CNN got some bad news that spells doom for the network

CNN made a business decision in 2017 to go all in on declaring war on Donald Trump.

Since then, the left-wing outlet ran fake news, put conspiracy theorists on the air and turned over their programming to frothing at the mouth leftists who hate the President.

But CNN just got the bad news that spells doom for the network.

Cable news networks have a scorecard by which they are judged – ratings.

And CNN’s ratings are now a massive dumpster fire.

In the latest report, CNN doesn’t have one single show ranked in cable’s top 20 for new programming.
Breitbart reports:

Far-left CNN once again failed to place even one show in the top 20 throughout the month. With only two other cable news outlets for competition, Chris Cuomo’s primetime hour ranked the highest in November, coming in at a humiliating 23rd place with a measly average of just 1.2 million total viewers.

Fox News was so dominant in November, that every single one of its shows (other than the pre-dawn Fox & Friends First) topped every single CNN show — included Outnumbered Overtime, Fox & Friends, and The Story.

Of the top 20 shows, Fox News earned 12 of those slots, while the rest went to MSNBC. For the 8th month in a row, Sean Hannity topped the list with 3.026 million average viewers. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow came in second with 2.9 million.

Critics believe CNN’s dumpster fire ratings are caused by the network’s commitment to fake news and conspiracy theories.

CNN breathlessly reports every development in the Mueller investigation as a “bombshell” and their audience is worn out.

After so many “breaking news” reports promising dire consequences for the Trump administration, the President is still in office.

Viewers don’t like being misled or lied to.

And CNN’s trafficking in anti-Trump conspiracy theories appears to have come back to bite the liberal propaganda outlet.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    • Now that’s funny 😄 Joseph Goebbels ……we can only hope that all the liars —TV dip shits and left wing politicians crack head will meet the same fate that Goebbels and not enough of his friends did. Because after what these America hating A-Holes have done and continue to do to this once great country is inexcusable and they should all get what they derserve.
      Western justice or ???


  2. Why are all your stories headlined with teaser titles and we have to slog through several hundred words to find there is little to nothing there and I am only mad at the writer and editor who should know better. If I were teaching a class in journalism in a junior high school I would take the writer and editor out to the hall and give them a good paddling to go with their “F” grades.

    • Amen. Headliners should be telling the story followed by first paragraph which gives The Who, what, where
      Save the hows and why’s for later. From junior high journalism sixty-three years ago.

    • Agreed! The more sensationalized the head line the least likely am I to read it. It proves to me these news outlets are not news outlets at all. They are propagandized “read me first” ads. Some of them pull you in so they can make you read spam scams in the comment section.

  3. I agree that CNN has the most FAKE NEWS broadcasting. They think they are above REPORTING news, they just make things up, and they let Mueller, Pelosi and Schummer help them. I rather not watch, I can’t believe them.


  4. I have never watched CNN unless it was somewhere that I had no control over what channel was on. If they disappear, I could not care less.

    Phil in TX

  5. CNN is totally fake news. Having obnoxious personalities like Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota, Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter kills them. And having inane boobs like Fareed Zakaria, Don Lemon, Ana Navarro, and many others makes them a laughingstock. CNN has become a farce. FIRE JEfF ZUCKER!

      • Obviously you have bought CNN’s propaganda hook line and sinker. Ditch mainstream fake news media (MSM) and follow the real truth. There is hope for you and I pray that you wake up in time to watch the downfall of MSM and the deep state. It is coming very soon. Maybe then I will take an occasional view of MSM to watch what happens to them. The MSM is a propaganda tool that will lead to the destruction of those caught in it’s tangles of deception. It smacks of communism and their propaganda. I grew up in the cold war period and I’m aware of what propaganda truly is. Time to decide whether to take the red or blue pill and either stay in the matrix or leave it. I’ve never been more awake once I ditched cable tv and realized that I had been living in the matrix. Matrix no more for me.


          • I agree, and when they say “Happy Holidays”, I remind them that “Holiday” is a contraction of “HOLY DAY”. Of course, most of those uneducated morons don’t know what a contraction is.

