Chuck Schumer’s past just came back to bite him

Chuck Schumer has led the charge on the Democrats’ push for open borders.

However, Schumer has a big problem on his hands.

One comment from his past just came back to bite him.

Schumer wasn’t always so pro-open border.

Even back when Barack Obama was President – Schumer still talked about illegal immigration as a problem.

Democrats know that open borders and amnesty is political poison.

Their unhinged base has the party backed into a corner, though.

Liberal protesters recently took to the streets and chanted “no border, no wall, no USA at all.”

Democrats need to mobilize these voters ahead of the midterm election.

It’s going to be difficult for Democrats to explain why they used to support securing the border and cracking down on illegal immigration but now embrace radical open borders policies like abolishing ICE.

Republicans can use the immigration as a wedge issue against Democrats.

This is why Trump is so eager to have a fight over funding the border wall this September.

He knows Democrats are in an impossible position.

This could be the Republicans key to victory in November.

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