CNN made a big mistake that is seriously bad news for their network

CNN’s is the home for 24/7 Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anchors, reporters and guests try top one up one another for who can launch the most over the top and tasteless attack on the President.

But CNN’s boss just made a big mistake that is seriously bad news for their network.

CNN President Jeff Zucker appeared on CNN contributor – and former Obama chief strategist – David Axelrod’s “Axe Files” podcast.

Axelrod revealed that Zucker declined an opportunity to work for Al Gore on his failed 2000 Presidential campaign and asked Zucker if he still had the bug for politics.

Zucker answered in the affirmative.

Fox News reports:

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker indicated Monday he could ditch the cable news network to run for office at some point in the near future.

“I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics,” Zucker said when asked where he will be in five years by CNN’s David Axelrod on Monday’s edition of “The Axe Files” podcast.

Axelrod noted that Zucker, 53, turned down a chance to work for Al Gore in 2000 and has talked about potentially running for office.

“So I’m still interested in that,” Zucker shot back. “It’s something that I would consider.”

Zucker announcing that he is a Democrat who wants to run for office shreds whatever hint of credibility CNN possessed.

It should be clear to everyone that Zucker is using CNN as a prop to position himself in a favorable light for Democrat primary voters.

CNN is not news.

It’s a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

Do you agree?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Jeff Zucker is nothing less than a rich corrupt member of the liberal Democratic Party, who uses the CORRUPT NEWS NETWORK(CNN) as a mouthpiece to spread hatred and vitriol about Conservative American values. Zucker should leave CNN and go to some unknown island an stay there for the rest of his adult life. CNN and ZUCKER ought to lose everything financially that they own. CNN needs to be shutdown as it has spread enough fake BS, that those idiots call news and America knows is just lies and Bullsh**.

  2. hahaha cnn CARTOON NEWS NETWORKwell it,s about time you got what you deserved your not only last in ratings but now your in the final stages of extinction GREAT WORK A HOLES.

    • 100% on the money people have to realize the reason the demorats are so against trump is he is trying to give our money back to us not give it to wacko projects for supposedly the benefit of the world or Al Gore

      • Trump’s tax cuts went to the 1% (Trump and his family get about a 4 to 6 billion dollar tax cut), corporations, etc. So far all they have done is explode the deficit, a Democrats and many others told him. But he doesn’t care.

        • Daniel, You are so far off base, I also got money back from tax cuts, What did Obummer give us, From 10 Trillon toooooooooo 20 Trillon in dept. Daniel you can vote for the Libnuts all you want, But Trump will win in 2020 year

          • And you got money from Obama’s tax cut as well. Did you give him credit for that? Oh, and what did Obama give you? He gave Trump one of the best economies ever pasted to another President. Will you give Obama credit for doing that?

        • Daniel, You are in a dream land, I never got money back in my pay check, not anything from the Obummer years. Why did he raise the dept by 10 Trillon in 8 years. Trump did 10 times more in 2 years, that Obummer did in 8 years as president. Daniel no matter what the right says you will never agree !!! Keep watching the fake news channels if they are still around. Than you can go on line & vent out to others that don’t agree with you. Have a good life !!

          • “Obama cut taxes in 2009 and 2013. In 2009, $288 billion were cut as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In 2013, Obama approved the permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts for those below a certain income level.”

            “In February 2009, Congress approved Obama’s economic stimulus package. It cut $288 billion in taxes. It reduced that year’s income taxes for individuals by $400 each and $800 for families. Instead of checks, workers received a lower withholding in their paychecks. It wasn’t publicized very well, so many people didn’t even notice the increase.

            ARRA also reduced income taxes by the amount equal to the sales tax on a new car purchase. It provided $17 billion in tax cuts for households who invested in renewable energy. It included $54 billion in small business tax cuts.”


          • Daniel, You are so off base Obummer in 8 years raise the dept buy 10 trillion to 20 trillion not sure were you are coming from, Trump only raised it by 2 Trillion in two years.I don’t know were you get your Info from !! Our country is doing great since Trump took office… I know you are a never Trumper !!!

          • Albert, did you even read my response or read the article in the balance? It was in response to your statement that you ‘never got money back in my pay check, not anything from the Obummer years.’

        • You know I don’t care how much the rich got in tax cut just as long as I got mine. The extra money I saved will be use to take a nice 58 wedding anniversary cruise.

  3. I just can’t wait. The excitment is building. When all is said and done, it will be fun watching all of you Libtard’s sucking yourselves inside out! With luck, you will all suffocate!

