CNN was forced to admit one fact that has all but guaranteed Donald Trump’s re-election

CNN has gone all in on defeating Donald Trump.

The network stoops so low as to run fake news and hoaxes to try to oust President Trump in 2020.

But CNN was forced to admit one fact that has all but guaranteed Donald Trump’s re-election.

CNN and other fake news outlets have been trying to talk American into a recession.

The Fake News Media buries the good news and hypes the negative in hopes of scaring consumers into not spending money so the economy sinks into a recession.

But when the September jobs report came out, CNN was forced to admit failure.

Chief business correspondent Christine Romans admitted that the labor participation rate remained high and that was a sign of a strong economy.

Breitbart reports:

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” network chief business correspondent Christine Romans discussed the August jobs report, touting its overall numbers.

Romans admitted the jobless rate being at 3.7% “remains near a historical low” and that is the “important sign of success.”

“[T]he job market’s still marching forward, but at a slower pace: 130,000 net new jobs created and 25,000 or so of those were Census jobs — federal hiring. So, without the Census, you would have a little bit weaker job market than even we’re showing here,” Romans outlined. “Take a look at the jobless rate, 3.7%. This remains near a historic generational low. More than 500,000 people entered the labor market, so these months and months of decent job numbers are encouraging people to come back in. That is an important sign of success in the labor market right now. Business information services, big job gains there, again, health care, these have been driving parts of the economy really, health care and business information systems.”

Romans noted the disappointment with the lack of growth in the manufacturing sector, which she said was a result of the China trade tariffs.

In every re-election campaign, the state of the economy is the number one issue.

If the economy is growing at a healthy pace, the incumbent party wins.

If the economy continues to add jobs and sustain its current growth rate, then Donald Trump will win re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  5. If this CNN economics reporter would put the whole report she did in context, when she stated that 25,000 of the jobs filled were Census workers, she should have also stated that, of course, a lot of those hired Federal Census workers left other jobs, which thus created more job openings for job seekers.

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