CNN was hiding a secret that leaked out that’s the final nail in the Democrat Party’s coffin

From Nancy Pelosi on down, every Democrat in America is walking on egg shells.

They don’t want the American people to know the true state of the Party.

And CNN was hiding a secret that leaked out that’s the final nail in the Democrat Party’s coffin.

In 2016, Americans could tell there was tremendous energy behind Donald Trump’s campaign based on the record ratings drawn by the Republican presidential debates.

A record 25 million Americans tuned in for the first debate on Fox.

Democrats, by contrast, saw much lower viewership numbers – which was evidence the GOP base was more excited to turn out than the Democrats.

History is repeating itself in 2020.

The second Democrat presidential debate on CNN drew just 8.7 and 10.7 million viewers on the first and second night respectively.

Breitbart reports:

CNN’s Democrat primary debates Tuesday and Wednesday night attracted just 8.7 million and 10.7 million viewers respectively – numbers that pale in comparison to June’s Democrat primary debates hosted by NBC.

The first night’s debate – which featured candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and author Marianne Williamson (D) – drew just 8.7 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data. However, CNN says the final number looked more like 9.2 million viewers after combining the network’s digital streaming services.

Even with CNN’s streaming services considered, the numbers still pale in comparison to the first night of the Democrat debates hosted by NBC in June, with the first debate attracting over 15 million viewers.

Despite that, Tuesday’s debate managed to garner slightly more than the popular Tuesday night shows America’s Got Talent, which garnered 7.9 viewers, and Hannah Brown’s season finale of The Bachelorette, which averaged 7.4 million, according to CNN.

Those numbers are more or less the same compared to the 8.5 million viewers that the second Democrat debate in 2016 drew.

If television ratings are indicative of excitement about the candidates – and they were one important metric in 2016 – the current crop of Democrat presidential contenders are not doing much to inspire the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I recently found out I posted the incorrect number about the national debt.
    Each “Taxpayer” now owes $440,000! Yet the Dems want to spend trillions more.
    Sure, Pelosi gave herself a pay raise to $223,500. Plus “Gold” health care, expenses! She “ONLY” paid $137,000 in property taxes on her THREE luxury homes last year. She is in the top one percent of the wealthiest people in the country!

  2. Does anyone think that the Dems are not behind all these shooting? Remember what John Brennan said about getting back at you 6 ways from Sunday. It should be made against the law to try to turn America into anything other than a republic and those who do should go to jail then be deported.

  3. Tyrone
    I agree, this is just more of what we already know, all I want to hear is FINALLY the lunatic liberal criminals are on their way to prison!!

  4. Yes, and the number of blacks discovering that the dems are not their friends is growing rapidly. The only ones that have time to run out and protest are the ones that don’t have or want a job or are off school for summer. I’m not big on conspiracies but these two shootings yesterday and the one before sure are looking strange especially of the video in El Paso with 2 cops standing with the perp and talking and he wasn’t even in handcuffs, all looks a little strange.

  5. Black would have been my last assumption of you, but I remember that name from when I was a cop.

  6. When You have debates over 15 months before an election, and right after the Mueller interview It is just too soon, and not a Death Waarant, but the debt Rising to almost $22 Trillion. That is the more Important story, and it could be the death of USA as a country. You ready for that

  7. That wasn’t a secret. You assume a lot about me. You know what they say about assume and you just proved it.


  9. Gee Betty, I see the love you have for your fellow human beings. What is next for you? I guess you’ll be pushing to get rid of anyone doesn’t agree with you. Your Hero Stalin would be very proud of you

  10. What secret did CNN expose? I didn’t see anything in the article of a secret. This article is lame. I will never vote demo but, the title needs to reflect the article.

  11. Betty, please explain how Pres. Trump has wrecked this country. You can’t, of course. Pres. Trump has done a lot of good for this country. Open your eyes and dare to see the truth. But you choose to live with your sick hate.

