This CNN contributor made the most outrageous defense of Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s past predatory behavior is getting a second look.

Democrats have long made excuses for his actions.

But what this CNN contributor just said in defense of Clinton takes the cake!

Paul Begala is a Democrat strategist and political commentator for CNN.

While appearing on a panel hosted by Jake Tapper, Begala made this outrageous defense of Bill Clinton’s past predatory behavior:

“[Americans] thought he was a good man who did a bad thing and should remain as our president because he was doing a great job.”

So that should excuse the violent rape of Juanita Broaddrick in 1978 when Clinton was Arkansas Attorney General?

Begala began his outrageous defense of Clinton by arguing there was nothing to revisit regarding his behavior.

He didn’t get away with anything. He was investigated, he was litigated, he was impeached. He had finally, after lying about the affair, admitted it, apologized, multiple times, in a very heartfelt way, privately as well as publicly, and the country forgave him.

Tapper continued pressing this issue which is when Begala doubled down.

TAPPER: There’s Paula Jones, there’s Gennifer Flowers, there’s Juanita Broaddrick, there’s Kathleen Willey, there’s a bunch.

BEGALA: All of which were investigated, litigated, adjudicated. We gave Ken Starr $70 million and 78 FBI agents in two years. President Clinton is the most investigated person in American history. And people arrived where they arrived. And it was not a close call by the overwhelming majority. They thought he was a good man who did a bad thing and should remain as our president because he was doing a great job.

He left office after all of that, most popular president in the history of polling. It doesn’t mean people approved of that. They condemned it rightfully. But it’s because they decided he was a good person doing a good job who did a very bad thing and asked for forgiveness. He apologized, he admitted, he confessed, and he begged for forgiveness.

There’s a lot to argue with about Begala’s claims, but it’s worth noting the media largely tried to whitewash the accusations Clinton was facing.

Broaddrick called out NBC specifically for sitting on her interview for three weeks until Clinton’s impeachment hearing was over.

Is Bill Clinton’s history of predatory behavior a topic worth revisiting?

Should his actions, and the actions of those around him who excused his behavior, be reexamined today?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly, too bad we’re in the minority, I think every woman has the right to say no, that is her body that the man violated, and no man should get away with rape, but like I said apparently we’re in the minority. But Hillary isn’t any better, she has broken many laws (incuding murder) and she gets away with everything, thank God she lost her bid for President.

  2. Neither Bill nor Hillary were investigated enough. They both got away with a multitude of crimes for which they were never prosecuted. The Senate didn’t want to create a Constitutional crisis, so it acquitted the President. Bill Clinton’s legacy will forever be as a serial rapist who got away with it with his wife’s assistance. However, their more recent crimes should be dealt with more vigorously.

  3. he is a pig ! what he did was BAD BAD BAD and why should these women suffer ? Hillary tried to put them all down , do not care if he was in office , would you want your daughter working for him ? would you want her in the same room ? NO NO NO if one of those women were my daughter I would force the police to investigate and show how terrible he is lock the bastard up

  4. The presidential daily sexual exercise practice started with Jack Kennedy who had each day a choice of three special female young beautiful aides in the White House pool room.

  5. Lock up the wicked witch with him?
    Cruel and unusual punishment.
    I think that’s a great idea! Preview of what’s to come on judgement day

  6. Bill Clinton was a bad guy who did very bad things to women….he was also a bad actor. iInever voted for him because from the start my gut reaction to him was that he was full of crap. He perjured himself, an offense anyone else would have served time for in prison, not the White House…he and his pathetic wife attempted to ruin all the women he cheated on her with…and they took a young girls life and twisted it unmercifully. Bill Clinton should have gone to prison for rape and for perjury…he’s no different than any other individual and deserved to be punished for his conduct wherein he was also an embarrassed the entire Nation. He did not deserve to be President the first time….and most definitely not the second time…he’s a national disgrace and so is his partner in crimes against this country.

  7. Both Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary stink to high heaven, politically, and they both give the one finger to the American people. It’s a pity they both cannot be banished from this land of ours.

  8. What Hillary Clinton did to the Women who were Raped Miss-treated Sexually Not to Mention Orgies Island, and the Lolita Express with 12 year old Little Girls on-board is so Outrageous and the Liberal Media who went after these Women for her that now all of a Sudden have found it was a Mistake after Ruining these Woman should all be Sued. Lets not even talk about what bill Clinton did to Monica with a Cigar in the Oval Office. And Liberal Still gave him a Pass by Down Playing it.

  9. Anybody defending that POS is no better than he is. The greater good excuse will never float here and the man should have been locked away and his witch of a wife with him!

  10. If the Clintons get investigated, tried, found guilty and go to jail I will be so surprised, I’d probably faint. Let it happen pleeeease.


  12. Democrats and progressives have little real intelligence, no code or concepts of honor, duty or obligation, no sense of responsibility or accountability and no patience for ANYONE who does not share their warped philosophies and even more warped policies. There is only their way or the Highway and so, that is the one we should send them to beginning in the 2018 elections and continuing on to I-666; destination hell, for eternity, WHICH IS ALL THEY SO RICHLY DESERVE! I am a 73 year old Vietnam veteran, Agent Orange disabled sick of what the country I fought to preserve has become since my honorable service 50 years ago! Drain the Swamp! PLEASE!


