Chuck Schumer was just stabbed in the back by the one person he never suspected

Chuck Schumer rose to power in the Democrat Party based on the unflinching loyalty of his fellow Democrats.

But under the harsh glare of the 2020 election, that unity is fraying.

And now Chuck Schumer was just stabbed in the back by the one person he never suspected.

Democrats were horrified that Presidential candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke tried to revive his faltering campaign by declaring on the debate stage that “hell yes” Democrats would confiscate Americans’ guns.

Chuck Schumer tried to put out this fire by falsely claiming that no other Democrat agreed with O’Rourke.

But O’Rourke didn’t take the hint and instead struck back by telling the outrageous lie that Schumer was a reason the government never took any action to ban and confiscate firearms.

Politico reports:

Beto O’Rourke lit into Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on gun control on Thursday, accusing him of doing “absolutely nothing” on the issue.

“Ask Chuck Schumer what he’s been able to get done,” the Democratic presidential candidate told reporters after a town hall here, responding to Schumer’s recent dismissal of O’Rourke’s call for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons. “We still don’t have background checks. Didn’t have them when he was in the majority, either. So the game that he’s played, the politics that he’s pursued have given us absolutely nothing and have produced a situation where we lose nearly 40,000 of our fellow Americans every year.”

O’Rourke’s remarks came after the Times Union in New York reported that Schumer, on a call with reporters, appeared to brush off O’Rourke’s proposal for a mandatory buyback of assault weapons.

“I don’t know of any other Democrat who agrees with Beto O’Rourke, but it’s no excuse not to go forward,” Schumer said, according to the report.

Schumer needs to lie.

Democrats’ path back to the White House and a Senate majority runs through pro-gun red states.

O’Rourke admitting Democrats are coming for Americans’ guns just pushed those victories a little further out of reach.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. HEY Red– good to see you. Needed a good laugh today. However if you are indeed a “RedMan” look back at history and see what happened to Native Americans when the “White Man” deprived them of their guns. Sorta blows a hole in your bullsh*t don’t it?

  2. Gun control is using two hands pussy. Time to ban cars because they drive drunk. Time to ban spoons because they make people fat. Time to ban pencils because they make mistakes. Time to ban crock pots because they explode clown

  3. This is another example the Democratic president running not have one real political agenda for benefits the Americans citizens voters,make send stupidity promise, not gun,more illegal immigration free, more medical attention free,more welfare free,more High taxes,colleges free,never said anything important for Americans voters,Trump all promise said not putting in action only for democratic stopping,low taxes,ok,stopping illegal immigration Ok,more attention to veterans,Ok,more money for defense,Ok,more money for infrastructure,Ok,more respect to the flag and anthem,Ok,

  4. The racist white-folks who whine about guns on here are losers dat are coward to real life outside their box. pure, brown nose cowards. They are scared of other white-folks coming to TAKE their beloved guns. Beware cowards. hahahahahhahahaahhahas

  5. So eddie, why do you have 2 last names. I bet yo mama didn’t know who yo pappy was. Her youngest brother, or uncle. I bet you one of dem duck-mouth inbreeds. hahahahhahahahahahahah

  6. Schumer stabbed in the back by Beto? Really, who cares about these cat fights. When have i heard a news story about Beto or Schumer fighting to reduce taxation on the working class? Nancy and Chuck fighting to read the Unaffordable Care Act before voting it in? I just read an article that this Ukraine BS is hurting Trump. I’ll be damned if the media can’t reverse scam people. Joe Biden held up giving $1 Billion of a $3 Billion dollar American bribe/loan to Ukraine until the state prosecutor was fired from his job. Just so happens the Ukraine prosecutor was fired for investigating the company Joe Biden’s son worked for and there is no way to slice this any different than criminal. Just because President Trump said do this isn’t a scandal. After what President Trump has gone through, i would say “f” America, i’m out of here and your not worth saving. The media is so criminal and the civilian population are so stupid, does truth matter anymore. Everybody is like, i’m going to get mine for free. See you after the civil war!

  7. Know ‘stats’ 0n ABORTION &&&
    AFTER BIRTH (killing/murder)
    Already Authorized By Several STATES.
    ‘so-called’ gun ‘mass’ shoots(which they are not)___
    & btw ‘Sad’.)

