Chuck Schumer walked into a meeting with Trump and had no idea what was about to hit him

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats went back to the White House on Friday for another meeting about resolving the government shutdown.

Democrats walked in expecting Trump to cave in and reopen the government.

But Schumer had no idea what Trump was about to hit him with.

Democrats figured that the longer the shutdown lasted, the more the pressure would build on Trump to fold on his demands for five billion in wall funding.

Some weak-kneed Republicans like Colorado Senator Cory Gardner and Maine Senator Susan Collins already began to break ranks.

So Democrats thought they held the upper hand.

But that all changed when Schumer and Pelosi walked into the White House.

Trump told the Democrats he was willing to keep the government shutdown for years.

This is not the normal government shut down.

Trump refused to back down as Republicans have in the past.

Even though Democrats dug their heels in and opposed any wall funding, Trump and the GOP hold all the cards.

That’s because Republicans in the Senate can block any bill from a vote that does not include border wall funding.

And Trump needs to sign any legislation to reopen the government.

So Democrats have to meet Trump on his turf and provide funding for the wall in order to end this standoff.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I guess the Democraps never watched the TV program “Apprentice” where Trump would utter those famous words – “YOUR FIRED!”

    If they had watched it and they would learned something about him – He has the last word.

    • U know here in Colorado the leftist news here has the platform via the media/news, they attack {Gardner} on a daily basis!!
      It’s like a proverbial knife against the man’s throat…
      But what do expect from a SANCTUARY state!!
      I think it’s total BS!!!
      If any of us broke the law like these state governments do on a daily basis, well u know the answer 2 that..
      Anyway I see another revolution in this countries future and I believe it’ll be against the left and anybody left with common sense!!????????????????
      Just saying!! DV 2SHIT ‘Z

  2. I was a contractor in Arizona and I thought it was very odd that when I slowed down and made a turn into a development that a bunch of people standing on the corner starting waving their hands and running after my white van hoping I was there to hire them under the table. I waved them off. It was also weird that just driving on rout 10 anywhere between Tucson and Phoenix that I would get stopped by border patrol till I had lettering put on my van to advertise my business. I didn’t mind though because they were protecting the USA.

  3. Schmuck and Nutsy will fight this wall tooth and nail because they will lose votes if the wall goes up. Trump needs to order ICE to use the wall around their places as a drop off point of the most Violent of the ILLEGALS they capture. This will end prison over crowding and get Trump not just $5 Billion but $50 Billion and the Democraps will also dig a trench 40 feet by 50 feet for the footer by hand abd even mix the bags of cement by hand to fill that trench and do it on both borders every inch of the way.

  4. Stupid Schumer and Nincompoop Nancy went into a fight with our amazing president completely unarmed and unmatched. They tried to spin what happened into a lie. Nancy went in determined to say “NO,” despite demanding concessions from our president. At this point President Trump said “Bye. bye” and rightfully so. They had no intention to compromise and then proceeded to lay blame on President Trump claiming he hit the table with his fist and had a temper tantrum. That’s why they demand privacy in their meetings because the truth will not set them free. Our president continuously makes them look like the idiots they are. They demand equal time for rebuttal after President Trump’s oval office address the other night and then sat stone faced with Nancy’s eyebrows almost reaching the ceiling after all her fact lifts. She needs to sue her plastic surgeon for malpractice. President Trump presented himself admirably while the two loons were a total disgrace.

    • I agree with you completely! The two nasty Democrats, Schumer and Pelosi, are so disrespectful to our President Trump, yet both of them kissed the a– of Obama! They are so disgraceful and in no way is she fit to be the Speaker of the House! She stutters so much, she can’t even get through one sentence without forgetting what she was saying! She’s an Embarrassment and should just retire! Disgusting Schumer should be investigated over the death of one of his daughter’s friends who committed suicide because she was raped at 16 years old!

  5. Democrats are used to coming away from “negotiating” with Republicans with an “agreement” whereby they get everything they want and the Republicans get a promise of some future action (which never occurs). THAT is why they hate Trump. He’s not interested in playing their game.

  6. the truth is they want open borders to keep the less than RICH fighting each other for whatever jobs we can find the equivalent of slavery. No middle class, just the rich and the rest.Big government steals what they can and sells the rest of the country out for whatever they can get. we need the boarder controlled but the rest of the leaches could be cut in half and no-one would miss them.

  7. I have a friend who immigrated from Hong Kong with his parents years ago. They had to wait 10 years to get permission and as it was, his younger brother had to WAIT another year to get his permission.

    He himself subsequently served in our Military. Not surprisingly, he is TOTALLY against illegal immigration. In fact, it makes him so ANGRY, he becomes enraged. He is a staunch Republican.

    He is MOST angry at Leftist Media for defending illegal immigration. From his standpoint, this is the MOST unfair thing he has ever confronted in the US.

    To us this is political. TO HIM IT IS UTTERLY PERSONAL.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Mike:
      Your friend is right to become angry at the democRATS willingness t throw away the most precious thing in THE WORLD, American Citizenship, just to allow them to thumb their noses at PRESIDENT TRUMP. DemocRATS have lost all direction in their visible hate for him, because he beat a “fixed election” and defeated their darlin’, the vulgar, scheming,liar, Hillary. They no longer even attempt to serve the people that sent them to office.

  8. End the invasion , end the stealing of taxpayer monies in giving out idiotic healthcare, foodstamps, housing, social security, SSI benefits, welfare, taxpayer monies that should be given to America’s poor and needy! Let Mexico , Honduras, Guatemala etc take care of their citizens.

