CNN host accused Trump of this unthinkable crime

CNN is the home base for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The fake news network routinely airs hoaxes and lies in order to drive down President Trump’s political standing.

But one recent broadcast saw CNN accuse Trump of this unthinkable crime.

Liberals were furious when President Trump pulled the United States out of Obama’s job-killing Paris Global Warming accords.

Obama promoted the conspiracy theory that human beings are causing climate change and therefore the United States needed to restrict economic growth and redistribute the nation’s wealth to the third world.

CNN anchors and so-called “journalists” were furious.

Their morning show “New Day” ran a segment accusing Trump of killing 80,000 Americans every decade.

Breitbart reports:

“On the same day Trump was discussing [Hurricane] Florence, his EPA proposed rolling back restrictions on emissions of methane. That’s just the latest environmental policy targeted by the Trump administration,” Avlon stated.

He went on to note how two Harvard scientists claimed Trump’s policies and getting the country out of the Paris Climate Agreement could lead to 80,000 deaths every decade.

“It is so bad according to two Harvard scientists said it could lead to 80,000 unnecessary deaths every decade,” said Avlon. “Warmer water means more intense storms. When President Trump called Hurricane Florence tremendously wet, he was actually on to something.”

He later concluded, “This isn’t rocket science, folks, it’s climate science. And as long as we continue to aggressively ignore it, the cost in lives and dollars will escalate. That’s your reality check.”

This is straight up lunacy.

Is this the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome you have ever seen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. The thing I can’t make sense of is liberals are so anxious for the new world order. Do they not have enough sense to realize that when the UN takes charge of the world, as is the plan, that they will lose everything they have, just like the rest of us. Obama promised them control of all US waterways, no matter how small. He promised them the right to tax all US citizens. He promised them they could try those in the military, that they felt were committing “war crimes”,and the UN says Americans have to much space, so they want to turn millions of acres into land that Americans will never be allowed to step foot on. They feel no one needs more than 200 sq feet of living space, so they are designing these houses for us to live in. All Obama wants is to be the next UN Secretary, so he can control all of it. I almost forgot they will also be allowed to control all of our guns. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want no parts of that for my children and grandchildren. Lucky us, we even get to fund it all. The best thing we could do is get out of the UN altogether, and strongly encourage them to move out of the US.

  2. Did you even read what they wanted from America? Thirteen trillion dollar and more restrictions on us than any other country. Third world countries were given a pass on restrictions. Now I suggest you go fund the Paris accord. Stupid leftist, all for spending other people’s money.

  3. did it ever occur to you that they are making millions from the taxpayer ,why would they no join .they have made million why would they give it up .think about .OLD VET

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