CNN just won a major fight to censor this Trump supporter

CNN has been gunning for Alex Jones.

The left-wing network targeted the controversial pro-Trump radio host under the guise of cracking down on fake news.

And they just won a fight that could lead to tech companies censoring Trump supporters across the Internet.

CNN has been aggressively questioning social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook as to why they allowed Jones to use their sites to distribute his content.

Reporters pointed to allegations Jones claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax to why he should be denied the ability to spread conspiracy theories online.

Following multiple weeks of relentless propaganda, Apple, YouTube, and Facebook announced they were removing videos, podcasts, and pages for Jones’ show InfoWars from their sites.

CNBC reports:

Apple confirmed on Monday that it had removed five out of six podcasts, which includes Jones’ infamous “The Alex Jones Show” as well as a number of other InfoWars audio streams. The news was originally reported by BuzzFeed News.

Facebook and Google made similar decisions later on Monday. Facebook removed four pages controlled by him, while Google removed the official “Alex Jones Channel” on its platform. The YouTube channel for InfoWars, the media company owned by Alex Jones, still remains live.

Jones, a controversial conspiracy theorist who has claimed that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax, has been hit with other content bans from the likes of Spotify.

What is especially troubling is that none of the tech companies cited misinformation or fake news as to why Jones was deplatformed.

All three companies claimed Jones violated “hate speech” community to standards.

To liberals like the reporters at CNN and who run tech companies, conservative opinion is hate speech.

With InfoWars being banned there is now a precedent for CNN and other liberal outlets to hound social media platforms to ban every conservative on the grounds that their opinions violate the companies’ terms of use.

We will keep you up-to-date on the media and tech companies colluding to censor conservative news outlets and points of view.


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  2. When was reporting the liar CNN channel a crime? I do agree he was a little out there but he was not a liar like CNN. He had more truth in his little finger than all the reporters for CNN. The liberal networks like CNN, NBC and MSM are the ones that should be banned from all the networks, with all the lies they spew.

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  30. Don, the president can not do anything about CNN or any of the fake news networks. But we the people can. How about a lawsuit against them? Censoring opposing views, their lies incite violence against conservatives. I’m sure there is some way of suing them. Contact a lawyer and find out or look up precedents on line.

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  36. mrp – 45 wasn’t duly elected by MOST Americans. Russia put him in the White House. He wouldn’t be there without their help. How can you tell if 45 is “right” all the time? He lies everytime he opens his big, fat mouth and changes his story every other day? In my book, he hasn’t been right about anything. The most corrupt lying politician in my lifetime and I thought Nixon & dummy Reagan would hold that title forever! Can’t wait until he’s gone!

  37. Gerald – So dramatic. Most of sane Americans feel the same way about 45. He can get his head anymore father up Putin’s a** if he tried. We will not allow 45 to end our democracy……he’ll be gone very soon!

  38. Don – If THAT is what you base your vote on, that’s pathetic. Another low information right wing nut job! Guess healthcare, the economy, jobs, and infrastructure aren’t as important to you rather than keeping this crackpot loud mouth insane person (Alex Jones) on the air! No wonder your a Trump supporter. You can’t think farther than this conspiracy theorist and his crazy antics. Sad.

  39. When you pay your cable TV bill you are endorsing CNN and MSNBC. Each of then receives money from that bill paid by you. Contact your cable company and demand that none of your money goes to either CNN or MSNBC. Cite “fake news” or “community standards”. If social media can deprive the public of what we want to see then we can deprive them of our money!

  40. Scot27, Privately owned companies or not, if liberals are allowed to use them, the first amendment will give access to anyone with opposing views. First Amendment=free speech for all!

  41. Does this latest move surprise anyone? After watching the news covering the Rosie protest songs, no one should be surprised by the Clinton News Network. This whole protest thing is turning into a travesty much like the hearings. I just ent into a Books A Million store and found a whole table full of anti-Trump books in one area. The left thinks they are winning, but no one is winning by their antics except our enemies who are sitting back and laughing at their feeble efforts. RVN 68-69

  42. The left and the leftist judges doing to America what North Korea has done to it’s citizens. So much for “free speech” now…..BIG BROTHER IS LISTENING……..

  43. CNNB works better. We can now call them the Communists News Network Babies. Now somebody go change their diapers and burp them – especially little Jimmie Acosta.

  44. I’m with you Don!! Bring back Alex! Too bad conservatives are busy working and don’t have time to protest! We pay the taxes to those not working as their job IS to protest!

  45. mrp, I support President Trump 100%. I want to address your statement the he is always right and remind you, no one is right all the time and no one does what is right all the time, no matter hard they try. Don’t expect any human to be perfect because sooner or later you will be disappointed and maybe hurt. In the meantime EVERYONE VOTE REPUBLIC IN NOVEMBER AND FOREVER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA, TRUMP 2020, #WALKAWAY

  46. This is why what Barack Obama did was so violin filthy and evil. Barack Obama gave control of the Internet, a United States of America invention, over to global entities to police. The Internet with all of its problems, is supposed to be free. The last thing in the world that should be happening, Is somebody trying to police its content. Police and content should be extremely minimal child pornography and death threats against other individuals. Those are the two things that should be policed anything else should be left alone the Internet should be allowed to be the wild west that it is because that is where true freedom is.

  47. Scot27, Another commie Dem lib, troll alert. You need to stick to useful information and cease making inflaming personal attacks. Dan T.’s remark was to CNN so, why did you attack Dan T? This blog is regarding free speech and you young man are attempting to take away Dan T.’s free speech!! First Amendment right!