  6. CNN Does NOT Care if Tv ratings sink.
    CNN has deals W/Many Public places. ie.
    US AIRPORTS & International Airports.
    PPL ‘soak’ it up like sponges.

  7. I think CNN is tanking because of the racial slurs thrown out on a fairly regular basis. Cuomo, especially Lemon, and let’s not forget Acosta tantrum throwing fits of sad rhetoric, are getting old.
    People want the truth. Not made up, edited, journalism.

  8. CNN Just is, and has been way to Fake, since Our President, informed the World he was running, till the Day he Blew them Away by winning the Presidency, CNN Take note, and some idea’s from Fox News, Go Fox yourselves!!!

  9. Fake News cnn is the Laughing Stock Joke of the industry… Thanks to ignorant leftist protesters like Acosta who suffer from Snowflakeitus and Trump Derangement Syndrome… It makes my day to watch them squirm and self distruct.

  10. CNN and MSN used to be my “go to” networks. Now they are my NEVER GO networks! Don Lemon is a bigoted blowhard that couldn’t be believed it he said it was snowing in Alaska! When news people learn to REPORT news and stifle their opinions, there might be hope. In the meantime, it’s FOX all the way!

    • You are 100% correct! I used to watch CNN until it got too nasty. FOX is the only channel that I watch now except for local news.

      • Even Fox has been hiring Liberals. They are blending in slowly, not blatantly, so we won’t notice. I fear it will become more noticeable as time goes on. They still have Sean, and Tucker, and Lou Dobbs, so as long as they are there, Conservatives can always watch them; that, and Breitbart is a Bright Light🚦for Conservatism.

        • I have notices that. We the people ought to hold them accountable. President Trump was the first President to call fake news for what it is. We should back him if we want to continue hearing the truth in the news.

        • CNN is only 2nd in line when it comes to lies and fake new…Trump is waaaaay out in front on the lying issue. Brief Bart is an extreme far-right conspiracy theorism spreader..nothing more..nothing less.

  11. All media is pretty much fake news, including Fox. The media all went to schools administered by Goebbels style propaganda experts. Goebbels for all the ignorant Americans out there was Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister.

    • Makes you wonder if George Soros is holding them since he came from that area and time, idolizing Adolf Hitler and being his snitch on the Jewish and turning them to the SS troops.

    • Great comment…and 100% true! CNN is going down fast and they can only blame themselves. Too bad they thought humiliating our President would be good coverage — it wasn’t and their actions slit their own throats. Why? Because they infuriated Americans who put P.T. in office! Now it’s CNN’s time to be dumped and humiliated!
      Next time find another target to pick on and try for once to give the REAL NEWS, NOT YOUR COLORED DOWN VERSION CNN!

    • I would like to know how this network fares overseas, though. We should be concerned if CNN influences the opinion of our President in foreign countries. Just think about that baby Trump balloon in England recently.

      • There are also a lot of people from Commonwealth Countries, and France, Germany, and Scandinavia, on comment Boards like this, who ask if we could send them Trump when he leaves office here, or if he has a brother we could send them.
        This is a worldwide concern among good people; there will always be Leftists out there, but they are still in the minority. Have faith.

        • Many of us would be willing to send Trump to them RIGHT NOW! He might need to leave due to all his federal and state crimes which could mean the rest of his life in a state prison. Most countries like Germany have their fascist leanings, and if they go that route, like Germany with Nazism and Italy, it spells dictatorship and doom.

          • Obstruction of Justice – – when he fired Comey in his own words “for the Russia probe.” Numerous charges of obstruction of justice, including Sessions (only complaint on Sessions was “recusal.” Trump foundation fraud. Campaing law violation that Cohen plead guilty to saying :at the direction of the president.” Tax laws and campaign laws in payoffs of mistresses, which he ran through his corporations as taxable write-offs, but were NOT. Probably also: perjury in his written comments to Mueller, money laundering of Russian mob money and emoluments clause violations. That is a start, no one knows how much more Mueller has on him. My Lord, he has the CFO of Trump Corp working with him – – that guys knows ALL the skeletons in the closet.

