Congress is about to drive a dagger through the Deep State’s heart

Congress’s showdown with the deep state is building to a conclusion.

The top Deep State agent in the Department of Justice has spent months flouting members of Congress exercising their oversight role.

And now Congress is about to respond by driving a dagger through the heart of the Deep State.

Conservatives in Congress are fed up with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein slow walking their document requests.

Critics accuse Rosenstein of a massive cover up to conceal the true nature of the Russia investigation.

And now Conservatives are prepared to hit back.

Republicans in the House are prepared to introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein as soon as Monday.

Politco reports:

Conservative sources say they could file the impeachment document as soon as Monday, as Meadows and Freedom Caucus founder Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) look to build Republican support in the House. One source cautioned, however, that the timing was still fluid.

“It has not been filed today,” was all Meadows spokesman Ben Williamson would say. Williamson declined to rule out whether Meadows intended to file the document next week.

Republicans could also try to hold Rosenstein in contempt of Congress, if they want to go a step before impeachment.

Rosenstein has thumbed his nose at Congress for too long.

The Deputy Attorney General has compared Congress exercising their oversight authority to “extortion.”

And that has allowed him to stonewall Congressional investigations into the corruption and bias that has tainted the Mueller probe.

President Trump has pledged to stay out of Justice Department affairs during the Mueller investigation.

But that doesn’t mean Republicans have to sit silently by while Robert Mueller conducts a political fishing expedition to undermine the President of the United States.



    • I will believe it when I see it. This group left over by Obama and Hillary are the most corrupt,lying, money laundering, murdering, conniving group in our republics history. They are helped with anewsmedia that most of them should be executed by the military for sedition. America has got to get rid of all criminal elements including those corrupt members in justice department, and politicians involved in this charade. That is the only way to save America.This is too big to be handled by normal channels.

    • Their intent on stretching this out is to impact the mid term election if possible in my opinion, whether it’s working or not, only time will tell.

  1. Every Sunday you hear what Congress is going to do Monday every Monday you seen nothing but back down there all afraid of the deep state

  2. You KNOW what he is doing! He is having them proofread for anything harmful to him and his cronies, BEFORE he turns them over! God only knows what he is doing with the ones he doesn’t want seen!

  3. WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG. i can see why nothing gets done. Pray tell just what do you guys do all day and what are we paying you for. I suggest we have time clocks put in and have you all punch in as most American Taxpayers do.


  5. The Republicans are a bunch of cowards! There is NOTHING THE FBI HAS that they aren’t constitutionally permitted to see. They shouldn’t even ask for it, they should take it!! This NEVER should have went on this long. They should have filed contempt charges MONTHS ago and he should ha e already been impeached! And the Mueller investigation should have been shut down by congress, if nothing else, they should have shut down ALL FUNDING for the investigation. If they want to win back some respect, they should file both contempt and impeachmenton Rosenstein immediately, and let Trump appoint someone who will shut down the Witch hunt! Come oN GOP, GROW SOME BALLS AND HELP OUR PRESIDENT FIX THIS LIBERAL MESS THE ANTI WHITE AMERICAN, DEMOCRATS MADE!

  6. Why are we wasting so much time, but mainly money on these investigations because unless these people are tried, convicted and imprisoned, then we denying that Justice is for everyone. THIS ARRANGEMENT PROVES THAT IT DOES NOT. So, Congressmen, and Senators, unless you follow this to a conviction and prison, stop wasting not only your time, but all of the American citizens who have been putting their faith in the Congress, with nothing but negative results.

  7. Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions dead? Who is running the Department of Justice? I blame Sarah Sanders Huckabee for dwelling on alleged Russian collusion and ignoring Session’ s death!

    • uh, yah ba – careful now, Merlin.
      >Don’t say too much. hmmm. &
      Tracked. __ that’s all.
      > ‘We’ have re 6 yrs or so . >Then __
      (i dunno) SUPPORT POTUS DJT Whatever
      ‘it’ Takes. hmm.

  8. Trey Goudy says that there are no grounds for impeaching Rosenstein. I respect Goudy but I can’t believe that there is no justification for impeachment of Rosenstein. He has been vigorously obstructing Congress and appears to be up to his neck in helping perpetrate the fraudulent investigation.

