Colin Kaepernick just received an award from this Ivy League University

Colin Kaepernick ignited the anti-American anthem protests in the NFL.

Now, he’s being lauded for his “activism” in the some of the most prestigious halls of Academia.

And you won’t believe what he had to say about the anthem protests.

Kaepernick received the W.E.B. Du Bois Medal from Harvard University.

The award is described as “Harvard’s highest honor in the field of African and African-American studies.”

This comes on the heals of Nike unveiling him as the face of their “Just Do It” 30th Anniversary ad campaign.

But during his brief speech, Kaepernick doubled-down on his disrespectful anthem protests.

Newsweek reports:

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback said he did not regret his decision to take a knee even though the furor that surrounded his act might have cost him his place in the NFL.

“I feel like it’s not only my responsibility, but all our responsibilities as people that are in positions of privilege, in positions of power, to continue to fight for them and uplift them, empower them,” Kapernick told an audience at Harvard University on Thursday night, as reported by WHDH Boston’s Eric Kane.

“Because if we don’t, we become complicit in the problem. It is our duty to fight for them, and we are going to continue to fight for them.”

Colin Kaepernick has compared police to pigs and slave catchers.

He ignited the anthem protests in 2016 that have taken a heavy toll on the NFL to this day.

Football fans are tired of seeing coddled millionaire athletes disrespecting America’s men and women in uniform while complaining about “systemic oppression.”

Now, Kaepernick’s shift into marketing and receiving awards from Academia shows he’s not going to fade from the limelight any time soon.

What are your thoughts?

Does Colin Kaepernick deserve accolades and praise for starting the anthem protests in the NFL?

Let us know in the comments!



  1. Unfortunately, My dear sister, your thoughts don’t count to Harvard. Nor the thoughts of those who think like you. Once you all acquire an education, people may began to listen to you!! Good luck in lifr!!!!!

  2. I just received a Nike logo shirt for birthday present. Went the next and returned for something non Nike. They have lost me as a customer forever.

  3. A man in a military helmet defending the nation means a hell of a lot more to many of us than a fool in a football helmet defending a football. Colin K. can Kiss my butt, and Nike should be ashamed of listening to him.

    • The man in the military helmet is enabling our good brother by defending his first amendment right. In terms of Nike, Nike has shown when a business is on the right side of moral and ethics, it can prosper. Since our dear brother took the knee, Nicke sales are up 31%.

  4. Harvard has become a major disgrace to institutions of higher learning, someone needs to research how much money from oil wealthy Moonie Muslimes has been poured into Harvard’s coffers over the past 30 to 35 years, my guess is 10s of 1,000,000s.

  5. Wow, all the books and no one read them. This guy is a wannabe Charles Manson. listen to what he said and read about Charles Manson, good job Harvard.

  6. I hope everyone took note of the fact that Kaepernick stated that what he did may have cost him his quarterback job in the NFL. Mister Kaepernick…. Let me tell you now why you lost your job with the NFL. You ended up being a really awful quarterback.

    • Exactly my thought. Used to think Harvard was prestigious. Now, if anyone gives qualifications for attending that school, it will have no impact on me. When their standards are so low now as to honor that puke, I don’t know why anyone would want to pay one cent for their tuition.

  7. he received the award because he had the balls to believe in a cause some found unpopular. he refused to back down regardless of what others thought and that took real courage. to bad we have have so many pin-headed people in this country that really need to lighten up!!

    • Mikey,
      First, America, love it or leave it. You pulled your finger out of the dam and got burned and wet. Just because you’re Black doesn’t give you the right to bad mouth decent Americans, The NFL, Veterans etc. crawl back in your hole, clear your mind, and learn how to stand Proud. Many of us do and it feels so good. Prostitution does the knee thing, perhaps you and Colin could join forces. Enough said, eh.

      • He did not bad month decent Americans. He did not ignited the anti-American anthem protests in the NFL. Trump did that. It was not an anti-American protest. Trump turned it into that. But that is what Trump does lies and misguide the facts of the matter.

      • Sehnep,
        you said it just right. How can an idiot like him that hates police get an award. He is so not anything and guess what he is still not playing football.

