Chuck Schumer will be fuming when he sees the results of this poll

Chuck Schumer could not believe his eyes.

His years of planning and resistance amounted to nothing.

And Schumer was left weeping when he saw the results of this poll about Donald Trump.

Despite the best efforts of Schumer, Pelosi, the Fake News Media, and all of Hollywood, Donald Trump just recorded his highest approval rating on record.

A brand new Rasmussen Poll just found that Trump earned a 53 percent approval rating from registered voters.

Breitbart reports:

President Trump’s job approval ratings currently sits at a robust 53 percent, a full seven points higher than Barack Obama at this same point his presidency.

On April 9, 2011, a little over two years into his first term, 46 percent of those polled by Rasmussen approved of the job Obama was doing, compared to 53 percent who disapproved. That put Barry upside down by seven points.

On the issue of strongly approve and strongly disapprove, Obama was upside down by a whopping 17 points, with only 21 percent strongly approving of the job he’s doing while 38 percent strongly disapproved.

On April 9, 2019, a little over two years into his presidency, 53 percent of those polled by Rasmussen approve of the job Trump is doing, while only 45 percent disapprove. That puts Trump eight points to the good.

While the Fake News Media constantly tries to paint the administration as being an endless cycle of chaos and confusion by focusing on “inside baseball” goings-on in Washington, D.C.

The American people approve of the fact that Trump presides over a booming economy and relative peace in foreign affairs – including the complete destruction of the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

This poll shows the American people are increasingly trusting their own eyes and ears and tuning out the Fake News Media’s and Democrats’ cries of “constitutional crisis.”

Many of the supposed “scandals” that Schumer, the Democrats, and the media elite drone on about have zero effect on the lives of everyday people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Should someone tell the democratic party
    The year is 2019, not 2016, they keep going backwards
    as if they’re still on the campaign trail.
    All the tactics they use is the very ones that’s been used for
    Two years. Should we break the news to them?

  2. Chucky I don’t understand you at all. You follow Pelosi around like a little lap dog. yes Pelosi Yes Pelosi What do want me to say Pelosi ? Is there anything I can do to hurt the United States today Pelosi ? Oh, your working on that ? Okay would you like it if I have my driver pick up those 2 illegals that found their way into your neighborhood and dump them off in some other place far from your home ? Okay, and when I get back I will make up some more fake news stories about Trump, I’m am running out of ideas. Why yes, I could use all the others over again, thank you for the idea Nancy.

  3. All of a sudden Piglosi is ready to talk to our President about the situation at the border. So we see the bullshit of open arms to illegal immigrants. Chuck is a sidewalk sissy standing on the corner sucking his thumb. Ship them a couple hundred thousand illegal immigrants just like Obama did to Minnesota and Michigan. All of a sudden we need to talk piglosi ?. Hypocrisy at it’s best!!!

  4. Mr. Chuck, why, you are not thruthful? You are Nancy side kid. You and her, are not Working for the US Citizens and American. Why are you not working and doing your Job ? You were hire to do laws and work with the President. The President that We and I Voted for. The reason you have a Job is because of Us the US Citizens of United States. So Do Your Job . Your were not hire for your Good Looks, Not! So go to Work!,,

  5. As the old Cree Indian saying goes “Only as the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught maybe we will realize we cannot EAT Money!!!! It’ all about money folks!

    • You seem to be somewhat confused, schumer heads up “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-KKK-Nazi Terrorist Organization”, the Jewish people are not the problem.

    • But SCHUMCKIE is getting RICHER …and Re Elected so as a famous Character used to say ” WHAT ME WORRY”???? Professional Political PIMPS care NOT!!

  6. Love the job President Trump is doing! One of the best Commanders-in-Chief we’ve had! Hope he keeps it up for another 6 years. The Left can go pound sand! They’re clueless! Captain Jim Green, US Veteran

      • I’m 100% behind the President….. Hope that he will open his eyes about these terrorist groups that George Soros is funding. Be Safe Mr. President…..

