Chuck Schumer said something about voter fraud that will make your blood boil

Chuck Schumer is fighting Donald Trump at every turn.

Now he’s trying to stop Trump’s efforts to eliminate voter fraud.



  1. In Tennessee, we are required to show an ID, then your name must be in the voter log where we sign by our name, then we are given a paper ballot, when finished we place that ballot into a machine. After we get our ballot no one touches it except ourselves.

  2. Schumer is nothing but a liar. He is serious about his daughters killing his grandchildren. I know because I have sent emails to him asking him to stop babies being murdered and he emails me back using a nasty tone in the way he talks. He doesn’t give a damn for my concern for babies and that I resent having my taxes are used to kill babies. His answer, how do you know that is where your taxes go and besides women need a safe place to go for an abortion. I wish
    some one would get this guy out of the office.

  3. They could have the polling place in Federal Building! That way they would be forced to produce a ID to enter.

  4. I think that installing a Thumb Print scanner in every polling place. As well as requiring a thumb print on every mail in ballot, not to identify the voter, but to catch anyone who votes more than onetime. These scanners are inexspensive and accurate enough for the FBI and Federal buildings. They’re good enough to catch voter fraud in micro seconds. If the alarm goes off you’ve already voted. And to jail you go.Or lose the offending thumb….LOL

  5. It’s time overdue to vote out all in Congress that think illegal immigrants have a right to vote in America!

  6. And they are screaming about republican fraud now and showed data about unusually high rate of mail in votes but failed to point out on the same data page how the Democrats had more mail in accepted than requested. How can that be possible?

  7. In addition yes we should each show a photo I’d. I don’t think it has anything to do with racism or anything. I think it’s a way to keep people truthful.

  8. I agree. It’s shameful but I really feel
    Like they are trying to set the stage for the next election. They’re trying to gain total power and once they do it won’t be a government for the people it will be a government for those democrats in office. I think the Florida elections along with Arizona and a couple more were fine examples of democrats cheating. Makes me and most of America,that can actually see what’s going on, sick.

  9. Proof that without photo ID, voter fraud in guaranteed.
    NC created a statewide election system, SEIMS, years ago. All of the 100 counties were slowly required to send their entire election database to SEIMS. We sent ours in, with full description of each data element (‘A’= active voter, ‘D’= deceased voter, etc). SEIMS activated all the dead voters as well, so our voter base exceeded our active registered voters. The only thing that caught this voter fraud setup was Durham county’s Juror ‘No-Show’ automatic summonsing (only one in the state then). I was a part of the team that caught this and it was on the news at that time.

    If that’s not enough to prove the need for photo ID in order to vote, here’s more. Helped my father in the democratic party before I was old enough to vote. I witnessed voter fraud in every election. That’s why I have nothing to do with what I believe is a democratic party that has absolutely nothing to do with democracy.

  10. This concept, that minorities are too stupid to get an ID is so insulting, that none of them should vote Dem. When interviewed on the street, they could not find one who did not have an ID. The problem for the Dem’s is that without illegal voters, they would not have any except the lunies with Trump derangement.

  11. The only homeless people without ID are incarcerated or have warrants for arrest and are hiding and wouldn’t vote anyways. Cops check homeless people out regularly and they must have ID or are taken into custody to “verify” identity. Been there, done that.

  12. What about all the wetbacks that are taught to vote for Democrats. That way they get all kinds of free stuff. That is why they come here. I am sick of illegals.

  13. I just wish that, in this age of digital wonders, that there was a way to alert the voter poll workers, if someone has already voted somewhere, in another precinct! I know in Milwaukee that Democrats were caught giving cigarettes to homeless people and busing them from one voter polling station to another in the last Obamma election. There should be laws that charge someone for solicitation of voter fraud.

  14. Project Veritas had the NEW YORK voting commissioner on TAPE stating that there were bus loads of democrats being taken to polling place to polling place and this was normal, i.e. business as usual. How the hell can Chuckie state that there is NO VOTER FRAUD? HE is a BIG FAT LIEING SOB! And the democrats claim that Trump LIES all the time. Maybe so / or maybe not, but they ALL LIE TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!

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