This CNN anchor had an interview blow up in her face

CNN never misses an opportunity to whip up anti-Trump hysteria.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin thought she had a ready-made Trump bashing interview all teed up.


  1. Vii: magam részérÅ‘l még örülök is neki, hogy olvashatom mások véleményét a ree‘yzvénnekrÅdl (ez, vagy GoatRiders) illetve hogyha úgy van akkor megoszthatom én is a magamét (bár ezen alkalommal egészségem tartott távol).

  2. I think CNN must be owned and controlled by good ol George Soros and his crowd of anti Americans. They will never learn because they are owned.

  3. Yet they will ignore the truth.

    I don’t expect to see other nations put America First. They have their own things and people to worry about. I DO expect Americans to put America First. That includes those who look the other way while people invade out country, not from fear of governments but in order to reap the wealth we have. Every dollar handed to them is another dollar less for Americans who really need help. Another dollar less in programs established for Americans and handed to non-Americans.

  4. This is exactly what Ben Carson discovered when he went over there last year when he was running for president. Unfortunately the media ignored him but now they have heard if for themselves directly. A little harder to ignore.

  5. CNN does not want to hear the truth – they have their own agenda which this man so clearly told them has failed. I’ll bet they don’t ask him back for any more interviews.

  6. The Truth will overcome–and the Anti-Trumpers will have more than egg on their face. Do these haters really know why they have and spew so much animosity against our President Trump who believes in freedom, peace for all, the Constitution and all that will make America Great?????? Guess they are use to living under the Dictator ship of Obama and allow the Government to be their DADDY.

  7. That my friends is how it’s done. Our President is going to help people around the world, and he is helping folks here in these United States! It is way past time that someone put the U.S. first again!!!

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