  8. Hey Rickie, your post ‘rambles’, but
    i get it . Lots of PPL DO KNOW ! what
    you’re ‘talking about’.
    Soo, You Are NOT Alone.

  9. So the United States has 40,000 citizens die due to gun violence every year, wrong! “Play Doh Head” O’Dork, nowhere near that many citizens die each year due to gun violence, do mankind a favor and douse yourself with Thermite and ignite, in Beto’s case his mind was never wasted because he never had one.

  10. “They hate other white-folks just because of their different of opinions”
    Well, we don’t like Karl Marx much redman. Which are you, racially red or ideologically red? I don’t have a problem with racially red.

  11. RedAss:
    I hope that you someday go to a shopping mall and get shot up by one of those Islamic pigs and you don’t have a weapon to protect yourself. The radical left loves people like you as you’d be a pushover if the government ever takes over this country and turns it into a dictatorship we gun owners will be waiting for them if they do That is why we have guns in case that ever happens. You are an a** h***. You stupid buffoon as you would chicken out seeing them with guns drawn kicking ypur door down and telling you to surrender or else. The second amendment was put into place by our founding fathers to make sure that doesn’t happen. You are stupider than I thought you were. Now who is the coward?

  12. That is because they are being indoctrinated in the schools we pay for. After only one year in College Two of my Grandchildren became flaming liberals.

  13. no he is not worth nothing???? But the day he would become President would be his first and last day of serving I do believe that there is someone in this country who is stunch believer in the 2nd somewhere somehow and someway he would then become known a 3 named person forever in the history books. With as many stupid crazy sick and disgusting people here in this country. Someone would would pull a mark wahlberg on him. as he takes the oath I could smell it as this country has so many hidden teams out there just reason. Sooner or later they always manage to come across a camp site build site or post outlet somewhere in the country where idiots train for those things daily. I mean if you take WACO Texas for instance. Most of the data collected from the parts and investigations uncovered so so many secrets about them. The Public will never ever ever hear about due to the fact President Clinton gave the order himself and the Attorney General was Pardon under the table the CIA and FBI event the Pentagon was involved in this the first ever the Miltary have clearance to ram the building due to automatic heavy machine gun fire they never told or ever leaked the amount of weapons and things pulled from there after the fire. No one will ever know it either!!!! It was classified National Security to hide what happened. That mini series had to go through CIA checks and balances just to do the show.

  14. Fyi: 0ver 40,000 Die of diabetes.
    Know your ‘stats’. Let’s move 0n.
    > Beto ‘”buybacks” that Sshumer IGNORES.
    the “buybacks” WILL Be Distributed.
    > Beto “FRANCIS” is such a ‘dork’. He Doesn’t
    Care. MARRIED to a Billionare Heiress’.
    (meanwhile, Riding ‘skateboards/ & showing
    ‘dental/ ear hair clips on FB. ) etc.
    Is ‘Francis’ Worth Discussion???

  15. Anthony, That is exactly why my guns will stay right where they are. According to the Constitution we have the “right to keep and bare arms!” And these rights shall not be abridged. Anyone who tries is making a BIG mistake.

  16. Red Man, we know that you are a plant to just get people stirred up. Give it a rest and go home and play with your kids.

  17. Red Man, we know that you are a plant to just get people stirred up. Give it a rest and go home and play with your kids.

  18. Dan, We both know he’s not going to do that. He knows that he hasn’t confiscated every gun in the country….and I have news for him…he’s not going to!

  19. PER GUN. Which just kills me. If you buy two guns at one time they do a Back Ground check on YOU for each gun. Even when they ordered them for you from the mfg. Just like everything the gov. does it’s insane.

  20. I’m sure a lot of things would have been different! But our problem today is the large number of people who support the LEFT! They blindly follow the left and believe everything they say. I’m sure that given enough time, Beto would get the power to take our guns. Young people with no real world experience or education would follow a loud mouthed ignoramus like Beto!

  21. Beto is half right guns kill about 40,000 people a year, buy 25,000 are suicide. Vehicle dead equal gun deaths, so is he going to confiscate vehicles too?

  22. Beatoff is so stupid. He wants to buy back guns that the government never owned in the first place and he doesn’t understand the words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. He needs to get the hell out of this country. Noone wants him here except the dumb azz liberals.

