CNN host accused Trump of this unthinkable crime

CNN is the home base for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The fake news network routinely airs hoaxes and lies in order to drive down President Trump’s political standing.

But one recent broadcast saw CNN accuse Trump of this unthinkable crime.

Liberals were furious when President Trump pulled the United States out of Obama’s job-killing Paris Global Warming accords.

Obama promoted the conspiracy theory that human beings are causing climate change and therefore the United States needed to restrict economic growth and redistribute the nation’s wealth to the third world.

CNN anchors and so-called “journalists” were furious.

Their morning show “New Day” ran a segment accusing Trump of killing 80,000 Americans every decade.

Breitbart reports:

“On the same day Trump was discussing [Hurricane] Florence, his EPA proposed rolling back restrictions on emissions of methane. That’s just the latest environmental policy targeted by the Trump administration,” Avlon stated.

He went on to note how two Harvard scientists claimed Trump’s policies and getting the country out of the Paris Climate Agreement could lead to 80,000 deaths every decade.

“It is so bad according to two Harvard scientists said it could lead to 80,000 unnecessary deaths every decade,” said Avlon. “Warmer water means more intense storms. When President Trump called Hurricane Florence tremendously wet, he was actually on to something.”

He later concluded, “This isn’t rocket science, folks, it’s climate science. And as long as we continue to aggressively ignore it, the cost in lives and dollars will escalate. That’s your reality check.”

This is straight up lunacy.

Is this the worst case of Trump Derangement Syndrome you have ever seen?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. The thing I can’t make sense of is liberals are so anxious for the new world order. Do they not have enough sense to realize that when the UN takes charge of the world, as is the plan, that they will lose everything they have, just like the rest of us. Obama promised them control of all US waterways, no matter how small. He promised them the right to tax all US citizens. He promised them they could try those in the military, that they felt were committing “war crimes”,and the UN says Americans have to much space, so they want to turn millions of acres into land that Americans will never be allowed to step foot on. They feel no one needs more than 200 sq feet of living space, so they are designing these houses for us to live in. All Obama wants is to be the next UN Secretary, so he can control all of it. I almost forgot they will also be allowed to control all of our guns. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want no parts of that for my children and grandchildren. Lucky us, we even get to fund it all. The best thing we could do is get out of the UN altogether, and strongly encourage them to move out of the US.

  2. Did you even read what they wanted from America? Thirteen trillion dollar and more restrictions on us than any other country. Third world countries were given a pass on restrictions. Now I suggest you go fund the Paris accord. Stupid leftist, all for spending other people’s money.

  3. did it ever occur to you that they are making millions from the taxpayer ,why would they no join .they have made million why would they give it up .think about .OLD VET

  4. CNN Con-Artists, Not News, loses more viewers every day. There are now rated below reruns of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. They are so irrelevant. Sadly if it weren’t for President Trump being who he is, they would have already been bankrupt. They have been morally bankrupt for years, now they just need to fold up their tent and go home. CNN has the program called New Day? They forgot to add the last part of the moniker, “Same old Sh-t!”

  5. CNN needs to fold up and go home… before someone gets hurt. They’re variety of Trump Derangement Syndrome is likely to affect wackos out there who will act on the encouragement. I therefore see this organization as an enemy to the USA. As a Naval Officer I swore an oath to support and defend the US Constitution from all enemies. I consider the liberal media to be enemies and therefore will do all I can to get them shut down! Captain Jim Green US Veteran

  6. You’re a lover of one world order aren’t you? Stands to reason that your comments directly reflect the idiocy of following others like the sheep you all are. America is a great country because the founding fathers were tired of tearany. Why do liberals/democrats feel compelled to return the country back into anotner England?
    America was, and always will be, far superior in every corner of the globe because of who we are as a nation.
    You’d be smart to remember this instead of trying to tear her down every time you open your mouth.

  7. The Fake News would report that President Trump caused the great flood and claim that he personally directed Noah to hand pick the ‘right animals’ for his ark. Then perpetuate that story for at least two weeks of 24/7 coverage if they thought it would increase advertising revenue. It would only take one media outlet to break the story. The others would parrot that scoop to the world as originating from a credible, anonymous source.

  8. Folks, the Democrats and other lefties are not stupid and they are not idiots. They know precisely what they are doing. They have their collective strategy down pat and they all follow that strategy and their common agenda.

