CNN just reported something about Kamala Harris that no one saw coming

CNN is the home team network for the Democrat Party.

But sometimes even CNN is forced to admit reality.

And CNN just reported something about Kamala Harris that no one saw coming.

Everyone panned Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala to address the root causes of migration.

White House officials dumped on Harris’ speech, press conference and interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.

That forced even CNN to come clean and acknowledge that Harris bombed her first big national test.

The main headline out of the Guatemala visit was Harris’ disastrous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt where Harris made a joke out of the fact that she hasn’t visited the border.

On Don Lemon’s program, political analyst Maeve Reston admitted that Harris’s dreadful trip brought to the forefront the concerns about Harris’ lack of political skills and instincts and reminded her this what forced Harris out of the 2020 Presidential race before one vote was even cast.

“I think that we’ve seen this time and again from Kamala Harris, Don, throughout the campaign in 2020. When she doesn’t like a question that she gets, she often deflects it in a way that can seem defensive. And the point that Lester Holt was making was obvious to anyone else who was watching this interview, which is that the issues at the border are inextricably linked with the portfolio that she’s been given, which is to slow — to stem the flow of migration from Central America,” Reston stated.

Reston also noted that Harris was put in charge of stemming the flow of illegal immigration, but that she’s tried to distance herself from the job because it is a no-win situation.

“And so, it was a really perplexing answer that came off as flippant. And I think that’s what people within the White House are reacting to. Because there were…any number of ways that she could have answered this question that came off differently. I mean, she has visited the border as attorney general of California. She visited the border when she was a U.S. senator. And so, she’s reacting in a defensive way. Because the right has been trying to make her into the administration’s border czar, and that’s not the portfolio she was given and it’s not a role that she wants. But we really saw that come through in her answer,” Reston concluded.

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