This CNN Correspondent’s blatant bias was just exposed for all to see

If there’s one White House Correspondent who has repeatedly tangled with President Trump, it’s Jim Acosta at CNN.

Trump famously refused to call on him in a press conference saying, “You’re fake news.”

But now Acosta’s been caught red-handed covering Trump and Obama in two vastly different ways.

Kim Kardashian West joined President Trump at the White House to discuss prison reform.

But that was just too much for Jim Acosta, who mocked the idea of Kim Kardashian West discussing prison reform as “not a serious thing to have happened here at the White House.”

Watch as Acosta loses it:

“Forget about the fact that Kim Kardashian is here at the White House today and what planet that is anything resembling normal because it’s not. She shouldn’t be here talking about prison reform. It’s very nice that she is here but that’s not a serious thing to have happen here at the White House.”

But that wasn’t always the tune Jim Acosta sung about celebrities appearing at the White House to discuss Black Lives Matter and yes, — wait for it — prison reform.

When President Obama was in office, Acosta had an in-person interview with singer John Legend before the artist went on to meet with President Obama about those issues.

His dramatically different coverage of celebrities discussing hot button political issues at the White House quickly led to others mocking Acosta on Twitter.

What are your thoughts about Jim Acosta’s wildly different coverage of Presidents Obama and Trump hosting celebrities at the White House?

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