    Their leading characteristic is that they are EVIL! They have no character, they are devoid of morals and, from top to bottom, they go by Karl Marx’s dictum that the end justifies the means.

  9. Has anyone considered that every other country in the world have joined the Paris treaty but USA alone has resigned????
    So they all must be evil communists and lunatics…?????
    Isn’t it great to glorify delusional life in blissful ignorance? ????

  10. of course bthey did not they do not beleive in the book just climate change ,the onl change is the change in my pocket that they can not have .it goes i a jar then i change it to dollars don’t make much cense well thats climate change just BS OLDF VET

  11. This former refugee from a communist hell translates CNN as the Communist News Network – then it is much clearer what they write about.

  12. michael, Is Maxine Waters your mother?Your IQ is exact the same level as hers, yep, low single digits, about a 3. Most liberals are so much more intelligent when their mouth is shut and their hands are not typing, please be quiet and still for the balance of your worthless life!

  13. James, That comment is so clever and is probably true because they are like androids with the exact same program. No wonder they all spew the same hate filled rhetoric day after day.

  14. The Leftists are following Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s advice on eliminating political opposition:
    “Vilify, vilify! Something will stick!” and using his: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    “…the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious.” — Joseph Goebbels

  15. Just what I was about to write. I’ll just throw my support toward everything you just wrote. I must say that I cannot understand one thing here and that would be just how can these people exist from day to day, being dumber than a rock. Who keeps them alive, gets them from point A to point B, keeps them nourished, bathed and dressed. I cannot find one redeeming quality in the bunch of them all rolled into one, much less individually. If this is what our source of news and information that concerns our daily lives comes form then we are all in danger of being mislead by fake news and the personal opinions of these lickspittles. I DO NOT care for that.


  17. Why ever in the world did they need to meet in person. Couldn’t they have met on Algores’ famous invention, the internet. Seems a gross waste of jet fuel..

  18. Remember the global cooling in the seventies? I’m still waiting for that man made disaster, we were warned by “climate scientists” the earth would be covered by a sheet of ice.

  19. We all know that the Dumbocrats will try to blame Mr.Trump for everything! I guess global climate nchange is his fault too! What a bunch of jokers the Dems are!

  20. Wow!! Just a tad elitist, huh? And dems say they are tolerant and inclusive. Just another one of millions of lies from the left. Posers all.

  21. john, Well, you really need help, bad! You are a Chicken Little “the sky is falling” kinda guy. Worse still you are a deaf dumb blind stupid Dem lib with TDS and so many Dems suffer from it I wonder if it will effect the climate adversely???

  22. The answer to this so-called problem is simple. We all know by now that Al Gore invented the internet, right? We also know that he is deeply involved in this assumption that humans rather than nature are causing Global Warming/Climate change. Really? (Like we never had climate change before) However with all his mystic powers why don’t we ask Mr. Gore to intercede on our behalf and just put a halt to climate change/global warming? Problem solved and it didn’t make us poorer and all those polluting third world rat-holes richer.

  23. Father God gave humans freewill. God does not preordain our choices, yet he knows the choices we will make. God has a perfect plan where everyone gets exactly what the choose. Choose God’s way or Satin’s way, choose wisely.

  24. CNN Liars club. Who the heck are these two wacko’s, CNN still scraping bottom hiring yes men doing their filthy work on open TV. Love it. Sicko’s at work.If there are any normal Dems left don’t believe this garbage.

  25. Just thinking that CNN could get anything right is a very far stretch. Listening and acting on what CNN says “absolute insanity.” lets see, CNN has carried at least ten wild stories as get Trump stories and each has been proven wrong so they think it is logical that we believe them now? Hmmmn.

  26. I cannot believe this kind of crap coming from the left (again,again and again) but this time you really are off your rocker. You blame President Trump about weather because he came out of the climate accords, correct? So does it also mean that if Trump had remained in the accords, we would “NOT” have had these Hurricanes?????
    The logic of the left astounds me. How to justify stupidity!! PERIOD!

  27. CNN is one of the most liberal, lying media in America. They make up news, assume everyone else is stupid, and brainwash those who refuse to think for themselves. Al Gore has made millions off people who are stupid enough to listen to him. He and his liberal friends talk about our cars polluting the air but fly their high fuel using planes everywhere. Shows what idiots they assume we are.

  28. So you actually believe that President Trump is responsible for “climate change”? Wow, I guess you’ve missed all those stories about how the meteorologists and weather scientists have been falsifying data to fit their views. The one and only reason why these people want to push this agenda is to separate you from your wallet, in the form of carbon taxes. So, as they say, a fool and his money are soon parted. Good luck.

