that will make your blood boil

Chuck Schumer is fighting Donald Trump at every turn.

Now he’s trying to stop Trump’s efforts to eliminate voter fraud.


  1. In Tennessee, we are required to show an ID, then your name must be in the voter log where we sign by our name, then we are given a paper ballot, when finished we place that ballot into a machine. After we get our ballot no one touches it except ourselves.

  2. Schumer is nothing but a liar. He is serious about his daughters killing his grandchildren. I know because I have sent emails to him asking him to stop babies being murdered and he emails me back using a nasty tone in the way he talks. He doesn’t give a damn for my concern for babies and that I resent having my taxes are used to kill babies. His answer, how do you know that is where your taxes go and besides women need a safe place to go for an abortion. I wish
    some one would get this guy out of the office.

  3. They could have the polling place in Federal Building! That way they would be forced to produce a ID to enter.

  4. I think that installing a Thumb Print scanner in every polling place. As well as requiring a thumb print on every mail in ballot, not to identify the voter, but to catch anyone who votes more than onetime. These scanners are inexspensive and accurate enough for the FBI and Federal buildings. They’re good enough to catch voter fraud in micro seconds. If the alarm goes off you’ve already voted. And to jail you go.Or lose the offending thumb….LOL

  5. It’s time overdue to vote out all in Congress that think illegal immigrants have a right to vote in America!

  6. And they are screaming about republican fraud now and showed data about unusually high rate of mail in votes but failed to point out on the same data page how the Democrats had more mail in accepted than requested. How can that be possible?

  7. In addition yes we should each show a photo I’d. I don’t think it has anything to do with racism or anything. I think it’s a way to keep people truthful.

  8. I agree. It’s shameful but I really feel
    Like they are trying to set the stage for the next election. They’re trying to gain total power and once they do it won’t be a government for the people it will be a government for those democrats in office. I think the Florida elections along with Arizona and a couple more were fine examples of democrats cheating. Makes me and most of America,that can actually see what’s going on, sick.

  9. Proof that without photo ID, voter fraud in guaranteed.
    NC created a statewide election system, SEIMS, years ago. All of the 100 counties were slowly required to send their entire election database to SEIMS. We sent ours in, with full description of each data element (‘A’= active voter, ‘D’= deceased voter, etc). SEIMS activated all the dead voters as well, so our voter base exceeded our active registered voters. The only thing that caught this voter fraud setup was Durham county’s Juror ‘No-Show’ automatic summonsing (only one in the state then). I was a part of the team that caught this and it was on the news at that time.

    If that’s not enough to prove the need for photo ID in order to vote, here’s more. Helped my father in the democratic party before I was old enough to vote. I witnessed voter fraud in every election. That’s why I have nothing to do with what I believe is a democratic party that has absolutely nothing to do with democracy.

  10. This concept, that minorities are too stupid to get an ID is so insulting, that none of them should vote Dem. When interviewed on the street, they could not find one who did not have an ID. The problem for the Dem’s is that without illegal voters, they would not have any except the lunies with Trump derangement.

  11. The only homeless people without ID are incarcerated or have warrants for arrest and are hiding and wouldn’t vote anyways. Cops check homeless people out regularly and they must have ID or are taken into custody to “verify” identity. Been there, done that.

  12. What about all the wetbacks that are taught to vote for Democrats. That way they get all kinds of free stuff. That is why they come here. I am sick of illegals.

  13. I just wish that, in this age of digital wonders, that there was a way to alert the voter poll workers, if someone has already voted somewhere, in another precinct! I know in Milwaukee that Democrats were caught giving cigarettes to homeless people and busing them from one voter polling station to another in the last Obamma election. There should be laws that charge someone for solicitation of voter fraud.

  14. Project Veritas had the NEW YORK voting commissioner on TAPE stating that there were bus loads of democrats being taken to polling place to polling place and this was normal, i.e. business as usual. How the hell can Chuckie state that there is NO VOTER FRAUD? HE is a BIG FAT LIEING SOB! And the democrats claim that Trump LIES all the time. Maybe so / or maybe not, but they ALL LIE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!



