CNN delivered brutal news that showed Democrats are doomed on Election Day

Media outlets are in the process of releasing their final round of polling.

Democrats were clinging to hope they could avoid a Red wave.

But even CNN delivered brutal news that showed Democrats are doomed on Election Day.

The final CNN Midterm poll showed no glimmer of good news for Democrats.

Republicans are leading 51 to 47 on the Congressional generic ballot and just 41 percent of Americans approve of the job Joe Biden is doing as President.

The internal numbers painted an even darker picture for Democrats, as Republicans hold a 14-point advantage on the question of which Party’s voters are more enthusiastic to vote.

“Overall, 27% of registered voters say they are extremely enthusiastic about voting this year, down from 37% just ahead of the 2018 Midterm elections, and the decline in enthusiasm comes almost entirely among Democrats. Four years ago, 44% of Democratic registered voters said they were extremely enthusiastic about voting; now, just 24% say the same. Among Republicans, the number has dipped only narrowly, from 43% to 38%,” CNN reported.

The poll also highlighted the disastrous choice Democrats made by focusing their entire Midterm campaign message on abortion.

CNN’s poll found 51 percent of voters said the economy was their number-one issue.

Nothing else came close, as abortion was a distant second at just 15 percent.

“The economy and inflation are far and away the top issue for likely voters in this final stretch, with about half of all likely voters (51%) saying those will be the key issue determining their vote for Congress this year. Abortion, the second-ranking issue, lands as the top concern for 15% of likely voters,” CNN reported.

Voters who listed the economy as their number-one issue broke nearly three-to-one for Republicans.

“Those likely voters who say the economy is their top concern break heavily in favor of Republicans in their House districts, 71% to 26%. By an even wider margin, they say they trust the GOP more specifically to handle the economy and inflation (71% Republicans vs. 18% Democrats),” CNN wrote.

Democrats spent $320 million dollars on ads focusing on abortion compared to just $31 million on ads about inflation.

Democrats stopped talking about issues voters cared about and instead based their entire campaign around the hobby horses of their donor class.

And CNN’s poll shows that was one of the worst political bets in recent history.

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