CNN’s Jim Acosta crossed the line and paid this ultimate price

CNN’s Jim Acosta may be the most biased Trump hater in the media.

But on Wednesday he crossed the line.

And Sarah Huckabee Sanders stepped in.

Acosta caused a blowup when he acted like barroom drunk during a White House press conference.

He asked Trump two questions, and after Trump answered he tried to move to other reporters.

But Acosta would not yield the microphone.

So a female White House press aide did her job and tried to retrieve the microphone to give to another reporter.

At that point in time it looked like Acosta allegedly karate chopped her arm.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted out a video of Acotsa allegedly assaulting the female White House intern.

But the White House could not let this stand.

When Acosta showed up the White House for a TV appearance later that night he was informed Sanders banned him from the grounds and revoked his credentials.

The Hollywood reporters writes:

The White House is suspending CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” for what press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders deemed “absolutely unacceptable” conduct in a statement Wednesday night.

“I’ve just been denied entrance to the WH,” Acosta wrote on Twitter. “Secret Service just informed me I cannot enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit.” (He posted a video of a Secret Service agent asking for his pass.)

Sanders announced the punishment in a lengthy statement Wednesday night, several hours after Acosta clashed with President Donald Trump during a feisty press conference.

Reporters think because they are journalists no laws or standards of common decency apply to them.

They lecture Americans about how they are more important than anyone else.

Many Americans believe so-called “journalists” need a reminder that although their job is protected by the First Amendment, basic manners and common decency apply.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. SMARTRBISCUITS ? Surely you jest; you refer to President Trump, as a Liar ? When and if one looks, just a few years upstream, we have; Clinton, “I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman” .. Obama, “If you like your Doctor, You can keep Your Doctor”
    Hillary, “The attack that Killed 4 Great Americans, was caused by a Film” Or better yet, ” So, 4 Americans were Killed, so what, Big Deal” OMG Biscuit, you call yourself Smart, are you kidding me ? The smart thing here, is recognizing; All Politian’s Lie and the Supreme Court, gave them permission to, in a decision, not too long ago.

  2. Sam The Fan, Wow, I sure stirred your pot to an overflow! I will concede to misspelling grammar in my haste however, the balance of my comment was written in simplification and was for an explanation as close as I could get to their comments.
    I also find it irritating when adults correct other adults but, I have seen those words misused by so many I HAD to make that comment.
    However, in all fairness you were too harsh to me! After all, I made a point to apologize and I did say I am not in the habit of correcting people.
    So shame on you and it was none of your business since it was not directed to you, now was it?

  3. G: It is a good thing you do not correct grammar because you are an idiot and cannot even spell it correctly “grammer”. Also who’s house are you referring? If you are referring to the House of Representatives you should say House not “house” as a proper noun. Regarding the word “LOST” that is not correct either because the word lost refers to something you cannot find. The Republicans know exactly where the House is located. While the simple majority switched from the Republicans to the Democrats it now means that the previous “RESIST RESIST RESIST” position of the Democrats has to change to “NEGOTIATE NEGOTIATE NEGOTIATE” with the Republicans for legislative changes. If they do not do this, it will be “MANDATE MANDATE MANDATE” for the Republicans for the House in 2020.

  4. Tim and TJ,
    LOOSE means something not tight, example a shirt.
    LOSE means something will be lost.
    You guys, We Republicans LOST LOST LOST the house is correct grammer.
    Sorry, I don’t usually correct grammer, forgive me please.

  5. You can’t loose like an adult, i find that to be a stupid statement. Seems to me you haven’t gotten over loosing the 2016 election.

  6. You can’t loose like an adult, i find that to be a stupid statement. Seems to me you haven’t gotten over loosing the 2016 election.

  7. Just found out that the guy who is tabulation and fact checking all of this is the Bureau chief of the Toronto Star. In an interview last night he said Trump’s lies escalated to close to 30 a day in the three days leading up to the midterms.

  8. That is kind of harsh, Ric B, since the GOP still has the Senate and they have made some successes. How about we turn down the rhetoric from the left a little also?