  14. The Clintons have been corrupt since Bill got into politics, all the way back to the Arkansas years of him being Attorney General to Governor. Three hundred or so individuals who wanted to come forward and mysteriously got erased from living life. Sounds more like Saddam Hussein being in charge. Yeah he was President during the Dot Com era, but had nothing to do with inventing it, he was weak when it came to the Military, in fact the Military had the lowest moral during his term in office as the Commander in Chief.

  15. Should take both criminal Clintons out like Bonnie & Clyde. In a hail of bullets. They are a cancer to our Nation. Sick of people like Begala and Lanny Davis defending them no matter what the CRIMES! And there’s PLENTY

  16. What more could you expect from CNN (Clinton News Network). What Bill Clinton did over and over and over again with his enabling, victim attacking wife set the example for getting away with the things that are going on today. That’s the Clinton Legacy. Or they can continue to blame it on a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” That’s what Hillary does best, plays the blame game.

  17. Slick Willy was Impeached by the republican House and tried by the Demokratik Senate. Ted Kennedy, who was on the “ethics committee,” wink-wink, was one of the Demokratik Senators. who tried him. No wonder “Handsy” Big Al Franklin thought he could get away with his molestation.

  18. This has to be the most nauseating and pathetic piece of biased drivel in the history of journalism. And you wonder why Trump calls CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the like “fake news.” This is not only fake but deplorable, despicable and disgusting.

  19. I’d like to hear the eulogy Begala would give for Charles Manson when that individual who “did a bad thing” finally breathes his last. His defense of Clinton is a clear indication as to the moral fiber, or lack of it, that is so evident in the media and political worlds. It’s easy to see why so many polls and surveys show that Congress and the media are held in such low esteem, in fact bordering on contempt, by the American public.

  20. Slick Willie got off for one reason and one reason only . He was a sitting president and the alternative was Al “Global Warming” Gore . Besides most of those impeaching him were probably guilty of the same thing and Hilary the Hag would have gone after them with her hit squad . More suicides shooting themselves in the back of the head multiple times

  21. Because a complicit majority of Democrats held control of the Senate. It was not about SEX, it was about PERJURY! When the Democrat Senate acquitted a SELF_ADMITTED PERJURER they gave every POLITICIAN out there an open license to lie anywhere, at any time, about any thing, with utter impunity! The White House Fornicator and the SLUTTARY were, up until their time, the most corrupt occupants to ever cross the White House threshold, BUT THEN we got the TURD and MOOCHELLE! THEY, the four of them are the ones who gave us the current national moral cesspool we are mired in today.

  22. Violent sex attacks of a multiple nature over decades by a known predator is a huge story and should be finally followed up properly. The fact that he is now making flights to an off-shore privately owned island for the purposes of pursuing his favorite activity having been make known during the last political cycle should highlight the absolute need to prosecute this felon, no matter what the press has knowingly covered up in the past. He is an animal who will continue stalking and attacking until he is locked up once and for all.

  23. I’m surprised He did not say “At this point in Time (What does it Matter?)” I would like to see both Billy and Hilly Be prosecuted and jailed for all the crap they have gotten away with over the years but it will Never happen and we all know it. It is in Gods Hands now; We as a country have stopped holding our Government accountable back when The 2 Kennedy brothers were murdered by them.

  24. He said it was litigated! Well let’s look into what Bill Clinton did with his good buddy on Orgy island, as his good buddy likes to call his island. Clinton’s name was on the flight log way to many times.

  25. Right now there has been a whole lot of garbage lies and back stabbing going on and no one wants to put the truth right out there on the table for all the American people to see and judge for themselves. NOT the crap both party’s are trying to sneak around the public and LIE. We do not have the truth from you and it means nothing to any of you to con us all and take away health and safety of the American people as you all fill your own greedy pockets and kiss the butts of your millionaire and billionaire bosses.
    Hell with America right!

  26. So Begala a Clinton supporter speaks for the whole country? I guess in his eyes rape is ok if the price is right. Typical hypocrite

  27. The difference in the Republicans and dummycrats, is the Republicans are will take out their own if need be. The dummycrats however just keep lying, lying, lying……

  28. Bill’s friend Epstein(convicted pedophile) has an island that they all use to go to for parties. The Lolita Express was the plane that flew everyone to the island. Lots of under aged children were reported to be there. If you want to see a pedophile in action, look at the videos of Biden as he tries to leech and slither over little girls. Disgusting!

  29. I don’t think the country forgave Bill… and I couldn’t care less if ol’ Slick Willie apologized or not… this guy is merely showing HIS true colors. He’s probably saying we have forgiven Bill because he is ALSO guilty of the same crimes and feels like an apology is sufficient to get out of trouble. He’s probably a secret pedophile or something, and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone came out of the woodwork to complain about BEGALA sexually harassing them.

  30. The people who defend the Clintons are complicit in the Clinton crimes, of which are rape, theft, and murder. The Clintons get away with it only because the judicial system and media protect them.

  31. Bill Clinton is a Democrat. Democrats get away with everything, including murder. Therefore Bill Clinton gets away with everything.

    Now, if he had of been a Republican, he would have been tarred and feathered long ago, at a minimum.

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