CNN reporter got caught telling a huge lie that just proved Trump’s innocence

Donald Trump has labeled CNN as fake news.

The people who work there stomp their feet and screech to the heavens when they get called out for spreading misinformation.

But one CNN reporter never thought he would get called out for this big lie.

CNN’s Jim Acosta is one of the biggest liberals in the media.

He makes a daily spectacle of how much he hates Donald Trump and other conservatives.

But on twitter he spread a meme about gun control that was laughed off social media within moments as patently false.

Acosta tweeted out a link to the left-wing propaganda site Vox that claimed there have been over 1,500 mass shootings since the tragedy at Newtown in 2012.

This is fake news.

According to the FBI’s data there have been 95 mass shootings over the last 35 years.

Gun rights supporter quickly pointed out Acosta was lying.

CNN recently took issue with Trump claiming the media spread fake news on purpose.

They claimed any mistake was made in good faith.

This error – which was made in bad faith and with ideological bias – proves Trump was right.

A quick Google search would have shown Acosta he was spreading fake news.

But truth is not as important as advancing the gun grabbers preferred narrative.