  9. Trumpers, are you tired of losing . . err-r-r-r, I mean “winning” yet? Seems the mid-terms was a record turnover of seats to Democrats, North Korea played Trump like a fool, looks like indictments will be coming out soon from the Russia probe and looks like Trump in his after med-term temper tantrum, got on the wrong side of the law . . . again.

  10. Breaking news: Federal judge Timothy J. Kelly sided with CNN on Friday morning, ordering the White House to reinstate chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass immediately.

  11. Oh Tom, you sound like the democrats talking sheep. President Trump is not any more an arrogant narcissist than Barry, Acostis, CNN, Pelosi, Shumer, Shiff , Waters the Clintons and I could go on and on. So What is your point except to Bash our President.

  12. I hope so, but you’re right, time will tell. I just think most of the countries you mention are trickier and more manipulative than you or I will ever have access to the information to know. I just pray our intelligence has a bead on what they are doing and responds accordingly.

  13. Dave – I do not dispute what you are saying except I am not aware of any sanctions that the USA has lifted on NK. The situation is complicated because Russia and China do not want NK to give up it nuclear program as they are against the USA. President Trump has done something that no other US President has done by engaging NK in direct communications. It is the only way there is a chance to resolve the 70 year cold war with NK. While China and Russia provide aid to NK it is not enough and the people including the military are all suffering. NK needs to move in a better direction and there can be better opportunities for NK with a more positive relationship with the USA. Time will tell but I think with ongoing discussions with NK there is a better chance for a better relation in the future between NK and the USA.

  14. Scott, just a heads up on this one. All we have done so far with NK is shake hands on TV and reduce economic sanctions against them. We really haven’t gotten anything on our part and in fact, it was discovered earlier this year via satellite and recently announced in the news that NK is continuing work on its ballistic missile system at undeclared missile sites, one of which is located in Sakkanmol, North Korea. While it may be good news they haven’t tested any missiles in a year, NK isn’t being forthright and we are being naive if we are pretending they aren’t moving the program forward. All we’ve done as a country is politically validate a ruthless dictator of another unbalanced country. They still have and are developing missiles that can reach the US and nothing has been accomplished to deter this. In fact, we’ve given concessions and gotten nothing in return. Seriously, I am not making this up because I’m concerned about this. We all should be.

  15. Dan T., Jack G, Scott,
    (This looks like a scheduled meeting and we are planning a project.) The trolls keep changing names in hopes of getting us to reply to their nasty comments. They are good at what they do and hard for patriots to ignore their hate and lies. I am going to be on alert for them, it is a waste of time to try and exchange comments with someone who loathes all we stand for.

  16. Dan – I agree with you. When one of those A-holes comes on this site just ignore their stupid comments like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum. There is no way to reason with those people so if we ignore them they will eventually stop and go back to the Communist Websites.

  17. M going forward I will tune them out. I’ll take my swipes and voice my oplnions without getting bogged down by idiots.

  18. You are not very bright or knowledgeable how negotiations like this work. The USA has been enemies with North Korea for approx. 70 years. President Trump is making headway by opening communications with the leader of North Korea to discuss a peace treaty. You are apparently unaware of the progress that has made in this direction over the past six months. You would be better served by joining one of the negative hater monger Democrat Communist Websites. I believe that most of the people on this Patriotic Constitutional Republican Website could do without your stupid breaking news.

  19. Dan T., What a shame the troll jerks never quit. As you have said, we don’t go on liberal sites and pull these
    shenanagins. Is so nice when they are quiet and we Conservatives can comment back and forth on meaningful topics!

  20. J.D, Whatever or whoever you are, no conservative cares or wants to hear your pitiful attempt at being an elitist know it all. You are a phony freak full of drugs concocted from the most disgusting mixture of chemicals, and “stuff” that is effecting your brain in weird un-natural ways. Day by day more people are becoming aware of what you elitist are doing to yourselves and what “it” is doing to you. That is all I will say about that. You know at one time steroids were thought to be a good thing until they were found to be causing cancer, especially of the brain. In the meantime, I hear nothing you have to offer and hope everyone ignores you as well. I am not angry nor am I interested in your input. In fact, you are a sickening psuedo intellectual who should find a liberal site and talk down to people on it.

