Colin Kaepernick made one decision about playing football that no one could believe

Disgraced anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be on the comeback trail.

The national anthem kneeler settled his lawsuit with the NFL and is now making a comeback.

And you won’t believe the announcement he made about playing next year.

The XFL is set to kick off in 2020.

Vince McMahon – owner of the WWE – rebooted the league which existed for one year in 2001 after football fans began to turn away from the NFL because of terrible officiating, too many commercials, and most importantly – its collection of anti-American players.

The springtime league was looking for marquee names to generate interest for its inaugural season next year and actually tried to sign Kaepernick.

But Kaepernick turned them down.

Breitbart reports:

The new XFL football league is now confirming that league officials worked to sign notorious anthem protester Colin Kaepernick. This, despite claiming that there would be no kneeling during the national anthem at its games.

An XFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News that the league reached out to Kaepernick last year in an effort to sign him.

The news may not come as a huge shock as XFL chief Vince McMahon had already opened the door to Kaepernick during his early press conferences about his plans for the resurgent XFL.

Some fans were shocked by the XFL reaching out to Kaepernick.

The league billed itself as football that was fun but patriotic.

In fact, the league has a rule in place that bans kneeling during the national anthem.

Kaepernick turning down the league was not – however – surprising.

The leader of the national anthem protest movement settled his collusion case with the NFL and walked off with a hefty payday.

The maximum XFL salary is around $200,000 per year so there was no way an athlete like Kaepernick – who is all about the money – would play for that amount.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.