CNN reporter arrested in this jaw dropping video

The racially charged riots in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd are spiraling out of control.

But now all hell is breaking loose.

And one CNN reporter was arrested in this jaw dropping video.

Fake news CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez was broadcasting from the riots in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers.

During a live report on fake news CNN’s morning show New Day police arrested Jimenez on camera without explanation.

Americans had never seen anything like this before.

Fake news CNN’s coverage of the riots was intentionally dishonest as usual.

The network bent over backward to falsely claim violent rioters were “protestors” as terrorist mobs ransacked the city and put police headquarters under siege.

But no one had even seen a journalist arrested before on live TV.

The Minneapolis Police Department under the failed leadership of Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey completely lost control of their city.

Rather than put down civil unrest and mob violence, critics contend that Mayor Fray ordered police to back off in hopes that retreat and surrender would ease tensions.

But the rioters and looters in Minneapolis don’t want justice. They want vengeance.

Instead of controlling the city and restoring law and order, the Minneapolis police are arresting reporters on live television.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Couldnt have happen to a better class of idiots like CNN and MSNBC as Jackass George Soros owns most of it to give you fake news! To bad it wasnt Soros arrested and he had a heart attack!! The world should celebrate with him gone! Caos and corruption would fade away with Obama! Yeah!!

  2. Biden has been in the government for 40+ years. Schumer & pelosi has been there for over 30 years. Waters and Schiff has been there for over 25 years. Trump has been in our government for 3 years yet everything is his fault. Are you people really that stupid?? Get on your knees tonite and ask Jesus to give you the ability to see what is really going on. Ask Jesus to open our eyes to the truth. Maybe he will give you a comprehension level above a first grader that way you can vote for what is best for you and our country.

  3. The blatant gall of CNN to portray the arrest of one of their trolls as an innocent victim. He was asked to move on, and refused. It this very behaviour that leads to the current chaos. Law enforcement is there to enforce law and order. It is always the same with the left. Friction follows them where ever go.

  4. Racial incidents are magnified and dramatized by Communist in an effort to generate racial tensions as a result, such campaigns are actually utilized as a steppingstone to extend Communist influence among Afro-Americans…George Soros playbook adopted by Demorats and the Obama three-ring circus…

  5. Clearly any member of the lying fake news media, particularly CNN, believes that they are above the law. In a time when there was nothing but violence going on and the police who are within their rights to try to control what was happening told Jimenez to move and he refused. He is the one who put himself in a position to be arrested as he should’ve been. CNN of course tried to twist it that he was somehow being victimized but he refused to obey the law and that’s the reality. The do-nothing mayor of Minneapolis made the situation so much worse and he is totally responsible for all of the violence and damage.

  6. To you everyone is the liar except for maybe yourself and 1 or 2 sources. Why don’t we use Occam’s razor? That should tell even you which side is telling the truth.

  7. The Washington Post leaks (lies) information and is run & staffed by Liberals like yourself. New York Times & Washington Post are corrupt liars and should be shut down for illegal propaganda. Just like Juan Williams, these people are not journalists, their activist.

  8. Quite watching Don Lemonade Scott, because your information is fabricated and Means Nothing because you know it’s Bullsh_t…

  9. Trump is guiltier than China on causing the United States to get more cases of the pandemic than any other nation. (much worse than we will ever know as the numbers are fudged by republicans like you). He is guilty of trusting China – praising them all the way thru March. In fact, he removed our early detection pandemic response office from inside China — altogether disbanding it so that we had no choice but to follow the WHO instead of leading the way. He was still notified something was going on in November but refused to read or believe anything from our intelligence agencies. He was notified in early January by WHO. Yet he claims WHO didn’t read the publications —- the same publications that don’t exist according to their sources. Still he did nothing … he claims he blocked travel from China by the end of January but he did not. Over 40k individuals from China made it into the USA before he started acting to stay at home. Even then he did not take the response most would to create and provide medical supplies and equipment. We are fortunate the virus did not travel faster throughout the US. Still he closed the economy down making more suffer due to his inaction and as we open again we still have not hit the peak of this pandemic in the US. More will continue to die and our cases (not deaths thanks only to our medical professionals) will exceed those of the rest of the world put together.

  10. He did not comply. He did not move back. He should have had clobbered and he could have been moved to the hospital!

  11. The Democrats turned their towns over to rioters so they could loot and urn their towns down. Small businesses being looted and burned. Why? Democrats are part of the rioters who are attacking our Country in the night like rats.

  12. all the rioters wanted was stuff. they didn’t care what kind as long as it was free. That whole thing was all about greed.