        • Sherry, do you mean the terrorist groups that are storming our Southern border? Of course they are being funded by George Soros, the Clinton’s, Obama’s and the DNC. How else could thousands of these “poor, destitute people” travel thousands of miles through several other countries with “nothing”???
          Kind of hard to talk sense to senseless Leftist idiots.

    • Shamed to admit I was a Democrat some 12 years back. Has been nothing but continual lies, party advancement ahead of the nation, graft, racism, bigotry, absolute evil RE abortion, sacrificing the security of the nation for the sake of political posturing, creating special interest groups for the sake of votes, acts of treason, sedition, use of Federal law enforcement to further a political agenda, harping on 2A, you name it. I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on them if they were on fire.

      • I am happy, Badbob, that you came to the realization that the Dems are nothing but evil. They do not truly love the American people…only their illegal gains to line their pockets. They pretty much have proven themselves to be what I just described, as the Deep State is about to be indicted…and I hope, justly punished. Years ago, when I first started to vote…in my early 20’s – I also was a dem., but a very smart person, whom I respected shared the differences with me and I was relieved to be told that there was a VERY BIG difference then….and there sure is now. People of any moral fabric at all, should beware and change fro Dem to voting Republican. They are the party of patriotism, pro-life, pro-faith and pro-Israel. The are pro-Constitution (as our founding fathers meant it) and pro-American people. The economy thrives….the military is strong….and we will be protected.

        • I am X military and fought the communist in the 60s, you cannot count on the military, it’s going to be up to the biggest army in the world ,the biggest armed army in the world we the American people. There are too many embedded communist in all the agencies and in the Upper ranks of the military! We all swore as military people to protect the country from enemies foreign and domestic and today they are for sure domestic as they have been since Roosevelt came to power.

        • Badbob and Rose Weleski, Great comments both of you! One more thing I am just wondering about, why and how can the Dems be so worried about the “human rights” of the illegal criminal invaders breaching our borders then, they turn right around and give their blessings to the abortion of absolutely millions of innocent babies? These babies are “real” Americans (not criminal illegals), if they were allowed to survive. There are so many people unable to bear children who would love to have the babies who are being murdered!
          I don’t understand the Dems, they contradict their own values, many times during the same speech, one minute they are crying for the lives of criminal illegals and the next they are promoting the horrific slaughter of the innocents! What the hell is going on in their demented minds?

          • The Real M
            Democrats are interested only in votes. They court liberal causes no matter how wrong or ethically or morally repugnant. Hollywood libs pump big bucks into their coffers and though many in Hollywood may not agree, there are enough numbers that are pro-abortion to make that party millions. Bottom line is fetuses don’t vote. If you want to end abortion give fetuses and infants the right to vote. Maybe then the party of Stalin,.Idi Amin and Dr. Mengele won’t murder them.

    • The more opposition they use, the worse it makes them look. Refusing the border wall is a perfect example. The more the people see what is happening at the border, the more we see, there is a crisis and we need the wall, and still the liberals fight it. It’s so obvious they are doing it because of hatred for the President, and the more clearly we can see that they don’t care what happens to the American people. If Pelosi and Schumer, as worthless as they are, can’t get it done, then the liberal judges jump in and block what needs to be done. They all need to be kicked out of office so the Pres. can do his job without all the backstabbing.

    • He is so far up her skirt, all he can smell is shit. That is why he has a shitty disposition. The look on her face is enough to tell that he is gagging.

    • No, he is laughing so hard, he can’t catch his breath.
      The poll being cited was 500 telephone calls to a very select area.

    • I agree and neither are for the people of the United States of America, only their own ignorant agenda and the people need to wake up and see this and get them OUT of any American politics !

  7. Trump is the only president in my life time that has done exactly what he said he would do and is the only one I know who has worked this tasks for no pay. Donating itcall to worthy chariries.

