CNN unearthed a secret about Devin Nunes that blew liberals away

Democrats and the media are out for blood.

The left is waging all out war to destroy House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

CNN contributed to this effort with a report from Nunes’ Congressional district where they dug up a secret they never expected to find.

CNN reporter Kyung Lah traveled to Nunes’ district in hopes of putting together a hit piece on the California Congressman.

Nunes has led the charge to uncover the Deep State’s spying and sabotage campaign against President Trump.

So the press – working on behalf of the Democrats – set out to destroy Nunes.

But when CNN, traveled to Nunes district, they found out that the Congressman’s constituents appreciated his work.

The Daily Caller reports:

However, when CNN reporter Kyung Lah got to his district, she discovered that most of the constituents she spoke to really appreciated the job he is doing in Congress.

“Here, all we can do is vote for someone hoping they can do something there,” Lillian Krider said, asserting that she thinks Nunes is the guy who can “do something.”

“For Devin Nunes, these registered Republicans are squarely in his corner,” Lah said in a voice-over as the camera panned over a group of elderly women eating in a diner. “Especially when he’s an attack dog for Trump.”

“I like that he does stick up for our president,” Krider added. “I mean, the president is our leader whether we agree with him or not.”

“I appreciate his honesty and his being open with the people,” another supporter explained.”

Liberals have a big problem on their hands.

The left believes the media represents America.

And so if the media hates Devin Nunes, liberals think everyone in American hates Devin Nunes.

But when liberals – who are only fed information from so-called “mainstream” media outlets – travel outside their bubble, they find a wide swath of Americans who appreciate Devin Nunes and his work.


  1. Refreshing is right. Devin Nunes is in my district in California, and is well respected and trusted to do the right thing. ONE OF A KIND, true patriot!!!

  2. Sadly the Democraps rank and file are willing to vote Democrapic just to put Republicans out of power no matter how much good Republicans are doing for America. See LIBERALS have a MASSIVE LACK of SENSE, COMMON or OTHERWISE. The worst thing that EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo saddled America with is something LIBERALS have been trying for years to slap America with which is complete and UTTER STUPIDITY. See they have made something important namely COMMON SENSE something unwanted. They do not want Americans to think before they do anything this is the only way Democraps can get and keep power. Does anyone buy the LIE that those in Calipornia would vote Nutsy Pelousy or Mad Maxine into office if the thought of just how WORTHLESS they both have been and ARE???? This is the REAL OBOZO LEGACY that being he caused Americans for the large part to vote out of TOTAL IGNORANCE instead of from LOGIC and INTELLIGENCE.

  3. It’s refreshing to be lucky enough to KNOW and VOTE got a person who has his or her head screwed on right????GO congressman Nunes GO????

  4. I’m Very interested in knowing what emails that you’re receiving from our President Trump. As, I’m a supporter of President Trimo, I want to see the latest Video or nformation of the Days Development. Thanks Dereald

  5. I really think you are right. I knew during the last election that he had to be way ahead, because of how hard he worked. If you saw pictures of his debates, they were jammed, full house. Hillary didn’t work near as hard and she had so many health issues, she never had the stamina for the job.Plus she drinks too much, like Pelosi.

  6. So do I! I don’t get why they don’t want to learn anything new. Can you even imagine what President Trump could have accomplished in his first year without all of the obstacles he has had to deal with.

  7. Have you ever seen a President work as hard as President Trump has? I never have and I get an email every day from the WH telling who he saw and what they did, pics included. Some of these people are saying that he is lying, how could he be when we know what he has done every day. He has done more to save this country, I really think that Obama almost took us clear down, he hated all of us to begin with.

  8. I agree that Gowdy is not a RINO, he is just worn out. He has worked himself to pieces, because of all the Demorat’s lies, and that is all they do is LIE. Gowdy is a good guy and is very serious about his work, he does like the fact that they can sit there and bold faced lie and get away with it.He will make a great Fed.Judge or a Supreme Court Judge, and he is Conservative.

  9. Wayne IS a Total ‘lights out’. LOL. A Troll,
    & takes pleasure in ‘goading’. (are you in parents
    Basement? or what. geez dude.
    Wayne… STFU. Are You Totally Lost/Lonely
    to go to Another site ???
    ps. get in line for some ‘positive’ Prayer.