  29. O’vomit, the worst thing that ever happened to America, Trump, the worst thing that ever happened to our environment. We need help real bad!

  30. I don’t know how old you are Leon, but I’m in my 60s and I clearly remember as a child hearing about climate change…the earth was getting colder, we were moving into a new ice age. I also remember learning about how polluted the air was in the early industrial revolution. One of the “proofs” for evolution was suppose to be about these white moths showing up against soot blackened tree trunks. Then I learned that scientists had to glue the moths on the trees to photograph them because the moths didn’t hang out there naturally. I guess scientists aren’t nearly as empirical as they make themselves out to be. That said, our air quality is greatly improved over what it was. We should always be looking for better stewardship of our earth. But I’m afraid that solar flares and volcanoes have exponentially more to do with our weather than redistribution of the wealth as others here, have already stated.

  31. Scientists are always shouting WOLF… When I was in grade school many, many years ago, scientist said that about half of the State of Oregon was under the Pacific Ocean. So if that is true, then whatever is responsible for giving us the Beautiful, Green, Mountainous State of Oregon. Without the changing weather Oregon would still be under the ocean. Sceintist have also been telling us most of our lives that California is slowly sinking into the Pacific. That used to bother me, but not much anymore. Who would miss probably the MOST LIBERAL USELESS STATE IN THE NATION?

  32. It’s very sad to witness such ignorance and stupidity……of course there is climate change……and humans are maybe 1% of the problem…..the private sector is already building solar, wind, and electric to help fix the !% problem……but don’t take my money to flush down the climate toilet!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. “Real Scientists”,the people that brought you 2 of the biggest myths ever taught in school. Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. I don’t believe either of them and I sure don’t believe them about global warming!

  34. AS far as climate change, there are charts that were developed by a Harvard astrophysicist named Willie Soon that show a direct correlation between earth’s temp increases and solar flare activity. When you take the same temp change graph and pair it with records of CO2 emissions, there is absolutely no match. Even if the progressive left scientists know this, they won’t be talking about it as they don’t want to confuse us with the facts.

  35. Chicken Little the sky is falling and I think it fell on the heads of the hate filled CNN Global terrorists….In contrast Roe vs. Wade killed over 60 MILLION children over the last 45 years and that bozos comes out to how many per decade? You should actually report real news and go back to study weather history and how many people have been killed in the past by weather, put it in your fake computers and see what you morons come up with. That tsunami in the east killed how many people? Galveston how many people? Moro Coast how many? And now you sickos blame it one President Trump? GFYAH

  36. Long time Christian, but something I like to throw out to other Christians when they say “God is in control,”: So if what you say is true, that God controls when a person’s time is up, then He preordained the choices people make to live where they live where natural disasters may occur, to eat foods that make them terminally ill, or to kill another person. Some very brilliant Christians believe that God has in fact preordained our choices. Of course that would make it a supernatural mystery how it is that at some level we exercise free will. Can’t begin to explain that. All I know is if we’re going to claim God is in control, then we must be open to the possibility that He has preordained our choices.

  37. As a resident of the Texas Gulf coast and someone who has been through numerous hurricanes from Beulah on, it’s more the category of the storm than whether it’s going to hit two miles north or south of any given point that’s important. A category 1 or 2 is a good hard blow, board everything up, make sure you have water and kerosene and plenty of dry ice; a 4 or 5? Board everything up, load the car and head inland. Of course, if you live in an area prone to flooding, get out regardless. But heading inland costs money on gas, hotels, eating out. And when that storm weather “experts” said would hit as a monster 5 ends up being downgraded to a tropical storm before it hits and you’re in debt for two days worth of traveling with two cranky kids and a crankier husband, you just might not be so willing to take to heart what the professional forecasters say the next time around. All i’m asking is that the weather people not grandstand and sensationalize these storms. Just tell it like it is. Exactly like it is. People need to be able to believe the news in these instances at the very least and putting these flakey reporters on scene who are shouting and going crazy over 50 mph winds that are ripping a flimsy cloth awning doesn’t help the weather station’s credibility. Seriously, lives could be at stake during these times, tell the truth. Nothing but the truth. Even if it means saying “we’re just not sure”.

