Colin Kaepernick made one decision about playing football that no one could believe

Disgraced anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be on the comeback trail.

The national anthem kneeler settled his lawsuit with the NFL and is now making a comeback.

And you won’t believe the announcement he made about playing next year.

The XFL is set to kick off in 2020.

Vince McMahon – owner of the WWE – rebooted the league which existed for one year in 2001 after football fans began to turn away from the NFL because of terrible officiating, too many commercials, and most importantly – its collection of anti-American players.

The springtime league was looking for marquee names to generate interest for its inaugural season next year and actually tried to sign Kaepernick.

But Kaepernick turned them down.

Breitbart reports:

The new XFL football league is now confirming that league officials worked to sign notorious anthem protester Colin Kaepernick. This, despite claiming that there would be no kneeling during the national anthem at its games.

An XFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News that the league reached out to Kaepernick last year in an effort to sign him.

The news may not come as a huge shock as XFL chief Vince McMahon had already opened the door to Kaepernick during his early press conferences about his plans for the resurgent XFL.

Some fans were shocked by the XFL reaching out to Kaepernick.

The league billed itself as football that was fun but patriotic.

In fact, the league has a rule in place that bans kneeling during the national anthem.

Kaepernick turning down the league was not – however – surprising.

The leader of the national anthem protest movement settled his collusion case with the NFL and walked off with a hefty payday.

The maximum XFL salary is around $200,000 per year so there was no way an athlete like Kaepernick – who is all about the money – would play for that amount.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Kaepernick turned his back on this country because there are a few rouge police officers that treated blacks badly. He is an ungrateful SOB and a traitor to America that helped make him wealthy. There is not any other country in this world that would ever
    give him that opportunity. I say deport that brainless idiot to the country of his choice and never allow him to return here.

  2. Kaepernick is a total punk. I wouldn’t watch that punk play anything. Anybody that won’t stand for our anthem is a piece of shit that goes for all that kneeled and wouldnt stand.

  3. Worry not,the XFL will end up as the WFL and the USFL ended up going down in flames. That will be the finish of Kaepernick and it couldn’t be sooner as he is a blithering idiot and should not be allowed to play football again for putting down America and all of it stands for.

  4. K’s faults our country in race relations , if he were bright enough to see the advantages America has made since FDR he might education himself however his decision to base his race opinion on the actions and statements of a few Morons proves the adage “ Intelligence will find it’s common level”

  5. worst thing is you can insult disgrace the land of opportunity and get paid for , very said America is already failing , ahhhhhhh democracy, wait we are a republic still hope

  6. No league wants this poison pill!

    This whole think is about publicity. Nothing more then that.

    At this point in time any news is good news.

  7. Kapernick is at best a second string QB at this point in his career, not even good enough to be a number one backup on any team, NFL, CFL, or XFL.


  9. Clapperdick has always been a token. He was billed as a shining star quarterback. IF some idiot hires him to play on a team he will become a target. Anyone who has played football (such as I have)knows full well what I am saying here about another player becoming a target. This moron can never be what he covets more than anything else..WHITE. WHY , if things are so bad here does he choose to stay here?
    Because he is a super narcissist and a sociopath.

  10. He walked out on the 49ers during his last year of a contract, he didn’t sign with the Ravens or the Broncos when they offered!!! So why try to sign him at all now that the NFL gave him reportedly up to 60 million????

  11. Who’s Kaepernick bullshitting? Everyone! One, He has the adopted child chip on his shoulder. Two, his African father was a dead beat dad assumed to be James Lofton ex NFL player. Three, his career as a starting QB was over unless someone picked him up to fill an injury job and he knew this. Four, he works overtime with the Afro and the other wanna be black to pull the race card bs. He is not accepted by blacks or whites which he can suck that shit up because there is no law that can make man like the other. That’s the problem with this world, people think we can make laws that force people to like each other and it can’t happen. We have too many crybabies like him in the U.S.A. and people need to grow the frig up and quit using everybody else as an excuse for their lazy ass failures.