          • I’m so sick of you dumb liberals! Keep it up and we’ll be a communist country. You liberals kill babies, lie and support Hillary and her cartel! She sold our Uranium to the Russians and ran guns to Benghazi that killed good people! People who crossed her have commited “suicide.” She was aided by many
            Others like Obama, Mueller, Billy, screaming mad max whio’s brought civility to an unpresidented all time low!
            How dare you say those communist news networks lies about our President!!

      • France was just calling out for TRUMP the other day. The protesting they were chanting “We want Trump !” One guy on top of a van started it and it went really good after that. Smart people know how valuable he is. Anti-Americans hate him. You really have to be stupid to not like what Trump is doing for USA. The more BS from liberals tells you he is doing very well. Ted Cruz must also be bad news for DEM’s as they dumped loads of cash for use with his DEM opponet. I heard a record number of cash was spent by that DEM and George Soros spent as well. He still lost ! But it shows that CRUZ has to be really good if they tried so hard to get rid of him !!! Now that clown is thinking of running for President after he just lost !!! So keep in mind about Ted Cruz for the future.

        • YES Dude, France NOW KNOWS their ‘election’ Was Given/
          Stolen/’rigged’ to ‘macron’ INSTEAD of Marine LePen.
          ‘Paris Accord/Climate change/ CARBON TAX< ($7 gal per gas)
          0n hold for 6mo's. ALL 'hell' breaks Loose in Summer.
          .THANK POTUSDJT for 0UT of 'Paris ACCORD' & CARBON TAX.
          & YES. 'THEY' Chant "WE WANT TRUMP".

  12. I am 72 years old and have never seen so much hate in the news that cnn puts out on our president .what happened to the respect that we as Americans are supposed to show our president what is that doing to us in the eyes of the rest of the world and in my oppion CNN is the leader of all this I now turn them off Gary

    • Im 77 and I agree also.. CNN is worst real news outlet in the world. They are and have been worst fake news purveyor on earth… They will fail soon. Dumpster material, kitty litter.


      • In the Trump world it is all shades of grey, as most Trumpers are whiners, complainers, angry and never accept responsibility while ALWAYS pointing their fingers of blame at others. RR is extremely biased and CNN’s ratings will improve – – they had no choice after Trump declared war on them and their people. The media has rallied from Trump’s attacks and it was extremely foolish to attack some of the best investigative journalists of the press. Now they will turn their skills to uncover the entire corruption of the GOP, like during elections and their gerrymandering, thwarting the will of the voters. Nixon and Trump, two of the most corrupt presidents of ALL TIME.

        • Wow reality check!! Trump is doing everything to bring back our country with jobs, lower taxes, the demoncrats are so dumb and rich they think we can afford all those taxes! They bring in illegal criminals to vote for them because conservatives aren’t as stupid as you. And by the way, your obumer will go down in history, if you baby killers, don’t win and we have a history, as the most racist president of all time.

        • If we seem angry, then here is a reality check. It is because you stupid liberals are pissing us off! Enough of your warped thinking. Time to fight fire with fire!You can’t back up even one single thing you say. Until you give FACTS, not your rhetoric, you are not relevant.

          • Randy Miller, reality check is a TROLL and constantly regurgitates liberal Dem talking points. That parrot has never had an original thought in “its” empty head. Just discount it as you would a empty dumpster! Is still amazing to me that they bother to write comments!

    • I call bs…. they report nothing of true fact… they do not use fact checkers and have allowed they’re on air personalities to voice they’re personal opinion instead of reporting the news accurately… they are biased democrat puppets!!!

    • J.C., Surely you jest because if you seriously believe your comment, you can expect lifetime commitment to a mental institution!
      Do you ever look at polls of the media? I thought not, maybe after 15 or 20 years of serious drugs and shock treatments your shrink will explain all of this to you! In the meantime, take two aspirin and lie down until your straight jacket gets there.

      • Cheap shot, M, have you looked at the record low ratings on Trump? If you point to the polls of media, then the polls also have a lot to say about unpopularity of Trump. You might need those mental health treatments more.

