Chuck Schumer was furious after a Court handed him this massive defeat

With Democrats in total meltdown under Biden, Chuck Schumer’s political problems are growing.

He’s trying to do anything to stay in power after November.

And Chuck Schumer was furious after a Court handed him this massive defeat.

Wisconsin has turned into ground zero in the battle over “irregularities” in the 2020 election.

Democrats used the pandemic as an excuse to tear down election safeguards.

Ballot-harvesting schemes and drop boxes were two of the tactics used by Democrats in Wisconsin to undermine election integrity.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission ignored state law during the 2020 election by authorizing local officials to allow these shady practices.

These tactics helped Joe Biden squeak out a 20,000 vote victory over President Trump in Wisconsin.

Democrats used ballot-harvesting schemes to pad their margins in heavily urban areas like Milwaukee and Green Bay.

But in a blow to Democrats, a Judge in Waukesha County Circuit Court just struck down the use of ballot-harvesting schemes and drop boxes as a violation of state law.

Even though the ruling will likely be appealed by Democrats, Republicans maintain narrow control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

This is disastrous news for Chuck Schumer, as Wisconsin’s 2022 Senate race is supposed to be one of the best chances for Democrats to gain a seat.

Incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson is seeking a third term against a crowded field of Democrats looking to knock him off.

After two close Presidential elections in 2016 and 2020, the Senate race is expected to come down to the wire.

Democrats were hoping to keep the jailbreak voting of the pandemic going in their bid to unseat Johnson.

Johnson, a staunch ally of President Trump, is expected to see hundreds of millions of dollars spent against him to send a Schumer puppet to Washington, D.C.

With only a slim 50-seat majority, Schumer’s virtually only chance of hanging on to his job as Majority Leader is picking up a seat in Wisconsin.

This becomes the latest in the fight over election integrity in Wisconsin.

Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature recently passed six election integrity bills that were vetoed by the state’s Democrat Governor, Tony Evers.

Fortunately, voters have a chance to replace Evers in the 2022 elections, paving the way for strengthened election integrity ahead of the 2024 Presidential election.

And Chuck Schumer now has another headache to deal with in a Senate race he can’t afford to lose.

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