  21. Breaking news of Trump “diplomacy: failures: New commercial satellite images released Monday have identified more than a dozen undeclared North Korean missile operating bases, another sign that Pyongyang is continuing to move forward with its ballistic missile program amid indications that talks with the US have stalled in recent months.

  22. Maybe, M . . . . . . maybe you are Murdoch, writing only the first letter to your name. How do we know you are not a Russian troll?

  23. Pat, you are right . . . well except for Putin where Trump publicly kisses his ass and bows to him, and to Kin J. Un – – did you see the new evidence that North Korea has built more secret nuclear bases and so Trump gave him something for nothing (military joint exercises with South Korea)!

  24. This is part of the reason Trump’s parents sent him away to military school, not the military – they hired people to get him out of serving – – the reason Trump is sent away to receive some discipline he was not given. A totally spoiled rotten, arrogant narcissist.

  25. Don, Disregard Ric B, the troll, please. He is writing under “other” troll names also. I expect to be attacked with denials any minute but, I don’t care. What a joke Ric is! Everyone knows who owns the MSM, their minds anyway! Murdoch is a liberal, but he wants to keep his Fox viewers. Go online and search who owns MSM. So, we are being asked to believe fake news, again!

  26. Like when Trump MOCKED Dr. Christine Ford when the day before he said she was credible. It is one thing to disagree with Dr. Ford, it is another to mock her. I posted several times this would come back to bite Trump and at the midterms it did: Almost every subgroup of women in CNN’s national exit polls moved towards the Democratic Party, including white women, Latinas, white college-educated women, white non-college-educated women, Democratic women and independent women. The only groups that are inconclusive or stayed the same on a national level were African-American women and Republican women.

  27. Good point, Smartbiscuits. Did you see where Trump’s former lawyer set up mock situations to prepare Trump for interviews, and Dowd said he cannot testify because Trump can’t stop lying and will end up in an orange jumpsuit”!?! Dowd eventually resigned because he realized Trump’s mouth convicts himself.

  28. Sanders put out an email or tweet that had a doctored video on it. Experts have evaluated it as altered. Now why would you alter a video if you were just telling the truth?!?

  29. Diane, yes these people cannot handle a different viewpoint and thoughtful discussion, so they prefer you leave and they think they will do this by calling you juvenile names. You see, cult followers cannot handle anyone challenging their propaganda or their Kool Aid from Hannity, Alex “conspiracy nut” Jones, or Rush L. The last election showed most females voted against you, and you think you will win them over by being nasty to them! Now who is being ignorant here

  30. Well, M, when you start off calling someone a jerk with an exclamation point, that is ranting. And, excuse me M, but go back and read, Dave never said ONE WORD about DJT or despising him – – so it is clear you went off the deep end here.

    I want to address the hypocritical statement about respecting the president.
    Since Dave did not disrespect the president at all, you might look at how citizen Trump continued to make up a lie about Obama’s not being a citizen, something Trump only backed away from after he had won the presidency. Despite the evidence presented, Trump continued to slander President Obama, and disrespect him with lies. Trump admitted to Jared he just used that lie.

  31. TROLL ALERT! truthistruth is a troll! truthistruth is a alter ego and ghost writes for a demon troll (very unpopular on this site)!

  32. Don, this is just completely untrue. Most of media is owned by rich conservatives like Murdoch. You guys just make sh*t up all the time!

  33. It is one thing to tell a lie or two, but Trump has been recorded as telling over 6,000 lies or falsehoods just since he became president. Trump does not even ADMIT his lies, much less confess them – – like how he LIED about his affairs and LIED about the payoffs too. BTW, new information has come out about his campaign crimes with Cohen admitted to, and shows Trump would have also been indicted if he was not president. So, that will just be added to his list of charges in the Russia probe.
    Making mistakes is one thing, but being criminal is another. We put criminals in prison.

