CNN was forced to admit something about Kamala Harris that you won’t believe

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can no longer count on the unyielding support of the leftists over at CNN.

That’s how bad it has gotten for the Democrats.

And CNN was forced to admit something about Kamala Harris that you won’t believe.

Democrats are facing a major dilemma.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are toxic.

But CNN is also reporting that Joe Biden intends to run for re-election in spite of the fact Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg are clearly laying the groundwork for 2024 Presidential campaigns.

CNN’s Erin Burnett interviewed network contributor and left-wing activist Van Jones about this situation.

Burnett set up her question to Jones by noting that many Americans already assumed that Biden would only serve one term as President.

“President Biden, we’re learning, is frustrated because he feels there are powers in his own Party that are essentially saying don’t you even think about running again. He’s apparently frustrated that they’re trying to run him out of office and get him to not run for re-election. Now, to be honest, Van, many Americans did assume he was going to be a one-term President, and that’s what he wanted to do, but that was an assumption. How bad is the situation for the Democratic Party, though?” Burnett asked Jones.

Jones responded by saying Democrats were in a “lose-lose” situation because Joe Biden was toxic politically and the Party had no heir apparent.

“Look, right now, it feels like a lose-lose situation. You know, Joe Biden is a beloved human being, but he’s also up in years, so there is a fear. Hey, listen, don’t forget, when Obama went into office, he looked like a young Tiger Woods. In the beginning, he left looking like Morgan Freeman. I mean, that job will tear you up. That is a tough job. So the idea of can this guy do the full eight years, that’s the question. I think some people aren’t confident. At the same time, there is no heir apparent. There is no likely successor,” Jones answered.

Burnett noted that Vice President Kamala Harris would normally be seen as the next in line.

“Well, the way the Party would go would be Kamala Harris, historically,” Burnett responded.

Jones said under normal circumstances, Harris would have the nomination on lockdown if Biden decides not to seek re-election.

But Jones explained that Kamala Harris had even worse poll numbers than Biden.

“Sure, Kamala Harris, her numbers are not as strong, his numbers are not as strong, nobody’s numbers are as strong, so a free for all in the last year of his Presidency now feels like a lose-lose,” Jones declared.

The idea of Joe Biden – who looks to be in severe cognitive decline – running for a second term where he will serve in office until he is 86 years-old strikes many Americans as ridiculous.

But many Democrats also view the prospect of Kamala Harris leading the Party into the 2024 election as ridiculous.

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