Comey may find himself in hot water after his testimony

James Comey’s testimony didn’t go as planned for the Trump pursuers in the mainstream media and in government.


  1. Comey claimed under oath that he leaked the memos after he saw the tweet about Tapes, but the NYT published the memo the day before the tweet. Can he spell PERJURY

  2. If he wanted his notes out there for everybody to read, he could’ve just put them on an unsecured server like Hillary did. Now he’s got his friend from Columbia Law School in trouble also. With friends like Comey, the Clintons, the Obama’s, and the WHOLE Democrat Party, who needs enemies???

  3. Nothing but a asswipe !!!! Just like the two Jimmy’s at night trying to tell jokes about President Trump……NOT FUNNY !!!!!

  4. So Comedy made notes to protect himself against the lying and scheming by Trump during their conversations? The question remains: when were these notes made and who is to determine whether they are factual notes or the typical spun nonsense of a liberal exercising a CYA move? Remember, this is the same rube that enumerated all the laws that Hillary broke and then had the audacity to say that there was no proof that she INTENTIONALLY broke those laws, he would recommend that she NOT be prosecuted! (Even though the broken laws had no phrases governing INTENT). IF that did not identify him as a truth spinning liberal, what will? Where is the evidence that after his firing he had a “come to Jesus” moment and therefore, NOW all his pronouncements should be accepted as GOSPEL?

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