    • I agree 100%!!! And the NFL settled with him by paying him millions??? That’s insane, and I love watching NFL Football, but this makes me sick!! Just give in to him, that’s exactly what they needed to do – NOT!!

      • Amanda you are correct !!! if i was in charge of his win i would have given him one buck to go call someone who would care to here his bull shit. he is a disgrace to the NFL AND AMERICA AND THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE NFL TEN BEARS

  12. This continuing Kaepernick narrative is stale fake news. The NFL hires dog fighters, WAG beaters, drug dealers, molesters, tax cheats and most any other kind of social misfit or financial scofflaw if they can play football. If Kaepernick had any NFL level football skills left, he would still be playing. K had a million dollar arm and a $3 dollar head. He could throw the ball, not always accurately, but certainly powerfully. He could find his first receiver most of the time but not his second or third receiver. Just ask Richard Sherman. That is not a skill set that will find a paycheck in the NFL.
    If Defenders hit K early and often, he would be done for the day. The phrase Happy Feet comes to mind. Even Cleveland knew that. That is why K cannot get a job in the NFL. He can’t perform. Without Harbaugh to tell him what to do and where to do it, K can’t produce results. K’s skill sets were lacking then, and his performance post Harbaugh, has proved to be a continuing disaster.
    His current work for Nike is a lot less demanding and far better suited to his current skill set, PR and posing, not professional football. K’s age and attitude and 2 years of non-activity since opting out of the NFL have severely eroded whatever football skills he had left. K can talk a good game for a fawning media but his days of actually delivering a good game are long behind him. If Vince McMahon is really looking for ex Qbs for his new league, Terry Bradshaw and Bret Favre are still available. Either would be a better option than CK…

    • Following his disrespect for the flag and National Anthem, and the other dummies that followed him, both 49ers and other teams, I had no difficulty watching something else instead of NFL games. I rediscovered NASCAR, and a lot of good movies on Sunday afternoons and Monday and Thursday nights. And you know what? I didn’t miss the NFL one little bit. I did watch some of the Superbowl game, but not that awful half-time show.

  13. Yes, I can see Trump making Blacks, Latinos and Women go out and get jobs. What a slave master. Colin you are so observant. That might have helped you on the field of play, before you walked away from your multi million dollar contract.

  14. Oh Lordy! The XFL will not do good with kapernick on any roster! I have no problem doing without nfl games, so I won’t even miss following teams on the XFL. Jeesh, what the hell are they thinking. Soccer and hockey are looking better and better to me.

  15. Xfl will not last long like last time I for sure won’t be watching a liar like so many others have and believe his lies. I have given up on WWE and football cause it’s getting to political I won’t have a problem not watching this. I rather give my money to things that have more meaning.

  16. Maybe he should go back to Africa where his ancestors were sold into slavery by other blacks. He is a moron and has no clue how good he has it here compared to there.

  17. Kaepernick lied. Not every black American dealt with the oppression. Even the white Americans faced the oppression too. So were the Asian Americans. What the heck is he talking about?

  18. Well… If they keep offering jobs to people like Krapperdick, the XFL will suffer from the same fate it did last time. Not interested in watching ANY type of professional football again.

  19. I’m taking the easy way… If Kaepernick is in the show, whatever it is, I’m Not watching.
    End of Story.

    I have had relatives in EVERY War or “Police Action” since (and including) the Revolution, with the exception of WW1. I will not support a team that supports Kapernick.

  20. can’t fix stupid , the amount of disrespect for this country is way out of control we said the pledge everyday u have it made in America if u wish it , work for it , the some child playing football way over paid is disrespecting this free ride , old days he would be shot , hell I kept beer cold ect all my life no pay checks like that , u want warm beer , he is total scum

  21. Best of luck, dink. You get back on an NFL field you had better be able to run faster than you used to or the defense is going to tromp all over you, even if they’re penalized!!

  22. Kapernick is an idiot, He does not realize the good Trump has done for blacks and other minorities also. Why does he not move to N korea? Or somewhere???

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