  48. When they stop people from providing the truth, no matter how unflattering, they are absolutely censoring. These sites tout they are all about your first amendment rights, but take things down when it is in opposition to their “standards”.

    I am sure you would not throw your friends out if their views differed from yours and, after listening to them, you realize they were correct. This is exactly what Jones has been doing and unfortunately sometimes the truth is not as pretty as the libtards want you to believe.

  49. CNN you all suck. You are all guilty for your Anti-American, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Trump lies. President Trump is still the greatest President that ever lived. You can never take that away from the real America people and I’m not talking about all of these Illegal Alien Terrorists that you all support. Drop Dead all of you Obama and George Soros Supporters.

  50. the democrats talk about the right being like Germany. what do they call all this trying to stop people from free speech. They can’t WIN so they cheat.

  51. I agree amd I also believe there can be a Hugh pile of money made if someone can start up another conservative social network.

  52. Comparing “they” with the owners of a house is not a good measure. A better comparison is being the mayor of a large city where many opinions are spoken.

  53. We need new Conservative sites to go up against all those globalist commie sites. People need a resource to get the truth.

  54. They own those sites. They’re not censuring anyone. Alex can practice his freedom of speech all he wants on his own sites. Sort of like me coming into your house and spewing garbage. You could throw me out. They threw him out. They are not shutting down anyone’s free speech.

  55. Scott27, Why are you talking about the Obama administration? How can you ignore the corruption of our governmental bureaucratic (including but not limited to) intelligence and law enforcement divisions (i.e. FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA and IRS, not to mention the State Department) that were weaponized by the Obama administration to essentially spy and punish Barrack’s political enemies. Also, used to enrich themselves to the tune of $20 million dollars. Why are Libs so adamant about being blind and ignorant of the truth?

  56. These tech companies need some well thought out rules to live by. Not just allowed to censor anybody. I realise there are terrorist, but people like Jones aren’t terrorists. They’re people witah thoughts that need to be staaated. The tech co.’s need shutting down if they don’t allow FREE SPEECH.

  57. Conservatives need to keep fighting these evil liberals! Don’t let them win! Drive them out if our country. Take back our country!!????????????????

  58. Anyone not condemning the open corruption and lying, cheating swindling administration striving to be a dictatorship is either not paying attention or is complicit.

  59. Says a guy who supports the absolutely most openly corrupt administration on foreign and domestic issues.

  60. Absolutely. President Trump was duly elected by the people. Thus if the MSM disrespects him every day and prints and airs fake news about him, then yes, they are the enemy of the people. In the end President Trump is always right.

  61. No one is taking away his freedom of speech. Those are not publicly owned sites and it’s no different than my coming to your house and ranting completely unhinged wacko garbage on your lawn. You could run me off. So those sites ran him off. He is free to go practice his freedom of speech on his own channels.

  62. What people need to realize is that censorship is always evil! If they realized that, this kind of thing could never happen. Anyone not condemning censorship is supporting evil.

  63. Russell R., Judge may not have been bought, May just be another commie Dem lib whose decisions are made by ideology instead of the law as written.

  64. Someone needs to shutdown CNN for good. A bloody civil war is coming.Lock and load my friends.

  65. cnn is the enemy of the american people. they should be banned from all media for their anti-american hatred.

  66. cnn is the most negative trash network how could any sane judge rule this how much was he paid

  67. Bob, Don’t pack your bag just yet. This is a first step by CNN to get their ball rolling. There will be the biggest court battle in the history of mankind if they try to censor conservative use of the internet. It could end up in the Supreme Court. if necessary. The first amendment states we have as much right as the liberals to have free speech. The Constitution deems we are all the same when it comes to freedoms. Now, I can’t speak about Alex Jones and what will be done there. This is just more MSM strategy trying to hurt DJT by hurting us because they know we are out here telling the truth and our MAGA movement is growing daily. They would love to shut us down. We will not go quietly into the night.

  68. Yes, start a website that knows the true background of Adam Schiff. Let his family know, his constituents…lol….most already know who he has slept with…his mother…and the people that think they know who he really is…this will be fun. Tome the truth comes out…anyone know how to play? Illegal gambling? How about the top floor…only Adam can defend this…lol

  69. For Alex Jones, don’t wait too long. This obstruction is clearly a political censorship. Act now!

    Or there will be a domino effect against other conservative news websites.

    Will the mighty ACLU interfere? They are supposed to be for the freedom of speech. Berkeley already lost the honor of being the birthplace of freedom of speech.

    Is it okay to cuss and not okay to express your political view?

    I hope that Alex Jones would take it to the court.


  70. Time to leave the United States the idiots have taken over….thought we had a chance to get some person that does not owe the corrupt corporations…the decaying politicians that should have disintegrated many years ago before they screwed the country for the people who actually work for a living…who fund their elite lives of lying deceit and living off the working man. But, anyone that has been re-elected more than once is screwing the American. When are you idiots going to wake up? Central America …here I come..running a hot dog stand is better than listening to the corrupt media,the corrupt politicians (both sides), that become wealthy on every one else’s dime.

  71. Without freedom of thought there is no freedom, without freedom of speech there is no freedom, without freedom to thinking there is no freedom, without freedom of education there is no freedom…when corporations believe they can create and surveil intellectual thought to create their agenda…there is not freedom.

  72. So, maybe now is the time for someone who knows how, to start an independent website for folks to talk to each other without censorship or blocking of people you disagree with. I would gladly go to one like that. F.B. and U-tube don’t need to be the only game in town.

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