        • Ric B, New Harvard poll shows DJT approval 46%. So, that being a liberal polling, we all know it is several points higher, oh yes we do and you do too, little brainwashed snowflake!

    • And, how is your ANTIFA picnic plans coming, JC? Congrats on your propaganda posting, your check is in the mail. BTW, you don’t have to click your heels together every time you stand up, and please control your arm as it doesn’t look good to have it shoot upward all the time.

    • J.C> you sir are the DUMBEST person on Planet Earth, there is absolutely no point in saying any thing else, YOU ARE JUST PLAIN DIRT DUMB

    • What planet do you live on. Planning to go to Mars? Is hot up there.
      You are totally, beyond WRONG about CNN and MSNBC being the best news…they are the very best: “FAKE NEWS”. They have caused many un-informed voters to believe their FAKE News, thus, voting for the Fake News which is a bunch of bull. Therefore, President Trump and others lost these votes. Anyone really interested in voting SHOULD-NOT watch CNN.. or MSNBC. I, NEVER, and I repeat, I NEVER watch either show, EVER !!

    • What is most frightening is that there are actually poor misguided idiots like JC who actually believe the lies that the left wing scum at CNN pollute the media with.

    • I feel sorry for you. You must be numb on drugs. Dump your drugs and open your eyes real wide and start using your brain whatever is left of it, Con News Network and More Shit News Bull Crap, deletes, edits and lies about the truth in their reports.

    • What planet did you say you are from? Is your planet where they believe this crap is factual news? Because here on Earth, normal people with at least one functioning hemisphere of their brain recognize it for what it is: Far Left Propoganda, meant to mislead and deceive people about what’s really happening out there. Kinda like Earth’s public schools and Universities.

  14. Don Lemmon, a gay man, who has sucked the cock of every Tom Dick & Harry in New York and sleeps each night with his White Gay Partner then goes on CNN to condemn all White Men we know how irresponsible, immoral, and fuc*ed up his mind is and how much contempt CNN executives have for the American public they count on for the ratings that keep them relevant…I have not watched CNN for more than 8 years since Lemmon and his lemmings fuc* our minds with their LGBT Bull Shit to see how far they can push the envelop—it’s time to shut this POS network down!

      • So, Larry, do I understand you to say that Trump, as opposed to America and it’s people, are separate and mutually exclusive? Because you have had way too much Kool-Ade if you believe that! Name one other President in the last 100 years that has done more for the economy, the security, and the morale of the American people than he has. Just one. No, you cant? I didn’t think so.

        • All the other presidents are better than Trump. Speaking of the economy, we are seen signs of it going down, especially given that Trump stirs instability by his comments about tariffs with China. His deficit spending and deregulations are just like G. W. Bush, which caused the Great Recession of 2008. Many economists are predicting a bear market and bad financial times. The morale of the American people (?) – – Trump has 60% of Americans rate his performance as UNFAVORABLE!

  15. Breitbart or CRTV/THE BLAZE should offer them a few hundred dollars to Buy them out, since they’re practicality worthless. That would make a splash for their ratings, after everyone is fired.

  16. Communist News Network, Clinton News Network, Comedy News Network, Pravda CNN, but not a legitimate News Network. ..just Fake News.

    • Yes CNN is fake news because they hate Trump and Republicans. I guess they hate America or they would not report all the lies.


  18. CNN was never elected to any office to help run the country. They were never appointed to a cabinet position. No one cares about their opinions on any issue of the day. News flash, you have no authority, we do not want your arrogant, self righteous know nothings in our lives anymore. Stop trying to be the news and go back to reporting the news. If you do, I am still done, will not watch you anymore.

    • Neither do I. Thirty years ago it was top notch. Now anyone who watches CNN wastes his/her time or is brain dead.
      Pure lunacy.

    • what Trump should you with that white hs. reporter who wouldn’t shut up, put him in the back row and never let him ask questions to Sara about Trump,
      maybe CNN will learn not to sue the Pres.

