Chuck Schumer was at a loss for words when this impeachment defeat hit him

The impeachment witch hunt is nearing its conclusion.

Democrats did everything in their power to try and remove the President from office.

And now Chuck Schumer was at a loss for words when this impeachment defeat hit him.

There is little doubt that the Senate will vote to acquit Donald Trump.

The only suspense left is will any Democrats join the Republicans in giving the President a bipartisan exoneration.

Some Republican Senators believe that will be the case.

“I think there will be a couple who may vote not to convict Trump,” Kentucky Republican Rand Paul told reporters. “I’m guessing there’s an 80 percent chance that two Democrats will not vote to convict.”

The three Democrats most likely to acquit the President are Alabama’s Doug Jones, Arizona’s Krysten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

Right now all three are playing their cards very close to the chest so as not to invite a firestorm of criticism from liberal voters.

Sinema has made no press comments while Manchin and Jones claim they are still undecided.

“I know it’s hard to believe that. But I really am [undecided]. But I have not made a final decision. Every day, I hear something, I think ‘this is compelling, that’s compelling,’” Manchin told POLITICO. “Everyone’s struggling a little bit.”

“I don’t think I’ve totally decided. I certainly have [been] leaning one way or the other. That needle moves” Jones told reporters. “I am leaning in certain ways but I want to hear, I truly, honestly, want to hear the entire trial.”

A vote to acquit the President could come as soon as Friday.

Trump supporters will not have to wait long to see if the President will receive a bipartisan exoneration.

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