Chuck Schumer was groaning after a leading Democrat made this one pledge

Chuck Schumer has more problems than he can deal with.

He just got handed another one that spells big trouble.

And Chuck Schumer was groaning after a leading Democrat made this one pledge.

As the campaign season gets underway, the battle for control of the Senate is heating up.

Chuck Schumer is in the fight of his political life to maintain his paper-thin Senate majority.

With only 50 Democratic Senators, he has no margin for error if he wants to hang on to power.

Pennsylvania is shaping up to be one of the most important Senate races in the country this fall.

After nail biters in the last two Presidential elections, it’s become one of the biggest battleground states in the country.

And the current race for the open seat is one of the most hotly contested races in America.

Republicans are running Dr. Mehmet Oz, who emerged from a crowded Primary field after receiving an endorsement from President Trump.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, a Bernie Sanders supporting radical, received the nod from the Democrats.

Now a game-changing blunder from Fetterman could give Dr. Oz the upper hand in the race.

A 2016 social media post reemerged of Fetterman proudly displaying a pledge from a group of environmental wackos called Pennsylvania Voters Against Fracking.

The pledge he signed calls for a ban on fracking and a nationwide ban on new oil, gas, and coal leases on federal land.

Fetterman pledged to co-sponsor the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed Keep in the Ground Act, which bans fracking and new fossil fuel leases on federal land.

This Green New Deal inspired policy is one of the most radical environmental bills introduced in Congress in recent memory.

With Pennsylvanians crushed by high gas prices, Fetterman supports a bill that would make them even higher.

Even worse, the bill would shut down fracking, which has become a critical component of Pennsylvania’s economy.

Fracking has turned the state into the second largest producer of natural gas in the country.

The fossil fuel industry in Pennsylvania has about 51,000 jobs in the state and the majority of them are related to fracking.

Now Fetterman is on record publicly pledging to wipe out high-paying jobs to appease the environmental wackos.

After being caught red-handed supporting this insane policy, a spokesman for Fetterman began furiously backpedaling, claiming that he doesn’t support a fracking ban and has fought to protect it his entire career.

Fetterman must believe the voters of Pennsylvania are not smart enough to see that he signed a pledge supporting a ban on fracking.

In a state with a strong energy industry, this is a devastating blow to Democrats that could cost them control of the Senate.

For Fetterman, this is the latest major challenge for his campaign to navigate after he suffered a stroke just before the Primary.

This will be another major headache for Chuck Schumer in his fight to maintain Senate control.

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