CNN asked one question about Nancy Pelosi that no Democrat is going to like

Democrats are entering uncertain political terrain.

Events are spiraling out of control for Joe Biden and his allies.

And CNN asked one question about Nancy Pelosi that no Democrat is going to like.

CNN contributor, Never-Trumper, and open-borders fanatic Ana Navarro defended a mob of illegal alien activists that stalked Democrat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a public bathroom and filmed her as she entered a stall over Sinema’s opposition to a $3.5 trillion socialist welfare spending bill.

In an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show, Navarro tried to claim some moral high ground by gently criticizing the mob for chasing Senator Sinema into a bathroom, but Navarro defended the lunatics for harassing Senator Sinema because they passionately supported turning America into a socialist nation.

Navarro said the conduct was “upsetting. But if you hear what these protesters were saying, if you hear what these — and they’re not just protesters, they’re constituents of Kyrsten Sinema, they are people who supported Kyrsten Sinema, they are people who knocked on doors for Kyrsten Sinema who feel betrayed and who are telling their senator their story, and why this bill is important to them.”

Surprisingly, Cooper disagreed and called out Democrats for their hypocrisy.

Cooper asked Navarro how she would react if Trump supporters chased Nancy Pelosi into a bathroom over protests about the 2020 election.

“Ana, would you feel the same way if these were, pro — supporters of the — who felt very passionately that the election had been stolen against the former president and were following some Democrat into a bathroom while they were going to the bathroom, following Speaker Pelosi into a women’s room? I mean, would that — is it fair for anybody just because they’re passionate about something to be able to do this?” Cooper asked Navarro.

This was a rare moment of clarity and honesty on CNN.

Since the 1960s, Democrats have been the party of street protests and mob violence.

Illegal alien activists thought nothing of pursuing Senator Sinema into a bathroom because liberals think it is their job to stalk and menace public officials that do not fall in line with the socialist agenda.

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