  4. Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox News, was the biggest RW support of any media person. He turned FOX into a Republican/Right Wing outlet That has done great damage to the country for decades. As Politico said:
    “Not only did he tutor presidents from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush in the ways of media politics, but he was largely responsible for two of the signal changes in American political culture since the 1960s: the rise of television as a national force and the emergence of cultural populism as a key feature of the Republican Party.

    In fact, apart from the presidents he served, he was arguably the single most important figure in the creation of modern conservatism. By fusing television’s power to conjure feelings of anger and resentment to an ideology of cultural populism that demonized liberal elites, Ailes set forth the methods and the message that would help conservative politicians win and maintain power for decades.”

    Zucker is just thinking about running for office, maybe. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Yeah, let’s run an ugly, bald, potato headed kike for office whose biggest achievement is running the worst cable news hack network of all time with the lowest ratings. I realize in the liberal universe, failure is rewarded and often a resume enhancer, but not to the voting public.

    • Liberal / Left News channels don’t have reporters or journalists. They have Talk Show Hosts (like Kimmel & Cobert) that turn and twist the news to fit the Liberal agenda for that day. These Hosts give their opinions as if it’s facts and their viewers take it as the gospel. What happened to real reporting like it was when propaganda was forbidden by the FCC? Reporters like Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley? If I wanted these Talk Hosts’ opinions, I would give them to them, because their’s is nothing but talking points, i.e.lies, all scripted by the Deep State. If not, then explain to me why all of the left news media hosts repeat the same talking points verbative every day, throughout the nation.

    • according to the Rasmussen ratings poll the cartoon network even beat out CNN in the last quarter if that tells you anything.So after Zucker drove their ratings into the ground he’s now thinking of leaving? how magnanimous of him and he thinks he’s going to be a viable candidate against Trump with almost all Americans knowing full well he’s nothing but a shill for the Democrats whos main purpose is to lie and deceit? good luck with that Jeff!

  6. Zucker is as disgusting to look at as he is to listen to. The ugly fool couldn’t get elected dog catcher. The GOP should pray that he runs for office. Even contribute to his doomed campaign.

    • Any person or organization who is anti America should no longer be considered a legal citizen or treated as such. If it is a result of the education they received in the indoctrination centers which are misnamed Public Schools, they should be sent back to school someplace where the truth is taught, and given a stiff course in civics and truthful American History. If they are simply haters of the country in which they live, that makes them traitors, not to be trusted. Could they possibly tried for treason? I nothing else they need to go live somewhere else, some country that hates America.

      • Just who decides who is Anti-America and what defines an Anti-American? What is truthful American history and who decides what that is? Just a couple of question to answer before we take them off the streets to “indoctrination centers’. What are your answers?

        • Daniel, You are one of the liberal pseudo intellectuals who has studied a little, spent a lot of time sitting around in the dark thinking and believe you have conjured up answers to everything. You think you are impressing everybody with brilliance but, what you are is a splinter in everybody’s rear. You don’t really hurt, you just irritate a tiny little bit.
          You are another uneducated, basement dweller who has no job and is draining the welfare system. Get a life, nobody is impressed, we don’t care about unpatriotic, un-American libs who think Republicans are stupid and uneducated.
          Don’t bother to deny or respond, I have no time for the likes of you!

          • Gosh, your not much of a ‘Real M’ if you are offended by someone asking a few questions about someone else’s opinion. If you are a ‘Real M’ please answer ‘Who would decide who is Anti-American and needs to be sent to an ‘indoctrination center’? Seems to be a reasonable request.

  7. I fell that the President of the United States Donald Trump is doing the best he can without help from either side and should have the United States Citizens behind him because this is really ridiculous how he is being treated All the news media should give him a chance and stop the fake news they are Brain Washing people with. One reason I say this, how can Professors get away with teaching their piece of mind and not let the students think for themselves. I do not want to see our children wearing uniforms, or teaching the little ones there is no Santa Claus because there truly was a Santa Claus and need should be able to believe in everything great. They need to think for themselves and not be Brain Washed to believe in something that is just not true.

  8. This is truly disgusting that a CEO of a network would stoop to such a LOW for his proposed personal gain. The news are the FACTS of what happens and not what YOU think happens or YOUR perception of what happens. FACTS, just as in a court of law. Journalists in my opinion, and I state, IN MY OPINION, have lost almost all of their credibility. There are still a few whom are good and stick to the facts and let the people make up their own minds.

    • SNOWFLAKE and DEMONRAT alert–another lib news leader has drank too much kool-aid. These media heads need to realize that they have no impact on level-headed Americans. I myself have not watched CNN in years. We really need a refreshing change in the media coverage–how about equal time for opposing views? MAGA RVN 68-69

      • I don’t watch CNN often but when I do I get a charge of their
        Stupidity Wish Nov 2020 was hear to see their Trump
        Derangement Syndrome continue. ????

