CNN is facing a $60 million ransom payment over a sex scandal that could bring everyone down

A massive sex scandal is at the center of the recent CNN shakeup.

But the details may be even worse than people think.

And CNN is facing a $60 million ransom payment over a sex scandal that could bring everyone down.

CNN President Jeff Zucker resigned after admitting that he failed to disclose a long-time affair with CNN executive Allison Gollust.

The relationship came to light as part of former anchor Chris Cuomo’s lawsuit to recover the $18 million remaining on his contract after Zucker fired him.

Zucker used the excuse of a former colleague at ABC claiming Cuomo sexually harassed her back in 2005 as his reason for not paying Cuomo after he was caught advising his brother – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – on how to respond to his own allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

But Cuomo must have far more dirt on Zucker and CNN than anyone knew.

Because now there are reports that Chris Cuomo is demanding $60 million from CNN – more than three times the value of his contract.

The New York Post reports:

Multiple sources tell Page Six that Cuomo, who was fired in December for helping his brother fend off sexual harassment allegations, is ready to dig his heels in by claiming that Zucker not only knew about his dealings with the governor — but that the network boss had his own inappropriate dealings with Andrew.

And he is prepared to demand not the $18 million left on his contract, but as much as $60 million.

The New York Post reported that sources say the real reason Jeff Zucker resigned is because Zucker and Gollust – who used to work for Governor Cuomo as his Communications Director – secretly advised him on how to stage-manage his daily COVID press briefings and also on how to respond to attacks from President Trump.

“His camp believes Zucker wasn’t fired for an inappropriate relationship with Allison Gollust. Everybody knew about that and nobody cared,” a source told the New York Post’s famed Page Six.

“What he believes happened is WarnerMedia found something in their investigation into Chris, perhaps internal memos or documents which revealed more about Zucker’s involvement with Andrew Cuomo. Gollust was just a convenient excuse,” the source added.

The Post reported that Cuomo believes Zucker publicly humiliated him and ruined his future career prospects, and that he intends to force CNN to pay up.

“Chris intends to fight for every dollar on his contract, and loss of income from the 15 to 20 years left in his career, had Zucker not orchestrated a ‘f–k-job’ on him. He could ask for as much as $80 million but CNN isn’t going to pay that. But there’s an argument he could ask for as much as $60 million,” the Post reported a source saying.

Cuomo upping his demand three fold can only mean that there are a ton of skeletons in Jeff Zucker and CNN’s closet, and that Chris Cuomo knows exactly what they are.

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