  19. FCC should file charges or at least suspend them from the public airways for false reports. All day, every day, all liberal lies. It would be one thing not to like the President and report the bad news only but to twist the truth into a lie and then present it as the truth is FAKE NEWS. They are doing exactly what the President said while campaigning and still says. They lie about the evidence and statements in the Mueller investigation and more to the border and beyond. Fake News at its finest but there are still people that actually believe it because they hate this president too. Why I don’t think they even know. In reality, he has done nothing but good for all unless they listen to news like CNN, FAKE NEWS based on lies. Again, the FCC should remove them from the public airways…

    • CNN is a poor excuse for a news station. They need to be taken off the television all together. It stinks big time. Mostly because it talks bad about my president Donald J Trump.

    • Agreed! It’s more like a gossip column. The more they lie, the more positive publicity our president gets. Yes, the FCC should pull their license.

  20. CNN has been caught so many times faking news stories and yet there are people that still watch. Then you have idiots like Acosta and Cuomo who were apparently spoiled as children and never really grew out of it. Anytime I happen to be passing by the station looking for a different channel I see these whiny faces from both the liars and their guests. As far as MSNBC, who in their right mind would watch the morning schmoe and his slutty wife or the dyke at night Maddow? Chris Mathews is bad enough. Apparently enough people watch those phonies to make me understand how it is so many people are so ignorant.

  21. CNN in 10 words 9 are lies One is a truth For example CNN was taking the truth about how the DNC was planning to plays as a Presidential candidate either Beto O’berk of Texas or Andrew Gillum of Florida for Presidential candidate in 2020 and were very sad that both lost the election


  22. If all it did was fake news, that would be bad enough…however cnn is worse than fake news. CNN censors news that would show how corrupt the “democrats” are. They do not include news that shows individual democrats that were arrested, are going to be arrested, or are sent to jail. They censor bad news when it relates to the democrats. THAT alone, is reason enough to ban CNN from the white house. They should lose their broadcasting license. Or they should be treated like any tabloid and have to air disclaimers.


    • It is difficult to believe CNN even has a viewership. The haters on that channel should not be able to identify as news reporters. They don’t report anything but lies and hate and that will eventually kill CNN.

  23. If I accidentally tune to CNN, I try to never turn the TV off without changing the cable channel first. Must not contribute to their ratings in any way.

  24. it is Time that that hack station gets of the air, I’m so tired of the gripper’s the are like old lady’s and sit around and gossip special that PLASTIC IDIOT THE WIFE OF GOOD MORNING JOE SHE NEED`S SOME MORE EYE SURGERY THE WRINKLES ARE COMING BACK TED TURNER IS NOT HAPPY I BET YOU

    • Oh yes this is not news at all just a bunch of liberals promoting the NWO globalist platform. What do bad they get so many facts wrong, and apparently know anything about our history, bill of rights, immigration laws not even basic knowledge. Their ideas of news is pushing a one eyed agenda, Goebbels ”Nazis”, misleading the public with untruths, and attacking alternatives , and demoniing our great President I have not had any American.Network News services for 6 years now. Why you say? Because they all have the same agenda. Socialidm

  25. It is time people understand they don’t report news but try to make news. It isn’t about them also news should not be about some news person opinions.
    I don’t watch CNN and it has been several years since I did. Haven’t missed them!

    • In 2008 I grabbed my flatscreen TV, walked out behind the house and THREW it into the canal. In all honesty, I haven’t watched TV since…😁😃

    • CNN is the Clinton news network. Maybe they are dieng just like the Clinton’s. Getting rid of acousta would be a step in the right direction. All of America is not gay and maybe we don’t like to hear your opinion. Try reporting the truth for a change or run some Yogi bear cartoons instead of Don the lemon head.

  26. How CNN lures advertisers is a real mystery to me! I make it a point to avoid CNN ads whenever, by error, I tune in the Channel. I would expect this channel to be found offensive by any serious viewer. They should be shunned by any selective viewer who seeks truthful information.

  27. Stop watching, there constant attacks and twisted words are tiring, it’s funny how they change a few words to change meaning of what Trump says, but the people are seeing there left wing agenda.

