CNN turned up this piece of evidence that just exonerated Donald Trump in impeachment

CNN’s war with Donald Trump took a strange turn.

And this shift came on the day when CNN should have been most triumphant.

But CNN turned up this piece of evidence that just exonerated Donald Trump in impeachment.

Democrats rushed to impeach President Trump, a second time claiming the President incited an insurrection at the Capitol with his speech to a “March to Save America” rally citing the President telling his supporters they had to fight like hell to keep their country.

But Democrats also ignored the President clearly saying he wanted his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard.”

A small minority of the people in attendance then stormed the Capitol.

As usual, CNN was all aboard the anti-Trump impeachment train.

But then CNN reported a fact that could clear the President.

And that is the fact that federal law enforcement agencies have evidence that thugs and anarchists planned the attack in advance and left before the conclusion of Trump’s speech to stage the riot.

CNN reports:

Among the evidence the FBI is examining are indications that some participants at the Trump rally at the Ellipse, outside the White House, left the event early, perhaps to retrieve items to be used in the assault on the Capitol.

A team of investigators and prosecutors are also focused on the command and control aspect of the attack, looking at travel and communications records to determine if they can build a case that is similar to a counterterrorism investigation, the official said.

If federal authorities have evidence that the riot was a premeditated attack, then President Trump cannot have incited anyone to do what they already intended on doing.

Democrats know all this.

But this is a political witch hunt to ban Donald Trump from ever running for office again and to label all Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.

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