  38. GOD controls the weather and when a person’s time is up, President Trump does not
    Our days are numbered as the hairs on our head; and if we were involved in this global warming deal there would still be the same number of deaths each year as those persons time is up., and we would still have the storms that God has placed up on climate to have. If there are more storms…read revelations last book in the bible states there will be smore storms, rumors of war, Jersuleaum will be capital once again of Isreal; people will turn against people, nation against nation etc. America should be looking out for China not Russia, as China is the big white bear of the north mentioned in revelations and also book of Daniels So stop blaming our president for all that is happening, and start taking not of the times we live in, end times are drawing closer PERIOD. you never blamed Obama for high medical insurance cost, or going AWOL with every crisis that occurred, yep he left went on a trip or off to play golf……….where was he during Benghazi which he and Hillary said they thought was a video, and yet they knew it was not a video. they need to be held accountable ??? how many bills did he pass without them going through Congress…….most of them…………..Wake up America do not vote democrats whose goal is to hurt Americans and our nation, who have lied, cheated, robbed the tax payers money to be used in pay to play slush fund, redecorating of their office, apartments, homes, flying plan home and us paying gas money Nancy P she is very crooked wasting so much of our money…so many more, time for each democrat be held accountable for what they do, or don’t do. democrats okay dirty, Republicans obey rules, have morals and standards for every day life, help people in need, Get out in Nov and VOTE REPUBLICAN

  39. Your brains are filled with right-wing groupthink Faux News and cultist propaganda . . . you get hysterically upset if anyone manages to express a thought different from yours. Like Diane or anyone else. Many of you are ate up by conspiracy BS, paranoia and right-wing slogans that keep you from thinking that maybe the wealthy people keep you occupied so that you don’t see them ripping off the tax system and paying less taxes than a middle class family.

  40. She is not, Harlow, she is pestering the people that support a criminal and a proven con man, and no decent people would do that!

  41. Jesus, Fr. Tom, meterology is a proven science! I know you are old and probably not up on the latest science, but the reason weather forecasting is not completely accurate is because there are so many complex factors that can come into play that adjust the conditions. I really get tired of non-experts who think they know more than people who devote their careers to this research and studies. If meterology was not a science, how did we know almost exactly where and when the Hurricane was gong to hit the Carolinas?

  42. Right on Judy, maybe these moronic human beings should look at this statistic since they value life so much: 58,586,256 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973. And that was done by liberals. That’s 13,019,168 every 10 years. That equals .006% of the 80,000 fictional numbers the liberals quote. Over 58 million known dead babies, and you can overlook that without the slightest concern, but get all lathered up about 80,000 fictional deaths. You morons will consent to over 13 million confirmed infant deaths, but worry about 80,000 fictional ones! HYPOCRITES< DEN OF VIPERS<

  43. Thank you for that statement. This may sound cold and heartless but if I am given a choice of 80,000 deaths every decade over not having a job I choose death. The majority of the deaths would be the elderly with lung problems like me. I never worked in a coal mine are around one, I never smoked, never worked in any industry that polluted the air and I cannot today walk five steps because of lung failure. Weather IS NOT a proven science. If it was weather forecast would be far more accurate.

  44. People lets play the game by the rules cnn has set . Lets start using the same tactic’s on them , ( some one said he did this or she did that ) stole money , having an affair , ect . What good for the goose , should be good for the gander , and see how they like it .

  45. Don’t you at least need a GED to be able to speak on behalf of a tv show? I seriously don’t know how these crazies can actually keep a job. They sure don’t report news. They should be labeled fabricators.

  46. Expand your horizons! Actually research geologic climate change & find out what the true data is, Diane, instead of relying on others to tell you what you must believe.

  47. I really liked how at the Paris meeting all of the airports were full of private jets.Including Al Gores Gulf Stream rental jet, which creates more of a carbon footprint than a average American makes in whole calendar year. Most arrived in private jet. Imagine the footprint just that meeting left. The elite, DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO! Ridiculous.

  48. once again CNN news anchors do what they do best “LIE ” CNN should loose their license and be shut down !! i am sick and tired of the daily lies !!!!

  49. Yep. Too much Hot AIR From BOTH ENDS. Bwar Har har.
    &&& per the
    ‘big 6”swinkies’ ie. dr(iane) snott27.ricB,latner,tonja
    + All libs.

  50. M. commenting re this subject matter
    Is Insidious per idiots. ok enuff.
    & deleting blog immediately, so not
    coming back for review.
    > See you on next one, & hope you saved
    some blogs from past few days for review.
    > i named the ‘big 5’ nasties, but wait a minute,
    think tonja to be added. Now it’s the ‘big 6’.

