CNN instantly realized it made a huge mistake picking this fight with Ron DeSantis

Like the rest of the corporate media, CNN is desperate to take down Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

But the corporate media’s hatred of Ron DeSantis is leading its members to get sloppy.

CNN instantly realized it made a huge mistake picking this fight with Ron DeSantis.

Now that Florida has one of the lowest rates of COVID infections per 100,000 residents, the corporate media needs to find a new angle to attack Governor DeSantis.

Florida’s seasonal surge came and went and Governor DeSantis proved you don’t need masks or vaccine mandates or lockdowns to manage the virus and preserve the health care system.

The media doesn’t want to acknowledge that Governor DeSantis’ rejection of Faucism was a success.

That’s why CNN invited Florida Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried – who is also running to replace DeSantis in next year’s election – on their air to spread conspiracy theories and misinformation about mask mandates in Florida schools.

Governor DeSantis banned mask mandates – because like other European countries that do not require children to wear masks – Governor DeSantis looked at the data and realized that masks do more harm than good in schools.

CNN anchor Kate Bouldan tried to make Governor DeSantis look like a coward by claiming that his administration refused to respond to questions about mask mandates.

But DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw exposed this lie.

Pushaw noted that CNN emailed DeSantis’ old spokesman with a request for comment.

“This morning, @NikkiFried went on CNN to demand forced-masking and falsely accuse @GovRonDeSantis of “hiding data.” @KateBolduan asserted “CNN contacted the governor’s office with no response.” In fact, CNN contacted the FORMER comms person who moved to a new agency 5 months ago,” Pushaw posted on Twitter.

Pushaw then brought the receipts noting that CNN then emailed a general inbox a series of detailed questions just one hour before Bouldan’s program.

“At 9:22 AM, CNN wrote to our general media inbox, expecting an immediate response (less than an hour) to detailed allegations that require specific data to refute,” Pushaw continued. “We sent a response and look forward to @KateBolduan correcting the record!”

This is an old media trick.

Reporters will email a subject of a story just before the deadline to publish leaving the subject no time to respond, but will allow the reporter to truthfully say they reached out for comment and the subject never responded.

When a reporter says someone did not respond for a comment, that is supposed to signify to the audience that the allegations in the story are correct because the subject has no answers.

But the DeSantis administration was not about to let CNN get away with this underhanded play.

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