CNN realized it was over when they saw these numbers

After Trump’s election CNN made taking down President Trump a top priority.

Not out of some warped sense of civic duty, mind you, but in pursuit of ratings.

But when CNN’s executives got a glimpse of their 1st quarter ratings in 2018, they knew it was over.

Trump has blasted CNN as “fake news.”

And from the story these ratings tell, it seems the American people agree.

The Daily Caller reports:

A new report indicates that Fox News and MSNBC’s ratings far outpaced CNN’s for the first quarter of 2018.
Left-leaning MSNBC was right behind Fox News, but CNN was significantly lower.

In primetime basic cable rankings, CNN was number 11, below not only Fox News and MSNBC, but ESPN, TBS and the History Channel.

These numbers shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

CNN’s White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is obsessive in his daily attempts to combat the White House.

Most recently he was filmed shouting at the President about DACA while Donald Trump and his wife Melania and son Barron were coloring with a table full of children at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Recently Trump tweeted that CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker’s “job is in jeopardy.”

While CNN’s Communications Team tried to spin that as “fake news,” the question remains how long CNN’s shareholders are willing to put up with their dismal ratings and incessant Trump bashing.

Fox News notes:

In addition to the struggling ratings, CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, will be purchased by AT&T if the federal government allows the proposed deal.
There have been conflicting reports regarding whether or not AT&T would keep Zucker atop CNN, but it’s important to remember that Trump correctly prognosticated part of his Tuesaday morning tweet.

It will be interesting to see if he’s also correct about Zucker’s job being in jeopardy.

What do you think?

Will CNN’s top brass throw in the towel after their brawls with Trump have failed to deliver the ratings they sought?

Sound off in the comments below!



    • CNN pays the Airports to play their station. If they did not have a captive audience, their ratings would not even make the charts!

  1. CNN has made a “Hero” out of Stormy Daniels a woman who makes her living screwing men and having it filmed. CNN is making a “Slut” their primary news source and believes her every word. But who would know a whore better than CNN. That’s all CNN is, a paid whore of the Democratic party. They are making fools of themselves. It has to be obvious, CNN HAS BEEN BOUGHT-OFF! Ever wonder what Obama did with the 10 trillion dollars he added to our national debt? It’s being used to buy-off CNN, ABC, NBC and especially MSNBC!

    • Anderson Ratings are Sagging as much as Stormy’ “JUGS” …. Not that iT matters to him unless it applies to his Significant Other;s Gonads

      • It’s hard to talk when you are teabagging! …Anderson Cooper, 2010.
        In reference to the Tea Party demonstration against Obamacare. If anyone would know, it would be him, a subject matter expert!

      • If A T & T doesn’t fire everyone at CNN when they buy it, then their ratings will plummet also. I can’t imagine why they would want a station like CNN in the first place.

  2. Cnn has moved out of the top 20 and has actually fallen behind the viewership of the hallmark channel. There is nothing that will help them..they have chosen to live in the cesspool. They live with it. They deal with it. So they have dug their own pit. Now those who have watched the network have finally figured out they are just full of poop

    • You are correct, they ARE in the cesspool! I formerly watched them daily, but have not now viewed them for many weeks. They are absolutely sick! What happened to NEWS? Poor Anderson Cooper is 100% fake and disgusting! Every time you switch it on, they have a panel to tear down President Trump. I will NOT tolerate such premeditated garbage!

  3. CNN has driven itself to ruination for the agenda it chose. Yet, it persists with its negative agenda as if there is no other choice.
    Perhaps, that is the case, perhaps it is under constraints to perpetuate its stance, in the belief that being CNN means “never to need to say we’re sorry.”
    Actually, they need not say they’re sorry, but they ought to report truthfully, which means they’ll need to cease efforts to brain wash the American people in favor of the political agenda it(CNN) has prioritized in its everyday existence.

    • cnn has let America down they had great responiillity to be able to keep America informed and blew it you could not even pay me to watch them ever again,it wasn’t for rating omg that’s a joke and yet another lie

    • Only fools let the commie media do their thinking. Our thoughts should be our own. No news agency, fox included should shape our thoughts. Stand for constitutional government and stand your ground. I will not be shouted down by anyone. Screw the media and the liberal scumbags. All media have their share.

    • The news media exist to report the news as they occur, not editorialize it at the will of a reporter or merddium itself.

  4. By By Zuckers you sucker😇 poor JEFF will soon be job hunting😇we the people don’t like kids screwing with big D😇& that includes YOU😇

  5. cnn is the worst station on the air, when you have some one like that wimp accosta
    sitting in the press room thinking everyone wants to hear him ask the most stupid question over & over again and that cnn think he is any good shows how bad they are.

    • I quit buying the Arizona Repugnant paper years ago.
      When they call me and offer me a sweetheart deal, I tell them no thsnks, I don’t want to waste my time reading LIES.

  6. CNN does anyone watch them anymore? I quit 3 presidents ago, after they became the Clinton News Network. And couldn’t tell a story without a liberal spin to it. They are doomed!

