Chuck Schumer will be fuming when he sees the results of this poll

Chuck Schumer could not believe his eyes.

His years of planning and resistance amounted to nothing.

And Schumer was left weeping when he saw the results of this poll about Donald Trump.

Despite the best efforts of Schumer, Pelosi, the Fake News Media, and all of Hollywood, Donald Trump just recorded his highest approval rating on record.

A brand new Rasmussen Poll just found that Trump earned a 53 percent approval rating from registered voters.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump’s job approval ratings currently sits at a robust 53 percent, a full seven points higher than Barack Obama at this same point his presidency.

On April 9, 2011, a little over two years into his first term, 46 percent of those polled by Rasmussen approved of the job Obama was doing, compared to 53 percent who disapproved. That put Barry upside down by seven points.

On the issue of strongly approve and strongly disapprove, Obama was upside down by a whopping 17 points, with only 21 percent strongly approving of the job he’s doing while 38 percent strongly disapproved.

On April 9, 2019, a little over two years into his presidency, 53 percent of those polled by Rasmussen approve of the job Trump is doing, while only 45 percent disapprove. That puts Trump eight points to the good.

While the Fake News Media constantly tries to paint the administration as being an endless cycle of chaos and confusion by focusing on “inside baseball” goings-on in Washington, D.C.

The American people approve of the fact that Trump presides over a booming economy and relative peace in foreign affairs – including the complete destruction of the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

This poll shows the American people are increasingly trusting their own eyes and ears and tuning out the Fake News Media’s and Democrats’ cries of “constitutional crisis.”

Many of the supposed “scandals” that Schumer, the Democrats, and the media elite drone on about have zero effect on the lives of everyday people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Should someone tell the democratic party
    The year is 2019, not 2016, they keep going backwards
    as if they’re still on the campaign trail.
    All the tactics they use is the very ones that’s been used for
    Two years. Should we break the news to them?

  2. Chucky I don’t understand you at all. You follow Pelosi around like a little lap dog. yes Pelosi Yes Pelosi What do want me to say Pelosi ? Is there anything I can do to hurt the United States today Pelosi ? Oh, your working on that ? Okay would you like it if I have my driver pick up those 2 illegals that found their way into your neighborhood and dump them off in some other place far from your home ? Okay, and when I get back I will make up some more fake news stories about Trump, I’m am running out of ideas. Why yes, I could use all the others over again, thank you for the idea Nancy.

  3. Mr. Chuck, why, you are not thruthful? You are Nancy side kid. You and her, are not Working for the US Citizens and American. Why are you not working and doing your Job ? You were hire to do laws and work with the President. The President that We and I Voted for. The reason you have a Job is because of Us the US Citizens of United States. So Do Your Job . Your were not hire for your Good Looks, Not! So go to Work!,,

  4. sept mcdade, And you know this how?
    You have just described the “way” liberal polls are conducted, doofus!

  5. But SCHUMCKIE is getting RICHER …and Re Elected so as a famous Character used to say ” WHAT ME WORRY”???? Professional Political PIMPS care NOT!!

  6. Sherry, do you mean the terrorist groups that are storming our Southern border? Of course they are being funded by George Soros, the Clinton’s, Obama’s and the DNC. How else could thousands of these “poor, destitute people” travel thousands of miles through several other countries with “nothing”???
    Kind of hard to talk sense to senseless Leftist idiots.

  7. You seem to be somewhat confused, schumer heads up “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-KKK-Nazi Terrorist Organization”, the Jewish people are not the problem.

  8. As the old Cree Indian saying goes “Only as the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught maybe we will realize we cannot EAT Money!!!! It’ all about money folks!

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