    Wanna come to America – do it without breaking our laws – like all those who have done it past, presently and future

  9. Charlie Kirk

    Verified account

    4h4 hours ago
    Did you know:

    Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress for 28 years with an annual salary of $193,400

    So how is her net worth nearly $200,000,000?

    Even if she invested 100% of her salary and paid 0 taxes for 3 decades, with 10% ROI, she should only be worth $30,000,000 at most

    • That is the same question I keep asking! Can’t imagine why no one ever responds. Also, the annual salary now is higher than it was 28 years ago!

    • According to Ms. Pelosi during former interviews, her husband has all the money. I tend to think this is just another of her being untruthful. Would love to see her tax returns. Doesn’t she look great after her, “Hawaiian Vacation?” Seems she does well, as others are suffering and are continuing to work.

      • Pelosi and Mueller had an affair! Of course she was married at the time, but she thinks she is above everyone, so she’s entitled to do things like that! She’s so gross! I don’t know whether Mueller was married at that time or not!

    • Lance, Her wealth comes from the lobbyist also she was responsible for getting a bill passed that let her husbands company hire workers and pay them less than the minimum wage, if someone was to check out the things she had been involved in that generated large amounts of cash and backdoor dealings she would be on the level of Killery for crooked deals and payoffs.

    • That is exactly what alot of people want to know. Why has there not been an investigation into Pelosi. The only way you amass that kind of fortune is insider trading and being paid off.

  10. i really like what he did yesterday , asked them 1 question , if i open the gov , will you give the 5 billion , answer no , bye bye and left

  11. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump should make a reasonable, rational, adult decision to comprise some instead of acting like the Childish, Spoiled Brat he is who always going to thow another Hissy Fit like he did yesterday unless he gets his own way Like The Selfish, Stupid, Stinking, Sick Minded Pile Of Walking, Talking Shit he has proven himself to be again & again.

    • Betty , Pres.Trump has tried to work with the Democrats on this issue and THEY won’t give anything period. Check your Facts. Have a nice day

    • You shouldn’t talk about your self that way you liberal cretin.Folks as you should just up and die and decrease the surplus population.Your hate of Trump is only exceeded by your sheer stupidity.Please just die and turn to dust

    • Betty, I suppose you are one of those radical leftists who love paying your tax dollars to support the millions of illegals in this country. I pray that Trump holds his promise to the AMERICAN citizens and not give in to the craziness of the DemocRAT party.

    • Betty maybe we should let you sleep at the border. I have worked at the border and its not nice. 4 weeks ago four Honduran women were executed with machetes and chopped up like a slab of meat. I have the video.

    • Hey Dingbat, Trump did Not throw any kind of Fit? The Dem said no money for the Wall, and Trump just said “bye-bye” and gracefully walked out of that meeting! He has other things to do besides a meeting with stupid people who say “No Wall”? He has a country to run, why listen to people who already answered his question, and NO WALL, NO DEAL!!

      • Hey, john, The Democrats said No to six billion for border wall but they might have been willing to discuss a fair comprise if they had been give the chance to do so but all that CRAZY donald heard was, “ I’m not getting my own 100 percent way” so as usual “I’ll just act like the Selfish Spoiled, Stinking, Sick In The Head Bastard Brat I Am & Thow Another Emotionally Inmature Hissy Fit” & Why Not Considering all the republican Retards who are quite willing to Kiss that Oval Office republican Retard’s Shit Filled Crappy Asshole

        • BETTY: the democrats said NO to the wall. they were asked if he reopened the government would they support the wall. they said no so he left. what is it that you don’t understand? The democrats refuse to negotiate.You need to learn how to communicate without using democrat swear words. You seem as crazy as Cortez.

          • Lou, you are so correct! I don’t understand why some people have to use profanity like Betty did! It’s just downright nasty! I think Cortez isn’t “all there”! She’s just weird and stupid!

        • Hey John, The Democrats will never , ever give Trump his wall if they don’t have to. I also believe it’s the other way around when it comes to Hissy fits. Have a nice evening.

        • The word is compromise, not comprise. You spelled it wrong twice.
          Also, no one has to like him, but he is still our duly elected President, and doesn’t deserve to be talked about that way! If you want to be a potty mouth, use those words on Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and all the other deep state corporate establishment democrats who truly deserve to be disrespected, and should be in jail for all their crimes, especially against American citizens!

        • You are such an a**hole just like the retard democrats. democrats preferred the illegal more than the Americans because they will do anything to stay in power.

        • Betty, can you really be this stupid. I shared pretty much the same opinion of Trump before he was elected, but since he has been in office, I have had to change my mind about him. He has shown that he cares more for the American people than any other person we have in any other office at this time. At least he made his millions before taking office instead of all the of members of Congress and the Senate who have somehow made theirs afterwards. I can’t get past Nancy PEE. stating when trying to get Obamacare passed she didn’t know what it was and wouldn’t until they passed it. That really worked out well. I have a 6 yr. old great niece that has more common sense then that. For America’s sake, open your eyes before it’s too late.

    • Betty, keep up to date. In case you weren’t born yet 8 years ago their speeches are recorded of your heroes, Schumer, Piglosi, Obama, and Hillary wanting more border security by building a wall. Now that Trump got elected by the people and Queen Hillary lost they have to throw little tantrums because they didn’t get their way. By the way, there is a crisis on the border. Just ask the victims families that have been impacted by the illegal immigrants. Tell your heroes to tear down their walls if they don’t work, and maybe should take away the guns from their guards while there at it.

    • Poor dellusinal Betty, You mean like Schumer whose first remarks after The President was in office was “I am going to upstruct every thing he does.” The one who has lost every battle with this President. The country has prospered under President Trump. his leadership. Whats your 401 worth today honey?

