Clarence Thomas dropped a truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives

Democrats suffered a massive defeat at the Supreme Court.

One of the biggest lies the Left tells just got exposed.

And Clarence Thomas dropped a truth bomb that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Clarence Thomas authored a 130-page tour de force majority opinion striking down New York State’s concealed carry permit scheme that rendered it impossible for 99 percent of residents to conceal carry a firearm.

Justice Thomas – writing for a six Justice majority – expanded the scope of the Second Amendment outside the home for the first time.

The Justices also set a new standard for the government to prove that any gun grab scheme fit in the historical tradition of America, serving as a massive win for Second Amendment advocates.

When leftists defend their gun grabs, they often claim that gun control is necessary to protect racial minorities.

Clarence Thomas shredded that lie.

In his opinion, Justice Thomas explained that gun control is racist in its roots.

In Dredd Scott v. Sanford – largely considered the worst decision in Supreme Court history – Chief Justice Roger Taney upheld the Fugitive Slave Act and ruled that black Americans were not free in America.

Chief Justice Roger Taney claimed that one of the disasters that would befall America if the Court recognized free blacks as citizens of the United States is that they would then own guns.

Democrats always hide this truth from the public.

If Democrats ever talked about the racist history of gun control, they would have to explain why the original gun control laws were passed to disarm newly freed black Americans in the South following the Civil War.

165 years later, Clarence Thomas – who descended from slaves and ascended to the highest levels of American jurisprudence – drove a stake through the heart of the lie the Left told ever since Chief Justice Taney warned that recognizing blacks as free would lead to them freely exercising their Second Amendment rights.

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