  34. That CNN Clown should never be allowed back in the White House again. CNN should be put on notice if they send a replacement for him that if the behavior is the same then CNN people should not be allowed in the White House. They are no longer a news station. They have become a propaganda voice for the Radical Left Wing Communist Democrats.

  35. Jim Acosta is a creepy doofus who believes he is entitled to demean our beloved president Trump every chance this little whimp wants to, wrong answer! If he can’t behave himself, and since no one is interested in listening to him run his mouth badgering President Trump or Sarah Sanders to death, and he can’t keep his hands of the interns, then I agree that our President has every right in our laws to ban this filthy mouthed jerk from press conferences or even to step foot on the White House Grounds. Let him return to his native country and try to get away with his stinking behavior there – phooey.

  36. Diane, it sickens me that almost no one on this site can discuss anything without wielding insults. You don’t want to be “put down,” but you see fit to call me “pathetic.” Interesting double standard. Well, here’s a newsflash: I don’t care what you think about me. I was solely trying to have a reasonable discussion about issues which you apparently don’t care to do without slinging dirt. That’s your choice, but do it on your own. I’m out.

  37. No, Marie, of course I was not, but the doctored Press Secretary’s video has been shown compared to the same video shown (originally) on every other TV station, all of the latter of which seem to be the same, yet all different from what the Press Secretary showed. What conclusion should be drawn? Or are you suggesting all of the separate stations, every one of them, somehow colluded to create “fake news?” That conclusion would make no logical sense.

  38. Dave, the President should not have to ask the reporter several times to pass the mic. And I sure Acosta knew very well what the interns job is. If you noticed she kept looking up in Trumps direction (more likely at him) as to what he wanted her to do. The proper thing that Acosta should have done was let the mic go. Again he knew the staff member and knew exactly what she wanted.

  39. M I don’t know why they post on our blogs. I don’t go on liberal blogs. I know I couldn’t change their minds, and they won’t change us. If they succeed in changing our country , most of them would find out they screwed up. Most of them would just be peasants and subjects. And the country would become too poor for their freebies to remain.

  40. Dan T., Yes Dan, conservatives are supposed to be afraid to speak up to a liberal.
    They mistake our politeness and courtesy for weakness but, we are anything but whimps. We are tired of their attitude and trying to use us for doormats. After all, our opinion is just as important as theirs and more times than not, more intelligent! Any liberal who doesn’t like us is encouraged to go to a liberal site where they will at least find like minded jerks! OOOOORAAAH!

  41. Dave, You are the jerk! You know your liberalism has robbed you of the possibility of being objective. You despise DJT so badly that whatever he says or does you automatically take the opposing side. It certainly does not bode well for you that you have taken the side of Jim Acosta. He is the most despicable, rude, demanding, disrespectful, unprofessional, so called journalist to ever have a Whitehouse press pass which, has been removed and I hope he never gets it back.
    It is certainly a bad reflection on you that you don’t understand the office of the Presidency, no matter who is President, is to be respected.
    As you can see pretty much every conservative and some liberals agree with my view of this situation. Maybe you can take a clue here???
    Also, if I ever write a angry comment, you will know it. You liberals are a funny breed, anytime we disagree and speak up, you think we are all angry. Not so, we have to care about something to get angry and your opinion does not meet the criteria. So get used to conservatives speaking our mind. It’s a new world, snowflake! Hugs and kisses!

  42. Have you ever told a lie in your life? One, two or more? Even one puts you in the category as “liar”! Does it make you a horrible reprobate, scumbag, worthless? Everybody that keeps calling the President a liar needs to examine themselves. No, not one person is without sin. We are human so we need to confess our sins and try to do better every day.

  43. Dave, if the “media” was not so left winged and told the truth none of this would be happening. But if the media is so bias then there is no media. So the media needs to change because they are the ones acting undemocratic and behaving like Russia, North Korea and dictatorships. Wake up and media and focus on real news and not your pathetic liberal bias against our President and we who voted for him.
    As a woman and white it sickens me to be put down constantly by their behavior

  44. Diane, I don’t disagree with the fact that some of the media takes liberties and seem to take up more press time in press conferences, but I don’t agree that government controlled media is the answer and that is what just happened. Does it stop with Acosta? Or does this Administration systematically eliminate the voices of anyone who challenges it? That’s a slippery slope. It’s clearly not democratic. That is the behavior of Russia, North Korea, and dictatorships. That’s not a solution, it’s just lashing out. There are better, more effective, ways to control the floor.