    • The reason they are not gone altogether is Mr Trump became President and now they have this hateful platform to attack and badmouth him on EVERYTHING! We don’t have cable and therefore don’t watch this crap but there are plenty of clips and videos on these sites.

  9. Maybe Jeff Zucker is waiting for the right time but his network rating is way down the hill. As long as his network keep pushing their nonsense news, how would it ever become credible again? Can it defend Hillary Clinton after the DNC scandal angered thousands of Bernie voters?

    I think that this scandal was probably one of the turning points for the GOP that many liberals woke up to the truth that Hillary isn’t for them but herself. CNN struggled, trying to polish Hillary image but it utterly failed.

    Trump was lucky especially the fact that Hillary won the popular vote, but not the electoral votes.

    CNN is not the only network we should worry about. I’m not sure if the FOX News would ever stay conservative. Major social media and other search engines such as Google already began to delete many conservative views. What should we do? Maybe take it to the US Supreme Court. Our freedom of speech is dying.

    • The reason CRAY donald & D for DUMB trump won the electoral but not the popular vote is only because unlike the electoral vote, the popular vote wasn’t left in the hands of the Republican Ass Kissers Of That White House WORTHLESS WORM!

      • The reason President Trump was elected, was because anyone with a grain of sense knew that the alternative would be the end of the US as we know it. Unlike the last administration, who promised much but delivered nothing, the President has tried to keep his promises, with no help from liberals or rinos, aided by the fake news networks.

      • Is it that time of the month again betty? How does it feel to know that no man in his right mind would ever want to be with a nasty bitch like you? It’s women like you that make men go gay. You are one pathetic excuse for a person.

        • BigJoe, That last comment from Betty was totally insane and made no sense. What she said about controlling the electoral votes was even impossible to do. She needs to be in a padded cell in a mental ward, that liberal lives in her own crazy world!

    • When Daddy Murdoch was running Fox, it was Fair and Balanced, with conservative hosts. But, now that Daddy is retired, his two liberal / Progressive sons are running the show and it is evident that Fox is slowly leaning further left. I think the firing of O’Reilly, had a lot to do with this change of management.

  10. I would love to see a photo of Zucker with a big bold face “Looser” printed on it after a failed political run for office. So go ahead and make my day, Zucker!

  11. The feelings that most people feel for DONALD TRUMP IS  RACIST. A white, male, with great personal wealth, about to achieve all he wants, by intelligence, and ability.
    He has become the most powerful white male on this planet and therefore the total opposite of what liberal democratic facist idea of who should be running the world.

    Being a powerful, rich, and intelligent white male that can influence people is what the left find wrong and never right in our world.

    Even media seems to hate this guy…a guy that will not cower from people that do not like white males, and demands attention for his personal views.

    He is doing a job…and no matter his deeds only to be vilafied for fulfilling his campaign promises.

    I am with him…because he is the opposite of ANYONE that believes WHITE MALES ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS NATION…A SIMPLE MINDED FORM OF …RACISM.


    Just hating because you just hate him is something that is much more cancerous than hating his politics…and that hate for the person…instead of his ideas…is much worse than RACIAL HATRED…FOR COLOR.


    • Nicely put. I have five grandsons and it makes me furious that white males are being targeted. Why and what for? I have worked for both men and women and my male bosses were more job driven rather than personality driven.

    • You have hit the nail on the head. But, the Bushes were more wealthy, white males than Trump is. Of course, Trump is not a member of the crooked and corrupt Establishment, the Evil Cabal. And, Trump has vowed to end the Cabal’s corruption of stealing from the tax payers, controlling the country, lying and deceiving the American people, using us as pawns for their own selfish agendas. And unfortunately, the Media is owned by corporations that are owned by the Establishment, who in turns pays their News Show Hosts $20mm a year to lie, withhold pertinent global info and spread propaganda to the trained viewers who think they words are the absolute truth, while all the time, they are being brainwashed and too lazy to do research on their own. At least, if they researched both sides, they might learn how much they have been lied to, a disservice to them all.
      Ask a liberal why he hates Trump and they’ll give you the same old talking points… he’s a liar, a misogynist, a racist, a fascist, a white supremacists, a Nazi, etc. But then ask them what has Trump done to be called these things? And they fail the real tests of facts. Thet have no idea why they really hate him. That’s what the Democrats told them to do and being staunch Dems, they must hate Trump. Regardless, of the real facts about the crimes the Dems have committed by the last 3 Dem administrations… along with some RINOs like the Bushes. Just hate him, cut him down, disrespect him, curse him, threaten him…. all because Trump won the election by the electoral college. Oh, BTW, so did Obama, Clinton, Bushes and Carter.

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