  7. What ever happened to those victims of defamation of character, having their right to a fair trial before judgement is passed? Even the Ten Commandments in Christian and Jewish belief say, ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’,
    Well we know the answer to that, social media and the MSM fake news did away with that for everyone else but themselves. The Ten Commandments should be restored to the buildings and to damn with the Liberals. They took away ‘freedom of religion’ as did Hitler…. Restore it back to all the buildings it was removed from, and society should really look at what each of the commandments says, it is universal, not just relevant to religious believers, it is common sense for all to follow and especially relevant in today’s society. It should be taught about in schools too. The schools teach about every other religion, why not the Christian and Jewish religions? Judea-Christian beliefs.

  8. Actually well before cable news channels, the news always said they would never reveal their sources. Why not? There are no ‘privacy rights’ any longer in the USA. Check out your name on Google, and that will tell you so. So with that, then the excuse of ‘not reveal their sources’ is BS now days with the social media and so-called news. I agree, if the information is true, then reveal the sources now. The American People deserve to know. Their ‘privacy’ has been compromised thanks to the Liberals and the social media now. If they can dig up dirt on people, then they better reveal their sources so those who are being victimized can protect themselves against defamation.

  9. Exactly what US law has Trump violated anyway?
    There is no law on the books making “collusion” with any foreign government a violation. Nothing.
    NOTE TO MUELLER – what you are allegedly investigated is NOT against the law.


  11. Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump & Collusion. When that did not pan out they brought in Stormy. The interview Anderson Cooper did with her cemented their rank as a Jerry Springer type talk show. I quite watching them when they handled Obamas inauguration like it was a coronation.

    • yeah right. “did you use a condom?”
      I’m surprised they didn’t ask “what position did you use, missionary, dog-style?”

      • It is totally all bullshit. Whatever Donald Trump did over 10-years ago is no ones business. He was NOT the duly elected POTUS. These LEFT people have stooped so low and it really bothers me. What has happened to our people, our schools, children and our neighbors? What has happened to this great country? It has become so divided and you know, life is short enough. They have taken away religion, the flag, the pledge allegiance and WHAT DO WE REALLY HAVE LEFT???? They are trying to impeach a great man that is doing his very best as PRESIDENT of this great country that is like NO OTHER. People need to listen, open their eyes and pay attention to what is really going on. We DON’T need or WANT these illegals flooding our country to sucking off our system, bringing diseases to our population, criminals and whatever. I wish that we could trade in some of our our citizens so they could be COMMUNIST and trade them in for the good ones that are trying to get into our great country.

  12. There is no doubt that AT&T being the prestige firm that they are, will fire the idiot at CNN! This will be only the start and then they will turn
    CNN into a first class company, to align along with the rest of the corporation! Hell is coming to CNN and the rats better/will jump ship before they are fired!

  13. CNN was created by Ted Turner, a communist. CNN never did tell it like it is, so they cannot get back to doing honest news. That would be new territory for them.

    • I remember when CNN first began & it was interesting! I stopped watching it, when it began to concentrate their’ideas’ on our politics, instead of just reporting on the news! I believe, this program became ‘unglued’, even before the 2016 Presidential Primaries, & it has magnified 1,000 times, since then! CNN, in my estimation, has totally ‘ditched’, news reporting & has descended into becoming the National Enquirer! It most CERTAINLY, should be eliminated from all networks & the people that currently ‘work’ there, should be cast off, fired & NEVER be re-hired by ANY, REAL news agency-EVER AGAIN!

      • I guess you could be correct Vicky. However, it appears to me CNN is considerably lower then the National Enquirer is or ever has been. At least the National Enquirer is a good fish wrapper. CNN has absolutely no value whatsoever. They are so flagrantly false it should be obvious to everyone regardless of politics. But then I guess they do to some degree mirror the intelligence of those who watch it.

  14. The problem with CNN runs deep. It encompasses anchors , journalist , producer’s , mid level management and upper level CEO’s. When and if At&t are ALLOWED to buy CNN / time Warner they (at&t) will need to clean house. Bringing back fair & honest reporting would go along way toward the PRESS Corp we Americans have long accepted.

    • You’re right. CNN, aside from being the station of fake news has embroiled itself in politics obsessed at getting at the best President.

    • YES! Let’s HOPE that ‘the power’s that be’, allow AT&T, to ‘CONSUME” CNN! ELIMINATE ALL, & BEGIN AGAIN, FRESH!

    • IF any reputable company EVER wanted to buy ANY news outlet, in today’s market, smart money would go to buying a tabloid like The Enquirer or the Star. All of the rest of these so called news outlet are so diluted referring to morals and the ability to find and/or tell the truth that tabloids are further up the scale of good, bad or ugly. At least a tabloid is somewhat entertaining and they have always been known for “stretching the truth”. However, mainstream news outlets are telling blatant lies and the liberals are the only ones buying their crap!

