This CNN contributor made the most outrageous defense of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s past predatory behavior is getting a second look.

Democrats have long made excuses for his actions.

But what this CNN contributor just said in defense of Clinton takes the cake!

Paul Begala is a Democrat strategist and political commentator for CNN.

While appearing on a panel hosted by Jake Tapper, Begala made this outrageous defense of Bill Clinton’s past predatory behavior:

“[Americans] thought he was a good man who did a bad thing and should remain as our president because he was doing a great job.”

So that should excuse the violent rape of Juanita Broaddrick in 1978 when Clinton was Arkansas Attorney General?

Begala began his outrageous defense of Clinton by arguing there was nothing to revisit regarding his behavior.

He didn’t get away with anything. He was investigated, he was litigated, he was impeached. He had finally, after lying about the affair, admitted it, apologized, multiple times, in a very heartfelt way, privately as well as publicly, and the country forgave him.

Tapper continued pressing this issue which is when Begala doubled down.

TAPPER: There’s Paula Jones, there’s Gennifer Flowers, there’s Juanita Broaddrick, there’s Kathleen Willey, there’s a bunch.

BEGALA: All of which were investigated, litigated, adjudicated. We gave Ken Starr $70 million and 78 FBI agents in two years. President Clinton is the most investigated person in American history. And people arrived where they arrived. And it was not a close call by the overwhelming majority. They thought he was a good man who did a bad thing and should remain as our president because he was doing a great job.

He left office after all of that, most popular president in the history of polling. It doesn’t mean people approved of that. They condemned it rightfully. But it’s because they decided he was a good person doing a good job who did a very bad thing and asked for forgiveness. He apologized, he admitted, he confessed, and he begged for forgiveness.

There’s a lot to argue with about Begala’s claims, but it’s worth noting the media largely tried to whitewash the accusations Clinton was facing.

Broaddrick called out NBC specifically for sitting on her interview for three weeks until Clinton’s impeachment hearing was over.

Is Bill Clinton’s history of predatory behavior a topic worth revisiting?

Should his actions, and the actions of those around him who excused his behavior, be reexamined today?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly, too bad we’re in the minority, I think every woman has the right to say no, that is her body that the man violated, and no man should get away with rape, but like I said apparently we’re in the minority. But Hillary isn’t any better, she has broken many laws (incuding murder) and she gets away with everything, thank God she lost her bid for President.

  2. Neither Bill nor Hillary were investigated enough. They both got away with a multitude of crimes for which they were never prosecuted. The Senate didn’t want to create a Constitutional crisis, so it acquitted the President. Bill Clinton’s legacy will forever be as a serial rapist who got away with it with his wife’s assistance. However, their more recent crimes should be dealt with more vigorously.

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