Chuck Schumer was forced to admit that Democrats told this major impeachment lie

Day two of the Democrats’ impeachment trial featured fireworks on the Senate floor.

Once again, the Democrats were on the losing end.

And Chuck Schumer was forced to admit that Democrats told this major impeachment lie.

Democrat House impeachment manager and former mafia lawyer Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline recounted a phone conversation between Donald Trump and Utah Senator Mike Lee as a part of the impeachment manager’s presentation.

In Cicilline’s telling, Trump accidentally dialed Mike Lee when he meant to call Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville.

Cicilline claimed after Lee handed the phone to Tuberville, Lee described a conversation where Trump asked Tuberville to continue with his plans to object to the Electoral College results even though the Capitol riot was well underway.

“Shortly after 2 p.m., as the siege was fully underway, then-President Trump made a call. This is the first call we are aware he made to anyone inside the Capitol during the attack. He didn’t call the Vice President to ask how he could help defend the Capitol. He didn’t call the next two in line of succession to the presidency to check on their safety or well-being. Instead, he attempted to call Sen. Tuberville,” Cicilline stated.

“He dialed Sen. Lee by accident. As Sen. Lee describes it, he had just ended a prayer with his colleagues here in the Senate chamber. The phone rang. It was Donald Trump. How Sen. Lee explains it the phone call goes something like this: ‘Hey Tommy,’ Trump asks. Sen. Lee says, ‘this isn’t Tommy’ and he hands the phone to Sen. Tuberville. Sen. Lee then confirmed he stood by as Sen. Tuberville and President Trump spoke on the phone. On that call, Donald Trump reportedly asked Sen. Tuberville to make additional objections to the certification process. That’s why he called,” Cicilline continued.

Lee was outraged and immediately objected, calling the story a lie.

The Utah Senator said these comments “were not made by me, they’re not accurate, and they’re contrary to fact. I move . . . that they be stricken from the record.”

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy proved the proceeding was a Kangaroo court by ruling against Lee’s motion, at which point, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer jumped in to use parliamentary procedure to stop the trial so both parties could work out this dispute.

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke up and intervened to stop the vote. Schumer used a tactic called noting the absence of a quorum–essentially pausing the Senate’s formal business as televised for the nation while senators and staff handle a dispute or negotiation off camera to ‘work this out,’” Breitbart reported.

After the delay, lead House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin agreed to withdraw the remark from the record after admitting they pulled the quote from a news story.

If the Democrats’ case was so strong, many Trump supporters wondered why they had to introduce false testimony into the record.

Getting caught lying about what a Republican Senator said on January 6 is not going to help win over any votes.

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