  45. Dave I saw it while it happened and Acosta is totally crossed the line as he has done before. Glad that he will not be there anymore.

  46. Anger and hate? Look in the mirror. I only commented on known facts, like them or not. You, on the other hand, went on a hysterical rant and personally attack me. Reread both of our comments with a fresh set of eyes, M, and tell me who is behaving like a jerk. Please.

  47. Dave, You are one of two things, wrong or a liar! Jim Acosta and April Ryan have been rude, demanding, overbearing and time consuming since DJT has been in the Whitehouse. Their actions are not fair to the other reporters in the room. They despise President Trump but they at least are usually respectful. Also, whether anyone likes DJT or not, protocal is the OFFICE of the Presidency is to be respected. Acosta nor Ryan respect themselves which accounts for their unprofessional performances and lack of respect toward the Presidency. Most people think both of them should have Whitehouse press passes permanently removed. What DJT should have done was have had Acosta removed immediately on national TV. I saw the press conference live. The young lady followed the policies of her job so don’t criticize her for doing her job, you jerk! You liberals are so full of anger and hate it is impossible for you to be fair!

  48. Trump has ZERO integrity!!!!!!! He probably doesn’t even know the definition of INTEGRITY!!!!!! He surely knows how to LIE!!!!!!

  49. Fred Behling, Good one Fred! I don’t know what category Diane should be in she may be an Android but, if so she is a android demon. She does have a limited vocabulary of words. They are, for the most part, a flimsy attempt to insult, berate, and bully conservative Republicans. We have learned to disregard her because she is just here unwelcomed, like a wart on a nose.

  50. I agree with you, but unfortunately CNN is directing this A-Hole to do what he has been doing to cause trouble in White House Press meetings. CNN has gotten so far off track from being a news station that they need de-classified as a news station as they are just feeding propaganda to it audience which is leading to a lot of violence and disruption in this country.

  51. The innocent “intern” as she is being portrayed by the Administration is Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters. She was aggressive with Acosta, not the other way around, and like him or not, it’s already been shown in numerous formats that the Press Secretary released doctored film footage to make the interaction look more aggressive, even to the point of downplaying his politeness of saying, “Excuse me.” This Administration is trying to make fools of its constituency. Don’t keep walking down blindly down the path, folks. This isn’t about partisan politics; it’s about moral fiber, integrity and the future of this Country. Lies cannot become the law of the land, no matter who we elect.

  52. I’m not one to put down/bash a fellow commenter but, I do have to say this is pretty good and funny, Fred. I’m curious tho, was this off the top of your head or was it thought out???

  53. Lotsa fun comments folks????.l heard that Diane is actuall an android (!), programmed by Mark Suckabooger himself.Probably just another Communist Nonsence Network story though, because “Diane’s” skewed program definitely needs some tweaking. Then again, maybe her “pink bunny” batteries are weak, just like her “thoughts”(?)!

  54. Trump should just tell his secret service men to put Acosta in the bathroom like Sonny had his guys do to Moosh and Frankie for jinxing his crap game. Then have the cameras pan over to Acosta standing in the sht house guarded by the secret service. That would be more hilarious and ego deflating to a pompous ass. I’d love to hear Trump turn to his secret service and say ” put him in the bathroom.” And then they actually do it. ROFL

  55. Never seen or knew of reporter (Acosta) but even after Pres. Trump refused any further questions or dealings the guy still pushed on didn’t he! And instead of refraining it was like he had to get one in or not feel like he was looking like a fool (maybe) and it was also a waste of (how about us or ours/We The Peeps)time too, to sit through that. Then with his fellow-reporter that stood up in support of or anxious to get a question in (?) and to that end finally what was it-the tired as they are-one about Russia Collusion. Geez.