  13. Do us all a favor Scott Move to Wuhan China and tell us how wonderful Xi Jinping is compared to Trump.

  14. Its funny how the rioting, burning, and destruction just keeps going forward because of the sensationalism broadcast by the MSM. The Cop has been arrested and charged, done deal everyone go home. But No the MSM has to keep riling up the Thugs that have become accustomed to getting their way by the Braindead Democratic Party of Zombies. Everyone involved in this senseless destruction needs to be arrested, those not actually doing the damage or looting as accessories, all of them need to pay for the damages they helped cause . The Government of this country needs to step in and stop with all the freebies, instead of free housing. food and money, have each adult in these homes perform some kind of civil service to help pay for the Freebies, There are plenty of roads that need repair, Government offices that need to be cleaned as well as many other places that could use free labor, They should be made to work( men) a min of 30 hours a week ,( woman ) 15 hours a week , in order to get their free housing, food, and such. ( Which even this mn of hours their pay would be a lot more than them working most 40 hr job. The country gets work done they cant afford to pay people to do, and they still get their freebies promised by the Democratic party

  15. How is it that the “White Guy” is responsible for the “most innovation” and technological advancement in the World?

    Yet, are held responsible for all or most negative incidents associated with Minorities of all types.


  16. The police should start shooting looters and rioters. These animals care not about justice or injustice. They just look for eeasons to behave like the animals they are. They are committing arson and attempted murder. Time for the police to take back control of these cities.

  17. Peaceful demonstrations only. Violent crimes include vandalism, destruction of private property, theft, arson, looting, assault, which are illegal. Justification of illegal crimes is deceitful, manipulative, and, malicious. All criminals should be prosecuted. Clearly, unAmerican bullies using artificial racism to project political correctness. Thank God for President Trump and his love and continuing championing of our nation.

  18. If fake news reporters get out of line,then arrest them all,throw them in jail with the rioters and looters!!!!!!

  19. So a CNN reporter is arrested but rioters are not? The CNN team was respectful but they were making no moves to leave either. What exactly were the police doing there to protect lives and property. Looks like nothing. And Scott, who is giving you the cool are you’ve been drinking? You honestly think Trump caused this global economic crisis and is responsible for COVID-19 killing people? Nothing to support that and it sounds uninformed (to be kind).

  20. Haven’t heard a w word about why these rioters aren’t being arrested for not social distancing. The “virus scare” must be over, since the Democrats have a new issue to beat into the ground now. Guess evebody can take off the “scare reminder” masks and go back to life as ususal.Virus doesn’t seem to be a threat when in public anymore.


    Ordinary Americans who wan to open their businesss, people who want to lead their lives without the “scare mask”, want to eat out as before, are arrested and jailed

    Rioting/looting/stealing acceptable way to blow off steam/manage stress.

  21. There stirring up hate and backing those that are tearing up the city is reason enough for the arrest good job

  22. Whats up with Biden staffers raising money to bail out these lovers in Minnesota? Are they high,stupid or just losing their mind like sleepy joe.

  23. Mac, Trump only helps himself. You must like the deaths and economic turmoil he caused this year.

  24. They are paying them and using them just like obummer did in his 8 years. Wake up ppl white and black face the same kind of scrutiny everyday. The Dems are using you for the vote. Don’t be sublime… they are trying to bare a race war. They will use that in the polls. Don’t fall for it, Trump has done great for everyone. God bless everyone. And you ppl on here know better don’t Be like them. It up to us to show compassion for all.

  25. People’s People’s clams down Mr.Sharpton says we burning the wrong buildings, get the crackers and little chinos, them mexicans get us doubles the votes and clean the stalls pretty’s good, that’s what Ma Obama’s says

  26. Rob a store gets killed the media jumps in to escalate. Than the paid rioters come in n. Just what Chinese wants. Minneapolis is a rat hole for muslins

  27. We’d can’t help it, the biggest killer of blacks men’s is a black man. They robs stores and kills people’s for there’s tenny shoes. I’s has to go to Chicago’s on Memorial Day after a 49 people’s shot my brothers dealing the Satans drug crack, it has to be the white crackers faults buts Michelle’s says it’s ok, I’s getting colic agains I be back laters man. Julios can yous clean stalls?

  28. Where’s All the protests about the Black Thug beating the crap out of an Elderly man,Or How about the Thousands of other crimes committed against Innocent White people by 13% of the population Every Day!!?? 13% of the population(Black) commits Many times More violence and Murder against whites then Whites against Blacks,Ever heard Anyone Bring THAT up??? Naaaaa.Blacks are Always Innocent little Angels.

  29. Like I have been saying often these democrats have become a cancer to America & their mission is power & to control all of us & make America a communist country!

  30. First a DEMOCRAT mayor in Baltimore and now a DEMOCRAT mayor in Minneapolis! THE DO NOTHING DEMOCRAT WHO LET CRIMINAL BURN DOWN THE TOWN!

  31. Two takes on this article. Interesting when the press is exposed to what “they” perceive as being unfair they cry foul immediately but when they report biased news or make up the news entirely or participate in a White House press conferences which they use not for information but to be confrontational then those things are just fine.
    Second, this kind of behavior is typical of Democratic Governors and Mayors who cater to criminals and illegals at the expense of American Citizens. They are more interested in the votes of these people than the people who legally vote for them. Wake up folks you have been scammed for years by these folks.

  32. Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey is not making those rioters wear masks, and keep their social distancing. Shame on him.

  33. There’s a difference in protest and mobs committing major felonies. Such as burning and looting. Trump wasn’t putting anyone up to shooting anyone. He pointed out the fact that some people will shoot to protect themselves and property. I would. Black or white.

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