    • Seems like Gowdy ‘backdoor threatened’ ???
      OR IS ‘snake’. i dunno. But not looking
      in the Best Interest of USA.

      • Hey zee, Trey GOWDY may know something the general public is not privileged to know at this point. Gowdy is shrewd and I believe he is a patriot.

        • I Know, No doubt, Tis,= Gowdy ‘knows stuff’. & Wants to
          Be aPatriot. Those days seem gone now re him/ & struggling.
          His ‘public words’ are questionable at best. No Time
          Now for ‘games’. __ Seems like he is ‘walking 2 lines’
          1)to save his (personal+family,) & 2)to hold ‘faith’ in
          Public 0pinion. Many 0thers have ‘ascertained’ this
          0bservation. Not too good. Perhaps, he should Silence
          Tongue re certain thangs. He IS Caught ‘tween a Rock &
          a Hard Stone’. This is what we’ve come to. A Pity, Indeed.

          • ps. Tis. & Much to my ‘dismay’ –
            I Do Not take ‘pleasure’ in expressing
            these thoughts. & 0nly due to ‘Types of info’
            that may not be widely spread, Especially Not MSM.
            Whew. Sooo – ‘Keep the Faith’ & G__D Bless.

    • Nora – re’Impeaching’ Rosenstein. = No such thing.
      Only ‘dismissal aka'”firing” & not happenening, for now.
      “Impeachment” word Is Not Appropriate, in this case.
      > Words mean things __

  9. impeach him now otherwise he’ll keep up the same tactics , congress is in charge and DOJ works for them and has the oversight.

    • the dems are hypocrets , worry about Russian medalling half million dollars IN our election ,dems an Obama spent 20 times that interfering in Israels election were is that investigation

  10. It all turns on the election. If the Republicans keep the House and Senate, Trump will not be subject to impeachment and he can fire Rosenstein, Muller, and maybe Sessions. If the Democrats win the house, they could impeach, so Trump would then have to leave the Justice Team in place, but Trump could at that point order release of documents. Important to realize that if the Dems win the House, all the House investigations come to a standstill except what can be accomplished after the election and before Jan 1.

    • Howard Green, Thank you for being a calm voice with a good explanation of the importance of the midterm elections.

    • IF ‘dems’ win House = STILL CANNOT IMPEACH
      W/0ut SENATE. Period. Learn ‘protocol’.
      that’s all. Same w/Sessions. 2-4 yr Appt’mnt,
      & then, W/ Approval. Capish. Thank you.

      • zee, You can impeach with just the House. Removal from office requires the Senate. Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed from office as a recent example.

        • Correct, i know, D.A.N., in other words, ‘IMPEACHMENT’ Means Absolutely
          NOTHING thru House.Just bs ‘words’__on Record. ‘Removal’ =
          An Entirely Diff ‘ballpark’. Thnx for comment.

  11. The filing cannot be too soon nor too inclusive…. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! and I think it is about time that this action gets started!!! we’ve along way to go to rid this body of all the adversities it has projected upon it’s existence.., DRIVE THAT DAGGER AND PULL THE PLUG!!

  12. We have been promised heads on a steak by the Republicans you own both houses in the presidency, and today we have two Republicans one general with Felonise, of nickel dime shit, and not one communist a.k.a. Democrat with hard fact evidence against him in prison and there should be a minimum from Obama on down of at least 50 in prison right now with no parole for treason.Who died for this great nation the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or rolling over in their graves for the spineless Republicans that have done nothing to put these scumbags in jail, as they sell America down the drain for their own power and money and Party, the communist party a.k.a. Democrat. May God bless America

  13. Rosenstein compared the exercising of their authority for congressional oversight to extortion…funny, he didn’t say that around May 12, 2017 when Democratic Senators Feinstein and Durbin asked for his resignation if he did not appoint a special counselor. He appointed Mueller just days after attempting to get Trump to nominate Mueller for Director of FBI. I guess it’s extortion if the Republicans want your resignation for ignoring legal subpoenas but it’s perfectly ok for Democrats to do the same thing. Rosenstein is supposed to be an constitutional lawyer so he should know the President has a right to fire the Director of FBI. He would have had more people willing to fight for him to keep his job if he had not chosen to waste taxpayers money with this farce. It has also hurt Americans opinion of the FBI as well as the DOJ.