  28. CNN is no longer,(hasn’t been for a LONG TIME), a ‘news’ outlet. They ARE the propaganda machine of the NWO/Globalists. They’re all nothing but a gaghle of geese, come together to see who has the ‘JUICIEST LIES’ to share about our President. You can almost see them salivating, drooling in anticipation! THAT’S what the NWO/Globalist propaganda machines are, NOTHING MORE. BTW, acosta, you’re a HACK. 🤡😜🤪🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤😂😂

    • I feel the same way about Fox …Conspiracies and Propaganda!!! The only one I watch on
      Fox is Shep Smith he is the only one with common scense! I don’t like Hannity, Tucker, Lou Dobbs (I use to but not anymore) I think they are rude and I don’t like their professionalism!! They put a pit in my stomach to hear their BS!!
      The President lies so much that they sprew his lies like it is the gospel, TRump is “Don the Con” !!! I can’t wait when the nightmare is over!!!!

      • Seems like the same things that were said about Obumma when he was ruining our country…its taking a strong man like Trump to fix it now…never have we heard things like what is said about a sitting president…no respect in this country at all…and lies abound. If I would have talked about a president like the people do today my parents would have slapped my face and I would have deserved it.

      • Imginga you don’t get out much do you. For 8 nasty years we had to deal with Obama and his agenda of trying to make us a third world nation. He had no balls. he bowed to an Arabic King, made red lines in the sand and when they were crossed he did nothing. The man was failure with in spades. Thank God we have a President now who has done more for this country in 2 years than Obama did in 8 yrs. Trump does not lie like Obama did such as “you can keep your doctor” etc. Wake up Imginga and look at the truth for once.

        • Cajun, you don’t seem to get out much either, because Trump has just bowed and kissed the butt of murderer the Saudi Prince, MBS! In addition, Trump bows and scrapes and kisses butt with Putin, Did you see at the G-20 how the Saudi Prince and Putin gave each other enthusiastic High-5s in how they have made a joke of Trump and the USA? Trump had no allies at G-20, and is embarrassing this country in the world standing.

      • Rachel’s looks alone I can’t look at. She is ugly. Then add her liberal BS and that results in the brown that comes out of her bottom. CNN=Crappy News Network. PMSNBC that is a good one. Rachel looks like she is having hers every day. PMS-NBC.

      • Imginga, thanks for your response. We needed a really good example of what happens to ones brain when you do way to much illegal drugs. You most likely are being used by those clinics that help mentally disturbed people. They say, see Imginga, and what happened to her ?! This is why we have this mental illness clinic is to help people like her ! Many LIBS however get sent to their VET clinic for help and are put to sleep. So your lucky Imginga, they have a room for you.

  29. Fox is the ONLY news I watch but no matter where I go in public, for example, doctor’s appointments or even a hospital or restaurant; EVERYBODY is watching the politically correct bullshit stations. It makes me sick and I CAN’T WAIT TO GET OUT OF THOSE PLACES!

          • Dan T., I heard demon d. had escaped from prison! She got 9 years for impersonating a human plus 8 years for false testimony claiming the Democrat party is truthful!
            I am calling law enforcement about her right now. They had better get there before antifa or some other altleft group. They will hide her!
            Dan T., would you like to wager as to whether demon d. chimes in scolding me and attempting to be all dignified and refined?

          • no matter if Diane is back, she will not harm the exciting bromance of Dan and M! Perhaps you react so much against her and Maddow because it cuts too close to home?

          • Dan T., Ric B insinuated Demon D. is a lesbian, he mentioned her name in a comment about Maddow that sounded a lot like they have a thing going on!
            He thinks you and I have a bromance, would he be shocked if he could see our beautiful ladies! Ric B is probably so ugly no male or female would give him the time of day!

        • Diane you are a moron and a sleazy piece of shit. Go take a midol and go lick a turd. I make more sense when I fart than you do when you post. You commie bastards are not going to win We will drive you trash for ok if his country. I would like to kick your ass and give you a golden shower.