    • AT&T was one of the sponsor’s that dropped Laura on Fox News due to student(I can’t stand to type his name(DH). I used AT&T for years, but I have dropped them too!



  16. Zucker and his “Fake News” station should be heavily fined for the false accusations and outright lies to the American People. The sad thing is that there are morons and mentally ill people that will believe this idiotic crap.
    This is where the danger lies…

  17. AT&T should not be allowed to buy CNN……..they are becoming a monopoly and it should never be allowed……they recently bought Dish and AT&T keeps raising their prices and they have gone out of control. So many people that I personally know have left AT&T due to the prices always on the rise. CNN must be left to closing their doors on their own. They deceive the public and have many believe their lies and corruption, but it is interesting to see that LIARWOOD and the democratic members of congress are not doing their part and always and only watching CNN to help the ratings. Until CNN admits their bias, tells the truth, fires the liars including the boss and stands up and tells of their hatred for Trump and also speaks the truth of all of Trump’s accomplishments then might possibly get a 2nd chance but until then let them die a slow death all on their own. It will be heaven sent for justice and truth!

  18. Egomaniac & totally self-absorbed so called TV reporter Jim Acosta is a total embarrassment to the press corps and to the American people (as well as his family!) who see him as a total Jackass with no scruples…. AT&T will dump him and Jeff Zucker as soon as they take control….Couldn’t happen to a better pair of egotistical Jack Wagons!!

  19. Ratings and Income control how organizations respond to their operating practices. Delete CNN from a channel you ever watch and educate others so they will do the same. That’s how the “listening public” get their message delivered.

    • Yup, absolutely correct. Just like if you live in a hell hole like kalifornia. Vote with your feet and move to a real state. As far as CNN, I haven’t watched it in years. What I know about them is what I read.

  20. I live in the Philippines and I’ve been here 3.5 years. At first in 2015 I only had CNN to watch. I just didn’t get them. Didn’t understand they were biased. Then I got Fox News. As I watched both I began to understand the left leaning bias more and more of CNN. I can’t watch them anymore. No wonder my beautiful USA went for in a big way the leader we now have in Donald Trump. When I want a good laugh I turn on CNN for a second then watch the follow up from Fox. CNN must really think we all are stupid.

  21. The vast, vast majority of cnn are hard core liberals. They need not only cut of the head, but also 95% of the staff. With AT&T, I doubt that will happen.

  22. I have to watch CNN when I am at work, during my lunch break. We tried to change the channel, but someone commented that we were racist, so HR turned it back to CNN. I can literally feel my IQ getting lower just listening to their talking heads. As soon as I get home I have to listen to Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, just to get my sanity back! It was entertaining watching them respond to New Stations across the country pledging not to report fake news. I guess it hit a nerve. Thanks to President Trump, every time someone hears the words “Fake News”, CNN automatically comes to mind. I hope AT&T comes in and cleans house and fires all of the on air idiots!

  23. I will never watch CNN again, full year of spewing hate for Trump and still whining, i would rather watch Bevies and Buthead or take nap, down with CNN, along with hateful people work CNN

    • They’ve shown their true colors, that’s a fact. Their attempt at disrupting a children’s celebration would do it for me if it hadn’t already happened. I’m tired of libs claiming they’re trying to do good, especially for children. Then they turn around and act in a manner that traumatizes our babies in the following breath. Back in the day when mine were young, I’d have taken them around the corner to smack the stuffing out of them. People like Acosta are pure evil. They’re child abuser’s and self absorbed monsters, just two examples of a very long list of their evil behaviors. Our only saving grace when viewing this is the self identification of the child abuser’s willing to show themselves without an ounce of morals, values or remorse. The tides will change again. With their own arrogant admissions and behavior, it won’t be nearly as hard to find them and dole out the much needed and well deserved consequences they’ve happily earned.

  24. CNN and MSNBC behaves like a bunch of uneducated idiots. I wonder which college they attended,. They behave and act in a very uneducated way. What a shame !

  25. Liberals do not listen to facts or truth so CNN will always be “fake news” until leadership and ownership changes.

  26. I don’t watch CNN so I couldn’t care less what happens to them. I do hope Acosta chokes on his own words and turns blue though.

  27. One wonders if Jim Acosta gets something extra in his paycheck for making himself a first class A…hole in front of the entire country.

  28. Hopefully a majority of American citizens are waking up and will vote at all elections for candidates with America’s best interest at heart. This county and probably the world has seen Trump make the professional, ‘RULING-ELITE’, career politicians of both parties obsolete.

  29. It is a shame that some so called news stations are so blind to the facts that the American people voted in a person that says what he means and backs it up with doing exactly what he ran on. It proves that the American people DO HAVE COMMON SENSE and are definitely aware of what is going on with the liberal democrats who need to go back into the holes they came out of and SHUT UP!

  30. How many times does CNN need to be proven wrong before they get it? Twould be nice if they were replaced with something conservative. The crooked media establishment is way too one sided.

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