  51. NOW FOXY LADY, Now FOXY, that was sooooo bad and, I’m still laughing! Seriously, how can something so funny be so true! 🙂

  52. That might mean everything they state is fake because I haven’t seen anything with true facts from them for a decade.

  53. Gore is just a snake oil man, do as I say but not as I do, but pay me millions. Flying a jet around causing more pollution than thousands of others owns several houses,the lastI heard was 7 several years ago. States people need solar but can’t put them on his own because of local ordinances, unknown if they have changed since last update. weather changes per reports 60 years ago talked of mini ice age which would have same weather patterns as currently expiriating. Ice ages repeat in a pattern throughout history.

  54. JoePalooka In Texas, Great comment, I wish people who need to understand and accept your comment for the truth it is would! Unfortunately liberal leadership has given their troops their marching orders and they have tunnel vision, they blindly obey. Consequently conservatives will be the only people in agreement with you. Android liberals won’t even consider the possibility.

  55. They are crying a river because their scam of manmade global warming is bringing in less money. I’m a close to Gore’s age and remember in grade school in a weekly reader they made statements of a mini ice age coming in 2020s and that would bring severe weather changes, Gore knows this and manmade is mostly a scam.

  56. I lived through all that but you must be a racist because you left out M,L,K and there is nothing wrong with the way President Trump speaks he sounds just like the guy’s i was in the Navy with that were from NY City.So are you saying that the people from NY City are uncouth because of the way they sound and speack?

  57. Statements from just a few world- renowned scientists who refute the global warming theory (Personally, I’ll Side with them instead of any political or government entity like the UN and France with their greedy hands after our tax money, any mass media moguls trying to keep their yellow journalist rags/stations afloat, or opportunists like Al Gore looking to cash in):
    “We’re not scientifically there yet. Despite what you may have heard in the media, there’s nothing like a consensus of scientific opinion that this is a problem. Because there is natural variability in the weather, you cannot statistically know for another 150 years.”—UN IPCC’s Tom Tripp, a member of the UN IPCC since 2004.
    “Any reasonable scientific analysis must conclude the basic theory wrong!”—NASA Scientist Dr. Leonard Weinstein, worked 35 yrs. at the NASA Langley Research Center.
    “Please, remain calm: The Earth will heal itself—Earth doesn’t care about governments or legislation. Climate change is a matter of geologic time, something the Earth does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or explaining itself.”—Nobel Prize Winning Stanford University Physicist Dr, Robert Laughlin.
    “I am an environmentalist, but I must disagree with Mr. Gore.” Chemistry Professor & chair of the Chemistry Department at Frostburg State Univ. In Maryland, Dr. Mary Mumper whose presentation was titled, “Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming, a Skeptics View.”
    “In esssence, the jig is up. The whole thing is a fraud. And even the fraudsters that fudged the data are admitting to temperature history that they used to say didn’t happen..Perhaps what has doomed the fraudsters the most was their brazenness in fudging data.”—Dr. Christopher J. Kobe’s, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University, specializes in alternative energy, thermal transport phenomena, two-phase flow and fluid and thermal energy systems.

  58. Eric Hanberg, Do you mean “fixing” problems the way BHO did for eight years? America as we know it will not survive another eight year abomination like that.

  59. Oh keppie ….have you missed me
    Climate change is real. Ice bergs that have been around for centuries are melting at a record pace, endangering wild life who have depending on them for so many years. The east coast and midwest are seeing bad weather and flooding like never before. The south west is heating up and experiencing longer hot summers and drought causing catastrophic fires for the western part of the U. S. And that’s just here in north America. The rest of the world as well is suffering severe weather events that they have never seen before. You don’t worry about it but the next generation is going to suffer for. CNN should have worded their comments a little differently, but it’s TRUE. Go Al Gore keep the fight going

  60. I heard you the guy that started the weather channel said that the sun had alot to do with weather change. Another was a marine biologist in Australia.talking about the change in the great barrier reef that the higher temps made the reef thrive.

  61. NOWFOXYLADY, I am always at the wrong place at the wrong time and miss all the fun! Man this place is crawling with looney liberals. Is there a full moon? I know what is wrong with these liberal crazies, especially Diane/Dr. J.D./Scott 27, TROLL ALERT, they have brain damage from all this fake climate change $hit. 🙂 Got to get busy and read all this goodies, I am behind. Keep their feet on the fire FOXY!