    • Betty, your have some kind of disorder so I just hope you will really watch your words before someone comes to visit you. You are borderline becoming an unhinged person and you are letting this get to you but you need to step back and stop leaving the comments with such hate. You will regret it.

    • It appears you mistakenly listened to the usual garbage posted by CNN. Those antics were never done. Just go on u tube or watch Fox to see the truth. Don’t you wonder why President Trump always has cameras when he visits with liberals? WHY….because he is smart enough to realize, what will, by miracle appear, then disappear suddenly after the truth is known.

    • My my Betty! Such vile anger you have. President Trump will fight to the end. Go figure— He won for a reason. I used to be a Democrat, but I woke up. You need to watch Judicial Watch & & learn the truth. You have no idea what’s really been going on for years! Seriously you need to be more informed instead of name calling our President!!

  12. Mr. Schumer and MS. Pelosi have put America up in their sights so any foreign power can come over and take over without a fight because there is no wall to protect our southern borders. Is Mr. Schumer and Ms. Pelosi foreign agents or people who love The United States.

    • We have been needing this wall for years and now we have a president that has a back bone and will stand for what is right.I think that Schumer and Pelosi have been there for to long and I am beginning to wonder myself if they Americans or not. With what they are trying to do I have my doubts and we need to ship them over there for a while.

    • I am thrilled Trump is FINALLY STANDING UP TO THIS ISSUE. It has been kicked down the road over, and over again! You wonder why they talk after he opens the government?? Because they never do…and becuz sweet Peolosi has already said there is no talk on this!!! What a bitch. I am convinced she is taking orders from Obama and his guide SOROS. This is a serious time folks.

      • You are so right. This is a very serious time. Trump is correct, the democrats don’t care about crime affecting the American citizens because they are the worst criminals of all! They all belong in jail!

        • maybe you should look at the statistics before posting uninformed comments about crime due to illegal immigrants…you and your followers make these statements about backbone, etc without considering the source of the underlying reason for this phony crisis. Trump is lying to you. once you understand this maybe you’d think differetly. if you ignore that Trump lies then you are worthless.

  13. If Schumer and the DEMS think that President Trump will back down they are very sadly mistaken. But President Trump should call them in for a weekly meeting just to gauge how the DEMS are starting to crumble. Our President will win the full 5.7B maybe more as time goes on. This country has the time to give the DEMS to change there minds. We will wait.

  14. It’s about freakin’ time we grow a backbone ! The president is doing EXACTLY what he needs to do to prove that ELECTION RESULTS MATTER ! I can only pray he doesn’t cave, somewhere down the line. There are dire consequences, if he does !

  15. schummer “looks” really “smart” in the picture above…..”smart” as in STUPID….Just DOESN’T get it…..brain is MISSING…..or he is COUNTING the $$$$$ in that EMPTY head he would LOSE “WITH A WALL” at the Southern border….the “bilderberg CARTEL” would CUT him OFF…but NOT just HIM……

  16. The Greatest Enemy we have in this country right now is the Lawmakers. They hate Americans they hate Veterans they hate Christians, I think that alone is grounds for a National Emergency Declared By The now American President of the United States

    • Agree completely! Did you see the latest DEMONcrat on TV this am, spouting that “‘Trump’ cannot declare a national emergency to use the military to build the wall” – citing some law in ’76. Continuing, “If he does, we’ll sue.” Have said repeatedly, ALL DEMONcrats middle names are Sue!! They care nothing about the costs of litigation as long as they can stifle OUR PRESIDENT and punish us because we dared vote for him and not a RINO or DEMONcrat.

    • “This” was all planned YEARS ago. lil geo soreass recruited the lil halfbreed faggot porch monkey to become a dick taster, I mean dictator. If only one good SNIPER would take out soreass, the porch monkey and nanny peloosely, EVERYTHING would change for the good!!????????????????

      • I hope nobody gets sniped out. I had enough of those long drawn out staged boring funerals on the taxpayers dime. Ad nauseum. Let the family plant them and give the family the room to cry and grieve and call it as done.

    • Its about time we started executing these treasonous bastards in congress because nothing else seems to be working. When they are six foot under I sure that will change their attitude.

  17. I want a border wall, I just hope that the Government does not have to stay shut down for very much longer. See Nanny and Chuckster thought they were dealing with a typical GOP Republican, one that would back down and say they were sorry. BUT that is not the President we elected! We elected President Trump because he would NOT back down. And if the Dems would take their heads out of their a$$e$, they might actually realize that a large part of the population want border security in the form of a WALL, including Democrats. And that walls do work and they are not immoral (I won’t even go into the fact that inanimate objects do not have morality in any form). So of course he walked in thinking he was getting the old GOP, but then I would have to ask him “where have you been the last two years?”.

    • Tfox I think the people’s party has been hyjacked a long time ago by people who don’t have the US people or Constitution or u.s.sovrenty as some thing to protect but to uundermine.They should be tryed for high treason and punished acordently.the press should not come under the first admendment but just the facts not the B’s apions or spins.just the truth I think we would be all better for it.

  18. To ph.d JD (pollster).
    A new Harvard study has found that 80% of all voters say we need a secure border, including 86% of Democrats!

  19. I just wrote a pole and it says 90% of the conservatives want the wall that they have paid into Congress to protect their selves and their family are also 68% of the Democrats want the same. These communist a.k.a. Democrat or determined to collapse this country it shows you the distain they have for the American people and all who died for this nation, by giving money to other countries to protect their borders and giving money to the UN which is the communist run organization by the one world order billionaires. We shouldn’t be giving any money to anybody this is America in the constitution under their oath of office says they will protect the American people they will protect The border and protect our wealth and the communist a.k.a. Democrat party do exactly the opposite it shows you would care they really have for you and your children. They like to cry national security when your neck is in the news, well America’s neck is in the news and we need national security now not tomorrow and not through people like pieces of shit like Schumer and Durbin and Pelosi. The Republican Party needs to make sure they go on Fox and make these people own it!’