          • Margaret King, Pay no attention to demon diane. She is so far off the rails she couldn’t find her own butt in the dark with both hands.
            Those of us who have been on conservative sites for some time recognize she is a wee little peon who thinks she is a mental giant but, only a legend in her own mind. Poor thing, thinks she knows everything about everything but, I would say if she can’t find her own butt, she’s in a very diminished capacity.
            Hang in there, Margaret!

          • M Margaret is feeling the frustration of liberal prentending to wrap themselves in the flag and whining about fascism and against personal success. You and I ignore demonane.
            Margaret will see through the fog and ignore idiots.

          • Dan T., Margaret will be fine and will stand strong with us. She will soon let liberal crap roll off her back into a smelly heap on the floor. Demon d. bothered me at first, I could not believe there were such irredeemable people but, yes, YES THERE ARE!

        • She is a liberal Democrat and from California most likely. If she doesn’t like Trump then why not return the tax break she receives?

          • Ron, Demon Diane is on welfare, her free stuff is going away and she doesn’t even know what the tax reform might mean to her. She sounds and under performs like a liberal from CA however, I think her home is the bowels of the earth.

        • you must be a antifa retard, hello stupid, we the people voted Trump for president, we didn’t want the murdering Hillary, for president, for more Obuma economic depression, Russian collusion, email cover up, what did she have to hide, she didn’t do anything wrong, did she ?????

  30. It’s tactics our forces and agencies you on the battlefield to help our warriors to win. Phys/Ops disinformation and other tactics used to disrup the enemy. End.

    • Most Trumpons don’t like comedy, they are too busy being nasty and whiny, and don’t release stress by comedy. That is why comedy central, late night TV, SNL and most comedians tend not to be conservatives – – Trumpons don’t have a functional sense of humor or intellectual sense at all.

      • reality check, You are spending entirely too much time obsessing over DJT supporters. You should call Maddow for a date, go out, live a little, for a change.
        It’s okay, we won’t miss you!

  31. It goes without saying that CNN et all have become the laughing stock of the cable news network. They are a prime example of how to take a good hard reporting organization and turn it into mush.

  32. As a Canadian, and a news junkie for many years, let me give you my take on CNN, a News Channel once highly respected and one of whom, Anderson Cooper, was near my favourite. I haven’t watched CNN since the American Federal Election and the first few months, such a hatred and disdain flows out towards the voter, such a hatred flows into the White House, such a sadly partisan overall feeling comes from CNN that I NEVER even turn it on anymore, CNN has lost all credibility, as has Anderson Cooper, he looks pinched and cold and mean, frankly I could care less if I ever see either him or CNN again, and I truly believe that in the next election you will have egg all over your faces, collectively.

  33. CNN is completely irresponsible and without integrity — CNN does not Get It!
    Hillary is incompetent, egotistical, one of the worst Crooks and Obama was one of the very worst Presidents with an anti-American and anti-Semitic bias while both Lincoln and Trump have been the most vilified based on mostly ‘False News’ and they are our Greatest Presidents to Date! Go Maga to benefit our Citizens and Country despite the MSM-lies and anti-American ideology of the Globalists, Progressives and Democrats that only care about their Power and not the welfare of our Country & its Citizens!

    Good Riddance to a dishonest TV Network, CNN!

    • Byron, you really, really need to do more research on the tyrant lincoln. He was a war criminal, a mass murderer, a liar, and much worse. I could give you a lot of examples. But it would serve you better to do the research on your own. The tyrant lincoln was, without question, the worst POTUS in our history.


        • Beverly, while I am in 100% agreement on your assessment of obozo, I can assure that even all the bad things he did, and there were many, obozo was still not as bad as the tyrant lincoln. I have studied that time period for 18+ years. We have never had another POTUS, before or after the tyrant lincoln who was as bad as the tyrant lincoln.

      • Don’t believe everything you read. Possibly racist publications or Marxist publications wishing to trash the USA. Don’t read into KKK propaganda history reviews.

  34. Everybody with half a functioning brain or more knows that CNN epitomizes “Fake News” and have turned them off forever. I feel sorry for the advertisers who’ve remained with them, as they are getting a raw deal.

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