  8. AND
    BAD //// WOW /////
    anti Trump
    to the maximum!!!
    Thank you President Trump!

    • Conservatives believe that the greatest country ever created by very wise men built it on TWO GREAT PILLARS that hold it together: The Bible and the Constitution! Idiots like the democrats try to get rid of both and create their own bible that only creates chaos and confusion. Everything that we, conservatives believe in they oppose it with lies and violence. The baby assassins and the sodomites now rule their agenda to bring the country down just like Venezuela and Cuba. We must pray and become very vocal. Do not allow all their hate to intimidate us. God is behind us! God bless America!

  9. Something is wrong with this Rasmussen poll? President Trump is a head of Obama’s polling by Rasmussen at this time when Obama was in office? I would more believe Trump would be a head by 37 points not 7. Trump has done more already of The United States then any 2 combined by this time. I’m beginning to think Rasmussen is a city in Iran?

    • Man From Grey, Please don’t give up, that’s what liberal Google, who processes this site, wants. They want to silence conservatives by taking away our first amendment rights. Censorship happens to all of us and is maddening when I write a long comment that disappears into liberal oblivion! (it’s Google who censors, not renewedright)


      • You obviously have been hiding under a rock in the dessert…you can’t say the things you just did, and be alive and well…President Trump has done more for his country than any other president of memory. He has kept his campaign promises…name one other president who went to work the morning after election and began what he said he would…Making America Great Again!

      • Oh Ben, Read the Bible and the Constitution. Fake news is where you get your information. Go the the border, visit the schools and listen to all the communists in colleges fight America’s values. Your past horrendous president made America a laughing stock around the world. He gave weapons to the cartels in Mexico, He surrounded with idiots to give him advice just because they are black! What an insult to all of the people in the United States. Blacks and hispanics are leaving the democrats because of their lies and knowing that the KKK your favorite organization created the democrat party. I know that is not your name only your favorite position!

      • Ben
        Mister, you are obviously from the liberal camp. No amount of fact nor reason will sway you from your self appointed duty to deny all in the face of reality. You speak only from emotion without the benefit of common sense or proof. Can you possibly cite another poll that reflects differently? I thought not. The vulgarity, commonality, uneducated head of the left has newly risen. And out of it’s mouth came not one intelligent sentence. God help save this nation from fools, anarchists and the ignorant and unwashed.

      • Ben, You obviously escaped from a mental institution today and the first person you saw was a liberal raging about President Trump’s wonderful approval rate and, easy peasy, he brainwashed you. It is apparent it was not a difficult job, indoctrinating you! You better run hide, the men in the white coats will be around soon to pick you up and return you safe and sound to the psych ward, where you belong!

      • But then Bill Clinton had a high rating and he is a pedophile AND a pervert. So what’s your point? Trump is not a racist. He was honored by Jesse Jackson (before he was President) for his outreach to the black community by the Rainbow Push Coalition. He’s also been praised by Isaiah Washington, a black actor, for his work to get prisoners help in their readjustment to society, an act that affects MANY African-Americans. Hardly “racist”. And don’t tell me about the Charlottesville incident again. He clearly was talking about those “good” people who were there to speak out against removing the statues, but who did not cause violence -on EITHER side.

    • Nope….Chuckie-the-Joker rode the short bus to school and licked the windows coming and going. He is simply evil…no doubt about it. He should be put to the curb on trash day!!! 🙂

      • Schumer looks and reminds me more each day how much he resembles “Jabba the Hut”. What a slimy fat toad. He just sits and plots and plans how to mess the nation up and how much money can he make out of it. I really hope if Barr goes through with a thorough investigation that the smarmy reptile will netted with the rest of the traitors.