  12. Deranged. The dems are DERANGED!!! They all need to be rounded up and thrown into an insane asylum, right along with Betty.

  13. You may be onto something there Jeff, if you where serious and proud of your candidates and what they could offer the country wouldn’t you want the broadest audience exposure you can get. CNN is a dying network and may be so is the democratic party.

  14. Betty,
    Why would anyone want your UNEDUCATED demographics – Latinos and blacks in the Whitehouse? California already knows they aren’t earning anywhere near what Whites and ASIANS earn so they can’t support their own elderly on Medicaid and Medicare.
    The heavy lifting goes to Asians and whites.

  15. Regardless of what the democrats do or say about President Trump and how the fake news propaganda media want to portrait him Trump is a winner for all the people and more popular. Hopefully soon people that listen and follow the democrats will see how wrong they are for the country

  16. Their plot to dumb down America was slowing down.
    They must import more voters. Notice I didn’t say “citizens”.
    It’s ok if you didn’t know english when you apply for citizenship.
    But you must eventually learn it. My house, my rules.
    I’m NOT going to learn yours. Stop forcing me to accept that insane concept. If I have to learn yours, what about others? What makes your language so special? You tout “diversity”. So I must learn some dozens of languages? I don’t think so. You are welcome here LEARN ENGLISH.
    We are Americans. We speak english.

  17. You’re obviously oblivious to the fact that Trump is actually upholding his campaign promises.
    Might wanna pull your head out of the sand, dear.

  18. Wrong, Brittiany, It’s d. trump who comes across as absolutely Crazy almost every time that INSANE IDIOT Opens His Fat, Lying, Stupid Sicko Mouth!

  19. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump as president has done more in four years in WRECKING this country than more than two hundred years of all the presidents before him ever could!

  20. It seems that President Trump’s campaign rallies, in all the cities he goes to around the nation, are bringing in more than twice as many people as the Democrat debates are drawing in nation wide TV viewers.

    City versus nation, and President Trump is still bringing more than twice the number of people as the Democrats are, and the Democrats think they’re going to win the 2020 national elections? “REALLY”???

    Polls can easily be rigged, even easier than elections, and the liberal biased mainstream media, who all hate President Trump, just as they did during the 2016 Presidential campaign, are reporting their false polls once again, just as they did during the entire 2016 Presidential campaign, which their polls supposedly showed that Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide, and Donald Trump had absolutely no possible path to an “Electoral College” win. But you know what proves polls are being rigged, the results of the elections.

  21. I think airing the debates only on a cable channel was done deliberately by the Dumbocrats. Their clown car candidates are quite the embarrassment and they really only want them exposed to the limited libtarded audience that CNN has left. They get to choose their champion from the bottom of the barrel of scum, avoiding as much ridicule as possible from logical-thinking people. It’ll be a laughable match-up come next November when Trump will have amassed even more victories for the American populace.

  22. Why do you think Demonrats are so opposed to any measure that will restrict illegals from crossing the border while at the same time pushing to allow illegals the right to vote? It’s obvious. They KNOW educated Americans are FLEEING the demonrat party in DROVES and the only chance they have of ever regaining the White House is to “import” illiterate, uneducated people they think will vote for them.

  23. From what I see the democrats will have a hard time even getting 20 million votes. This will be the biggest landslide victory for Republicans in history.

  24. English please. Trump by far has done more for this country then 8 years of idiots and a terrorist supporting president

  25. why would anyone one want democrats in office, when it will lead to soup lines ,and total lose of freedom. thats exacly what obama started, we have to reelect trump.

  26. There’s reports of people everywhere walking away from that party of fools. I don’t know why anyone would want any of them dumbasses elected. Every one of the commiecrat candidates come across as really stupid.

  27. Let’s face facts. The Democratic Party has swung so far left that their base has turned their backs on them. They are fighting a losing battle.

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