  17. You hit the nail right on the head. It’s the Progressive Dem. politicians that don’t want them to have an ID for voting, because then they wouldn’t be able to cheat.

  18. OH! Requiring photo ID is racist! Mionorities are too STUPID to get a photo ID! But they have to have a photo ID To cash a check, to get welfare, to get EBT Card, to rent a house, or apartment, to drive a car or establish utilities. SO OBVIOUSLY minorities have to be homeless, not have a car, living out of soup kitchens. They should not have any utilities bills in their name. So they should not be able to produce any of the approved non-photo ID’s, so there should be no voting by minorities because they should not be able to produce any evidence of residence!

  19. Old Commrade Chuck knows that if voter ID laws take hold that the Demoncraps will lose more and more elections without all of the ILLEGALS voting or all of the dead Republicans that somehow vote for Demoncraps after death.

  20. It really doesn’t matter WHERE Obama was born because he doesn’t fit the definition of “natural born citizen”. ( the definition as it existed before the liberals tried to redefine it, that is!)

  21. It has never been proven that Obama was a legal citizen, and to be honest it never will be proven, because he never was one. We must begin to fully check out persons running fro President from now on. What did we get from Obama? A mess. I honestly believe that Soros got him elected just to mess up this country as he has three others, and he’s using funds authorized by Obama to mess up another nation. He needs to be expelled from our country and forbidden to have any sort of communications with any citizens!

  22. Well figure it out if you can. There are at present a few more than thirty million illegals from south of the border living in the United States of America. Drawing medical care, schooling (elementary through college) without paying for any of it this denying legal citizen children that right. When it come to medical care they’re hitting us all. Hospitals are closing because they can’t afford the cost of treating all the illegals, and that’s denying legal persons legal medical care. They get rent subsidy, food stamps and a lot of extra money from dopers selling all over the USA! It’s time to call out the US Army and begin escorting the illegals south and building a wall to keep them from coming back. If their governments weren’t so crooked, they could have the same sort of treatments that the USA offers!

  23. Yep and every time that an illegal or a non state citizen votes in your election he or she is negating one of the legal voters

  24. It’s not the Russians that have gotten into our elections,of course they try, but its democrats that are messing with our election and have done so for many years. I voted for the democrat party for 36 years until obummer ran than I changed to the conservative party. I live in Northern CA and I have seen illegals voting just by showing their CA id or license to which CA has given them for many years. They have to have someone at the Polls to understand them. I thought to become a US citizen was to learn the English language to pass Citizenship….Not In CA….

  25. They are not Afraid they know they will be found out. What he hey want stopped is a rule added to welfare where Applicants are issued a Photo ID and a Voters Status on said ID. See despite the Democrats LIES about IDs the TRUTH is this if you have the papers to get Welfare you have them to get an ID. Doing this would remove Democrats buying power since it would save tax dollars lost to Welfare Fraud and stop Voter Fraud. The main reason they oppose this panel is that it will CLEARLY and CONCISELY prove Hitlery lost all aspects of the election and make the DNC look like the FOOLS they are.

  26. The only ones mistaken are the registered Deamoncrats and RINOS, anyone who votes for them is sadly mistaken if they expect anything but oppression fro them.

  27. No voter Fraud??? California had several precincts with more voters then living residents! Illegal aliens, dead people, people who had moved, people in prison. The list and deceptions are endless. The DEAMONCRATS refuse to clean up their voter rosters, and demand that anyone be allowed to vote without a picture ID, I was a poll inspector and had activists demanding that anyone be allowed to vote with out ID. We had toi cal the police to get them out of the polling place.

  28. Of course they have been cheating all along for at least the last 30 years or so. That was their sure thing, their Ace up their sleeves. Until now hopefully. The LAST thing Schumer wants is a Hardcore Investigation into Their Dirty Dealings regarding voter fraud and the damaging facts revealed therein exposing their Treachery and Deceit to all of their dwindling voter base. A voter base that blindly follows to the letter what their Psychopathic Leaders say without question no matter how Outrageous or Convoluted it is. The DemonCraps have no Ethics or Honesty whatsoever anymore since they were Hijacked by the Soros Communist Party Regime a long,long time ago.

