CNN Host crossed the line with an attack on Trump that could be the final nail in their coffin

CNN’s smear campaign against Donald Trump took a horrible turn for the worse.

This host went on TV and attacked the President in the most horrible way anyone has ever seen.

And what CNN allowed to go on the air could be the final nail in the network’s coffin.

Donald Trump recently called on Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to resign because of her rabid anti-Semitism.

Omar’s continued attacks on Jews forced the spotlight on the ugly bigotry that courses through today’s Democrat Party.

CNN – which acts as the rapid response team for the Democrats – tried to change the subject.

“The Lead” host Jake Tapper went on the air and made a fool of himself with a satirical piece claiming Trump – whose daughter converted to the Jewish faith and who also moved the American embassy to Israel – was the real anti-Semite.

This was so clearly fake news that no one even batted an eye lash.

They are used to Democrat Party talking points masquerading as news.

But what was different this time was CNN tried to make an excuse and play “what aboutism” on the issue of the Democrats growing anti-Semitism issue.

Democrats like to claim they are the party of tolerance and oppose bigotry.

But Tapper – who was a former Democrat Congressional aide and gun-grabbing activist – proved with his disgraceful performance that Democrats are willing to tolerate bigotry in their own ranks.

Do you think CNN is fake news?

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