  62. Another commie troll bought and PAID for by Democracy Matters. Do you troll creatures get paid in pieces of silver to be anti-American?

  63. Weather temps have been going up and down for ever. As for the wild fires in Calif that was the states fault for not allowing control burns to remove under brush or specified logging.after 20 yrs. Of build up it’s next to impossible to put out. It’s what the calif forestry service said was the reason of their fires.

  64. The earth has ALWAYS had cyclic changes in the weather. Nothing new. Just more propaganda and lies being told over and over again by all the commie news networks and commie liberals.

  65. This display by CNN of fake news is proof that CNN is composed of the brightest group of professional IDIOTS that have ever been assembled. If we were to collectively add the IQ’s of this group, we may have the IQ of a very intellectual two year old.

  66. I will be convinced that they really care about 80,000 deaths per decade from environmental issues, when they start caring about the 100,000 + per year deaths from abortions because of an inability to keep their legs closed. Those are the most preventable deaths there are and they’re always talking about “if we save one life it’s worth it.” Except abortions.

  67. The Earth will not last literally forever. That, too, is a symbolic expression.
    Right now, though, man is using his dominion over Earth, but not doing that good a job of keeping and tending it. We have increased atmospheric CO2 from 250 parts per million before the industrial revolution to 400 now. Average temperatures are up more than 1 degree Celsius. More evaporation off warmer waters means more frequent heavy rains. It’s not going to kill 80000 a decade by flooding, but there’s bound to be some sort of toll.

    A lot of hog farms are at risk of being flooded by Florence. Bacon may become more expensive.

  68. 80,000 deaths every decade for the entire planet and that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the deaths that would result from open borders , sanctuary cities,abortions and likewise lunacies of the left.


  70. Jesse I love you. However the world is not going to end by fire. That’s a symbolic expression. The book of Ecclesiastic says “Generation goes and generation comes but the earth remains forever”.
    Of course climate change is a liberal fantasy created by Al Gore.

  71. CNN = ALL BS ALL THE TIME. Anyone who watches cnn might as well b watching “ Jerry Springer TV”

  72. Acting like half wits over a hypothetical number,80,000. But they’re okay with sucking millions of living human beings they call “Just A Fetus” out of a vagina. Intolerant hypocrites!

  73. The ” adult’s ” that sold out America!! And their apologetic tour, make Americans look weak!! Yeah just what America doesn’t need again!!!!!

  74. As these ignorant news people begin to see their stupid predictions, (they are as bad as any rumors can be),,,,and as they are proved wrong, these idiots probably won’t even flinch,,,,,they are too stupid and biligerant to be embarrassed by their dumb mistakes! Sure is a slap in the face of those that they spew their lies about. Maybe not,,,,usually the people that they are lying about are above being embarrassed by stupidity! Comes right down to it, stupid is as stupid says or does!!!

  75. you are right look at the weather today all the changes in the atmosphere, high temperatures and really cold, fire’s burning out of control and other things and if you think that is normal you will regret the world your child grows up in because it is real and don’t care about your opinion the Goturds have to say

  76. True. The climate has been changing a bit since God created Heaven and earth. Some winters wet and cold some summers hotter than others! This global warming was started by Al gore and look how rich it made him! Pres. Trump saved the U.S. money by getting out of the Paris Accord. The Dems just love to blame Trump for everything/. Now he is responsible for deaths from hurricanes. Idiots!!!

  77. True. The climate has been changing a bit since God created Heaven and earth. Some winters wet and cold some summers hotter than others! This global warming was started by Al gore and look how rich it made him! Pres. Trump saved the U.S. money by getting out of the Paris Accord. The Dems just love to blame Trump for everything/. Now he is responsible for deaths from hurricanes. Idiots!!!

  78. President Trump just saved tax payers billions of dollars by doing the only
    sensable thing he could to help get industry back to work. To bad for Al Gore,
    He lost his gravy train. The end of the biggest hoax I know of. Good riddence
    to bad rubbish.

  79. HAHAHAHAHAHA — we see what comes out of harvard — elizabeth non-Indian warren. Thanks for your contribution harvard but there is already enough lunatics out there preaching their insanity.