  29. It was on national news last year that all the ID needed to vote in California is a drivers license and that illegal’s were lined up to get one.
    Yup, ask Nancy, she would most likely tell you its not so.

  30. LINDA: The Left CLAIMS that by us wanting them to get a photo ID to vote, we are just targeting the low income Latinos and Blacks to keep them from voting, what a crock of S**t! They know it but resist it anyway so they can keep getting away with fraud. They could never win any other way.

  31. Are democrats ever going to stop using the race card as a response to everything? I live in s state where I have always had to show a picture ID in every election I have voted in! What is the problem with people using a picture ID to vote with when they must use it to cash checks, buy liquor, buy an auto, buy cigarettes or buy a home. In addition you must have one to rent or lease a house or apartment or lease a car! You can’t open a checking account or cash a money order! It is not a federal act to get a picture ID! It is simply s way for democrats to continue getting illegal votes! They are at the point that is the majority of their voters!

  32. I agree wholeheartedly with Kurt , the demoncraps have been cheating dor so long that they believe it’s right . they are eaten up with dumba$s

  33. If as the DEAMONCRATS insist there is no fraud then why the outrage? If there is fraud then all U.S. citizens ought to be outraged and demand a full investigation and clean up of the voter rolls removing all dead, moved. duplicate, non-citizen voters. From this point on require valid photo ID and a registry on the precinct roster to vote!

  34. Gregory: Isn’t it strange that the left doesn’t recognize their OWN racism towards others. Actually, a better term is Bigotry.

  35. In the US, only the citizens of the country have the right to vote. It’s strange that Schumer does not know this. Schumer calls on non-citizens of America to vote in elections. It’s a criminal offense. Shummer supports the extremely leftist racist and pro-communist organization of Antif. Therefore, Schumer is a leftist racist.

  36. In 2008, 2012, they were shown ballots and told how to mark them, I am for proper ID and registration by legal means, not someone on street, Remember the UVA student, now in jail, that added names of non-eligble voter to his list.

  37. In addition to all that, there’s the fake picture making the rounds of the liberal god, Obama, dishing out food to the poor people that have been washed out of their homes by Harvey in Texas. Never mind that the picture was taken several years ago, and it wasn’t taken in Texas. I am expecting the liberals to soon fake a picture of Obama walking on the flooded streets of Houston! There is no lower limit to how low the liberals will go in misrepresenting themselves!

  38. So the fact that shummer wants to shut the investigation down just reiterates for those with eyes and the ability to reason by deduction have know for the last 8 miserable years, they’re as guilty as hell and they know it! They turn to they’re Child like response of fit throwing and blaming others, no matter how unbelievably stupid they show themselves to be, they will back the lie, no matter how apparent it is to the literate masses, they have no respect for themselves, the United States, our legal citizens, or even the illegal trash brought in to rig the elections and infect
    our country with the racist hate and violence, we use to watch on tv, filmed in their uncivilized country, that has been their way of life since Christ walked the earth. I find it hilarious when try to convience people that the Muslims are peaceful people, knowing most level headed people, don’t have trouble connecting dots, or have the aflection of
    denying what’s right in front of their face. So keep it up Shummie and co. You have been a great support in adding additional Rocking Republicans to the party of sanity! Your racist hate and violence has been a giant help to drain your voters! THANK YOU FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!

  39. Ditto to Charles’s comment. I worked for the democratic party as a volunteer in the 60’s and we took absentee ballots to people’s homes and were told to watch to see how they vote and if they vote Republican hold out the ballot and we will turn it in after the election is over. That was the end of the Democratic party for me.

  40. Read “the plan” and see how it is being carried out RIGHT NOW! The “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” revealed the plan over 100 years ago. You can get the whole document on line for free.