  23. Country Girl I totally ignore that fool. When I see redman posting, I don’t read it. I believe he’s a white wigger just trying to stir the pot.

  24. Freedom one they have wanted to disarm America since the 1960’s if not before. That’s one reason I switched parties in 1993. Among other reasons.

  25. The article focused primarily on Beto but let not anyone be fooled, all the Jermocrats want to strip Good Americans
    Of their guns! Just think when they take over in their mind they can become the Power Mongering Dictators without
    Any future resistance! Like Anthony said Hitler made sure the Jews were stripped of their guns putting them defenseless and that way they could be rounded up loaded into box cars with no resistance sent to be gassed! If they had weapons maybe the Holocaust could have turned out differently?????????????????????????

  26. Gun owners abide by the laws that are already in place. Criminals will get a firearm no matter what laws are written. So if a criminal uses a knife, are all knives next. Enough is enough, how’s about trying EDUCATION for a change!!

  27. Bimbo or Stoner who cares about the exact same thing they’re both idiotsunsurprising bimbo doesn’t have scummer for run for vice president

  28. He is worse than a clown as he has no common sense and has no sense of humor like most clowns do. He is one of the worst political liars making up anything that he thinks will serve his political agenda. I would vote for Schumer 100 times before every considering 1 vote for O’Rouke.

  29. The democrat leadership is taking all life from citizens unborn and born. Age means nothing to them. They WANT YOUR GUNS, and they have no qualms about taking a life,any life. Vote for President Donald J. Trump for ONE REASON: GUNS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE.
    The democrat leadership is replacing all our lives with illegals. Think about that for a second!

  30. Beto was being interviews when he first wanted to run. He said when he was in college he payed his way by hacking. Then he said he had recurring dreams about running over children with his car. Beto is CRAZY. I was watching a video yesterday by a lady that grew up in Austria. She told about the horrors and evil
    Control that happened when Hitler was elected. She said children were taken away from parents to be raised (indoctrinated) by the state. People had no rights and had to pay 40 percent of their earnings in taxes. If you were too old or to sick or disabled to work you were euthanized. Abortion was to get rid of the babies that weren’t from white blue eyed parents.
    And we know that Jews were murdered horribly. It all started with guns being confiscated to make people safer. She said the first thing they did was take God out of everything and you weren’t allied to go to Church! Any of this sound familiar in the democrat/Natzi party? If any of these crazy, power mad demoncrats get in power, it will be hell on earth!

  31. Redman is a white racist democrat trying to cause problems but it’s not going to work Dave. Get out of your moms basement and go get a job Dave. Your family doesn’t want you at the thanksgiving table this year Dave because of all the stupid things you say. Your uncle Jeff told me your mom Is ashamed of you so quit the nonsense and stop abusing your mother Dave.

  32. O’Rourke claims that 40,000 persons per year are shot by firearms. One, its more like 400, NOT 40,000. Second, that number includes both victims of an attack by someone with a gun AND would be attackers who are shot (usually living afterwards) by would be victims Total.

  33. 98% of the greasy headed white-folks in america are some of the worst racist terrorist in the world. They hate other white-folks just because of their different of opinions. They even rape their own brats, and worship guns more den God because they are evil cowards. They have killed more human den their father satan, Just look at what they post on here, and see their black hearts at work, hahahahhahahahahahah

  34. Beto exposed the not so secret long term objective of the Democrat/Communist to totally disarm all American citizens. The same way Hitler, Mao, Castro and all totalitarian dictatorships. Just look at Venezuela and Hong Kong unarmed protesters vs. an armed police state.

  35. I know a few owners of these weapons and let them tell us to give them up and I’ll be waiting for them with a fully loaded magazine and a few more cartridges along with a not so friendly welcome.

  36. Not sure what Beto means by we don’t have background check, I live in Colorado and we have them for purchases both at stores and at gun shows, and transfers. So what is he talking about exactly. On thing Schumer has right is that Beto has picked the wrong issue to try to give him an opportunity to run for President. He is not going to take anyone’s guns unless he does it himself which I doubt, and neither is any sane individual going to actually try that in a Country with 100 million plus gun owners.

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