    • You are so right. Mueller and Rosrnstein act more like brown shirt Nazis of Adolph Hitler than members of a democratic republic. Their view is now not drop the Trump case but find anything they can put on him to make him look bad. Same gestapo tactics used by Heinerich Murller used as gestapo chief or Hitler. Don’t be surprised if they soon come up with something but Amrricsn Patriots will put them down tired if all the lies and corruption.


  14. It’s time for heads to roll. These SOB’s are guilty of treason, they all took an oath to uphold the Constitution, they must have had their fingers crossed behind their back when they did.

    • With Sessions the Keebler Elf as acting something or other, and Rosenfaggot and Melears allowed to investigate themselves, I see a big giant nothingburger with no onions.

      • You really are just making noise. Jeff Sessions I have known for 20 years. He keeps his mouth shut, and like a snapping turtle, bites when the time is right. And like the snapper, he doesn’t let go. You must like to see the Dems like Obama run their mouth, like Obama told the Arabs every thing he was going to do, how, and when! That is how a fool looses all battles! So close your “pie hole”, and listen. He will take them out, but “Legally”!

  15. OOOOO – This is a big one. Treason, bribery or high crimes. Telling the house committee that they are not entitled to what they are asking for is none of those, just something the House Republicans can bitch about. And being convicted? Of what. Remember, impeachment is only the first step and is worthless if the person isn’t convicted. Think Clinton.

    • Howard, your liberal idiot Democrats have stepped on their dick’s so many times it is laughable. The FBI and DOJ will and have lost the trust of the American people. It is morons like you who still think Obama was the best President ever. I highly suggest you pack you and your family and move to a Muslim country wshere they will welcome you with open arms and then hang you.

      • I can’t wait until regular people quit obeying laws, seeing as the left doesn’t have to. Be funny when they go serve a warrant, and it just gets shrugged off, like the elite, we the left does.

      • Muslims usually like to “Cut your head off”. Like they did to a woman a short time ago. Her husband accused her of killing his daughter, so he drug her out into the street in daytime, and chopped her head off with his ceremonial sword. With a large crowd and cameras. Saudi Arabia is so “Civilized’!

    • Howard, I have the same questions of you that I ask of other liberals:

      OK, I can see why you detest Trump. He is certainly a peculiar man who had (had) some profound personal faults.


      I will end by referring to Gen. George Patton, who by all accounts was also VERY strange. But George Marshall and Ike both believed they needed him.

      Sometimes Providence sends us the person we need rather than the one we would have selected.

      Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

      • You speak of one of my “Mentors”! George Patton was a hero, who did all he could to protect his country. Donald Trump is like him, doing all he can to “Make America Great Again”! You might like to read about Mr. Kelly Johnson? His book “More Than My Share of it All” tells much of how he did so many amazing things in his life. I believe he is one of the main reasons we won WWII. Amelia Earheart flew on of his Lockheed Electra’s. And they we close friends. He taught her much about flying, and flew with her many times. Howard Hughes learned a lot from Kelly. It’s a very educational read.

      • Sanjose Mike, You are such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your comments and food for thought. You are a valuable tool for our movement so never stop the good fight. Be blessed.

    • Howard, impeachment should be and can be an end of it’s own. If they are impeached, then they can be tried, and the end result can be prison as well as loss of position! Winning just one case should be enough to making others confess. Impeachment can, after being convicted, carry prison and or heavy fines! These people are out and out traitors to the US Government! Conviction in some cases has lead to a death sentence!

  16. Waste of time! in the first place the GUP (Give Up Party) leadership, starting with Paul Ryan, won’t back them up. In the second, even if the House did pass articles of impeachment the Senate would never vote to remove Rosenstein from Office. Too many RINOs that hate Trump!

  17. FBI and DOJ must surrender the documents. Why the long wait? Are they trying to buy the time?

    The Congress must restructure everything in the FBI system. Same with the DOJ system.

    The Congress are also responsible to share the corruption problem with the American people.

    The American people own the government.

    Disgusting with their corruption.

    • Do they really have to give up the documents in the middle of an investigation? Show them to people who might show them to those under investigation? I don’t think so. Just some House members throwing a tantrum and suggesting a complete waste of time and money. But then, they are good at that.

