Colin Kaepernick just got this really bad news

Colin Kaepernick supporters cheered the news of his settlement in his collusion lawsuit against the NFL.

They figured he pocketed tens of millions of dollars and forced the NFL to capitulate to his anti-American protests.

But then Kaepernick and his supporters just got this really bad news.

Initial reports pegged Kaepernick’s settlement in the 60 to 80 million dollar range.

That would have been a massive payday.

However, the reality is the NFL probably paid Kaepernick a fraction of that.

Breitbart reports:

Moreover, another source claims that the payout would have covered only the league’s legal expenses with “perhaps a bit more.” As PFT’s Mike Florio writes, “The anticipated legal expenses weren’t disclosed; chances are those amounts would have been in the seven figures, not in the eight figures.”

Another interesting tell, is the fact that Kaepernick is still allowed to seek employment in the NFL. Normally, in the case of large settlements, the former employee is essentially paid to go away and not allowed to pursue work with the company/league again. The fact that Kaepernick is still free to sign with another team would support the idea that his payout was not very significant.

If true, these reports will not help Kaepernick’s cause amongst fellow social justice activists. In the days following the announcement of his settlement with the league, the former 49er received severe backlash from many who thought he had surrendered his cause in favor of “hush money” from the NFL.

By taking the NFL’s settlement figure, Kaepernick made one thing clear: this fight was not about a cause.

It was about the almighty dollar.

And now it turns out he didn’t even get as much as everyone initially thought.

The next question will be if a NFL team signs Kaepernick.

After the settlement, his lawyer claimed the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers would be interested.

But both those teams have high profile starting quarterbacks and Kaepernick refused to take backup quarterback money before.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Remember he WALKED OUT on his final year under contract at 49’ers the turned down JOBS at Denver AND Baltimore!!He also was raised by middle class white adoptive parents and did NOT get involved UNTIL his girlfriend got a JOB with Black LIES Matters AFTER FERGUSON!! IT’S ALWAYS THE MONEY!! Remember too that HOLDER tried to but Officer Wilson BUT FAILED MISERABLY!!Then called for RACE RELATION STUDIES to correct any ASSUMED problems. This was of course AFTER the burning of the peoples OWN NEIGHBORHOODS by mostly people from EVERYWHERE ELSE!!! With the “honorable” reverend SHARPTOUGUE who was there for his USUAL PHOTO OPT!!!

    • It’s a shame that the NFL caved and paid this anti-American piece of garbage anything. I still suspect that any NFL team that signs him, actually a pretty mediocre player, isn’t going to suffer financially. Most NFL fans showed they don’t like what he did one bit.

      • Why is this an issue? The fine young man is an American and have a right to display injustice! This has nothing to do with patriotism or the love for the game! I truly hope New England pick him up!
        To all the “fake” soldiers on this feed, you should be ashamed of yourself! trump-Putin administration should have stayed out of the game. Nothing good has every came out of this administration. When will they address America’s domestic terrorists?

  2. Has anyone noticed that the televised networks don’t show the reciting of our national anthem is not shown anymore? The reason for this is that the team owners know that the knee down idiot players will turn viewers off and make them loose money.


    • Thank You and YOUR ENTIRE family for your service. If people can’t respect those who give soo much for the freedoms so many take others take for granted, to hell with them. We The People of The united States of America will/most, should be ALL, be in support of ALL our enlisted and their families. I’m in your debt.
      These football players, along with all other sport talented, money spoiled children need to go back to school and learn this Countries history. And spoiled children is what they are! However, I know children and young teenagers, adults that due show appreciation for all that has been sacrificed for their freedoms. All vets know this,”YOU ARE LOVED BY OUR COUNTRY”!

    • O McIntire: It took me just one National Fellon’s League game, the one where Krapperdick took his famous knee, to NEVER watch another game where our COUNTRY has been so badly demeened. I don’t care if they, the owner’s of the National Fellon’s League, ever stop the kneeling. They’ve lost me for the rest of my life and I have a former die-hard dolphin’s neighbor who stopped the same time as I and feels exactly the same. He had a man-cave with all sorts of dolphin stuff on his walls, Krappperdick took his knee, the walls are completely bare and will not have ANY more of the NFL’s crap on his walls. I feel exactly the same way.

      • I need to know why you remain in America with all the domestic terrorists that are killing innocent people! The NFL is entertainment nothing else! Our military and intelligence agencies are essential to our democracy! Being from a family of 5 generational soldiers ( including Buffalo soldiers), I am a palled by the statements of these so-called soldiers. When you became a soldier you took a sworn oath, I wonder if any of you remember that oath! Nowhere in there does it mention the NFL ! Bye Felicia aka Fake Soldier!

