This climate scientist just slammed Lying Al Gore

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have generated lots of discussion about “global warming.”

Much of it is ignorant drivel coming from Hollywood know-nothings like Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Nye, and others.

But one climate scientist isn’t having it anymore and has some harsh words for Lying Al Gore!

Dr. Roy Spencer is a climatologist at the University of Alabama.

These days, he finds himself spending much of his time publishing short e-books to debunk and challenge claims that global warming exacerbated this year’s hurricane activity.

The Washington Times reports:

Mr. Spencer’s latest book challenges the oft-repeated assertion that this year’s powerful hurricane season is “what climate change looks like,” arguing that the storms are neither an aberration nor a result of rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

“This isn’t what human-caused climate change looks like,” Mr. Spencer said in the e-book. “It’s what weather looks like.”
A former NASA senior scientist for climate studies, Mr. Spencer said that having two hurricanes make landfall on the lower 48 within one year isn’t proof of climate change.

“There have been many years with multiple Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic, but there is nothing about global warming theory that says more of those will make landfall,” Mr. Spencer said in an email. “While the official estimate is that this was the first time two Cat 4 storms hit the U.S., since Florida was virtually unpopulated before 1900, we probably don’t really know.”

Before this season, no Category 3 or larger hurricane had hit the U.S. coast since 2005 in what has been dubbed the “hurricane drought.”

The article goes on to highlight an argument by Al Gore and others in the “climate-change movement” that climate change makes hurricanes more intense.

Dr. Spencer called that analysis “some sort of pseudo-meteorological gobbledygook.”

“What made Harvey rain totals exceptional was the system stalled next to the coast, which was due to a very temporary weakening of atmospheric steering currents,” said Mr. Spencer. “Virtually the whole month of August was below normal in temperature over most of the U.S., not what global warming theory predicts at all.”
“You can come up with all kinds of hurricane statistics which don’t mean much,” Mr. Spencer said. “Florida was hit by Cat 4 hurricanes four years in a row, in 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950. Then when Andrew hit in 1992, it had been 32 years since a Cat 4 hurricane had hit Florida. It doesn’t mean anything.”

So much for Lying Al Gore’s “pseudo-meteorological gobbledygook.”

What do you think about Dr. Spencer’s analysis?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. What about the single most destructive force to this planet which is solar flares according to the so called experts. Are we to believe that burning off our atmosphere doesn’t cause any broblems I would be more likely to believe solar flares cause weather problems than the garbage Gore spews out however you beleive what you want its your money he is spending thank God

  2. It isn’t global warming at all. It’s all related to Planet X,scientists say after the near collision of planets the weather changes that will follow. The term glibal warning will never be used again. Never was,government officials had to make something up because they couldn’t tell us about the findings with Planet X and what it will bring after lying about it for decades. So they dreamt up global warming. It’s all bullshit.

  3. I’ll stop shooting my guns, burning wood in my back yard, and driving my gas car when Al Gore stops flying in his Private Jet, driving his HUGE SUV, and cuts down on his big electric bill.

  4. Coming from a guy who wanted to burn record albums because they were evil, of the devil, backward masking etc… same crap Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker were peddling & see where he ended up, Fed-pen, unfortunately Jim got out & poor Tammy Faye has since passed away and Jim’s now peddling his new crap in my backyard (Branson, Mo) w/ new wife n kids. And now Al’s peddling this crap with the political side he was against (the Left) during he and his wife Tippers record burning days. Pretending to be a conservative then and pretending to be a “Climate” Conservative now. Far from it w/ his 20,000+ sq ft house & Leer Jet he criss-crosses the country/world in and his Large SUV/s doesn’t practice what he preaches, leaving Ginormous carbon footprint, another lie, the Bible says there will be many False Prophets in the last days. Old Liars never change they just find new lies to keep fooling the masses! Both these men were the same, feeding off peoples fears, fear-mongers. Come on guys, lay off the kool-aid.