      • You, tax man ARE a ‘yikesmeister’ lol
        & Will Not Win – no matter what you ‘think’
        your ‘quasi intelligent’ debate is.
        > 1 thang re U, = not a ‘paid troll’ . But a
        TROLL, yes. bwar harhar. (know what that means?)

      • Howard, when will they release the documents? Probably not until after the election. ????

        Mueller ordere the raid into Michael Cohen’s office? He went outside of his investigation to put his nose into Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit. What does that have to do with fake Russian dossier. Then there is a need of restructuring these agencies to root out the corruption.

        Obama got the Nobel Prize in the first few months of his presidency! For what? I don’t know what it is. Do you?

        Obama born in Kenya? Ask his African relatives.

        And what else?

    • I’d like to inform you, we don’t “Own” the government. The “Open Borders Society” owns a big piece. Like the Dems, Unions, Media, which have been “Bought” by the “Open Borders Society”. Please do some research, and you should find that Mr. George Soros funds the OBS, which then funds over 2,300 liberal organizations like “MoveOn”. Why else would the UAW give the Dems $1.7 BILLION to get Hillary elected?
      I’d like any additional “Facts” that you may find. We have to get Soros deported to Hungary or Russia. But keep his assets!

  18. “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see”. I’m not sure who said it but it is so true about our country. I hope the majority of Americans Don’t buy the narrative of the deep state but after Obama, I remain skeptical. The far left has gotten a lot of mileage out of race bating and convenient outrage. They have gotten away with murder! I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

    • Change is a comin’ Dave, we are all voting Republican. The Dems Party will dwindled down to just a few shameful hangars on.

      • The dems have gone full bore communist and do nothing but obstruct what the Country needs: A secure Border #1.
        It would be helpful if the incest like relationship with the Clintons of the “attack team” against Our President were exposed to the average citizen. Many of the “bad actors” have been linked to the Clintons since WHITEWATER; You know the reason Vincent Foster was eliminated.

        • Somehow I get the feeling you have no idea what being a communist means or what communism actually is. But it sounds good to all your friends who don’t know either. SAD

          • Why don’t you update us on what communism is and what it actually is? Don’t worry about “sad”, worry about how you explain communism and its great successes.

          • HK = ‘aggravator’ & loves it. lol
            “WE” Are Not Fooled, to say the least.
            > Some ppl’ need’ a place to go.
            (should spout on Dem side & get More

      • I hope you’re right Joan. I find it hard to believe that people don’t see the hypocracy of the left, but I live in Massachusetts and people in these parts are will fully blind. Thank God the rest of the country isn’t so closed minded!

        • Dave, Try living in Taxifornia, where it is run by Rodents and slimiest of Liberals in the country. If you wanted to give the country a enema, you would use California as the rectum of all the states.

  19. They all take their time to do anything. They always wait until the last minute to vote on something. When they work it means they are fixing to have an election or ask us for donations.

  20. The deep state RINO’s will hide amongst the Trump supporting Republican’s and hopefully impeach Rosenstein. Our only option is to vote Republican in the Mid Terms. If somehow the Democrat’s gain control of the house, they will start articles of impeachment against Trump & halt his MAGA agenda. This may be the most important mid term in America’s history.

      • russell pull your head out of your liberal rectum and clean your eyes and ears and see what is happening to your party. They and you have no agenda but to bash Trump. After this November election your party will not be relevent anymore. You and your party took up the Communist platform in the 1930’s and it took this long to get this far with the help of a Muslium Maxest President for 8 years but the Trump Train is going to wreck the Democratic Party into a demised party

        • You are point on Cajun! Tell the feckless left their time is coming! May the all go down to hell where they came from. Their stupidity is Frightening!

  21. Only way to stop the Deep State is to indict Obama and Soros. When they both are in prison things will slow down and the America haters will shut their collective mouths. Until then the idiots will still be putting out constant BS.

    • No; it won’t. ALL that will do is cause them to shift to others to fill those slots as useful tools; they AREN’T the Deep State, they’re only it’s public face, a mask, if you will, that can be changed as needed, particularly when it’s exposed and no longer useful to them. The Deep State isn’t even headquartered in the US.