    • What does he beleive in? I dont go to work and cause distraction and problems because i dont like something totally irrelevant to my job , id deal with it on my own time , he and the liberals … disgusting

    • He is a spoiled brat who realized that this Communist sharia society we have become would pay tribute to no talent hacks like him for insulting our many brave and noble members of Law Enforcement and our military.

      I may be wrong but you sound like the end result of our corrupt education system, Communist sharia ideological party members, their mouthpiece purveyors of propaganda, complete lie spewing Lamestream media commentators, Psychedelic drugs and brainwave scrambling magnetic waves.

  8. The very worst of post modern life, plus the Civil Rights Act of 1964, have brought us. Just ignore it. It’s right down there with Tales From The Sewer.

  9. Kapernut lives in a country that allowed him to become a millionaire
    yet he looks down on the flag of freedom! tell him to get down on both
    knees, I have a stud horse that would love to ‘love” him!

      • The W.E.B Du Bois Medal just depreciated greatly in prestige and value just as has the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh well, civility has been drying up in the USA since the 1960s. Add the dishonest shenanigans associated with the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, the bogus claims of Elizabeth Warren and we have the bottom line for civility in this country. “The end justifies the means.”

        • Affirmative Action is responsible for that,waa! I am a minority and therefore deserve special privileges, kind of like that stupid law making owning and operating of Casinos illegal for everyone but natives of this continent did they create the concept of gambling, no, then why are they in most cases the ones who profit the most from it, special privileges should not be allowed because of race for anyone.

  10. Poor koko kappie baby – – he is so delusional, he will probably never learn from his mistakes, until it’s too late to save himself. What he needs is a good long stint in military service, that would either “make him, or break him”! He might just learn to respect what’s right and good about this nation of ours. But then, life is “what you make of it”.

    • He’s just another Anti-American Libturd Puppet with the DNC & the Libturd Media pulling his strings & will regret it one day!!

    • Amen, he should get down on his knees ONLY to thank God For all of his blessings. Harvard is such a liberal school they teach students liberalism not conservatism. Actually he belongs in jail for treason.

      • Not only belongs in jail Harvard should not get any Government money. As a matter of fact I believe any organization that encourages anti American behavior should not get any TAX PAYER MONEY!

    • Save, he disrespects our keepers of the peace those that defend our rights a the genuinely cognizant patriots of our Constitutional Republic which sadly there are far less every year and still he profits from his wicked deeds.

  11. Wow, Harvard has slide down the leader as a United States University! Since, they award medals for being Anti-American. I once thought Harvard was a real outstanding University, but this takes the cake! Now days they let anyone in if they are a Minority, excluding candidates with higher SAT, Act, scores and GPA. Just to prove they are not Racist but they award people for protesting stupid Ideas. Colin grew up with the best of everything. So, why is he mad about being half white?


    • Good Dr.– I don’t think the donations will dry up. That school has an endowment of 37.1 billion. The wealthy is always looking for a way to donate money. Harvard Alum is no different.Only small potatoes are having this conversation. The small minds talk about not buying Nike and burning the Nike gear they do have. Nike stock went up. Not sure if it is still there. But how are their competitors fairing?

      • Don’t really give a damn….hope they all die. I won’t ever buy anything that supports this shit…and if given the chance I’d burn it in a second. Hoping some day I can look them in the eye and say good bye…..

      • Of course Nike’s shares increased in value the many whose brainwaves have been completely scrambled had to show their solidarity.

    • Unfortunately I don’t see that happening Doc. because, Harvard is a leftist institution and will keep getting leftist money…

    • No, because you will have billionaire Globalists pouring 100s of 1,000,000s of dollars into the coffers for Harvard and 1,000,000,000s of dollars into our entire education to indoctrinate our youth into that Communist sharia mindset, Jesus said love your enemy, but that does not apply if your very survival is in jeopardy only fools sacrifice themselves as martyrs.

  13. I can not believe that Harvard University can be so stupid. What they have done will certainly affect their alumni giving. Kiss millions of dollars go bye. Way to do jerks.