  41. Voter fraud has already been proven with the Jill Stein recount that was quickly and quietly aborted when every Detriot district had more Democrat votes than there were total district registered voters. Check NYC, Philly,LA, Phoenix, Charlotte, DC, Cleveland and Las Vegas and you’ll likely find the 3-5 million fraudulent votes. Also, early voting should be eliminated. It facilitates voter fraud.

  42. There has been voter fraud ever since illegals came in an states don’t purge their voter rolls when people die an absentee ballots are sent in for the elderly

  43. RON, Nothing is wrong with any of those things, except maybe the LAST one. Everything is wrong with them.

  44. Schumer and all of the ultra liberal Democrats and the RINO’s and the Establishment is the reason this country is on it’s way to destruction.
    What’s wrong with Voter Integrity?
    What’s wrong with Being Legal?
    What’s wrong with Not Resisting Arrest?
    What’s wrong with Not Rioting and Killing?
    What’s wrong with The Democrats?

  45. Absolutely right. The only question is HOW massive the voter fraud was…5000,000 or 15,000,000??

  46. Jill Stein requested – and got – a recount in Michigan. Which demonstrates a certain level of insanity anyway. In Detroit precincts, boxes of ballots, supposedly counted, verified and sealed, turned out to have far fewer Democrat votes than the “certified” count. Indeed, to be almost empty. But no fraud there: Those box counts were invalidated. Of course, had it not been for the Stein recount…

  47. “Democrat marching orders regarding all bills to repeal any part of Obamacare” – “He cares only about Democrat power” – Obamacare has been a significant factor in Democrats losing elections, losing power in all branches of federal and state governments. It has been an egregious, costly failure. And the Democrats cling to it. They exist in contradictions. Elizabeth Warren gave a passionate speech swearing her support for Social Security/Medicare. Two days later, another passionate speech swearing her support for Obamacare. Which has sucked billions of dollars out of SS/Medicare. So much for her support for that. Or does she suffer from the Democrat economic blindness that prevents them from seeing that you cannot do what the tax base cannot support?

  48. It’s just too bad that Chucky hasn’t gone the way of his buddy Teddy Kennedy. It seems like most of the Politicians that have FAT salaries and Cushy jobs live to be in their 80’s and 90’s though, too bad for us peons.

  49. You know . . . it matters not to Donald Trump, what ANYBODY says!!! He stands his ground regardless . . . and the more you scream and cry to make your point, it goes to fuel his strength and anger to stand against all the crap flying at him!!! So, scream and cry and make all your demands . . . President Trump will never give in to all this crap!!!

  50. Soros and entire family have to go asap and term limits a must to curb the corruption or at least help curb it in DC and states.

  51. It’s very evident that Mr. Schumer has something to hide, or he wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop the voter fraud investigation. He’s a dirty democrat that’s why he crying so hard and loud. It he and his party was innocent he wouldn’t be whining so loud and so long..

  52. I think Obuma made many into racists on both sides, he was a horrible president for 8 long terrible years, our first Un-American president we have ever had, someone should have shot him, he would have received a hero’s reward.

  53. Schummer is a no good commie, globalist demonrat and deserves the electric chair because of his treasonous conduct.

  54. Chuck Schumer is a stupid representative when it comes to on voter fraud. In Mexico, in all elections,the government demands and checks each person ID to make sure there is NO VOTER FRAUD. Mr. Schumer you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to voter fraud. You seem to be a first class “idiot” representative.

  55. You know that they are about ready to pee in their pants once the poop is shown to be a DEM problem. That is why they are NOT making a issue and PRAY that this nightmare goes away. We REP’S hope it goes down and then they can say, “Were sorry”. Maybe then we can get them to work with our President.

  56. Don’t you think it odd that most of the illegal votes and dead people registered and voting come from blue states? The ones trying to halt the election commission from seeing their voter records. Schumer is an idiot and a crook like the rest of the communist dumbocrats in congress. I wish we could educate the democrat voters on what they stand for.