  80. YES! YES! YES! THANK YOU, Matt! I had to laugh at the statement “BAMY’ supposedly made about Climate Change-that WE, (USA), ‘Need to restrict economic growth HERE & “RE-DISTRIBUTE”, OUR $, to 3rd World Countries! Kenya, anyone? Seriously, NO HUMAN, but ‘especially’, no AMERICAN President, WOULD EVER MAKE A STATEMENT LIKE THAT! The idea that the Citizens of USA, must ‘give everything we have’ to 3rd world Countries, to ‘help stave off NATURE? Or anything ELSE, for that Matter! BS/THRICE!

  81. Diane, Don’t these comments sound just like the Rep’s that ride the Trump Train? Loud, boisterous, full of crap and pushy as hell. Just like Trump. I’m an American that saw JFK’s death on TV, RFK’s death on TV and Trump being an idiot with no couth at all on TV. The latter comment was the worst due to him being our #POTUS and not tweeted his own death …..yet. Fear not these a-holes. You go girl!

  82. GOD and ONLY GOD controls the weather. The LIES about Global Warming need to stop. GOD has already said this world will end in FIRE. Man can do NOTHING to stop GOD’S plan for this world. The weather guessers and all these Global Warming fools put out more greenhouse gases than most of the rest of the population with all their WHINING.

  83. Jack Adler, CNN has been caught in hundreds of lies in the past 2 years. Do not call me stupid. I went to college. I am a nurse and have seen what the aca has done to people. Lies, lies and more lies.

  84. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! climate change sure came fast LOL the experts said 50 years Trump sure has a lot of power! hahahahaha

  85. Diane, if you and the rest of you nuts are so worried about it then give up your car…walk every where…no more plastic bottles for you so go live next to water and suck it up in your hands…don’t cut down any trees…you know they give oxygen…no electricity so you need to eat berries grass and raw meat…I am sure Am Gore will join you…I can see him stop flying and leave his mansion that pollutes our planet…you’re an idiot along with the rest of your liberal friends…WILL YOU PLEASE READ A BOOK…GROW A BRAIN CELL…AND THINK…IT ISN’T THAT HARD TO DO!

  86. Diane they are not scientists they are made up bobble heads to look and sound like scientists ,the real deal says climat change is natural you can not stop it .OLD VET

  87. The UN comes ,out ,twice and tells us ,that it is all a plot ,to tax our asses .to keep warm and fed !! And the left still hollers !!

  88. Sorry to burst your condom Diane but one heck of a lot of scientists (and I mean chemistry, physics, etc. and not social) do not hold with Gore, Kerry, Obama, and other politicos who dodged that part of their collegiate curricula. Academics who’ve hidden behind the safe zones of their universities rather than wearing down some shoe leather outside of the ivy-covered walls aren’t nearly as knowledgeable as they perceive themselves.


  90. Eric. Oh dear. Another severe case of TDS. You neee to do some research on the ice age and global warming. You have been extremely misinformed!
    MAGA. Trump 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????

  91. Erica,you and your leftist,slime ball, scummy friends are the problem. President Trump, with the support of those of us that elected him is fixing the problems created by the the Kenyan national and his corrupt administration.

  92. Hopefully you Eric will be toward the top of the list! Wake up, check the facts of the past 60 years and realize all the good that the Trump team has done for this nation and for the planet. Statements like yours definitely demonstrate TDS

  93. How soon do you think it will be that your “fixing” will bring back the glaciers to Minnesota? You knpw, “the land of 10,000 lakes, all as the residuals of the receding glaciers.

  94. CNN you have killed so many people because you do not report the truth. People who don’t hear the truth get in situations that kill them because they were unaware of the truth in order not to go where danger is. CNN you are no good to most Americans with your news. WE ALL KNOW YOU LIE AND MAKE UP STORIES. CNN karma is coming your way.

  95. Eric, you need to stop drinking the DemonRat Koolaide!! There is no such thing as global warming; climate change occurs naturally and cyclically. Our President did the right thing pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord which would have simply bankrupted our nation for NOTHING!!

  96. Global warming may in fact be happening. Has been since the Ice Age. However Pres. Trump nor any other human being is the cause of it!

  97. We won’t have to worry about that because as soon as the man-child Trump is ridden out of town on a rail, the adults can get to work fixing the problem.

  98. He had to get rid of the ghetto some how, when are they going to understand he is half white and really wants them gone

  99. You mean the two craft that were just launched recently to study the effects of the suns corona that is expanding. To the people that are curious the corona is the hottest part of the sun , that is the star that heats our planet. If the corona is expanding it will naturally raise the temperature of the earth regardless of all the fake environmental studies. They real fascinating part about it is if it expands far enough it will heat the earth to the point of extinguishing all life on the planet, including Diane.