  4. He was not good enough to play in the NFL when he was cut. He has been out of the league now for several years. He could not play if he wanted to. The younger, faster players would eat his lunch. There are handcrafted college quarterbacks that are better than him. If I was a coach and I was going to sign a player that had been out of the league for several years it would make the other players wonder if I had lost my mind. He knew he was at the end of his career when he convicted this entire scheme. It was to draw attention to himself, not a cause. He proved that by taking the money.

  5. Did anyone know that Kaepernick’s birth mother disowned him for showing disrespect for the American flag as well as America itself? Good for her!

    • Please stop 🛑 lying! His mother supports him 1000%. In fact she told the shithole sitting in the Oval Office to come see her, because she is the mother of the SOB! trump-Putin administration is hurting America.

      • You are an uninformed puppet of the Dimwitcrat party Kaepernick’s foster mother only supports him and his real mother doesn’t. I saw a one on one interview with her on TV and she hates his guts stupid!

        • Haha,,I been a Republican since age 18! Kap was adopted and the interview was his mother! Something Republican avoid is name calling! We are too conservative to participate is such behavior (smh)! This way, the party will vote and move away from this behavior! Republicans will never act and behave like barn animals! We are prepare to take lost to gain control of the party. Name calling, bullying, and lying doesn’t represent the party! Facts, integrity, family values and respect are our core values!

          • I suppose traitors and terrorists do. You are one the Rinos that call America a piece of excrement just we don’t like people as kaepernick for disrespecting the flag and this country. Makes me wish that Hellary would have won so she can doze the border and let anyone come here including the terrorists that were here illegally that killed nearly 3000 innocent Americans. Too bad you weren’t one of them.

          • The alleged “interview”with his so called real “mother” was done by a stand in disguising herself as her. Most likely CNN aired this. I get my news from independent sources and not from fox or the media. This is another attempt by the demoncraps and their accompleses to lie and cheat to remove him from power to make Trump look like a racist which he is absolutely not.

          • @Gregory Sullivan, with The domestic terrorist that is lagging our nation believe me terrorist from other countries it’s not our problem here in America. We need to start deporting all domestic terrorist the harm Americans. School shooting, church shooting, mall shooting, concert shooting and other mass shoot! Round them up and drop them in Honduras!

      • Trump is not hurting amercia the democrats and stupid people like colin kapperick are hurting amercia no one is not going to sign kapernick he a bum. Just look at his stats. It a smart move on the nfl

      • Get triggered much snowflake? His parents can take a walk too for all I’m concerned. You and everyone like you are as worthless as the days are long.

        USMC 1973-83

  6. He STILL sucks as a QB!! And that’s why he wasn’t working. He got and he’s not a good enough passer to compensate for that.

    • Timothy Toroian, I agree so much with you.. He actually stunk at what he “tried” to do and that’s why he wasn’t being picked up by the NFL.. There are so many good quarterbacks they DON’T NEED THIS POS on any team..

  7. Kaepernick is a pawn used by the deep start to undermine a great American passtime, NFL. Anything they can do to usher in the NWO. We see this tactic used all across the country.

      • Is that similar to how the Republicans treated President Obama. The current person setting in the Oval Office is a useless and 🧠 less individual. Again, he has lied to the middle class! You want people to treat him better, tell him to behave better!

  8. As I said before, strip him of his American Citizenship, strip him of all of his wealth, deported him to Cuba (which he admires) let him play football over there for 20 dollars a week and drive a ’57 Chevy if he can find one. Ungrateful Bastard!

  9. To all of the FAKE military servicemen: Stop with the lie that taking a knee is disrespectful to our flag and our country. That is a lie! Please stop 🛑! The national anthem, has nothing to do with taking a knee. A true soldier/military servicemen understand the difference! Domestic terrorists is the problem! Service man plotting to kill Americans as a disrespect to our flag and our country! So, stop 🛑 the lies!

    • It’s not a lie it is disrespectful to our flag and our country. CK is nothing but a piece of crap, send his stupid butt overseas. I hope no team takes his ugly self!

      • We need laws to deport people who don’t understand and comprehend the Constitution of the United States of America, the pledge of Allegiance and the history of America! We must deport military personnel that does not live up to the sword words to protect the dignity of America. From a family 5 generations of soldiers, what I reading his is deplorable.

    • “Loving America”, I wonder if you really know of American ideals, and what our flag symbolizes to a lot of people? I believe taking a knee for fake protests, in order to achieve a monetary gain or personal fame, is not only a grave insult to America, but also an insult to Christians and other people of faith, for whom kneeling in prayer or in reverence to God is worship, a part of the sacred. People disrespect our national anthem as well, when they don’t stand in respect for it. In case you didn’t know, It shows respect for all those who have sacrificed and died for the country. I am definitely against random killings and assassinations, and out of control behaviors, but I can lately understand some people’s rage and frustration against some of these deep state politicians, like Schumer and Pelosi, and fake news people, like Lemon, who everyday are always hurling hateful insults at and are trying to block everything our President tries to do. Liberals and Democrats seem to go unpunished for crimes they commit, in our present unfair “justice” system, but God’s Justice will be fair and they will eventually get what they deserve. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a Holy God!”

