Chuck Schumer was devastated by one promise that could cost him his job

Chuck Schumer spent years plotting to win the position of Senate Majority Leader.

But now it all may come crashing down in record time.

And Chuck Schumer was devastated by one promise that could cost him his job.

In an evenly divided Senate, Democrats have no margin for error.

Unless ten Republicans vote with the Democrats, the GOP can send Joe Biden’s agenda to the legislative graveyard through the filibuster.

In the next two weeks, Democrats plan to ram bills creating universal vote-by-mail, eliminating voter ID, granting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, putting up to 59,000,000 Americans who work as independent contractors out of work, and creating a national gun registration database scheme through the House of Representatives.

However, all of those bills have zero Republican support and will die a quiet death in the Senate.

The only chance of passage on these left-wing wish list items is if the Senate eliminates the filibuster.

But to gut the filibuster, Democrats need all members of their Senate caucus to vote to change the rules.

And West Virginia’s Democratic senator Joe Manchin has repeatedly made it clear that he will not vote to change the rules and eliminate the filibuster.

“Never . . . What don’t you understand about never?” Manchin told reporters.

Manchin’s word has never been reliable in the past.

In his runs for Senate, Manchin claimed to support gun rights, yet he tried to help Barack Obama ram a national gun registration database scheme into law back in 2013.

But in this case he is not alone.

Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema also said she would not vote to change the rules.

This is all bad news for Chuck Schumer.

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will not let rumors that she will challenge Schumer in the 2022 Democrat primary die.

Many believe she is hoping to use that threat as leverage against Schumer to force him to go nuclear and eliminate the filibuster.

If Schumer does not, it could lead to a depressed Democrat base turnout and a GOP win in the midterms, which will oust Chuck Schumer from his perch as Senate Majority Leader.

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