  10. post altered. not going back for correction.
    just put a comma after “just maybe”.
    “Good-bye TREY.

  11. I think it because the Democrats still don’t want to believe that President Trump really won the election, and if he runs for a second term his most likely going to win again. The Democrats don’t have a clue on what the American People want and for that they will lose again.

  12. > Ignoring what Gowdy Said Today ??? NOPE.
    Gowdy in ‘the Tank’. Too bad- thought he was
    just maybe 1 at a time ‘they’ Will Expose themselves &
    True Identity. Good -bye, Try. THNX i guess
    for whatever. Good that you are retiring.
    We Need you NOT.

  13. GOWDY Today, Exposed himself as ‘Fallen into ‘the Tank’).
    Not good. I woke up re him. Is What it IS. GOWDY = OUTIE.
    Not fit for AG. He is ‘compromised’ .

  14. Yes you are correct Obama is still a narcissist and pathological liar, we all knew that,

  15. This is great news about Nunes, I have thought he was doing a very good job also. He has worked very hard to help get things where they are today, and it will be fun to watch the libs squirm.

  16. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  17. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  18. I have asked that question myself and they never seem to answer. I guess because they can’t and are just throwing out spitball.

  19. I’m with Breaker19. I wish that those who maintain that President Trump has lied list those alleged lies. Ain’t found a one myself.

  20. So your all ignoring what Trey Gowdy said? FBI acted properly. No Spygate. Remember He was the point Man for all the Hillary Investigations. The phrase when is he lying?, when his lips move. Trump defines that. It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike Trump. He still is a narcissist and pathalogical lyer.

  21. Lisa Ellis, I believe Satan was in charge for the 8 years prior to President Trump. President Trump is bringing back Christian values and I, for one, love this. Obama ran rough shod over Christianity for 8 long years. I believe that the Abyss or the Lake of Fire is where Obama,though,along with all the SHEEP he gathered to follow him. I will pray for you, Lisa Ellis.

  22. So what’s new? Liberals are known for their lies and innuendos. Devin was just too much on the side of the people so they had to float another lie to spill dirt on him. Go Devin!!!

  23. wayne stop drinking the media cool aid the last people that did that was Jim Jones and his followers and they all died.

  24. The most accurate assessment of 90% of the MSM was made.early on, by President Trump. He coined the expression “Fake News,” which has belabored anyone who would subscribe to CNN, which has the onus of leading all of the MSM in contriving dreamt-up negatives and lies made to attempt scandalizing President Trump and his family, right down to now eleven years-old son,Barron. In the interim, with each dose of lies put forward by the corrupt MSM, as a group of former real news organizations, it has been burying itself which is entirely earned by it. Unfortunately, those who tune to them cannot receive truth in news, there isn’t any coming from the lying MSM.

  25. Lisa Ellis, your comment is very misleading…first you say Trump will win again if it is God’s plan….(I fully agree with that statement), then you say he (meaning Trump) might find himself in the Lake of Fire, then you say Satan is trying to get as many silly sheep as he can to come to his side (I fully agree with that) and then you say he is doing that with all of you….and you feel sorry for all of us…..AND WHY IS THAT? Do you believe everyone on this site is EVIL, or NOT A BELIEVER IN CHRIST? or NOT FOR TRUMP? Exactly what do you mean and what are you calling us? So far everything I’ve read on these comments, it looks like ALL are on Trumps side, which is on God’s side, since I truly believe Trump was chosen by God to be our president…and I KNOW we should be praying for him every day, and praying that God will give him WISDOM to lead this country in the right direction…

  26. Would be nice if fools would open their ears and eyes and actually find facts before opening their mouths. And remember,”Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  27. Didn`t Obomination put into law, that he could put anyone he wanted into prison any time he wanted to, for as long as he wanted. If this is true, POTUS should use this law to clean up the swamp. After all, Obomination would have used it on we the people. MAGA!


  29. True Believer Right – If we don’t have Nunes and Gowdy digging we would definitely be Screwed!! And CA definitely needs more like him in that Bias Congress!!!!