  10. That just goes to show, you can fool all of the people SOME of the time, and some of the people ALL of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people ALL of the time. And thank GOD for President Trump because he has shown us what the Democrats have been doing to us and our Government all this time and that is EXACTLY WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO IMPEACH HIM.
    Their cushy jobs aren’t theirs for much longer. He is also going to push for term limits for their jobs that they have been sitting pretty with nothing to worry about because they keep stuffing the ballot boxes. Why do you think they keep screaming for open borders and voting privileges for 16 yr. olds. Because they can be bought. But if they can’t buy votes anymore and they have a limit on how long they serve then they will get out and get a job. But even better, there’s a hell of a lot of them are going to wind up in jail with no benefits or retirement for all their wheeling and dealing. And I just can’t wait to see that. If they don’t hurry up all the ones who can testify against them will have “Committed Suicide” if you know what I mean. Suicide my back side. They were all conveniently murdered in a way that it couldn’t be traced back to the culprit which we all know who it was. GOD please let the SWAMP be served and know what JUSTICE is for a change. And please protect our President and His Family and all those who are working for his ideals and Helping “To Make America Great Again”. And please everyone say your prayers to help our President with this or your own prayer. He needs all the help he can get. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT, YOU PEOPLE, AND AMERICA.

    • Wow, now your message here is Excellent my friend. God bless you Shirley and God Bless President Donald Trump. Let us all, make America a better place.

    • Shirley, you speak with wisdom. Thank you. I used to think term limits could be controlled at the ballot box. Well, thanks to the dirty, underhanded, lying, cheating, shameful dems, we sure can’t believe in the sanctity of the ballot box any more. They don’t even try to hide their crimes anymore.

    • Shirley,
      Oh, you mean “suicide” in the terms of the “Clinton Cartel/Mafia”. Brake failure, weghts dropping on your head while working out, unknown shooter pops you while on a jog kind of “suicide”. Seriously 45 persons or more have died under very suspicious circumstances or “disappeared” after crossing the Clintons.

    • Shirley, Preach it sister, you speak the truth and I feel the passion in your comment. So good, so true and, you laid it all out there so anybody and everybody can understand it! Great comment, thank you!

      • Mike
        Ooof! Landed a solid hit there. You’re right. How do they enter public office with maybe a few hundred Thousand shown on their financial disclosures and leave office multi millionaires? Look at Brat and Mike Obama. They barely had a million when he took office and now owns a D.C. compound worth (?) 15 million and reportedly well over 45 million in the bank. Damn fine investing in eight years. Right?

  11. Schumer has been exposed as a first rate candy ass. First he proposed a $46,000,000,000 bill for border security in 2013. Now along comes a businessman who says he can get it done for $8,500,000,000 and Schumer and the Democrats are dead set against it. Why? Could it be – because – they are no longer in a position to cherry pick the contractors who will line their pockets with kickbacks? Like what happened with the FAILED high speed train to nowhere and Solyndra in California. Follow that money and see who benefitted from those failures most. Ex: Diane Feinstein’s husband received a billion dollar contract on that failed train project. Democrats learned well from their friends in Hollywierd. If a movie is a success that is a problem for the producers because then all the people who invested in the project come looking for big pay-offs. It’s the movies that fail make people rich – well the people who make those failed movies anyway. Democrats just create failure after failure and then raise taxes to cover the cost – Instead of worrying about the tax returns of a billionaire who became a politician – EVERYONE should be more concerned with the tax returns of politicians who become millionaires.

    • Secondly Schumer has cowered in the corner careful not to make waves while ALL the anti-semitism rages on in the Democrats Congress. Schumer and the 34 Jewish Democrat Representatives in Congress should ALL be totally ashamed of themselves.

    • Schemer is a skirt-tail rider. He hides behind a woman’s skirt until all the fireworks have been put out then he comes riding in in a horse with a yellow stripe down his back. He blusters & gloats while beating his chest trying to look like he’s been an active player the whole time. He’s a coward. He hides in the shadows & waits ’til all the hard work is done. People don’t respect him. I doubt even his wife respects him.

  12. chuck-you-schumer is nothing but a scumbag, just like ANY DEMOCOMMUNIST that HATES the FACTS that even with all their bought and sold “fake news” media pushing,”witch hunts”, and CONSTANT obstruction, OUR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is STILL getting things done for the American people, and making America GREAT again despite all the underhanded, sneaky,attempts to undermine him. Little by Little people are starting to open their eyes ans see we FINALLY have a POTUS that says what he will do and DOES WHAT HE SAYS. (with or without the DEMOCOMMUNISTS)

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