CNN got some bad news that spells doom for the network

CNN made a business decision in 2017 to go all in on declaring war on Donald Trump.

Since then, the left-wing outlet ran fake news, put conspiracy theorists on the air and turned over their programming to frothing at the mouth leftists who hate the President.

But CNN just got the bad news that spells doom for the network.

Cable news networks have a scorecard by which they are judged – ratings.

And CNN’s ratings are now a massive dumpster fire.

In the latest report, CNN doesn’t have one single show ranked in cable’s top 20 for new programming.
Breitbart reports:

Far-left CNN once again failed to place even one show in the top 20 throughout the month. With only two other cable news outlets for competition, Chris Cuomo’s primetime hour ranked the highest in November, coming in at a humiliating 23rd place with a measly average of just 1.2 million total viewers.

Fox News was so dominant in November, that every single one of its shows (other than the pre-dawn Fox & Friends First) topped every single CNN show — included Outnumbered Overtime, Fox & Friends, and The Story.

Of the top 20 shows, Fox News earned 12 of those slots, while the rest went to MSNBC. For the 8th month in a row, Sean Hannity topped the list with 3.026 million average viewers. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow came in second with 2.9 million.

Critics believe CNN’s dumpster fire ratings are caused by the network’s commitment to fake news and conspiracy theories.

CNN breathlessly reports every development in the Mueller investigation as a “bombshell” and their audience is worn out.

After so many “breaking news” reports promising dire consequences for the Trump administration, the President is still in office.

Viewers don’t like being misled or lied to.

And CNN’s trafficking in anti-Trump conspiracy theories appears to have come back to bite the liberal propaganda outlet.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

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