  20. Betty has been watching to much FAKE news on CNN and all the other insane left zombie’s speak.
    watch , read and investigate for the FACT’s!!! the truth about what President Trump is doing for the people of the U.S.A.
    Funny thing is, the LIST Betty ran down exactly describes Obama !!! yet we didn’t hear a peep about it from his cool aid drinking followers.
    MAGA God bless Mr. President Donald J. Trump, and thank him for his careing for the American people and standing up for us all.

    • Can someone please tell me what two Muslims are doing in Congress. That is absolutely not allowed. Islam has been banned in this country since 1953. Let’s get these two creeps out of Congress.

      • Complements of Obama and the communist a.k.a. Democrat party that’s what the Muslims are doing in there and Muslims always take over a country but infiltrating their government, and once again Obama is a Muslim/communist, the fake implant that was put in our government should be stripped of everything he owns and put in President at the very minimum for the rest of his life of which she really should get the death penalty for what he has done to our troops by getting many of them murdered for a no calls while we have troubles enough here in our own government the enemy within the communist a.k.a. Democrat party

      • Actully it was 1952 and the wording did not name Muslims as such. But it described any group that has the dissolution of our government and harm to our people. If it said anything about Muslims specifically it would not have passed. But it does mean Muslims and any group of terrorists.


        • How about this, ground Nancy Pelosi instead. Keep her and all the Dems in DC until they give in. Close down Reagan National because the TSA gropers are not getting paid until the Dems give in.

        • Bambina you are so blind you can’t see the forest or the trees..This country needs to protect Our Borders..If you lost a family member at the hands of a Illegal you would ZIP IT.Secure our border because it leaks like a seive..Protect the People of this Country..

        • It’s not President Trump that doesn’t care about the government workers. It’s Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the Democrats who are obstructing the construction of the border wall. The borders must be protected. It’s currenly is not and the majority of our country wants this protection in place. These democrats are refusing to try and make sure Trump’s campaign promise is not fulfilled. Period. At least get in line with the facts before you place blame.

      • What’s the problem with Muslims?
        Where in the constitution are Muslims banned from serving the citizens of USA ?
        HOW RACIST R U ?
        Is America a land of immigrants?

        • Imigrates that came here in the past came here to work and be part of america!! Muslims aren’t here to make a better America! There here to use it and milk it for everything they can! Tax payers are paying for that and there backwards beliefs,the way they think will never fit into American society! Theres alot of other countries they can go to beside here! Places who mind the rag heads and sheets they wear!! If they wanted to fit in and be a real americans they would dress like it and act like it, but they have no business involved in our goverment in any way!! any imigrates should be on a 10 year probation to make sure what there intentions are and not get into any trouble! They need to earn the right to be hear, but by no means should there ass in the air religion be allowed here or mosks being built!! Its not American! Go to there country and try that shit and see what happens to you!

        • Muslim is a religion that directly instructs its followers to deny any other laws and to kill the infidels who do not believe in this religion. There are certain laws in our country that make this sovereignty illegal. When one swears allegiance to a religion that directs it’s followers to essentially break the laws of our country or to kill our people, constitutionally they are to be expelled. That’s not racism. And Muslim is not a race. It’s a religion followed by people from all walks of live and race. At least get educated.

      • They dont belong in Congress! Thanks your idiotic democraps and brainless voters for that!! We need people in Congress to use there head to make decisions! Not give head to get elected in Congress! (Meaning This last bunch voted in). So all you idiots who voted these democraps in the house and any other branch!! This is all on you!! Will be cat fighting congress at a high school mentality!

  21. BUHWAHAHAHAHAHA! Schumer and Pelosi just found out that Trump ain’t no bumpkin. He’s played this game many times before and almost always won. The Dumbocrats have stepped in it big time!

    Phil in TX

    • How can our President sent our troops off to fight in a foreign country without the approval of the House but he can not secure our home land boarders? The Democrats are acting unamerican and the American people stand up against them now!!!!

  22. If the democrats cared about our country or anyone in it they would fund the wall and protect US. All they want is power and the illegals. They should either build the wall we the people want or tear down theirs

    • How high are the walls around Nancy’s palace, Barack’s kingdom and all of the other over paid, ignorant, self-serving, well rested Dims? Do the job you were elected to do and keep the profane, economically challenged, full of themselves brats out of a government that should be serving their constituents as actual educated, caring, empathetic adults! Cut the kindergarten garbage and get real. Wash out that vulgar wonan’s mouth and let’s emphasize that respect is earned, and you have none! Zero! You disgrace us all!

    • That is what makes the Democrats Domestic enemies. They are not Adults at all. They should all, along with the FBI and the CIA and the Justice department and all the republican lawmakers that need to go arrested by the Military and placed in Gitmo till we get this country back in order, and our boarder secured. Then we can start on them to sort out the crimes they have committed on this country for power and wealth

  23. repost Sgt Lew
    given by then-Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in 2006, when 26
    Democrats – including Obama and Sens. Hillary Clinton and
    Schumer of New York – voted for The Secure Fence Act,
    which allocated
    $50 billion over 25 years for 700 miles of fencing along the

    That’s right. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer voted for
    10 times more

  24. Pray and pray hard, everyday, every night faithfully for the good Lord to save us from these ignorant people on the left! He answered our prayers for Trump, and I just know he will answer them again for Trump’s second term, and the Democrats to go down in the books as those that chose illegals over their own citizens, and caused death to American citizens, and never blinked an eye! The cops in California should all go on strike against their Governor Brown and hold him accountable for one of their brothers deaths this past few days.Californions are nailing their own coffins shut with their ignorance! Those cops all should leave and move to other states, and leave the idiots to fend for themselves!

