CNN’s Anderson Cooper just crossed an unbelievable anti-Trump line you won’t believe

CNN attacking Donald Trump and his supporters is nothing new.

But there has always been a line they haven’t crossed.

And CNN’s Anderson Cooper just crossed that line with an anti-Trump attack you won’t believe.

There seems to be no limit to how far the leftists at CNN will go with their anti-Trump attacks.

They have claimed that he is a mass murderer, compared Trump to Hitler, and called for him to be thrown in jail.

And while those attacks are extreme, they could largely be dismissed as charged political rhetoric.

After all, comparing someone to Hitler has essentially lost all meaning with how often it is used.

Anderson Cooper likely understood that when he made his latest attack.

Instead of immediately jumping to Hitler, he instead went on to compare Trump and his supporters to the perpetrators of a much more recent genocide.

The CNN host brought up the Rwandan genocide, where more than 800,000 moderate Hutus and Tutsis were killed at the hands of Hutu extremists over a three month period in 1994.

Cooper was speaking to anti-Trump Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger when he claimed that the Trump and his supporters have been “otherizing people” to make them “other than American, other than patriotic, other than — than human.”

That’s when Cooper brought up the Rwandan genocide, essentially arguing that Trump supporters are the Hutu extremists, and that they are priming to commit genocide.

“We’ve seen it in Rwanda where radios were telling people – you know, Hutus were telling the radio listeners that the Tutsi are cockroaches, you know, to – getting them ginned up for genocide,” Cooper said.

The Rwandan genocide is one of the worst tragedies of the late-20th century.

It is arguably the most vicious genocide in modern world history.
The fact that Cooper is comparing those committing such an atrocious act to the over 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump is despicable.

This sort of rhetoric has caused intense left-wing violence in the past.

In 2017, a left-wing lunatic shot Republican Rep. Steve Scalise in response to charged rhetoric claiming that Republicans were causing mass deaths by opposing Obamacare.

And in 2019, after socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called ICE detention centers “concentration camps,” an Antifa extremist attempted to firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington before being shot dead while trying to shoot at police.

Anderson Cooper’s insane claims could put people in real danger if a mentally deranged left-winger takes what he says to heart, and tries to stop the next Rwandan genocide.

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