  100. Diane you are a Fool Full of Hate . You have been brainwashed so bad your brain ended under the left sole of your shoe . How can you fix Tornados , Floods , Florence and all others .????????????????????????
    You must have a Magic Wand .

  101. Diane needs to go to bed with a Tickle Me Elmo doll…or KEN! Take matters into her own hands and loosen those bonds of sexual frustration! LMAO!

  102. Climate change and global warming cause hurricanes! NOT! Any WARMING is caused by liberal HOT AIR! From BOTH ends of the spectrum!

  103. There you go again, Diane, with your sexual innuendoes! ‘Innuendo’ is I-talian for BUTTPLUG! PLUG IT IN PLUG IT IN, Diane! And get your kicks on RT. 666!

  104. It is too bad that people have to dies to prove Trump wrong who will then blame someone else for his actions. History will record the lies Trump is telling and time will prove him wrong.

  105. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News!Communist Network News.AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News, Fox News!The Pravda Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, pls!

  106. Yes, Diane. I know several other real scientists that have debunked this junk these wannabe tree hugging screw ball so called scientist you claim as authorities on climate change with no names. Try reading some books on our solar system including the earth. Of course, you may be more interested about Mars, if that is where you are from.

  107. Climate change has been happening for the 4.5 billion years the earth has existed, humans in some form have only been around a little over one million years. The chicken littles of science have taken a minute slice of earth history and jumped to a wild conclusion. Can you name half a dozen of the scientists that claim global warming? The originalman that came up with the global warming theory has stated numerous times this is only a theory and we might want to monitor it.
    Please only respond in a rational and logical manner!

  108. You are such a phony eco warrior. I have never heard you once complain about Bath House Barry having ALL the trees in a Chicago park cut down to make room for his “prescious” The Obama Presidential Center.

    “Since former President Barack Obama picked Jackson Park for his center in August 2016, a series of intertwined projects in and around Jackson Park has made the impact much larger than just the 19.3 acres to be occupied by the center, including retooling roadways and relocating athletic fields.

    Jackson Park, designed by the famed landscape architects Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, was listed on the federal National Register of Historic Places in 1972.”

    I would think if Barry was half the environmentalist he claims to be he could have tore down a couple of blocks of derelict buildings/crack houses and revitalized the area – complete with parks and safe places for the children of Chicago to play. But NO his narcissistic ass had to steal some prime real estate – to hell with the people of Chicago. Barry thinks of Barry only.

    Follow the link:

  109. If these so called investigative journalist at CNN were worth a damn they would have been investigating ALL the Clinton crimes and Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – fraud. No they are to lazy and prefer to make up their news. They are not so much journalist as they are fantasy writers. Maybe they should apply at Disney.

  110. Harvard is known to be heavily infested with liberals as is the the rest of academia. It is no.stretch to imagine Harvard’s scientists are similarly afflicted, be they anonymous or not.

  111. Diane, I am a scientist. I have been studying this for over 60 years. Our solar system goes through changes approximately every 7 years and you and your wacko tree hugging control freak friends have no control over the sun. NONE! If anything, we need to learn how to adapt to the changes as they happen or before they change. I have not heard or read from any of these so called expert even mention the sun and its effect and that is how out of touch with reality they are, and you!

  112. So you know more than the scientist that have a,ready confirmed this??? Yeah, right, you’re a Trump supporter; think I’ll go with the scientists!

  113. Absolutely, Dan Tyree! Except that doesn’t fit their talking points. Maybe the earth is just going through a normal cycle? I heard that the Sahara was once a forest, as was Antarctica a tropical forest. I guess that is Trumps fault, also. One other point. Didn’t we hear that the NWO wanted to reduce the world’s population? So what’s their problem with 80,000 deaths per decade? OH, I forgot. It’s because Trump did something positive.

  114. Climate change is not caused by humans the real science says it’s cause the sun is in a slowdown,history shows when the sun goes thru a slowdown it causes the Earth to go thru earthquakes and bad storms,it just depends on what scientist you listen to, climate change people have other motives,so Wake up.

  115. Is climate change happening? Yes. Are humans causing it? No! Are we contributing to it? Unknown and unknowable! This is just the normal climatic shifts that the earth goes through.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

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