  57. They will turn up not so many dead voters but more illegal immigrants who were allowed to vote so they could collect our tax dollars in benefits. All you have to do is vote democrat; doesn’t matter who, we will take care of you (out of control welfare and Medicaid state).
    The dems are fighting it because it is a problem with their party, and, votes are a many with illegal immigrants and open borders in all directions.
    Go one step further. What was wrong with paper ballots for years and years??? Dems decided if you don’t have enough sense to punch a hole in a piece of paper, then, rather than not being able to vote, we will make it easier for you (the democratic party). Electronic voting. Don’t think it could ever be manipulated, do you. The Obama Era people had a hand in picking the company to program the election machines; now, you could even change votes besides letting illegal immigrants and others vote (sometimes 5 times!!!).
    Documentation after 2012 election but was ignored, mostly by the Democrats and media.
    If voting fraud is really discovered in a real investigation, it will be somebody else’s fault; probably President Trump since he won the election with no political experience. Perfect democratic logic, or lack of.

  58. Another way the Dems could and very well might win is if the GOP keep refusing to take decisive actions to push Trump’s agenda forward. WE NEED A CONSERVATIVE PARTY! We don’t need any more traitors!!


  60. The “right” to vote is not an UNLIMITED “right”! It is supposed to be LIMITED to those citizens who have attained the minimum age to vote. By eliminating all methods of proving a potential voter IS a citizen who has attained the minimum age you allow dishonest people to stuff the ballot box with votes of those who are NOT citizens, the citizens who are no longer alive AND you allow people to vote multiple times in districts where the do NOT live! If you find this acceptable, why do we waste the time and money to hold elections at all? Let the group with the largest number of crooks run the country and wash your hands of the whole dishonest affair!

    BY NOW


  63. we have to get rid of this bottom dweller just like the jewish traitor
    and son george soros the sooner the better

  64. AND YOUR POINT IS. Don’t worry, no voter fraud, the DEM. would never allow that, NO, NO, NO. They don’t need to do that to win do they? NO WORRY.

  65. Strange in LIBERAL CALIFORNIA AND FLORIDA precincts were found where the tallied votes exceeded the number of living residents, This is really strange since when I was a poll worker there never was !00% of the registered voters, voting! Stranger still is having more registered voters then living residents!

  66. The Department of Homeland Security has released some 166,000 convicted criminal illegal aliens in to the United States as of April 2014. The frightening details from the 76 pages of Homeland Security documents obtained by a lawsuit show that about 3,600 illegals set free by the agency were convicted of violent crimes like homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping and aggravated assault, according to a report by Judicial Watch.

  67. Schumer’s remarks indicate that voters are being losing their right to vote, well I don’t like the KKK or other such groups, but the constitutions is clear that all USA citizens have a right to vote and be represented by their elected officials. Your directions is against the constitution, so why don’t you try supporting it

  68. Kurt and et al,
    . . . . This is why they don’t want immigration enforcement. The illegal immigrants are the ones that are keeping these traitors in power. At last count I thought that it was 3.5 million? Still it has been obvious that hitlery did not win the popular vote.
    America: Love It or Leave It!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  69. Points well taken Chucky is as dumb as dirt but at least dirt has a purpose dirt can grow things. The voters have seen what these democrats and RINOS are just monkeys with suits on but they can`t change the fact they still are monkeys , however most monkeys are much smarter.

  70. Why “YES,” yes there IS significant voter fraud; and it seems to pop up frequently in certain areas of the country that are controlled exclusively by Democrats. As was alluded to in the article above, Democrats’ behavior is VERY odd (by any reasonable standard), but it’s common practice for them to continually insist that there is “no such thing as voter fraud, or that it is insignificant. However, if their claim were valid, it would be completely logical for the Dems to want Trump’s Commission on Voter Fraud to prove them right. But NOOOOOOOO! And the only possible conclusion is that they are definitely afraid the Commission will turn up significant fraud.

    Here’s a link to some additional supporting information on Voter Fraud:

  71. Judicial Watch just discovered that 144% of the available adult population that can legally vote in California elections voted in the presidential election this time. BUT, hey there is no such thing as voter fraud, right?

  72. Chucky Wucky Schumer is a whining lying lefty liberal democrat AKA communist slug. Getting rid of this dirt bag should be our number one priority.