  5. Hats off to Dr. Spencer. However, the climate is changing since the Sun gets bigger everyday. It is larger today than it was yesterday and tomorrow it will be larger than today. In a couple of billion years the Sun will reach out to swallow the earth. So, every day until then, the Sun will get larger and larger and the earth will get warmer and warmer. Oh yea, giving millions to the government, the Democrats, the UN, etc. will not diminish this process one iota. Wake up America!

  6. The Climate has always changed in the past and will continue doing so!! Giving the EU 300 BILLION dollars a year to support their Muslim Refugees will not stop Climate Change!!!

    • Agreed It looks like part of our country has SUCKER written on our foreheads & Al Gore has made money off us along with others – wise up people!!!!!

  7. It takes a simple mind to think that man can take the job of controlling the the climate and weather away from God. He tells us if we will live for Him in righteousness and accept His Son Jesus who died on the cross in our place, and follow Him rather than Satan, that He will bless us; and if we refuse, He will curse us.
    And that is the reason we are seeing so much destruction, He is trying to get our attention so hopefully He won’t have to punish us for eternity for rejecting His Son.

  8. Weather is the result of many factors. One of those factors include what happens in space. If the moon is closer to earth, the tide rises, and other weather events may be stimulated. Some had said they thought the world would end on 9/23/17 because of the planetary alignment. Though the world did not end, I do believe that things that occur in space can affect what happens on earth. Al Gore is a fraud. His campaign was financially supported by George Soros and their intent was to see how they could fleece taxpayers out of trillions of dollars with this false narrative that we could some how control the weather if we threw money at these fake climate change causes. Yes, we need to keep the planet clean, but throwing trillions of dollars at some nonsense would have never stopped these hurricanes from happening.

    • Concur. The overwhelmingly primary source of energy/heat for this planet is the Sun. Stars get hotter as they age; this is a simple astrophysical fact, not subject for debate. Sol has been getting provably, though very slightly, hotter. A very small change in something so massive and influential has a notable effect here. Want to compensate? Know what “albedo” is? Simply put, it’s the apparent reflectivity of a celestial body as seen from space. The greater the albedo, the more stellar energy is reflected back into space. For a simple example: what is hotter, a grass field or an asphalt road? What appears brighter from space, the polar icecaps or a huge asphalt parking lot? That brightness represents energy that is NOT being added into our ecosystem (it’s being reflected back into space). If all roads and rooftops (and other human construction) were albedo-positive (or at least neutral), there’d be less solar energy added into the mix. Simple physics. Before waving off roads as insignificant, take into account that the total area of asphalt in the USA alone is some 33 THOUSAND square miles, or about the area of South Carolina. A parking lot the size of a state would add a LOT of heat to the mix, wouldn’t it? And this isn’t even including for other dark man-made things, like roofs and runways.

  9. Weather is being manipulated by HAARP and CERN. Evil NWO out to depopulate the planet and physicists trying to break through the planet’s shield to see if they can create a “big bang”…without knowing whether the planet’s atmosphere will implode or create a black hole.

    • You have been reading too many cheap science fiction novels, Michel. CERN and their eastern counterpart CEERN, have been running experiments for over half a century. No evil there. The evil is the poisoned minds of those who believe anything they hear from a government who doesn’t give a crap about anything but lining their pockets at the expense of the people they are supposed to represent. That’s the World Order Trump and his cronies want to see. Why else do you think Trump asked for a $1.00 salary as president. He thought he could make laws to benefit his businesses so when he left office he would not be able to lose money.

      • That is simply YOUR opinion. I don’t believe one bit of your lack of sight when it comes to what President Trump is doing. If you really feel that way, did you also have the same ideas when the Clintons and Obamas were in office?
        THOSE are the very people who have taken us all for an expensive ‘ride’. At least be honest.

      • You my friend are an idiot , and climate change, come on people it’s a farce. The media spins the stories to fit the narrative you can’t believe any of it . And as far as professional football players kneeling during the national anthem they should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. Al Gore has been lying ever since his first chads were hanging…along with his butt! He has been a hoax his whole career! Like a good Democrat he has lied, cheated, stole, and misrepresented everything his mouth ever opened for!

