CNN dropped a bombshell about the one reason Joe Biden will resign from office

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a disaster.

While Biden’s poll numbers remain stuck in the basement, America faces failures in both foreign and domestic policy.

And now CNN dropped a bombshell about the one reason Joe Biden will resign from office.

The corporate-controlled media has avoided talk of Joe Biden’s age or his severe cognitive decline ever since he launched his campaign for President back in 2019.

That’s why it came as a shock that the first left-wing media outlet to broach the subject of Joe Biden’s obvious mental unfitness for office was CNN.

Long-time CNN analyst David Gergen tried to dress up his concern in a “both sides” admonishment about Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

But it was clear who Gergen’s real target was.

“We have an election coming up in 2024, in which it is very possible that we will have Donald Trump facing off against Joe Biden. If one of those people wins the Presidency, he will be governing while he’s in his 80-year … age,” Gergen began.

Gergen then admitted what no other corporate-controlled media reporter was willing to admit, saying that when people reach the age of 80, their mental faculties decline.

Gergen also added that it was dangerous to put someone like Joe Biden – who is clearly in decline – in that position.

“We’ve never seen anything like that before. And frankly, I think it’s a real risk. You know, I just turned 80, and I can just tell you John, you lose a step. Your judgment is not quite as clear as it was. There’s a variety of other things you can’t do much about and to put somebody in that office with those kinds of vulnerabilities and giving them four years, we don’t know where things will go.”

Gergen’s comments on CNN were a continuation of what he told CBS earlier in the week when he predicted that Biden would not run for a second term in 2024 because he was too old to run for re-election.

“In my judgment, sadly, I think that President Biden’s time as an active leader will end with this term — and should end with this term,” Gergen stated.

If Americans needed evidence of Biden’s mental decline, they just needed to see one of his rare trips out of Washington to sell his agenda.

A confused Biden began screaming and shouting – random shouting is one symptom of dementia – about food shortages that occurred on his watch, but that he falsely claimed took place under Donald Trump.

Polls show a large percentage of Americans believe Joe Biden is mentally unfit for office.

And now even one of the deans of the corporate-controlled media agrees.

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