  73. Ever wonder why demonrat-controlled states and cities protect their illegals with sanctuary status? Where does anybody think they get their voting blocks?

  74. Hasn’t the “REAL ID” gpne into effect? Oh, that’s right, not in all states like this loser state of Washington I will be moving from, and a few others where mail-in ballots are allowed and sanctuary city status is all the rage. What fools.

  75. These liberals are still in mourning over losing the election and they will try anthing to discredit the president-elect.

  76. Schumer is an idiot and only acts like a Jew when it will benefit him. He is an obstructionist to the nth degree. He should be voted out of office.

  77. This why Kent state happened, and until now peaceful protest once again became the order of the day throughout all but the Black enclaves of the Country.

  78. The only way the DumboCrappers can get back in the WH. is by Cheating. and made dead people, illegals, multiple and other fraudulent ways and scams votes, they are fully aware of this because they don’t get a message to there constituents, their message is Russia, Russia, and impeach and kill TRUMP, what a message, Trump has already dug up 25.MILLION fake votes and counting in Killary Favor, she did not win the popular vote.

  79. Your damn right! The ” Liberals, progressives, resistance (whatever name they use today, would have very few votes if it weren’t for voter fraud. Why do you think they are fighting so hard to maintain the status quo?

  80. There is no doubt that disenfranchisement exists, it’s the legal voters who are disenfranchised when their votes are diluted by illegals and democrats who vote multiple times. If you can’t come up with an acceptable ID you are too incompetent to vote intelligently anyway. Schumer is lying scum and would be drummed out of the senate if there was any integrity in that body. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  81. there is a list of items needing ID for a person, including almost everything save voting.

    And it Idiot, anti American, power hungry Schumer thinks there is no fraud, I will point to the recent reported story in the last election. 80+ absentee voter ballots sent to a renter in San Pedro. The renter said none of the people lived there, ever lived there, and knew none of the names.

    Thankfully the person was honest enough to report this and return the ballots. He could have voted more than 80 times and nobody would have been the wiser NUFF SAID

  82. Yes, I believe that there is voter fraud, I’m sorry that many deceased people can’t vote. People with end stage dementia should not be allowed to vote. If the can’t make the decision by themselves, then they shouldn’t be voting, just like when Acorn went into nursing homes to help them vote, they had a political agenda.

  83. Have less corruption in our leaders. It maybe harder to find candidates for office but it would be worth it. Also any candidate caught breaking the laws would be removed from office

  84. Just think if someone investigated Obama before he was elected, all candidates should be investigated before they run for any office in our government. Maybe we would h

  85. I say keep investigating! We know they cheated. The liberals are the foremost fraud experts in the world of voting! Shmuck Schumer is afraid he will got to jail because what he has done to cheat voters and America. It is time for the creeps to pony up and pay for their crimes!

  86. Well it seems to me that with the absolute proliferation of photo ID in every aspect of out life and all over the Country and around the World….that getting another one should be pretty simple.
    Now then, the folks that Schumer seems to be speaking of, the poor minorities,their inability to travel to wherever they must for this ID….is a completely false narrative….After all, Welfare checks, food stamps and all of the many and varied freebies require ID….so what could possibly be the legitimate problem….oH, that’s right, there isn’t one, Schumer has only in mind to keep things as they are…ILLEGAL VOTERS ….he is a FARCE.

  87. Do Democrats really want to be responsible for the defeat of “must pass” legislation to push an agenda with which voters generally do not agree? Schumer, like many Democrat politicians, does not care about democracy or serving the citizens of this Country. He cares only about Democrat power. Example: Democrat marching orders regarding all bills to repeal any part of Obamacare.

  88. Chucky Schemer wouldn’t love voter fraud so much if he didn’t know that voter fraud goes nearly 100% democrat!

  89. What else would come from the democrats the source of perpetual fraud and corruption. Let’s not eliminate election fraud, we have been electing our candidates using fraud for years. Let’s not protect one of our most precious rights. Why do we have to present other forms of id or use passwords? Just like stealing identity, stealing elections has consequences. As an Independent voter, I am concerned that my vote is cancelled by the fraudulent voters. This is worse than fake Russian collusion. The media, which is itself fraudulent and useless in serving and transmitting the voice of the people, is once again on the wrong side. The side of the democrats, not the people. Mr. Schumer stop the nonsense.