      • I am so glad that the God I serve does not separate individuals. That when Jesus took the cross he took it for the sins of the World! Not too long ago America had a very intelligent President for all people! Not too long ago we had a President that embrace different races and ethnic groups! Not too long ago we had a President that did not call people SOBs. So, dust off the Bible that you are reference and place those words in your heart! The represent victory! The national anthem represent unity of our country! So, research before posting foolishness

        • Unity my ass, we are divided by race, class, religion and political beliefs. I don’t know what drugs your on, but this country is nothing more than a timebomb waiting to go off. American’s can not get along with each other. Just keep telling yourself these lies and eventually you will believe.

  10. I’m a prior Marine, 4th generation, at that. Our house, along with the rest of our family are done with the NFL. We don’t buy their tickets, watch their programs, and we’re tired of hearing about Kaepernick, Goodell, or anyone else that acts (or condones the acts of) domestic enemies of our country. We don’t buy the excuse of ‘trying to fix something wrong.’ You don’t repair a house by burning it down. That’s how you eradicate and replace an enemy. We know it, and we’re not going to let that happen – especially not over a game.

  11. You would not want this outhouse jester by your side in an all out war against a common enemy. He is a disgrace to the NFL and America as well. He needs to go back to his Mommie because he is just a big, big baby. He hates white people, but loves their money. I am an 82 year Army and Navy Vet that served so idiots like him can make millions while sitting on his gold plated pottie trying to act like he has a brain.

  12. The NFL died of Colin cancer.
    Anyone associated with that organization who has disrespected the American Flag
    and our National Anthem deserves an award: CTE

    • ❤️😊
      Kapernik Hates Our Flag and Our Country.., Same for the money… get walking Colin!
      You are a total disgrace to America, Our USA! Leave!

    • As an Air Force Vet (black), I think Kapernick knew the NFL rules when he contracted to play. He should have been disciplined or fired the first day of his B.S. protest!!!!

      • First and foremost I want to thank you for your service, airmen.
        I agree with what you say, sir. Personally, you don’t take your political views into your work place. That was his workplace. Again just my own humble thoughts you protest during your work time you are fired because of that protesting of a cause that you do during your work time hours.

      • Hank you sir for your service. Thank you for speaking up for the injustice against our country, Veterans, and flag. God bless you. With all our hearts, I am white, I love an intelligent man no matter his color.

    • Colin Kaepernich, He is the biggest joke of all time, I would never ever pay to see this clown & all the other clowns that also kneel,, You all just leave the USA I would fire all that kneel. No respect for America. My whole family does not watch Football anymore, an I don,t miss it at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I have also stopped watching NFL games . Perhaps his next gig he will be on both knees asking for
        Alms for the poor ? Our Nation is not perfect, However I have an obligation as a citizen, to obey the laws
        Of this Nation & Never to forget the many who paid the ultimate price for the privilege ,We have to live free
        as 1 Nation. Those who feel different , you’re free to leave .

      • I have also stopped watching NFL games . Perhaps his next gig he will be on both knees asking for
        Alms for the poor ? Our Nation is not perfect, However I have an obligation as a citizen, to obey the laws
        Of this Nation & Never to forget the many who paid the ultimate price for the privilege ,We have to live free
        as 1 Nation. Those who feel different , you’re free to leave .

        • Try telling that to the brain 🧠 less shithole sitting in OUR Oval Office!
          Taking a knee has nothing to do with OUR Flag but everything to do with justice for ALL! I bet none of you know the pledge of Allegiance! Here’s some help: I Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the united states of America into the republic for which it stands one nation under God individual’s with liberty and justice for ALL! Every American has pledge this allegiance. Stand for the National anthem is a choice! And said to send them from buffalo soldiers I know the difference😡Loving America

          • liberty? what liberty with consumption laws, nanny state BS more like communist USSR than a liberty loving country – more prisoners than china, russia north korea COMBINED. The pursuit of happiness, with a list a mile long of caveats.

          • First of all you screwed up the Pledge of Allegiance. Considering you accused everyone on this board of NOT knowing The Pledge,let me fix it for you:

            “I pledge [] allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, AND TO the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.”

            Personally, I find that the way you berate US soldiers/vets is, itself, highly un-American,so it’s understandable that you would defend Colin Kaepernick.

    • ❤️😊
      Kapernik Hates Our Flag and Our Country.., Same for the money… get walking Colin!
      You are a total disgrace to America, Our USA! Leave!

