One CNN Host said two words that just destroyed the network

CNN runs anti-Trump conspiracy theories 24 hours a day.

Hosts and reporters try to top another with who can fire off the most outrageous attacks on Donald Trump.

But one CNN host said the two words that could ruin the network.

CNN pushed the Russian collusion hoax harder than anyone.

They were the first network to report the existence of the Christopher Steele dossier.

However, the credibility of the Steele dossier collapsed in recent days.

Donald Trump sent out tweets thanking Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff for going on a podcast and stating he believed the allegations of collusion in the Steele dossier were probably false.

This led CNN’s Chris Cuomo to have Isikoff on his show to discuss the tweet and his newfound beliefs.

Cuomo and Isikoff discussed Steele’s claim that Trump attorney Michael Cohen traveled to Prague to meet with Russians to hash out a scheme to rig the 2016 election.

In the course of the interview Cuomo said the Cohen to Prague collusion allegation was ‘wrong.’

The Daily Caller reports:

“The Steele dossier, remain uncorroborated and likely not to be. In fact, the evidence for them seems — the sensational allegations seem to be getting weaker rather than stronger,” Isikoff told Cuomo.

Cuomo also chimed in during Isikoff’s remarks, indicating that he too believes that the dossier’s claims about Cohen are false.
“It was probably the most specific serious allegation in the Steele dossier,” Cohen said of the Prague allegation.

“And wrong,” said Cuomo.

CNN viewers were not used to this kind of honesty.

The network’s hosts and reporters are expected to peddle the anti-Trump line at all costs out of fear they will lose anti-Trump viewers to MSNBC.


  1. Russian collusion, Anthropogenic Global Warming, Political Correctness and any other leftist lie will be pushed by the Communist “News” Network. Not surprised any more.

  2. It’s because BHO signed an E.O. in 2016 stating that U.S. media could spread propaganda to combat other media.

  3. If CNN returned to unbiased news, it would gradually regain viewers. The biased crap it has now is worthless. FIRE JEFF ZUCKER!!!

  4. CNN version of the is what you would call a LIE and they are the children of Satan who is a LIAR and the father of ALL LIES. No problem of knowing who their father is.

  5. The only thing that makes FOX look fair and balanced is the other networks being so off the rails. I’m hearing more and more anti Trump sentiment by certain hosts and the guests they choose to give a voice to. I would take Hannity, McCallum, Gutfeld, Ingram, Baer, and a few others including O’reilly and start a new conservative network and never give the other side a voice. Fair and balanced is for suckers.

  6. Libi “turds” always think the dumbest things possible because they are afflected with a vacuous space inside of what is supposed to be a human skull!

  7. John Doe doesn’t even have the balls to use his real name. He’s afraid that someone might come after him in mommy’s basement. What a buffoon……

  8. Excellent evaluation. Almost no further words necessary to describe exactly what is going in in the U.S. Oh, except two words: “childlike behaviors”. Maturity does not exist on the Left, just a bunch of immature childlike drones who think if they scream loud enough, Momma will come rescue them. Wrong. Momma left the house!

  9. CNN is only watched by brainwashed people who have never learned to think for themselves…thus naxism and communissm survive in America.

  10. Weak brained people are the only one listening and watching the COMMUNIST NEWS PROPAGANDA NETWORK THE INITIALS SHOULD BE C. N. P. N. NOT C. N. N.

  11. Who really cares about CNN’s “Way too late” mia culpa. They knew this long, long, long ago but it didn’t fit their narrative. They could easily have checked the facts. They chose not to. How hard could it be to find out if Cohen went to Prague. Just have Cohen show them his passport. Cohen has been a big Mueller fan all along and a traitor to President Trump and the nation. If you can’t do that check the airports in Prague, the hotels, etc. There is only one international airport in Prague. CNN did not want to know the truth. They wanted us to believe their version of the truth.

  12. I wish somebody would ask Paul Ryan. Why he hadn’t done his part. You don’t here him say nothing as a house speaker. Look at that lunatic polos she Johnny on the spot

  13. CNN was the first MSM network, as I remember, that went blatantly Dem and started during WJC’s first term. It began it’s journey left, accelerated to extreme left during BHO administration and got off into the lies and fake reporting! The other MSM networks went left when they saw CNN was doing good as the face and mouth of the Dem liberals. This was before FNC was established in the mid 1990’s with the target audience being the GOP Conservatives. We were so happy and thankful for FOX but, now that the liberal Murdoch brothers are running it, FOX is fast becoming hard left liberal. Oh, there are a few conservatives on FOX but, for how much longer?Shame because they have been number one for many years and will now get lost in the mix with the others with low ratings. What are the Murdoch brothers thinking? Someone has to start a conservative network. We desperately need truthful, real news reporting as we have NONE now except for the few remaining on FOX!

  14. The Dossier is Proof that a foreign Government tried to influence our elections!
    There is NO SUCH THING AS A FORMER SPY! They either Blow up or die!

  15. CNN is the crazy talk gadfly for the ‘Swamp’. In battle, would you want to share a foxhole with the likes of Lemon, Fredo Cuomo, Wolf, Cooper or Stelter? Forget any of the ditzy females. They don’t have a clue which end of the tube the round comes out.

  16. I saw a report a couple weeks ago that stated that the contents of the Steele dossier were taken from a book that Steele wrote back in 2007 which was a spy novel. That should not be hard to fact check!

  17. . . . . . . . hawk for news
    Whatever their loose fantasy invent
    Until the abounding gutter were Helicon
    Or calumny a song . . . .

    W. B. Yeats ” Leaders of the Crowd”

  18. cnn hahaha CARTOON NEWS NETWORK thses a holes can,t tell the truth if they had too why do you think they,re the last news in the ratings they,re worse than a rag news paper as a matter of fact they are the leading RAG NEWS PAPER.

  19. They do not call CNN the Clinton News Network for nothing. They and other media outlets, including some associates of Fox have consistently downplayed anything negative about the left. How about attempting to go back to reporting the news fairly and accurately. RVN 68-69

  20. We have to expose this lie. The American people are not sufficiently educated to what had been going on. I know the liberal media would never admit this travesty of justice. We need all the conservative voices to shout to the housetop that this injustice must be stopped and for those who involved in this conspiracy must be prosecuted for spinning it for the last years since Trump inauguration.

    Who will take Trey Gowdy’s place? …

  21. The Dems can’t do that. It’ll share credit with the others ideas that actually worked then they’ll also have a weaker power base and a loss of political power.

  22. The dossier is a non-entity in politics…67 MILLION VOTERS DO NOT BELIEVE IT…67 MILLION DO BELIEVE IT…so find the truth and guess what? Those numbers do not change. Why not look at polls showing VOTERS WANTS AND DESIRES and non-partisanly addressing and fixing the problems.

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