  30. All of you ignorant puke liberals trying to undermine President Trump will hopefully suffer a huge embarrassing loss when he is reelected in ’20 in spite of your total hatred for him. He has done more to help the U.S. in his first year than O’vomit did in his eight stinking years. May all of you rot in Haides!

  31. Wake up Trumpets, Trey Gowdy confirmed Trump just keeps on lying. And Nunes? He should Nunes should be removed for obstruction. He is a Trumpet Puppet.

  32. If thats God’s plan to have Trump win again. But if Gods war comes first he will find himself in the Abyss or the Lake of Fire…along with all the SHEEP he gathered to follow him. Remember…Satan is in charge right now and he is in panic mode! He is trying desperately to get as many silly sheep like humans to come to his side…and my God he is doing just that with all of you. I feel sorry for you all.

  33. Nunes is doing the job he was elected to do, and the lefty MSM just can’t wrap their head around that. You can bet that they will make something up. Maybe he did something wrong in kindergarten or preschool.

  34. Have no fear. The dems are cooking something up that they will unleash just before the midterms. It’s up to us to discount whatever it may be and get out and vote. I honestly think the dems are putting out the narrative that the blue wave is over because they want conservative voters to become complacent. Don’t fall for it. If I’m wrong the worst thing that can happen is we’ll win by a landslide. A crushing defeat of the liberal agenda would be better than a simple loss. Can you imagine what President Trump could accomplish without resistance and another term? Another term would surely mean every Supreme Court replacement of those ready for retirement and many more Federal judges that rule on the law and not their feelings. This country can really be turned around and made great again.

  35. Well I hate to say this but I think it rings true, If you pole an issue and direct all your questions to Republicans or all to Democrats you will get the result you want. But ask a real cross section of voters you will get still a different result. When Kyung Lah entered Nunes district she had to get the conscious of the voters who voted for him. Dumbest thing I have heard since Pelosi.

  36. the Horowitz IG report will identify more than just McCabe, Comey as guilty of at least malfeasance, maybe crimes in office at the DOJ & FBI. Let it come out in time for Session’s indictments for 2018 midterm voters to take note and vote for Trump support in Congress. MAGA in 2018 & 2020 ! go Trump, MAGA

  37. Nunes, Trump, et al deserve all Americans’ support. MAGA Trump 2020; Republicans in 2018, yes, yes, yes !!! 2018 ! ! ! VOTE, EVERYBODY


  39. We live in Tulare county and have known Devin Nunes for quite some time. He is the guy that can straighten out the mess we are in. The Dems are on the wrong track, all they care about is the power not the people.

  40. Gordon trouble is heavy population states like Cal., New York, Illinois ECT the good people are far outvoted by the others.

  41. One would think smart people would stop digging when they are in a hole. Lying to coverup lies never works.

  42. “The left believes the media represents America” Maybe in the DumboRATS distorted view. Most of the PATROITIC AMERICANS know better.

  43. if you still think Trump colluded with the russians to defeat hillary clintintski you might net be smarter than a 5th grader

  44. Seems like the Brown Clown, Bath House BarryOHOMO created a movement. DumbA$$o CROOKS never consider the unintended consequences of their IDIOTIC policies. This time, he poked the bear (middle class, patriotic, hard working, tax payers) and the bear is angry !!! Hopefully good people like Nunes, Dan Bongino, Joe Di Genova and Victoria Toensing, Sarah Carter, Doug Jarret, etc. will continue their excellent work in exposing the BOAT LOAD of CORRUPTION associated with the Clinton/OHOMO DumbA$$o CROOKS.

  45. Well and cleared stated by M Tisdale. It is valuable to join our efforts to protect the right cause.

  46. The same goes for Trump. People support the President way more than the liberals and MSM know. Also,the people dislike the Democrats more than they know.

  47. Yea, D. Nunes! Love your work and what you are attempting, successfully, to do in making our nation a lawful law abiding Country. Stay strong and how wonderful it is that your constituents are standing behind you, in full support. Keep up the good work, never give up! God bless.

  48. Good finally some good reporting! If we didn’t have Nunes, we would be screwed. We just need more like him. Vote 2018 and put more Nunees’s in Congress.

  49. Is there a RED wave Building up AGAIN in Caliphornia??? and leave it to CNN to drive the (D) anarchy party to CHEW on their Soiled panties for INSPIRATION

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