    • Hey, Sharon, if God Truly wanted to Bless this country, He would given us as president a LADY, not of a LYING LUNATIC, CLASSY Hilary instead of CRAZY donald cause GOD’s Curse On America is clearly that Oval Office Blond Orangutan Ape, That Sick Minded Piece Of Gutter Trash, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

      • Betty, you aren’t serious in calling Hillary “classy”. She is as classless as Michelle Obama, Pelosi, Waters, etal. You need to stop capitalizing all you words. It doesn’t appear that you have any intelligence and really should seek help from you derangement syndrome.

  25. I am from Alabama and currently working on the Texas border with Border Patrol. I would like to note 3 eye opening observations since being here. 1st Come to almost any border town and it is already like Mexico or another South American country. It’s only time, with open borders before the rest of the country changes. 2nd Border Patrol’s annual budget is 13 Billion dollars and ineffective at even remotely stopping illegal immigration. If we can spend that every year then there is no excuse to come up with a one time 5 billion to build a wall/fence. 3rd during this shut down every senator and congress person should be mandated to spend at least a few days or a week in a border town and see for them selves what is really going on. Since most are voting or not voting on something most have never firsthand seen or talked to the people who are there.

    • Nole you are right, WALLs work! walls stop 99% of obvious illegal (INTRUSION) The wall would stop a lot of MS13 and related activity, human trafficking rape and so much more, and the list goes on. If anyone has harmed America it is thees two for sure, Pelosi and Schumer all they can claim is Supporting illegals causing, Riots by telling lies standing against our Constitution, putting other countries ahead of America (PELOSI & SCHUMER) they are (OBSTRUCTIONIST). Our country has a NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS at are border, for all of us in this great country OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP has to do whats best for AMERICA (BUILD THE WALL) in my 75yrs of life he is doing everything that he run on we the people of ALASKA 100% support our PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP we all must come together and make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN support this fine leader thank you Larry Zenor 01/06/19

    • Nole, well put!! All elected ‘officials’ should spend some time on the border and be required to remove their home fences. Larry, you Sir, are right on!!

    • Good idea, Nole! Also, don’t pay congress as they are non-essentials – until they come to some sense of what is right!! Nancy and Chuckie, no wall, no paycheck!!

  26. Betty: I hope your old enough mature enough to know when to pull your head out of your ass and enter the real world.

    • I agree. When those who hold an opposing viewpoint resort to name calling and vulgar language it just means they have NO argument.

      • They NEVER answer any questions about their accusations against PRESIDENT TRUMP…they only go away for awhile and then come back screaming and shouting vulgarities! They can’t answer ANY questions with facts.

  27. I just wrote a reply above but I want to express again that the Dem. party has been failing their purpose to protect American citizens. Read about border crime in border states plus the rest of America. Their open border policy does not make sense in any way. Do they welcome gang members, criminal’s, human traffickers, drug runners, murderers, diseases and the list goes on. Yes there are good people in the caravans but they as well as Americans would be better served by a Dem. party that worked with the citizens of this country to make safety for all a priority and instead of resistance and obustruction work with our president to build the wall for the people who suffer the results
    of an open border. I feel my nation is failing me and hundred of thousands of people due to politics of the Dem. Party.

    • Me too! Why do idiots keep voting these people in?? Anyone with any common sense knows these people are evil. And you can really see the difference these past two years. POTUS needs to declassify and indict – at least one-third of Congress would be indicted for treason and/or pedophilia!

      • The reason the Democratic liberals keep getting themselves re-elected is some less then brilliant folks are looking for someone to take responsibility of them and their “cradle to the grave mentality”. They lack the will and the drive to take care of themselves. They willing surrender them selves to those who in due time will certainly abuse and misuse their surrendered trust. These liberals, for their own misdirected causes, have always stood in the ready to accept these lazy and unthinking folks no matter the intended disastrous consequences!

    • The only way the democrats will comply is if one of their family members are the victim of a criminal illegal immigrant, unfortunately that is the only way it seems, it has to hit home, as in politicians having the same laws apply to them as to the common American. If politicians were forced like regular Americans to have the same health care, they will change it for the betterment of All Americans! Politicians get rich through tax loopholes only they know. Politicians get rich off the hard working taxpayers back ,only because there isn’t any true resistance by the blind patriotism of Americans!

    • All this opposition for a American President sure makes you white people your own races worse enemy LOL and America’s worse enemy! The liberal lowering of standards to pacify all, hurts all!~

      • No sir, its your race that killing off kids, families,drive buys. Hey Chicago…hows that gun control thing going? Yep its the white people! Idiot.

    • Arlie, it’s only the dem party in the government who is letting us ALL down. Pelosi herself said she would rather her own daughter marry an ms13 gang member rather than a Republican!!! How sick is that? And then her daughter said that she would cut off a Republican’s head so fast they wouldn’t even realize they were bleeding. Wow, that’s an alarming statement to make about one’s own mother!! Must be so fun to live in the pelosi compound.

  28. Of course, d. trump won’t cave in & open the goverment cause d. trump with His Sick Mind & Diseased, Deranged Brain, is Too Much Of a Arrogant, Conceited, Narcissistic, Egotistical,Emotionally Inmature, Selfish, Stupid, Stinking, Bullying, Brat who cares Zero about Other People & Only Cares About Getting His Own Way, Come HELL Or HIGH WATER. The only Supporters Of That Oval Office Republican Retard Who Actually Considers Himself Above The Law is Just a Bunch Of republican Butt Licking Idiots.

