Chuck Schumer was groaning after a leading Democrat made this colossal blunder

Chuck Schumer thought he was on the verge of flipping a Senate seat.

But one Democrat may have just blown it for him.

And Chuck Schumer was groaning after a leading Democrat made this colossal blunder.

Campaign season is heating up for the Midterm elections.

With the Senate split 50/50 between the two Parties, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is clinging to a paper-thin majority.

With no margin for error heading into the elections, Schumer knows he needs to flip a Republican-held seat if he wants to hang on to his Senate majority.

After nail biters in the last two presidential elections, Pennsylvania has become one of the biggest battleground states in the country.

The state’s Senate seat is open after incumbent Republican Pat Toomey opted to retire.

With an open seat, Schumer is salivating at the chance to flip the seat Blue.

After narrowly winning a crowded Primary on the strength of an endorsement from Donald Trump, Dr. Mehmet Oz is the Republican candidate.

Oz is squaring off with Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter.

Crime is one of the biggest issues in the race.

After Democrats unleashed the defund the police movement, crime has skyrocketed across the country, with America seeing its largest ever increase in the murder rate.

Fetterman, like most of the Democrat Party, is trying to sweep his soft-on-crime stance under the rug ahead of the Midterms.

But Fetterman is in hot water after federal campaign finance records revealed that he has two convicted murderers on his campaign payroll.

Two brothers, Dennis and Lee Horton, are working for the campaign as field organizers and have been paid nearly $50,000 by Fetterman.

In 1994, the pair were convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The brothers were pardoned in 2021 by Fetterman, who serves as Chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

Oz’s campaign slammed the disturbing decision to hire the convicted murderers, saying Fetterman “consistently puts murderers and other criminals ahead” of Pennsylvanians.

“John Fetterman’s even trying to hide his record from voters by running TV ads saying he’s tough on crime. His positions – including releasing one-third of inmates onto our streets – says otherwise, as does the fact that he hired two convicted murderers on his campaign. If John Fetterman cared about Pennsylvania’s crime problem, he’d prove it by firing the convicted murderers he employs on his campaign,” Dr. Oz’s Communications Director Brittany Yanick said.

Instead of backing down from his decision to employ convicted murderers on his campaign, Fetterman is praising the brothers for their work.

While Fetterman is claiming he’s tough on crime, his record tells a different story.

He supports emptying out prisons and putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.

Hiring two convicted murders exposed John Fetterman’s dangerous soft-on-crime stances that he’s desperately trying to cover up.

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