  56. Yes, I guess we should have put on our pussy hats and marched along with antifa breaking windows and burning police cars. Oh that did not happen. Or maybe harass some MOM while she was hiding in a closet while you were trying to break in or so she thought. We were so upset with losing the House. We tried to run Mendez NJ Democrat out of a restaurant while he was hitting on a 13 year old. He did that once before but got a hung jury.

  57. Diane – I never join any of the hateful Left Wing Communist Websites. We can most certainly do without your dim-witted negative Anti-American comments on our Right Wing Constitutionalist Website. From what I have read on this site it looks like you are the hateful one. Please leave and join a website that will appreciate someone like you.

  58. GROW UP AND GET REAL… I agree that Jim Acosta was not acting like an as$, no acting require because it is his normal state as of late

  59. That would be poetic justice, russell but, he’s a leftist working for a leftist network and I don’t see it happening…

  60. According to the news report Acosta is guilty of a physical assault. That is the issue here along with his arrogant behavior. HIs pass to the White House should be revoked permanently. Uncivil behavior cannot be tolerated on federal property. The First Amendment does not give a journalist free pass to uncivil behavior anywhere. I support the White House staff.

  61. b taylor, i wont ask if you’re stupid, because you are.
    you can get into real trouble saying things like about our President Trump.
    grow up. ????????????????????????MAGA????????????????????????

  62. Patrica Martin – If I were drinking coffee when I read your post, I would have spit it across the room from laughing at the sheer audacity of your inane post. You don’t know me from beans, and I have NEVER seen a bunch of dimwits as I see on this right wing website. You ALL are misinformed and dumb as rocks. You contribute nothing to any conversation. All you do is spew your hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like you! Your base, dear, is shrinking. This past election should have prove that. But you’re not bright enough to comprehend that, now are you? Keep living with your head in the sand. It suits you.

  63. sanders needs to repeat that message to trump who thinks he is above the law and when not rig it so you can get away with what every you want but so does pelosi and waters so maybe you need all 3 of them discuss it in front of a review board of there actions that are unbefitting a president and political office rep of pushing people to attack people and atone for the actions of people doing it and price paid for the actions these people have done.

  64. Jim Acosta, acted just like the “buffoon” that he is! No professionalism whatsoever! And, I hope that they don’t renew his previous White House credentials! What a jerk!

  65. Poor, poor baby. I will chip in on a box of pacifiers for him.

    Maybe someone makes some that look like microphones.

  66. The press has more class then lying Trump. They respect the office of the presidency they just do not appreciate a lying President when he does not have to lie.

  67. Poor poor Dumpster…afraid to answer questions during his baby temper tantrum
    I’m surprised he didn’t lay down on the floor crying, ducking on his thumb asking for mommy. All you repukes need to grow up, stop thinking everything is a conspiracy and use your OWN brain not your brainwashed brain. You loose the house, thank God for checks and BALANCES again, and now another one of your off the wall conspiracies that the dems are trying to steal the election. You just can’t loose like an adult. Do I condone Acosta’s behavior, no however, making a big deal over a tap on the arm…really….isn’t there something else you should be using your brains for. GROW UP AND GET REAL…

  68. Trump was rude and has been rude and will continue to be rude. No reporter had that conference was rude. They called Trump out on the lies he was telling. Trump was suffering from the loses and had to attack someone. It was the press who is not and is never an enemy of the people. Another lie from Trump.

  69. Dumb biscuits, many of us saw it live. You lie spinning does not work with intelligent people, only with fellow bumbos like your self. Write your lies on TP, use the TP as it should be used and flush!

  70. Thinking that rules don,t apply to them is old news. Thinking they are above the law is also old news. Too often some media sort get up on their 1st Amendment soap box just to throw stones at the Second Amendment. Don’t they realize it’s all part of the same Bill of Rights, thatit’s all part of the whole thing?

  71. God knows Trump is lying. And he has a reward for liars. SO pray for Trump’s soul so he will confess his sins before it is too late. He thinks he can do whatever means necessary to get his way, but God has an answer for that behavior. Praise God he knows Trump’s lying heart.