    • How about the award of least likely to play pro football again. Maybe he can run for Congress with the rest of the snowflakes. Anything that my old New England area can do, I am not surprised. RVN 68-69

  14. These athletes , actors and musicians , combined make billions of dollars a year , the kind of money that can make a real difference instead they grandstand , they want to stand for something while on the average americans dime , and people buy in , hook ,line and sinker , all of these people make me sick , people have died to give them the right to rape and pileage america and they want to disrespect our flag ??i cant believe there is a pro or college team in america that would even have nike on their shirts , the government should stop any and all funding , if you dont stand for something you ll fall for anything !!!

  15. He was adopted by rich white people and now is on a giult trip for not growing up like so many other blacks that don’t know their father’s!

    • Is this why he refers to “them” throughout his speech rather than addressing the people he is speaking about as minorities, or people of color? It sounds like he is talking down to or about “them”

    • Adopted by rich white folk from a part of Wisconsin where the scrambled brainwave fool whites are self loathing why do you think they adopted the Mulatto brat, yes, his mommy was a Crackhead Caucasian and his daddy was or is Negro.

    • As to what part of Wisconsin I am referring to that would be the Milwaukee MSA which is nothing more than a branch of the Chicago MSA need I need to elaborate on the mental state of mind of those people, rhetorical question.

  16. I just love it when I hear some people say “I Went to HARRRRRVARD” BFD, it turns out big phonies like Obama to name just one. I would rather I hear someone say I graduated from ABC Technical School. At least they are more down to earth and don’t walk around with their nose in the air or their Head up their ARSE!

  17. The majority of the so called “Ivy league” indoctrination centers should be renamed “POISON IVY LEAGUE” centers for complete indoctrination in lieu of a legitimate education. Anyone who doubts this should take a look at the courses AND read the material taught. An award for Kapernick, the Anti-American & Anti-Law Enforcement moron and perpetrator of hate, well, this is just another strike against them & their cause of promoting a left wing Agenda by left wing professors.
    The American people, the True Patriots who LOVE this Republic, we are onto the goals of liberal agenda pushing schools everywhere.
    For all those poor saps that attend or have attended these institutions, they have been & are being ripped off. They have and do pay a pretty penny to attend but are not receiving a true education but rather a full on indoctrination. The end result for these students is that they do & will qualify as EDUCATED IDIOTS!

    • Let’s not forget… Kapernick was benched for being a failing QT. It wasn’t until then that he grew out his Afro, donned his socks depicting cops as pigs & began his Anti-American display of disrespect by kneeling. He saw his career in the crapper and decided to try and reinvent himself by creating a situation that would propel him into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. His only supporters are left wing liberals and those who despise our Republic and detest what we have always stood for.

  18. You think that just because you went to Harvard, Yale or any college for that matter that makes you smart? If you haven’t got any “Common Sense” with a college education or not your as dumb as the next guy.

  19. I also served in the military Peggy. Just because we are sick of this ignorant doesn’t mean we hate him but we sure in the hell don’t like him. Why would we? He shows disrespect for everything that is America. And it is a shame that in America you get rewarded for being an ignorant ass.

  20. This once prestigious university has truly turned into an “institution” an asylum for the brainwashed. I feel sorry for those who worked so hard to achieve in what was once an outstanding university.

    • This piece of total garbage has the nerve to disrespect our Country, but gets paid very highly with American money. What a hypocrite. If he hates our Police so much, next time he has an emergency instead of calling 911, he should call a crack head. I am sure he knows plenty of them if he isn’t one himself!

  21. Sorry but Kaepernick does not deserve an award for denigrating and disrespecting our flag and our national anthem. He is a lousy football player and as far as I am concerned a traitor to what our Constitution and Bill of Rights represent and mean to America and all of her people. He is not worth spit!

    • Anybody ever ponder on where “Snowflakes” uneducated young people come from? It is from “MODERN” education ideas where the teachers (many good ones also) preach what they have been “taught” in colleges like the one who just honored the jackass who started all of this mess.

      • I agree completely Tom. Think about it, they are taking away prayer, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance, U.S History and are trying to start teaching sharia law in schools today. What the hell is going on in the so-called institutions of higher learning in this country???

  22. I think he should win the sheep dung award for the biggest pile of bs this side of the Pacific Ocean. Glad I never wear Nikes only Skechers. The VA did not recommend those for my heel issues. Oh bth I have not seen The traitor receive any offers from the teams. If it was my team, he would have to sing the Star Spangled Banner by himself. Trouble is, he could not without a cue card.