    • You’re obviously a bottom feeding left wing idiot. Any nation that cant control its borders ceases to be a sovereign nation. Of course when Democrats see an illegal alien they see a dem voter .



    • Trump is the Best President of my life time.
      All the Demo Rats want is everything Free.
      Many should be in Jail including Obama,
      Hillary , Conley, valleryJarrett , Holder , Rice
      Lois Lerner. Pelosi and Shummer dumb period.

      • I couldn’t have said it better, thank you! POTUS needs to declassify, show us members of the slush fund Bill Clinton created, and indict and execute for treason! McCain and Bush were executed for treason and child trafficking and oddophilia – time for all the other evilmongers to follow suit. We have waited long enough!

        • ABSOLUTELY! Cleave to the Constitution INSIST that unConstitutional acts that are KNOWN done by the criminals in Congress are prosecuted FULLY to clean out the garbage that has accreted itself to our false “government” of DC. DC was a fake corporation sicced onto us by Europe anyway, as an attempt to hobble this fledgling nation — in 1871 — and it has NO LEGAL standing or power at all if we the people simply looked at what they did. READ the Act of 1781, it is not really well hidden, just a shady contract set up to put in a fake government on us, creating DC as its HQ. It was NEVER OUR TRUE GOVERNMENT, and its debts do NOT belong to this nation either.

          • Not too clear. DC was created as HQ for the corporation named THE UNITED STATES. Spelled out in the Act of 1781, since 22FEB1781 we have had the fake government in place, and they think they can get away with it forever since we never noticed the switch and threw them out in 237 years of false reign. In 22FEB2019 it will be 238 years of their run. Time to REALLY THROW THEM OUT and they SHOULD be executed for their treason to this great nation.

      • Same here! And my first president was ‘IKE’. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS BY FAR THE BEST!!! It’s because no one can buy him. He used his own money to become our president and took not one single penny from any lobbyist. That’s why the dems hate him so much and 2 years of mueller trying to get dirt on him hasn’t produced a single thing except running up an almost 30 MILLION DOLLAR BILL FOR US TAX PAYERS HAVE TO PAY. And that little snot-nosed brat AOC wants to tax us 70%??? How many of you can even begin to afford that? And oh yeah, you dem voters and haters of Trump WOULD BE PAYING THAT SAME TAX. Who would you blame then???

    • to Amy-Trump takes NO pay and is ONLY trying to secure our Borders and protect the American people UNLIKE the Democrats who don’t give a DAM about the American people. You support them then! WE don’t have to!

    • So it was ok to give 570 billion to Iran but not 5 billion to build a wall.
      What were the Clinton’s and Obama’s. Way above the law. Michelle said it herself, “people would be crazy to try to indict them for anything”.

    • WOW Betty so you are for open borders -using taxpayers dollars to support illegals that come into our country not vetted. Many with communicable disease such as HIV and AIDS. And then there is always the MS-13 gang members and other gang members – and lets not forget members of the drug cartels crossing with their wares for selling and distribution drugs and guns let them bring them right on in. I am sure they will do proper background checks. And then there is the human element – human trafficking. Humans of all ages. I guess you don’t live near the southern border – I guess you are OK with all of this. And sorry but what has been done to date definitely has NOT worked. Time to get serious about the protection of our southern border and the citizens of the United States.

    • This man ONLY (no other president) cares for our country with everything in his being. Where have u been? Listening to that crappy, lying media? Get your head out of the mud and get a life or is it another left wing demon crap I’m seeing here?

    • That’s right President Trump is winning for America and you can’t stand it. So much for civility when dems take back the house.

    • we will send you MS-13 in reply to your letter. Since you want an open border. We make sure you go to jail. you are not an American.

    • Betty you are one sick puppy. You better go get a mental evaluation done. You have been listening to commies and devil worshippers at CNN and MSNBC way to much.

    • Yep…and you Betty, have an IQ of Michelle Obama! Your lack of vocabulary is running about the same as Archie Bunker. Oh, wait hes one of them!! Idiot!

    • Pelosi said the Democrats weren’t paying for a wall.
      Excuse me but,that money doesn’t belong to the Democrats alone.
      I believe that is all the peoples money.

      • That’s the problem. Democrats and Republicans seem to think it’s their money. The government itself has no money. It’s ALL taxpayer money. They also think we work for them. It’s truly time to clean house. Washington is so corrupt it may never recover. Trump, stand your ground. Build the wall before we too become a third world country.

    • Yes sir MR PRESIDENT, hold your ground. The dumbasscrats might hold the house now, but they can still be kicked to the curb by our CEO, TRUMP! ????????????????????????????????????????

      • AMEN! Read in our documents, that when the government harms the nation, WE, the People, have the right to remove the government of this nation and THAT IS JUST WHAT WE SHOULD DO! MAKE THEM ALL STEP DOWN AND GET OUT. Start over and adhere to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration fo Independence- as we were founded to. Oh and stand FOR GOD, the Father, of all that blessed this nation to be so great until the idiots that cannot stand good started trashing everything and who are trying to weaken all we are., the satan followers is what and who they are! HOW can they stand themselves?
        It makes the real Americans that care and are true patriot SO angry and one day we may just have to show those losers what it means to be a REAL standing American patriot…in the Civil War 2!! The lefters; Democrats all and some Republican Rhinos are so shameful and evil, it makes me sick and they deserve to be removed and tried for treason with SOME of them standing before a firing squad for treason to our county…but they are SO ignorant they do not understand in their pea brains- THEY are what is wrong with our country!! GOD, in all of His might WILL take care of it for us….they will be judged for the monsters they are…and we won’t have to do it ourselves.