    Acosta does not hate Trump, he is asking questions on the lies that Trump is telling. There was not threat with the caravan. There was no illness carrying people in the caravan.

    You and Trump jump to hate when people do not agree with you. Especially the lies Trump is telling.

  72. he is NO reporter”he is a bully who wants everything to be about HIM”’but what else do you expect from the so far left”””””””they hate OUR PRESIDENT so much that they wouldn’t know the truth even if it hit them in their face”’

  73. I don’t care who you are, the office of the president is to be respected, not disrespected. There are manners that need to be followed, and I guess CNN reporters haven’t been taught any. That’s why if you want news from the bottom of the barrel, or a bunch if fake news, tune in to CNN.

  74. Why are you so nasty? Do you really approve of this conduct? I find him rude and offensive. His colleagues should stand up to him and tell he has forgotten the rules for polite society. What does his mother feel about his actions,and is she proud of her son. We are tired of his actions.

  75. She is lying just like Trump. Acosta did not put his hands on the aide. Sarah had a doctored tape to lie about the incident. He was in his right to ask Trump questions. Trump lies and did not want to tell the truth. I cannot wait until all the lies stop and he is out of office for money laundering with Russia.

  76. Agree completely with Rob. Thank You Mr President & Sarah Sanders I appreciate & thank GOD for both of you.

  77. Acosta is a genuine jerk! Where are all the #metoo morons ? Acosta clearly knocked the interns arm down as he refused to hand over the mic. Oh, I forgot, they only scream foul AGAINST republicans and Conservatives. Hypocrit much?
    Acosta is lucky he wasn’t booted out long ago. He’s a self serving a$$ wipe who is beholden to the Communists News Network.
    As far as the dipstick, “Butch” who posted that Pres Trump didn’t get disciplined because of his “rich a$$ upbringing”, he’s wrong. When a young Trump was showing signs of rebellion, his Dad sent him to Military school. Pres Trump said it was one of the best things that happened to him.
    Haters keep on hating… we will keep on winning!

  78. I constantly see President Trump showing respect. He is a great leader and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Quit whining and carry in with your life. Good God, two years of whining us more than enough.

  79. I’m so confused! Okay, Pres. Trump is a bully because he tried to let other journalists ask questions and…wait, no, he’s a bully because he is allowing press secretary Sanders to suspend Acosta’s press pass so that…I mean I misunderstood your point because you meant Acosta is a bully for aggressively pushing another reporter out of the way…no, no, no. I think I’m hearing, I mean, OH GOSH….I don’t know what I mean!! So who is the bully again and what did they do?? Please clear this up.

  80. Ms Sarah, you handled this properly, i think he should have been shown the pair of glass french doors by going through them head first. you did well! Don’t have a second thought about him he is what as known in outer Wash. beltway areas as a useless prick!

  81. This was long over due. I am sick and tired of the press lying, calling the President names, stating untruths and making false insinuations. This has gone on too long and they are all part of a sick plan. If it was an individual the same statements and comments would not come out of all their mouths.

  82. It is a shame that Jim Acosta got down in the mud to wiggle around with Sarah Huckleberry-Sanders. It will take weeks for him to get her stink off.

  83. One would think reporters would have enough class not to insult the Presidency, regardless of what they think of the President. Fotunately we now have a President who is much smarter than these newshogs and he shows them up every time. All Acosta has is a loud mouth.

  84. Naw moron, Trump is the first one with a big enough set of nuts to give it right back to the real bullies, the so called “unbiased” press.

  85. That’s something Trump never received growing up, that’s “EXACTLY” why he shows no respect to people (speaks volumes for his “rich” ass upbringing)

  86. Well it’s good to see you are admitting Trump is a “BULLY” (grade school version) because he “surely” is one!!!!!

  87. Diane we love it when you aren’t posting So keep your stupidity to your self. You are an idiot. Do not post here anymore. You are not smart enough.