      • Thanks for your reply Ken. I went from the school of hard knocks, Viet Nam to a 25 year factory career. Trust me I paid my dues and so did my wife. I will not denigrate my flag or country like those on the left. MAGA RVN 68-69

          • Thank you Jack. I just get so discouraged by the level of vitriole in our country. I find it sorry when I see our elected officials acting like little kids who need a timeout. I was a diehard Pats fan for years-thank you Red Sox and Bruins. Even though the Pats did not kneel for the anthem, I dislike the disrespect given to our flag. Disrespect the flag, disrespect our great country RVN 68-69

    • It was called the school of hard knocks, Republic of Viet Nam 68-69. I followed the code of these colors do not run. Those credentials let myself and those of us who returned to criticize those who have given nothing, but take all from our great country. RVN 68-69 MAGA

  23. Well they are always handing out worthless Awards!
    And he definitely is worthless. Well apparently not to NIKE. They say.
    Harvard just took a big step into the “lower quality university” category.
    No longer the great Harvard when they support spoiled rich low value ex-football players. He, himself said, “as people that are in positions of privilege, in positions of power, to continue to fight for them and uplift them, empower them,” He acts like he is so good and great! A savior! He is a worthless, not even a has-been because he never was any good, ex-football player. Bad decision for Harvard.

    • “Gratitude is the attitude of Beatitude!” Foot Ball players need to LEARN that! Without GRATITUDE toward the Symbol of our Country is a denial of those who suffered, died or last parts of their Bodies….to help built thisMIGHTY NATION!⁄ Please, think of the History of this Nation each time when you hear our National Anthem! If you do not like what YOU HEARD, please, pick up your belongings, not your bank account, and leave!l Go anywhere you could and try to build a new life wherever you love! You have made it known your lack of Love and Gratitude toward our nation! We do not want you here as well! Everyone could play a game~~ games were made for CHILDREN! Child’s play! Shame on YOU, Harvard University ~ for encouraging Anti Americanism! Your name will soon become less than dirt, you created!

      • I served my country so that Kaepernick could avail himself of all the rights of our constitution. You people seem to have lost track of what he was demonstrating against. I guess I don’t understand the anger. A flag is a symbol of our constitution. The national anthem is a song about the cost of obtaining our freedom. They are symbols. Kaepernick’s knee is a symbol. I know he has the right as a citizen of the United States to protest the unjust behavior.start asking yourself why this is important and contribute to the change necessary so that he can again stand up and put his hand over his heart. Yes I’m a Republican. No I can’t have hate for anyone.

        • So Peggy no one is saying that dombass Colin doesn’t have the right to show his stupidity. He’s just like all stupid liberals. Always living in the past. So kiss his ass if you choose to. Most of us just see him as an unamerican idiot. You mentioned serving your country. Thanks. Assuming it was military service, the demorat party didn’t have your back.

          • Thank you Dan Tyree Liberty and equality are the responsibility of opportunity . When one discards accountability you’r a FAKE AMERICAN

        • But Peggy you should hate Satan and the activities he orchestrates. He is alive, well, very active and has many disciples on the planet Earth. We saw several bad mouthing Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing. But good finally prevailed over evil.

  24. Is this how far sick our nation has actually come? Pray that intelligent people
    will be enlightened and not fall for this idiocy. There must be a LOT OF MONEY TO PAY
    PEOPLE TO THINK THIS WAY. Consider these houses of learning were once known to
    be the ultimate in educational attainment. This is exactly how far DOWN IN MENTALITY
    OUR NATIONS HAS GONE. We will soon be a nation that other nations will look down at
    as we have at the simply unintellectual nations we call a “Banana Republic”…and
    nations were there is no law and order and idiots like this sick man is an idol. Pray
    for our nation “without ceasing” as we are headed for the Devil’s place in Hell.

  25. So they are handing out another WORTHLESS award 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Man I wish I had one so I could wipe my ass with it because that’s all its WORTH 😁

  26. Harvard, Yale and many other so-called institutions of higher learning in my opinion have sunk to lower then low just like the Dimocrats have…

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