    Mother Nature cannot be predicted by anyone. Al Gore is a thug head who has nothing better to do than to lie like hell every single day of his stupid life. Unfortunately, there are people who allow themselves to be brainwashed because they are too busy to be bothered to think. That is why LIES become accepted as faked truth.

  12. I support the repeal of Obumacare, but not the replacement of it. Government should stay out of health care all together. Our healthcare system before Obumacare was working just fine.

    • Interesting & so very true.
      In the early 1960’s, before the governments entrance into the medical field, I sold semi private rooms for $8.50 per day. A family of four’s monthly premium was $30.00 per month…enter the government….

        • You are incorrect. One of my children, born in 1970 at the newest and most modern hospital in Baton Rouge and her total hospital bill after 2 days was $350.00. My treatment for lymphoma without any hospital stay has cost over a million dollars. Ridiculous !

    • It should be in the private sector .18% of the economy the government took over so yes there should be repeal and go back to the private sector where it belongs. That’s what Trump should push for and any politician who is against it he should go to the American people and shame them. He is being too nice over this. I suppose when it implodes which it already had started to, the American people will match on Washington and tar and feather all of them.They do not care for anyone who is paying for insurance and not being covered. 1200 hundred a month and 5000 dollar to 8000 dollar deductibles. Thanks Obama and Dems. You should never get elected into office again. McCain is a scumbag to Arizonans. How did this guy get elected time after time? Stupid voters

  13. This “global warming” myth was debunked LONG ago, so why is this still causing concern? Like the guy says, “It’s weather.” Well… duh!

    • There is no such thing as a “Climate Scientist”. There are climatologists who look for patterns in the weather, and like tea leaf readers, no two ever get the same answer from the same patterns. So, who really knows? This “article” was just another attempt to slam a prominent democrat with some of your conservative “fake news”.

      • They are for anything which will make us a third world country. Look at all these protesters? Paid protesters thanks to that scumbag George Soros. These people in BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorists and the MSM supports them. Obama even invited the hating black klan BLM to the White House. Black KKK is what they are. They are not grass roots . They are bought and paid for and are morally and spiritually bankrupt. Antifa are the fascists. Remind me of the Hitler brownshirts. They are such cowards they have to wear masks. Just punks bought and paid for by that scumbag George Soros. If sessions would label these groups terrorist groups they can go after Soros and lock him up. Charge him with sedition at the very least. I would say As an international terrorist.

        • I’d sure like to know why the cops didn’t come down HARD on those Antifa and BLM terrorists, guess they only arrested a few? WTF!

  14. How is the scientific method applied to something like climate change? What sort of experiment is performed and can it be repeated? Even if empirical data can be shown to indicate climate change how do you quantitatively determine the causes? Historically it can be shown that climate change has and does occur. But what impact have humans had on that process and can they realistically expect to reverse that impact if there has been? Show has verifiable data and not just conclusions.

    • Precisely so !!! So much for “settled” science. And what say the cryogenic scientists? They have warned against global cooling in the past. Where is their argument publicly available?

    • As usual ,the DEMORAT VERMIN have made HUNDREDS of MILLIONS off of their Global warming and other CRAP!!! Thank Goodness for TRUMP,who is killing their SWILL!

    • Thank you for telling us the truth on weather. Al Gore has received far to much
      tax payer money to promote his lie. He should be forced to pay it back.

    • Climate changes. So what. 80 one day 60 the nextOnly to a left wing nut job like Gore does it mean climate change. This has always been a multi billion dollar boom doggie and Gore is the boogie man. This guy has ripped off everyone for over a billion dollars why he lives in an energy glut home and flies his jet all over the world. What a hypocritical scumbag with absolutely no proof man is a problem or that the globe has warmed. His is not science . It’s an elitist power broker e itching himself and spreading lies. The MSM is all in for these scumbags. Go figure right? They seem to support all people who are evil and Un-American. Hitlery sanders Warren kapernick and BLM and Antifa. Talk about evil!!’

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