  88. Opps, I spoke too soon…..looks like it may be even MORE seats……maybe even 40! Plus the Democrats is ahead in Arizona for the Senate seat! Hmmmmm, looks like the American people took Trump to the woodshed, doesn’t it?

  89. Dan T., Buddy, what do you mean mentioning the D. name is “like” conjuring up a demon? D. is a demon and great idea not to mention the name again. We don’t “need no stinkin demons”!
    Will be better to share ideas and write about the articles with everyone.

  90. Hollywood will glorify him. To them, he’s a hero standing up to a bully. Might make a true story out of his BS. You know how the liberals are.

  91. Thing is the ladies on the view are trying to paint the young lady in the video as assaulting Acosta. Fitting isn’t it to place blame on young woman doing her job and as the video shows didn’t touch him at all, he karate chopped her arm to push her away. But they’re showing the video from different angle like straight on looking at President, not the left side view, That view you can’t tell what’s truly happening but the ladies on the view and liberals are trying to point fingers the wrong direction. All of them sticking up for Acosta. He reminds me of a spoiled child that can’t take no for an answer and keeps on and on and on without regards to anyone around you. And the next reporter to try and stand up for Acosta chose wrong time I think to do that. Reporters need to learn there is still respect to be given to the office of President even if you disagree.

  92. So sad that he thought he was entitled and could be as disrespectful as he was to the president of the U.S. he should never be allowed back to the white house for any reason.

  93. Acosta forgot that he doesn’t run this USA he is only a very small piece of the puzzle just a journalist stay in your lane!!!

  94. Dan T., Yes D. did, I smell it and she still does not bath regularly!
    Ok, that’s all the time I have for D., so boring!

  95. Dan T., They sure have a lot of voter fraud problems in FL. This is going to be interesting.
    Well, D. couldn’t stand it, took our bait and weighed in. She never mentioned as to what happened to the big blue wave, is thrilled with house pick ups. Guess she is so young she doesn’t remember how many seats in house and Senate BHO lost to GOP. She thinks this is Dems best
    in 40 years, glad GOP record is so much better.

  96. No need to comments to you dimwits! You’re all pathetic and dumb as a rock! Picking up 35 seats is a shellacking like we haven’t seen in 40 years! Been rejoicing since!

  97. M I remember now. Also a court in Florida ruled that the commiecrats in Florida violated the state constitution. Go figure.

  98. Somebody ought to take Acosta out behind the barn, and give him the whuppin’ he so richly deserves. Do it the old fashioned way. Make him break the branch off the tree that will be used on his buttocal area. It worked then, and continues to work today.

  99. Dan, it would have never gotten to that point because, okenya and the left would have had him removed for life within the first few months/weeks of his presidency. President Trump and Sarah H. Sanders were way to nice for way to long…

  100. I can’t even believe that any of the news would want to be associated with that ignorant ass. They should ban him for good. He makes me sick to see him.
    cnn You _uck.

  101. The intern was disrespected by that idiot. Libs aren’t really the champions of women
    By the way M, Diane has been missing for several weeks. Let’s rejoice!!!

  102. Dan T., Plus a FNC reporter would be looking for a job today after acting so unprofessionally at the Whitehouse or anywhere else, for that matter!

  103. Jim Acosta is an overbearing narsasist who is ruining his career for a bunch of criminal illegals who are demanding the same rights and benefits as American citizens. It is an aside that his ego is being stroked with his time in the limelight. He will soon be gone and forgotten. The people he is putting his job on the line for could not care less about him right now. They just want what they want, right now, they should not have to wait their turn as other immigrates have. Some have waited ten and more years, patiently, God bless them.

  104. If a Fox News reporter had acted like that in the obama Kenya White House, the commiecrats would have had a cow.

  105. He’s such an ass! He tries way too hard to push it. He could use a few days off the beat. I hate newspeople who think it’s about them rather than the topic that day.

  106. Acosta is a attention grabbing assclown that should have been locked-out of the presser’s a long time ago. Also, I heard that someone on ‘The View’ said that Acosta was assaulted by the intern not the other way around. Which is typical of that leftist show run by the leftist ABC family…

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