CNN reporter arrested in this jaw dropping video

The racially charged riots in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd are spiraling out of control.

But now all hell is breaking loose.

And one CNN reporter was arrested in this jaw dropping video.

Fake news CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was broadcasting from the riots in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers.

During a live report on fake news CNN’s morning show New Day police arrested Jimenez on camera without explanation.

Americans had never seen anything like this before.

Fake news CNN’s coverage of the riots was intentionally dishonest as usual.

The network bent over backward to falsely claim violent rioters were “protestors” as terrorist mobs ransacked the city and put police headquarters under siege.

But no one had even seen a journalist arrested before on live TV.

The Minneapolis Police Department under the failed leadership of Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey completely lost control of their city.

Rather than put down civil unrest and mob violence, critics contend that Mayor Fray ordered police to back off in hopes that retreat and surrender would ease tensions.

But the rioters and looters in Minneapolis don’t want justice. They want vengeance.

Instead of controlling the city and restoring law and order, the Minneapolis police are arresting reporters on live television.

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