        • This is the result of allowing this fake “government to stay in place for 237 years so far, they were NEVER OUR GOVERNMENT and NEVER REPRESENTED US. DC was set up to hobble us for European interests, and they have surreptitiously imposed European Law over us instead of our more advanced Constitutional Law, which IS OUR LEGAL SYSTEM. Not this “statute Law” which is High King’s Law regurgitated — it punished us for disobeying edicts from the “king” instead of having us balance and recompense other sovereign individuals for damages done to Life, Limb or Property as OUR legal system does. These idiots have NO power except that we listen to them and are used to obeying. Do you think we would, if we all understood that our country is made up of 50 country-states who SUCCESSFULLY set up a nation in which they act as ONE, so you are free to pass among them all at will? The world has NEVER managed to do that, the EU was an abysmal failure in trying to do it., and no one else has even tried. Excllept for US.

  29. I’m behind our President for the WALL and for
    his whole Agenda!
    The Democrats are so corrupt why do they want
    President Trump impeached so badly although the
    has done nothing wrong ? And why do they not
    want a WALL when it is the right solution to stop
    the drugs coming in to our Country, to stop the
    Children Trafficking , to stop the illegals from crossing
    without being totally vetted , many of them carrying diseases , and some that are criminals ! I agree it is because the Democrats are
    entangled in the whole business, they are part
    of the MOB and this is why they will not stand to protect
    the American people. They have too much to loose for
    their pockets !

    • maybe if 1 of the leading dems lost a family member to a illegal they would stop all this bull S__T… you all notice they don’t talk about the killings…SHAME ON THEM…

    • Must start with Sorrya$$ soros on down the line. He is the pupet master of it and wants to do to us what his buddy Hitler did to Europe in WW II. Not on my watch while I can do my duty if called upon again.

  30. Mr. President Stand your ground. The people are tired of supporting the illegal immigrants and in some cases legal immigrants. Others are not only breaking the law but abusing the people of the USA. BUILD THE WALL AND MAKE THE DEMOCRATS LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE.

  31. Upcheck and Peloser took ownership of the shut down when they shut down Nielson from giving them the facts of our border mess. The Dimwits don’t want facts, truths or reality, they stand on the hatred, partisan politics and obstruction.

      • It is more than hatred-it is more than humanistic failings, as that would make them a power and they are too ignorant to have such- without it being PUT there…it is the evil that sits in their heads and hearts put there by the satanic mess that is burying this nation in corruption. We began with faith in God, followed the Bible; which is the Word of God and the only truth there is. We became a great nation
        …then some lost their way and pushed so much evil that other dense people began to believe that, instead of the truth. People, the END of the world is near and if you do NOT believe in God, you best seek Him and the truth –for to believe in satan and live in evil, will send you to hell for eternity. SOME humans think they are so smart, but they are so ignorant and fools to turn their backs on truth and faith. YOU are the reason for all the fall, the evil, the harm, and the ugly, YOU ARE….look in the mirror and see evil personified! Democrats ARE a disgrace and NOT Americans anymore, are NOT Patriots, are NOT sane people and deserve all the hell they are creating for true real Americans. It WILL fall on them and they will get it, when it is too late. We must show them the error of their ways by telling them what we think of them! Make sure they hear and see what we see! BUT most of all; VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND STAND WITH THE PRESIDENT and make sure that EVERY President from now on is a patriot, a REAL true honorable person that stands with the CONSTITUTION.

    • I think you mean Upchuck and Pelowlife don’t you? Their hatred of Trump supersedes any desire to do good for the country. All about power and control of the American people.

  32. Tell the parasites no way we get the wall or the gov. stays down. the ball is in their court pisloosly and choomer are the fault of this. Stand strong President Trump we are so proud to finally have a President that has a pair. MAGA


  33. Keep it shut down. When auto union goes on strike and the workers are out of work for months no one care if their families can not eat or pay bills. So just keep it shut.

  34. I am so proud of our President,just think we have Donald Trump in our corner and all the wimpy wet noodles Schumer and Pelosi have is the DEMS what a shame it will be for those two if all they do is write Bills to send to the Senate and McConnell just turns them down. I like that Idea they are the losers and can’t do any thing about it. It’s OK everyone it will be only 2 years.

  35. How can anyone be a liberal Democrat? When you watch and listen to these fools, you wonder if any of them were ever normal … they are so far out of touch that they look and sound pathetic! The entire bunch of these clowns need to be sent back home and be traded for folks that look and sound like they love and respect the USA! The Pelosi and Schumer types are a terrible embarrassment for this great United States!

  36. Pelousy and Schumer still have not replied to the border patrol’s invitation to walk the border with them one night and see the reality not their inner fantasies. They still have not responded to Cruz, pushing for mandatory term limits for congressman and senators either. Nancy is busy trying to kill innocent babies while Schmuck just goes around befuddled.

    • Maybe you should ask yourself……..if this stupid wall was so important, then WHY didn’t Republicans pass something for the TWO years they were in charge of all 3 branches of government? Obviously it’s not that important.

      • Only stupid people, who are nor aware of the damage being done by illegals to our country, do not appreciate the dire need for a wall. And that walls work – ask Israel

      • Because there are plenty of STUPID republicans that fight the President all the way.
        Don’t you get it? There is FINALLY a President that is not a SHMUCK Politician!

