CNN reporter left speechless after Stephen Miller’s immigration smack down

The Trump administration unveiled a new pro-American immigration policy.

The media lost their minds.


  1. I hope the White House drops Acosta from the press corp. All he does is try to one up anyone who is taking question’s. He is a waist of time. Get rid of him. Show Acosta he’s a nothing important to the press corp. A MONKEY could do his job. Who in the hell told him he was that important. Mom & Dad they don’t count when your a grown up but the we are talking about Acosta. Give him a cookie & put him on time out for good.

  2. The look on his face sometime and the way he said “Jim” makes me wonder if Stephen really wanted to say “shut the hell up” (I know I would).

  3. This very rude young man who loves to ask “got cha” questions is so full of his anti-American little self that he cannot listen to the answer to his querys before he rudely interrupts to ask another which he, also, doesn’t want a response to, to ask another, etc,etc,etc.
    He doesn’t seem to care how void of American History he looks, or how Anti-American, or how rude he appears to be. But he does seem to be very proud of the left wing, liberal garbage he spews out with abandon ( absent of any Constitutional knowledge).

  4. Bravo Zulu Stephen! Time to stand Acosta in the corner and treat him like a spolied brat that isw a coddled liberal snowflake that doesn’t even have the facts before he spouts his BS.

  5. India and everywhere the British and America people have gone speak English in fact some Muslims speak English before they came to this country like the Muslims who helped the Soldiers as translators. This Jim Acosta is ignorant to say the least. We have the Plilippines, Gwam, Puerto Rico, there are lots of people who speak English, Poland, etc

    Every country encourages immigration, when their population is small and they need more people. Once they have enough people, they cut immigration severely, and only encourage immigrants who have something of value to offer the country.(THIS DOES NOT MEAN CHEAP LABOR) When I was young New Zealand would pay families to move there. Now you have to have something of value to offer them, and you will need to deposit enough money in their retirement system to cover what you would have contributed is you had spent your work years their. Those who want to allow unlimited immigration into the USA, and want to allow unlimited illegals to inter, can only have the destruction of our country and our government as their goal.

    • Larry, I agree with you 100%……I call it need assessment. I Have friend who reside in New Zealand and they have told me about these rules that you posted. All these safety nets in America paid for by the hard working Americans will destroy the countries, promote dead wood and retired on hand outs. It will in time destroy the identity and well being of the nation and its hard working people. Also the difference from the have and not have will grow and than you look at demonstrations and property destruction…

  7. Jim Acosta is just one of CNN’s Left Wing morons and Miller made him look like the fool that everyone already knows that he is.

    • Acosta must have been living in a bubble surrounded by his English, and American circle. By the time I reached his age, I had conversations with people from Switzerland, Germany, The Philipines, Poland, Korea, Iran, Belgium, Greece and Africa. They all spoke English. He’s probably one those snoots who call Philadelphia Provincial.

  8. Mr Miller was wonderful. And the hew reform is necessary, otherwise the real US citizens will disappear like the real Europeans.

    • Maria I agree. I am a naturalized American who immigrated and my parents in 1959. We learned and spoke English because we wanted to have a new start in America. I arrived in November 1959, my parents had a sponsor and I started to work at a Mortgage company Dec. 1st 1959, it was only a short term job to cover the property tax season. I learned a lot and the president of that company helped me to get a full time job with Union Bank down town Los Angeles in the special processing department. That was the start of a very successful banking carrier. I passed my drivers license test, in English, and drove a 1959 Studebaker to work. Since I picked up the secretary of the CEO, at the Mortgage company on my way to work and home…I got a free parking spot!!!!! I earned $ 265.00 a month, no benefits or medical…..when I retired I earned a 6 figure with all the benefits. That is the story of an English speaking immigrant who worked hard. obeyed the laws and regulations and kept my nose to the grindstone. My accent never held me back. America is the land of a new beginning but one must work at it.

      • It is people like yourself who built this country. You are an asset and always welcomed!! It is the ‘takers’ and those who feel they are entitled to live off the efforts of others, who are the targets of public outrage. We have those now who refuse to assimulate and insist that we conform to ‘their’ ways!! They have no respect for America or her citizens. They abuse our social programs meant to help the ill and poor. They believe compassion and kindness is ‘weakness’! They are violent and demanding. They try to undermine our schools and government!! No–that cannot be tolerated. They must go!!

    • I understand that Canada and Australia have same or similar requirements for immigration. In fact, Canada states that you can ‘own’ property there but only ‘live’ there six months of the year. If you want to become a citizen, you need a job and, possibly, relatives that can vouch for your character. There ‘is’ a background check! If you are retired, you need to keep your insurance. The only way you can apply for their health insurance, is to pay all the ‘back’ payments their citizens have paid–according to your age. No just ‘taking’ their social support systems. I hear that, due to overwhelming immigration–there are no ‘true’ Italians anymore in Italy. They have, literally, been ‘bred’ out of existence!! Will the Europeans and all ‘fair skinned’ people be next? Each ‘race’ has a unique ‘beauty’ to add to the human race. Will that vanish? How ‘dull’—all of humanity just ‘blah’ brown! No color, no uniqueness. That won’t banish ‘prejudice’ though! People will always find ‘something’ to insult another person for–their height, weight, nose, eyes, ears,—you name it!! We need ‘self esteem’–not banishing ‘race’!!

    • I hope the wh keeps doing what they are doing with miller. its about time thoses fake news medis are put in there place, and who the hell cares what that dumb ass Acosta thinks about president trump does with the immigration dept. should of been done a long time ago.

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