    • the citizens of California have a golden opportunity to get rid of those worthless US (democratiac) house members and Senators. They have fought every issue that represents the USA; they do not want to protect our nation with a border wall; now they are gearing up to shoot down a rfespectrable judge who wants just to interpret our US Constitution and the3 democrats want to fight the eelection of this judge becvause they do not support the constitution. Californnians, save our nation get rid of the swamp democreats and save our nation and our US Constitjution

    • Technically Sandra, they could evict Obama since he has never held USA Citizenship! I doubt that they ever will though. The person to get rid of is George Soros. He’s the person behind all of this! Since he is wanted in three other nations, he could not have legally gained citizenship in the USA without a President standing for him. I’m not certain I was Bill Clinton, but whom ever it was actually had the legal ability to do it. He could never have been allowed even to put a toe in the USA otherwise!

    • They aren’t, of course. They’ll just keep covering and obfuscating as they’ve been doing for decades.

  22. Congress is about to drive a dagger through the Deep State’s heart


    • Saying they will charge this weasel with “contempt of Congress” means NOTHING! Look at Obama’s stooge Attorney General Eric Holder for proof. He was charged with “contempt of Congress. Yet he still roams free to carry on Obama’s and Soro’s “one world order” bull-sh*t! Not to mention he has never been held accountable for the “fast and furious” gun-running scheme which got a border-patrol agent killed and many Mexican civilians.

    • I honestly don’t believe that’s possible for any human or group thereof to accomplish: the “head” is Satan, and I believe only Jesus has the power to accomplish that feat.

      • Sandra, There ARE HUMAN Anomalies (TODAY)& Plenty, of the ‘head’ of Satan.
        U ‘know’ that.
        > Re De-Capitation aka (Ancient Knowledge) “Cutting the Cord” : IS Widely Used/Abused
        on 0ur Planet, viz-a-viz Satan/Lucifer. The ‘Righteous’ it appears, Do Not Understand ‘the Cord’___ in Regards to Planet Earth., Much less HOW ‘to
        Cut’ it (the Cord). JESUS IS LOVE & Represents the’SacredBurning Heart’.
        ~The ‘Kuiper Belt’ Excludes Planet Earth for the most part, Butt Doesn’t
        Preclude a ‘crack’ for Entry of ‘Sacred Heart’. Hope U read this. & reply
        your thought, Dear Soul.

    • Good idea. I don’t know why the AG doesn’t fire Rosenstein. Rosenstein needs to be fired immediately and Muller’s collusion case closed.

    • No, the reason they’ve gotten away with it is that we on the right haven’t stood up to them and MADE them stop it.

  23. This whole thing has been an absolute circus! As soon as a republican puts any one on the spot the dems start screaming and interrupting. Louie Ghomert blasted Strozk over lying to his wife as easily as he was lying in the hearing and the place went nuts! Strozk’s performance as the injured party when his bias was mentioned was worthy of an Oscar. You know what”s going to come of this? Not a flipping thing.

    • My mother used to say, “The chicken that gets hit is the one that makes the most noise.” Strozk surely was the chicken that got hit Friday. Hope they keep hitting him until he gets his new address in a Federal Prison.

    • William.
      but they allowed themselves to be WEAPONIZED, AND ACTED LIKE RUSSIAS KGB.
      and so has THE DOJ.

      • Heavens, no; those are all TOOLS used by the planner; and he’s known, but not human. None of them is old enough to have been in at the start, for 1 thing, and for another, none of them is clever and diabolic enough to have planned it. I know they THINK they are, but the reality is a different matter. This began with Nimrod and a tower he was constructing in the plain of Shinar; it’s been revised many times since; the latest revision was begun in the 1550s.

    • The deputy A G won’t assign a special counsel to investigate any of the many crimes conducted by the last administration.Why? He was hardly appointed when he appointed Mueller and Mueller had his 13 democrat thugs assembled and breaking down doors at daybreak, armed with warrants.So, since Sessions is the A G his recusal does not carry over to the crimes of the past administration, why is he playing turtle and not appointing a special counsel to investigate the crimes of the last administration? It has to be well known to everyone in this administration that every one of president Trumps supporters want that to commence as of 18 months ago!!!Sessions is part of the swamp!!!

      • Lincoln, Don’t you think w/all the surveillance the left did after 9/11 that they have “something” on Sessions or one of his kids or grand-kids? Just enough to control him? Maybe those “secrets” are why the RINOS march to the left & do what they are told? After Trump, America is going down, never to be a world power again. Our children won’t have what we had.

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