      • This stupid wall that is going to be completed keeps you , your family and others from stupid crimes like rape, murder, do you have kids. If so. It keeps them from becoming a stupid statistic of stupid child trafficking, Democrats not wanting the wall has nothing to with politics and everything to do with the fact that they will no longer be able to have easy access to the drugs they sell, the children they sell, trade, torture, harvest,Not to mention the slush funds acquired from illegal criminal activities to keep the borders open for their STUPID BUSINESS, You do realize the POTUS could can and is already building the wall at this very moment, He`s so clever and actually a genius, course it does’nt hurt that the Democrats are so damn self absorbed and suffering from addiction action to adrenochrome but also really sick, stupid and evil, When the whole truth a out them come out , it will be more than most people can possibly process at once. The o es that do know, can not sleep. God bless

        • the problem is you can’t stop it because do you believe that the drug traffickers are going to stop because of a wall to loose billions of dollars every year, remember they have the same kinda fire power as we do and explosives and willing to bribe guards who are underpaid so how are you going to stop them that way? you can’t win that way, know pass new laws that all entitlements are for us citizens only so before they come over make it they have to have legal proof of id that is numberized that can’t be reused to get a lojacked us id which is required to be with them at all times and prove they can support themselves before coming into the country and a place to live or no entry, you break the law your gone and pay the same taxes plus an extra fee to cover deportation you do it this way and the ones trying to get in will decrease quick and have job checks to show they can support themselves and if ncic comes positive you kick them as hard as you can south

      • No Diane it’s people like you that lives in LaLa land. Let something happen to one of your family members and you would be the first one to Cry Wolf.we need the Wall.

        • the only reason trump is doing this is because gop ready to dump him, just like his point its the democrats fault that the government isn’t reopened yet. but trump has demanded that senate not hear anything that doesn’t include the democrats saying yesa master, but that’s because if the senate and the house passes it and trump refuses it it goes back to the house and if it gets 2/3 vote in both it is ratified with out trump but the truth is what he is doing should be called abuse of power which is illegal because he is pushing the senate to not hear anything from the house without a surrender to him should be called a dictator not a president

          • You’re so jealous. You’d love to have Melania on your arm and she wouldn’t give you the time of day.

      • We have been told that the wall will be built for at least 60+ years I am 63. Politicians promise and promise every election. NOW they will be held to the fire to keep their promises just like our Great President Trump. If you don’t like it then leave this Great Country. Promises made, Promises KEPT!

        • We were also told 2 years ago, pre-presidental election that Mexico would pay for any border wall but suprise, suprise, Mexico refused, Flat Out, to roll over & say “ Si,Senor Manic” to CRAZY donald who finally realized that was one area in which he wasn’t going to his Spoiled, Bratty Way, That Mexico wasn’t going to Cave in to His BULLYING Demands. About d. trump, Nothing But Promises Made & Nothing But Promises Broken by that Oval Office LYING LUNATIC.

          • Maybe Pelosi and Schumer and radical democrats are making drug money thru all this . They’re rich. Why don’t you pay attention to your own radical base. Maybe your drug rich and lying to all of us. That’s why we don’t trust you radicals. Communists are liars. Is that you. Stirring the pot like all communists do and did???

      • Do you think the Dems are really against the barrier ( fence or wall) they are just continuing their sick resistance and obstruction against the American people who are the ones who suffer the sneaking into the country of unvetted illegals. The caravans planned and supported have changed the scene at the wall completely. They are now rushing the border by the hundreds, trying to injure border control Americans. The increasing numbers getting through are mainly men.that means increase in drug runners, gang members, criminal’s , human trafficing,untreated diseases(including TB some which may be drug resistant), rapists according to females in the caravans, kidnapped children which illegals claim as family to try get across the border, no immunizations against contagious diseases which have almost been stamped out in our country , murderers, some people who have been expelled several times due to crimes committed. I could go on but my question to the Dems is how you justify turn the unvetted people loose on American citizens you have promised to protect? A wall or fence or whatever would slow these caravans. The walls where now in place have reduced the flow and the chaos to a point where border control are not overwhelmed by numbers. Barriers along with usable technology would be expected of a government to protect its nation. Wake up Dems . You are not a true government but a proponent of hate and destruction and we the people are left to the whim of illegals and a failing Dem Party.

    • I think the President should add 1 billion a week to the amount we need for building the Wall,until it gets to 25 billion, and then just wait until the Dems pull their heads out of their Asses.

  37. I hope and pray trump stands up for the real American people go want the wall the democrats are pure asshole if it was asshole Obama they would get it done but it’s trump way they don’t like it srew the democrats

  38. These Democrats were once for the wall. ????‍♂️ Pelosi is choked on this one. Should she caved in, I would think that it would enrage many Democrat leaders that may conspire against her leadership.

    Trump must stay strong. If he give up again, I don’t think he will be el cited in 2020. So what can we do for him? March for the wall in D.C.? I know that the liberals are very good at it since they probably don’t have the jobs to worry about while the Republicans have to weigh the time between the jobs and this march.

    Young liberals can live in their parents’ basement. They have the advantage.

    Do you think Betty and Diane are homeless? Looked like it.

    • Pelosi is one of Soros’s puppets just like Obama and his sidekick including the Clinton’s and the rest of the swamp.

  39. Come stand behind our President on this very important issue. If we as patriotic Americans do not, we will definitely become Muslimexico. Now, do we really want that?

    • Certainly, John, lets stand behind mr.White House WORTHLESS WORM & support his Deranged, Selfish, Stubbon, Insanity, esp. if you’re not one of the 8000 goverment workers right now wondering how you are going to feed & provide for your family because of that Oval Office Republican Retard & his many republican Asshole Kissing supporters.

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