    • Money talks in this country. People will stab their friends to make an extra buck. So those sitting are not making the wealthy wealthier and the addiction to money is probably the most powerful addition of all. So don’t count on those arrogant players to sit through the game🙁

  13. If taking a knee for the anthem is showing patriotism, then I must have been wrong when drafted in 67 and not for any sport, Try serving your country in some capacity other than taking a knee. I think the Patriots have other problems besides worrying about this anti-American who was a lousy quarterback to begin with. A former New Englander RVN 68-69

    • Yes, like there “rich, elite” owner soliciting hookers. Don’t worry people with his kind of “scratch” buy there way out of any trouble they get in. Just ask his buddy Trump (he’s been doing it for years)

      • Dan,
        If that is even your real name, which I doubt it is. People like you go on websites and whatever article that opens itself up to a comment section that means that you Dan, trolling Dan, can then go and spew your garbage about the president.
        NOW it does not matter what the subject title is about, nowhere in this article was there anything about hookers or the president.
        People like you Dan, who have so much hatred in them for the president you still can’t get over that your queen Hillary lost the election. It’s been two years give it a rest and also pick up a dictionary once in awhile learn how to freaking spell.

        • Yes, pick up a dictionary and stop listening to Propaganda! You probably are sure that POTUS colluded with Russians! It was all set-up by Hillary and the scum you choose to support!

        • Hey Ron….FYI….Never been registered to either of the major political parties. Further, I didn’t vote in the last election because I thought both candidates were horrid choices. Either way America loses. If those were the best two choices the major parties could come up with, this country is in “sad” shape!!!!

      • Dan, consider this, if it is at all possible to consider anything other than what you see in the mirror each am, that is IF you brush your teeth.
        POTUS Trump made more than enough money as a genius out in the non-government working world (not the no work sports world), to take his pay for his current job and give it away (last time to help Vets). As an obvious ANTIFA type…no way you could possibly understand how great he is, and has been, for our country, since WE….not you/yours, elected him!

        • fighting communists in 1969, selling our debt to the chinese communists in 2019, as they close fast as the number 2 economy in the world. Nation of ideals, morals and ????? greed.

        • A….served two tours in Viet Nam (69&70) while that “low life” Trump used his elite status to keep his “rich” ass out of the jungles!!!!!

    • So what did this clinton puppet do 4 u.? The idea taking a knee is something to be ashamed of this is 🇺🇸 free speech & if the little capitalist found a way to make $ can u understand how hitler got followers. LOL PEOPLE

  14. He got what he deserves! You don’t honor our flag, you don’t honor all the military who defend this country and the freedom it provides. Hey KAEPERNICK, it’s probably too late, but if attempt to care as much for this nations military as well all its military cares for its nation? You may be forgiven?

  15. Krapernick and all the other FAKE protesters should be booted and banned from all to do with the sport for Life. That would include scrubbing toilets.

    • That’s funny, I felt that was all he was good for, but then I felt that was putting good people down that worked for their keep.God bless America.

    • Do you have a bipolar disorder Dan? Here you are saying Kaepernick should be thrown out of the NFL forever, but on February 23, 2018, you went into a rant about the president and hookers nowhere in this article is about hookers and the president but on this comment that you made you said Kaepernick should be thrown out of the league.
      So, you are a very bipolar troll Dan. Get some help.

      • Ron another guy called Dan Tyree is posting liberal garbage. And that’s his right if that’s how he feels. But my posts are my own. I will never post liberal crap. Thanks for the chance to set the record straight. MAGA!!!!

  16. Thanks to whoever wrote this article as it mirrors what I said to my Wife a few days back. Change the name and change the face but it’s the same reason why A-Rod got booed where ever he went. It was about money and not the love of the game with it’s monetary reward for being at the top of their game. When ever sports news outlet was trying to push the SJW bullshit, I waded into and went against the tide reminding them it was about a paycheck and not a bullshit cause which got my comment kicked from what people read! I happened to find that out by clicking on my name and scrolling thru my comments. But I am happy to know that other people saw it in the same way–it’s about the money! Always follow the money.

  17. This is the last time I will make a comment about this moron unless he does something really, really stupid like demand 20 mil to play again.

  18. Krapperdinkle single handedly damaged the NFL and I, along with hundred of thousands of other patriots, have no intention of ever intentionally watching another NFL game.
    Players and owners are Overpaid crybabies!

  19. he is talentless, that’s why he hardly played. it was all about the money for him. he just wants his name out there, that’s why he was kneeling during the National Anthem and was silent and never protested anything off camera or off season

  20. Kaepernick is no different from Smollett. It’s all about “gimme, gimme, … “.

    It had been reported that New England Patriots are interested in him. Will he kneel again? Probably yes.

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