  90. You got that right, and cesspool is being kind, they would need a honey wagon the size of an aircraft carrier to drain that tank of sh_t in Washington.

  91. The future little radical Muslim next to him, nice touch Chucky! That might work with an emotional Liberal but not with us conservatives.

  92. @ Elwood. I voted dem all my life. Was a paid demonstrator. When Al Gore ran for president against Bush, I couldn’t vote for him knowing what a liar he was. Didn’t care for globalist Bush either so I voted for Ralph. After that, I voted Republican.

  93. Makes great sense to me!!! They have cheated their way into way too many political offices across the Country!! Time Americans have a fair vote showdown!

  94. Give every voter that is leagle a card w pic check them at the polls there were precincts in philly that were at 130 percent???? How can you not have fraud when 30 percent more people are voting than are registered

  95. what get’s me is they have i’d to get welfare and food stamps but no i’d to vote , just how brain dead are these sutpid sob’s ,

  96. Yes I will say it, they are dishonest, they lie, they cheat, they steal, they manipulate stupid people, they will murder for the sake of power, these people don’t have any morals at all. No integrity.

  97. The Dems have a problem with voter ID because then they wouldn’t be able to lie and cheat their way into the elections.

  98. The Democrats do not support Voter IDs but they do support a National ID via an implanted computer chip at birth.

  99. It has already been proven that there was mass election fraud, and mass voter fraud in the last election. There was no evidence of fraud by the Republicans. There was ample evidence of mas fraud by the Democrats. Of course the Democrats do not want hones elections. They would lose their jobs.Californians are not idiots, and they did not elect these people. they stole the elections. We can not have a representative government if we do not have honest election. Does anybody really believe that some of these nut cases were elected by the people.

  100. Chuck Shumer and the RINOS WILL PAY THE Price ALL THERE DOING IS DIGGING THE HOLE DEEPER THEY Are buring themselves in.

  101. We conservatives and all Americans that love our country, must demand to our politician the creation of a document for vote only. With photo and fingerprint on it. No excuses.
    If people need one to drive, they can get one for vote. Many countries in the world already have one.
    If you want to drive, you do whats necessary to get a license, right?
    Well.if you want to vote, do the same thing… that ‘it… end of the story.

  102. Don’t forget, we are talking about Libtard voters here. The NY City retards and the Fruits & Nuts of California.

  103. I am fed up with the resistance movement and its leaders such as Chuckie and Nancy….time for the voters to answer the question – do you want these nutcases to continue to represent you? The answer should be obvious….

  104. Maybe what needs to be done is to have all elected government officials investigated like they are doing to PRESIDENT Trump! Every word they say and every one of their actions since birth. Too much dishonesty in the government.

  105. So long as a liberal is still breathing, lying and cheating is what they DO! And, with a little help from their fellows, they will continue to do so after they have stopped breathing! (Just so long as they continue to vote liberal!)

  106. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND that voter fraud be stopped! It is not up to Schumer or any other person to go AGAINST voter laws. Charge any and all those that are not participating in handing over the voter rolls to be charged with obstruction and abetting illegals. The breaking of our laws MUST be enforced more sternly for elected officials than for anyone else. They must be held accountable!

  107. Democrats need as many dead people, illegal aliens and multiple jurisdiction voters as possible to guarantee them as many future elections as possible! How could they possibly achieve that goal if people were REQUIRED to prove that they were eligible to vote?

  108. Man, you got THAT right! And Schumer is the creature from the Black Lagoon, oh I’m sorry, is that racist that I said Black and I’m white?

  109. Let Schmuck Schumer whine all he wants – the proof is in the pudding. All of the lies are being exposed and Schumer is nothing more than a bottom dweller in what President Trump mistakenly called the “swamp” – it’s more like a cesspool.

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